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24 September 2014

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Reading FC shirt

Fantasy Football: We have a winner!

The BBC Berkshire fantasy football 2006/07 prediction league has a winner! Find out where you are in the prediction league table as the season draws to a close.

Here's the final league table of the 2006/07 season. How did you get on with your predictions?

We have a runaway winner of our fantasy football competition!

PAUL COLLINS is crowned our winner by the considerable margin of nine points - a fantastic predicting campaign from him to finish on 36.

RACHEL HOUSE wins the runners-up prize with 27 points, while BRIAN SMITH and MIKE ELLIS share the final place on the podium with 26 each.

In the next couple of weeks we'll be rustling up prizes for those mentioned above. Thanks to everyone who played throughout the season, we hope you enjoyed it.

Remember you scored THREE points for getting the score exactly right and ONE point for being just one goal out, either way.

The table shows the number of points you've got, then your name (you must have registered at least one point to have your name displayed):

36 Paul Collins - WINNER!

27 Rachel House
26 Brian Smith
26 Mike Ellis
25 Alan Bray
25 Carl Guest
25 Julia Galletley
25 Penny Cottrell
25 smithe09
24 Gary R
24 Graham Wigmore
24 Hilary Goldson
23 Ashleigh Steer
23 Janet Smith
23 Karen Townsend
23 Leachie
23 Robert Timms
22 Darren
22 John Hudson
21 Darren Rogers
21 Nigel Goodwin
21 Sue McAleaney
21 Tina Owen
20 Alan Miller
20 Neil Sylvester
19 Alex Agar
19 Allan Owen
19 Ann Lewis
19 Graham King
19 Iain Lawrence
19 John House
19 Marc Harrison
19 Peter Gilmour
19 Sue Tanswell
18 Kaye's Mum
18 Marie Brealey
18 Martin Dixon
18 Peter Swynford
17 Freja Swynford
17 Kaye House
17 Richard Beake
17 Royal Lady
17 Sheps
17 William Swynford
16 David Venner
16 Dixie
16 Gemma Devereaux
16 Holly J Smith
16 Ian Flynn
16 Jason Reed
16 Sheila Ford
16 Tim Morgan
16 Tony Parrott
15 Andrew Moseley
15 Heather Stubbs
15 Rachel Masters
15 Thomas Parsons
15 Tim Golding
14 Jon Keen
14 Mark Duncan
14 Mark Hinton
14 Melinda Webb
14 mick the stick
14 Penny Absolom
14 Richard Steele
14 Simon Reap
13 Belinda Atkins
13 Claire Beasley
13 David Talbot
13 Graham Holland
13 Graham Taylor
13 Natalie
13 Pam Downing
13 Roy Williams
12 Andrew Peach
12 Chris H
12 Dave Hogg
12 Emma Lock
12 Kaye's Dad
12 Michael Bassett
12 Tim Higgs
12 Tricia Stubbs
11 Alastair Kidwell
11 Andrew Marek
11 Bertie
11 Matthew Smith
11 Melissa Rattley
11 Rebecca Absolom
10 Alan L
10 Gordon Absolom
10 Gulliver
10 Ian Stamp
10 Jon Bernardi
10 Nigel Parsons
10 Ollie Williams
10 Psycho Sercko
9 Andrew
9 Ben Cox
9 James Goldson
9 Jane Absolom
9 Mike Rattley
9 RS Gurton
8 Mick C
8 Tom Lilley
7 Ben North
7 Bill Oddie
7 Joshua Young
7 Luke Young
7 Tulane Ogden
6 Alan M
6 Badgerboy
6 Brian Gill
6 Ken Spiers
6 Matt Halls
6 Mel to the Vizzo
6 Peter George
5 Alex Atack
5 Andy Turner
5 Barrie Creed
5 David Sheppard
5 Graham Tivey
5 Rob Jarvis
5 Steve May
5 Stuart Tanswell
4 And Lita Scores!
4 David Berry
4 Emma Butcher
4 Freddie Allen
4 Joel Hufford
4 Lee Buckett
4 Martin Saunders
4 Matt Hudson
4 Neil
4 Rob Hudson
4 Robert Clarke
4 Warwick Heskins
3 Ally Sheppard
3 Claire
3 David Jackson
3 Declan Dooney
3 Greg Dean
3 Jack Perrett
3 Jay
3 Katherine Buckell
3 Katy Shepherd
3 Keith Halls
3 Martin Birchall
3 Matt Brown
3 Matthew Childs
3 Phil Kennedy
3 Phil Roe
3 Philip Caulfield
3 Royal Bison
3 Ryan Butler
3 Sam Kirwan
3 Simon Clarke
3 Steve Gilbert
3 Tom Marshall
3 Tom Sherrington
2 Andrew Sipson
2 Andy Stevenson
2 Brian Davis
2 Caroline
2 Colin Childs
2 Dan Alden
2 Ian Douglas
2 Jake Chapman
2 Jon Hall
2 Jonathan Sparks
2 Peter Kingham
2 Peter Meek
2 Sarah W
1 Adam Edwards
1 Adam Long
1 Alan D Wilks
1 Andy McColl
1 Antony James
1 Ashley May
1 Ben Saunders
1 blackmagic_46
1 Bob Pitman
1 Carolyn
1 Colin West
1 Daniel Butler
1 Darryll Eaton
1 Dave Allen
1 David Giles
1 Felix Hoekstra
1 Freddie Clark
1 Froggo
1 Geoff Biggs
1 Gerry Y
1 Greg Tilton
1 Hannah Davis
1 Ian Culver
1 James
1 James Bassett
1 James Bishop
1 Jed
1 John Smith
1 Jon Burgess
1 Kameron Abbas
1 Katy Lewis
1 Keith Parker
1 Kevin West
1 Marie
1 Martin Bartholomew
1 Martin Walker
1 Matt Rayers
1 Melv
1 Micah
1 Mustafa Denizer
1 N Armstrong
1 Niall Moore
1 Nick DePass
1 Nicola Hursey
1 Parminder Bajwa
1 Phil Beresford
1 s.mcn.murray
1 Sam
1 Sarah L
1 Scott Pega
1 Simon Ostridge
1 Slinky
1 Stacey Cross
1 Steve Gray
1 Steve Leitch
1 Steve Minott
1 Susan Smyth
1 theoneandonly212
1 Thomas Sharpe
1 Tom Law
1 Tony Towner
1 Zaman Zafar

last updated: 13/05/07
Have Your Say
Have your say on the fantasy football league table here. Permission to gloat freely...
Your name: 
Your comment: 
The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

Brian Smith
Not that I am that bothered but what happened about the promised prizes for last season?

Kevin Beasley
surely as the fantasy football is just for fun no cost involved & impossible to con people is it right to take the fun out of everything

Cameron Goodman
Paul must of done well he won by 9 points

John House
Congratulations to Paul Collins. Keep going Rachel, stay in second place!

John House
Sorry Froggo, I don't think it will be you. Maybe next season!!

Well Well Well !!!!!As the season comes to an end, here i ponder on who will lift the F/F title for 2006/2007..... Go for it Rachel !!!!!!!!

Someone please catch Paul Collins

Come on Rachel, reach out and take that title xx

Freddie Clark
Guys why wont it let me sign in?

John House
Only a few games left. Can anyone catch Paul Collins? Rachel, its up to you. No pressure!!!

Penny Cottrell
Wow I actually got the middlesbrough spot on a 1st for me !!! Just sad it was a loss for the Royals come on lads you can do it.

Thought Id put a note up here as it's gone a bit quiet over the past week or so.... Erm dont know what to say really apart from KEEP at it WILL BRADLEY that point will come before you know it... Good luck everyone.........

Kaye's Dad
Come on Rachel, keep ahead of John cos he's got the season ticket.

John House
Whoops Rachel! I have got your tail.

Message For Rachel House AKA My Girlfriend.... Unlucky this weekend on your prediction..... oooo almost forgot watch your back im chasing your tail......

Hello Kaye your not the only one that cant spell... look at my spelling for blackburn>>> blackurn...oops

Kaye House
Sorry, spelt competition wrong! Must be too much celebrating.

Kaye House
Thanks for mention! Rachel was surprised to see her name the other week. We have a family competion going ("Darren" is Rachel's boyfriend)but none of us can catch her up. Great fun!

Yes i put the score as 2-0 for the Blackurn game and it ended 2-1 .... yay 1 point to me .. but no it never changed im still on 9... bit wrong i think

Kaye's Dad
Well done Rachel. See You Christmas xxxx

moose man
tom sherrington is only on 2 he should be at the top

Mike Ellis
Hi Bob, yes it's me struggling with mid-table mediocrity on a mere 5 points. According to my details I'm about 60 miles further away from the UK than Andrew in Bangkok, but we both pale into insignificance compared to David in Adelaide who's nearly twice as far away as us. Now that nasty run of games is over I'm looking forward to getting more correct scores and seeing the Royals move back up the table too.

aaron da badboy
united areda best no one will stop us winning the prem this season

Royal Lady
I could have sworn I put 4-0 - infact I was telling everybody at least I'd got 3 points. Never mind, at least I'm higher than most Hobnobbers!

Marc Harrison
The pleasure of seeing my name at the top, however fleeting, puts a smile on my face! Good luck everyone!

david venner
Whats more i was there for the man city game. Now back in oz

david venner
for distance try Adelaaide south australia

Bob Pitman
Hi Andrew (in Bangkok), I noticed a Mike Ellis in the standings and I am pretty sure its me mate who's living and working in Hong Kong... not sure if thats further from Reading as the crow flies

Andrew (in Bangkok)
Am I the most distant person taking part in the Fantasy League so far? I am living and working in Bangkok, Thailand - and I have also got one fantasy league point in every Royals game so far. Who else has managed that? Andrew.

Andrew Peach ahead of Joel and Tim .... What's going on???

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