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24 September 2014

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Henry Kelly

Henry Kelly's famed as the face of TV shows like Going For Gold and Game For A Laugh. Now he brings his wit and insight to BBC Radio Berkshire, weekdays from 10am til 1pm - not forgetting his contact books. Henry knows everyone.

Henry Kelly

There's no sharper mind at BBC Radio Berkshire than that of Henry Kelly.

Henry's on air from 10am til 1pm each weekday, looking through the papers and finding out more about what's going on in the county of Berkshire.

See photos of Henry chatting to fellow celebs at the Chelsea Flower Show 2008:

What makes you laugh?

"Dad's Army, The Two Ronnies and Father Ted. I was invited to take part in Father Ted when it first began and I turned it down - arghh!"

What has been your most embarrassing moment on air?

"When I worked on TV:AM we were doing live coverage of Mrs Gandhi's funeral, and I was doing the commentary in a very solemn manner, then I said, "And these pictures are coming LIVE from Air India."

Henry Kelly

What were your most memorable jobs before working for BBC Radio Berkshire?

"Working as a reporter for Radio 4's World Tonight and literally travelling around the world two or three times. Amongst other stories, I worked on the American election coverage and refugee problems in South East Asia and Africa.

"Game for a Laugh and Going for Gold are my TV highlights."

What's your favourite piece of music?

"Schubert's Trout."

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Esther Fleary-Griffiths (manager)
I would like you to post our nursery closure today.Mary Seacole Day Nursery in Central Reading Will be closed. Due to staff shortage.Many Thanks

Not only am I still reeling from the fact that you are no longer with us on week day mornings but I am also coming to terms with your replacement...the dreadful Anne Diamond. Is there any chance that you could return to your weekday slot?

Dave Glanville
[of first customer in Little Chef fame]Do you know if MP'have to pay back their 'loans' with intrest. If the public are late on their tax or vat returns we are immediately fined with intrest. I have not gleaned anything from the media re. INTREST. P.s Nothing ever became of the L. Cheff coverage. Dave G

wenda sparey warminster
hi henry can you tell me what channel we can pick up radio berkshire on the t v digi channel we get you on 104 and on the computer but want to listen on the tv digi channel thanks for a wonerful show wenda

Is it true? - Has Henry left? - disaster! - His wit and political "incorrectness" keep me going in the mornings!

Listen to you whenever I visit down south, so Ihave missed why you have changed to Saturdays only? I have only just realised I can listen on my computer, silly me, and now you are not there to brighten the mornings!!!Love Radio Berkshire.

helen rosler
Hiit is my mums birthday in october and she has always been a massive fan of henry kelly's. coul di be cheeky and request a signed photo of him wishing "Marj" a happy birthday.please post tohelen rosler14 crow laneramasbottomburyBL0 9BRmany thankshelen

is henry coming back to weekday broadcast? anne is ok but nowhere near the quality of henry - his sense of humour is unique.

Liz B
I have missed something ..somewhere and I am also hoping that this is a temporary measure....I cannot do radio berkshire without Henry...I am having withdrawal is now so very boring and such a boring voice now... I am moving to Kick FM...or GWR Swindon...

Brenda Murrells
Hi - will miss very much your interesting comments and insights into the daily news items and features. You have such a remarkable memory for interesting facts which are lovely to hear and am sorry that they will only be available on Saturdays in future.

Hazel Dilley
Dear Mr Kelly, I am hoping that I misheard and therefore I misunderstood. Please do not tell me that you are leaving you radio spot of 10 until 1pm. Your pithy comments,wit and insight onmost matters keep me entertained when dealing with the mundane doings of housework or the pleasurable work in the garden. I hope this is just a holiday break..... Regards Hazel Dilley

Peter B
Reference Mr Kelly's remarks this morning regarding introduction of a charge for use of toilets at Reading Station, timed to coincide with Reading Festival; it is has been noted that Waitrose, Oxford Road, has provided additional portaloos for use of it's visiting customers. Perhaps a more considerate corporate response?

Greetings from a sunny chilly ( 20 degs) Noordhoek near Cape Town SA Tuned in...SA radio is terrible Regards HowardNoordhoek (ex Beenham in Berkshire)

Matthew Foxton-Duffy
Hi HenryI hoep you are well.Are you coming racing tonight it's Ladies Night!My mobile is 07720888038 if you want to come along.Best wishesMatthew

Thanks Henry and Polly for the tales about lost/forgotten keys...Prompted me to realise I had no idea where I'd put my little collection of suitcase, spare frontdoor etc keys. And nearly holiday time..Found them just now somewhere they had no right to be!

Roger Pearce
Hi Henry What a wonderful country this is....when you can come on the radio and brag about beating the Brits and how your going to cheer on the Aussies, and even how your scruffy husband can flaunt dress codes because he's the (bus) conductor... then you ask your co-host what she thought was the greatest English sporting moment....silence was the reply....I think she nearly choked...having lived in New Zealand for a while, I know why...this is why we call it Great Britain.

Alan Newsome
Dear HenryAs a cricket lover I'm sure you will appreciate this heart warming story.WILLIAM THE CONQUERORTowards the end of a match between Pinkneys Green 2nd X1 and Crown Wood 3rd X1 in the 5th Division of the Berkshire League on Saturday 20 June, Crown Wood were heading for an inevitable victory, needing only a handful of runs. Their 8th wicket partnership had defied the best of the Pinkneys Green bowling having scored some 40 or so runs. The Pinkneys Green captain then called upon William Heyes to bowl an over to see out the match. What transpired should surely go down in the annals of Berkshire cricket. William claimed the last two wickets enabling Pinkneys Green to secure victory by 1 run. William was carried shoulder high from the field and was given the honour of leading both teams back into the pavilion to the applause of all those present. His bowling figures were; 2 overs, 1 maiden, 2 wickets for 1 run.Nothing remarkable you might think, there have been equally outstanding match winning performances. Ah, but William is only 10 years old and playing senior cricket. Surely one of the youngest match winning performances in the history of Berkshire League cricket.

Henry I know you work on all radio stations around the U.K.On radio 4.I see you are going to Present a Quiz night at the Bull.Discuss the Archers.see 6/6/09.Will you let us know when you are on.Good Luck.

Belinda Forbes
I am a new listener and have enjoyed listening to BBC Radio Berkshire when I'm in my car. However, this morning, Mr Kelly made half his listeners feel like idiots with his comments about Britains Got Talent. He and his co-presenter were basically saying that anyone watching BGT needs to get a life. And this from someone who presented Game for a Laugh and Going for Gold. I have got a life - and part of that includes watching something light-hearted and entertaining on a Saturday evening. Please don't insult your listeners Mr Kelly.

how are you

Joe Turner
Sophie Tucker the shipwrecked dog is named after a 1920's australian singer

Lesley Brough
Dear Mr Kelly, This is to apologise for addressing you by your christian name when I said 'Hello' to you on you arrival at the studio friday morning. I have been feeling guilty ever since as I had not been formally introduced to you. Listening to you in my home every morning makes me just feel I know you. I was there with my husband and our motorhome for the Andrew Peach show and was so surprised to see you. Apologies again. Lesley Brough [Mrs]

Claire Castle
Henry - I happened to be listening to your show whilst driving through Berkshire this am and was really disappointed to hear you comment that you have concerns about some aspects of animal welfare but that you didn't mind about the seal cull in Canada. I am not in the habit of complaining but cannot let this comment pass. I would not mind the seal cull either if it was carried out humanely and without cruelty. This is not the case. There is clear evidence that seal pups are not always killed before they are skinned. They obviously suffer considerable pain and distress as they are skinned alive. I would appreciate a response from you and also would be glad to have you comment further and perhaps invite someone from IFAW or the Network for Animals to comment. Many thanks

is henry kelly matthew kellys older brother

David (Newbury)
Hi Henry & Anthony,Listening to the program this morning I understand what Anthony is saying however being once in the same postion the banks wanted me to put up my personal property ect but I was confident my business idea was good so I agreed, turned out well, so why has Anthony concerned if his maths are right.

Kieron McKenna're just fabulous so you are, i love life-long idol!


Denzylle in London
I listened to the Furry Boots story, expecting something else. In one of Ian Rankin's novels (Edinburgh crime), Furry Boot toun is Aberdeen, as this is whence the ferries depart for the oil rigs.

Hi Henry, I'm trying to find Nana who worked at the Crown in Playhatch, he has become quite a regular on your show and my partner and myself eat regularly at The Crown because of his amazing food. We went to eat at the Crown last Saturday and our meal was awful. We sent it back and complained and the replacement wasn't any better but at least this time it was hot. We also heard three tables near us also complaining. When we asked to see him we were told he wasn't there and assumed he was having the night off. However, I rang in the week to book another table this week and was told he doesn't work there any more. So please can you find out where he has gone its my birthday soon and I want to organize a meal with my girlfriends.

Jenny Wiggins
Hi Henry, can you wish the Reading Fc Womens team good luck. They left for Ireland this morning to play a testimonial game against Rep of Ireland X1 to mark the long service of some players for Ireland. The ladies team dont get enough publicity in the media and for a fairly new formed team that have been promoted every season since they got together 3 years ago. Now they are in the league just below the Premier and have a tough season since being put in the Northern League beleive it or not! With all that travelling involved, its been pretty tough. Please wish them good luck tonight 7.30pm kick off At Tolka Park. Ps My daughter Stacey plays for Reading, so good luck Stacey

Mary Robertson
Re the school closure son's school Chiltern College School stayed open each day. The teachers walked in up to an hour each way and the caretaker was in at 6 each morning. All the parents are very very grateful to them! Mary Robertson

It was interesting to hear the comment this morning about the reason for Windsor Castle's not being bombed because Hitler wanted it as his HQ, but please tell Morag that Reading wasn't flattened in the war, in fact there was only one bomb in the centre of town. Sadly people were killed but surprisingly maybe Reading was otherwise left alone. I suspect she thinks the "modern" buildings in the centre were replacements for war damage. Alas, those who lived here at the time tell me the blame for the disappearance of the old buildings lies with 1960s town planners instead.

Matthew Gregory
I wondered if you could help me, I am collecting signed photographs, please could you send me a signed photo of yourself I would be so grateful.Matthew Gregory87 High StreetThealeBerksRG7 5AGRegardsMatthew

Hi Henry Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.What happened when the Reverend Mother became pregnant.Answer Two Canons were fired.

mrs jo woodage
please henry you mentioned today a family film you liked about a nannie visiting a family , could you tell me the name please

Hi!On your show today (Thursday December 11) you interviewed a chap that had brought a choir to Berkshire from South Africa. Please can you send me the name of this choir and perhaps contact details or website address.Many thanks and thanks for a brilliant show!

shaun burns
dear sir i am writing about an idea i have had for your show called im cashing in my 15 minutes.your listeners get the chance to come on your show and have their 15 minutes of fame. they can tell us about themselves and play a couple of their favourite songs. but 15 minutes and 15 minutes only. hope you like im cashing in my 15 minutes all the best shaun burns

Patricia -
Regarding your interview with a physiotherapist on Thursday 13th November, when you discussed the Alexander Technique. Please note that it is not the AlexanDRIA Technique. It was named after Frederick Matthias Alexander, an Australian actor, 1869-1955, founder of the Alexander Technique. "DISCOVERER OF FUNDAMENTAL FACTS ABOUT FUNCTIONAL HUMAN MOVEMENT - ONE OF THE 200 PEOPLE WHO MADE AUSTRALIA GREAT" according to a plaque near his birthplace on Table Mountain in Tasmania.With over 100 years of practice, all over the world, the Technique helps people manage many conditions from back pain, stress and anxiety to asthma, fibromyalgia and ME/CFS. It can enhance and inspire performance. Please could you discuss it with someone who is properly trained; a member of The Society of Teacher of the Alexander Technique MSTAT see you, Patricia.PS. can you tell me how often this comments page is updated please?

Adam Dineen
Hello My Name Is Adam & I Was Wondering If I Can Have Henry Kelly's Autograph. My Postal Address Is 21 Mereworth Close Leicester LE5 0NS Please Note I'm Trying To Get As Many As Possable Now As A Hobby. How Long Has Henry Been At Radio Berkshire For? What Is His Show All About?Anyway Write Soon As I'd Love To Hear From You.Take CareFromAdam Dineen.

The benefits of considering the Environmant....Dear Henry A comment from one of your avid listeners (if you read this out, can you do it after Thanx!): Many colleagues are now adding this request to their e-mails:"Before printing this e-mail please consider the Environment."This is fantastic and such good advice.I have always done so; in fact, at school, when I used to break off my work to look out of the window and consider the environment, I often got a detention.How things have changed! Now I can branch out and go hug a tree.Take a leaf our of my book (Oops - that's paper - sorry, trees ! ).Kindest RegardsCliveFrom Kingsclere) PS: If you consider the Environment after printing this (i.e. whilst the printer is doing its printing), that will save you precious work time (worktime=productivity=reduced op'ex=more money for the company).So, if everyone considered the Environment after printing off their e-mails, all companies might enjoy such savings and resultant productivity increases, that we could globally print our way out of recession.Then we'd have to write about it....

robin dunseath
Hi Henry nice to read about you and know you are still in full flight in the broadcasting industry. Maybe we will meet up again someday.

Melanie Gow
It was lovely to meet with you this morning and thank you for sharing your time with me.I just wanted to tell you, I am so very proud that my book Toasters Don't Roast Chickens is the most borrowed book in the Royal Borough libraries for the whole quarter, beating even The Highway Theory and Citizenship Theory books!Take care,Melanie

Angela from Ficnhampstead
Hey Henry, The apple cake is out of the oven and ready to eat!!

Are you coming back to tv soon,as thats where you belong

Jeannie Briant
I understand you were talking about Charity Shops recently to one of your guests. I would like to point out that not all donated goods are from our dear ones who have passed away, a lot of people these days filter through their wardrobes at the end of each season and donate their items to make way for the new fashions. Can i please ask you to advertise that Reading has a new charity shop opening on 22nd October 2008 at 10.30 am in West Street. It is the Helen and Douglas House charity which raises funds for the Hospice for children and young adults with life shortening conditions. The hospice is based in Oxford and serves all of the UK. Thank you for your help. Jeannie Briant (Reading Shop Manager)

Henry, I see channel 5 have put Going for Gold back on tv again, but it's just an imposter, a pale imitation of your show, which was the best, you were part of my childhood with that show, good memories, Scott

Proud Father of recently crowned British Champion
I heard you interviewed the coaches at Bulmershe Gym club recently. For anyone who missed it (and i was one), they are the most successful club in the UK for their sport and in order to continue to succeed on the world stage they continue to fund raise to help towards travel. The club is completely self funded and all including parents, gymnasts and coaches help out. Through complete commitment from everyone associated with the club they dominated the recent British Championships held in Stoke gaining gold in all but a few catergories. If this was football they would all be household names. The club have a reigning European Champion in the ranks and no one knows about it.

Paula Williams
I listened to your show today with the interview with the man with mental illness and I agree with you one of the most moving pieces of radio I've heard in a long time

Jill Price
Could you tell me when Jonathan Ansell is being interviewed on the Henry Kelly show please. I am a big fan and would love to listen in online to the interview. Thanks in hope. Love Jill, Swansea.

Joanna Logan
Hi Henry -I see Jonathan Ansell is a guest on your show today ..just wanted to wish Jonathan best of luck with his new album Forever -hopeing we'll hear a track from the album :).I'd also like to ask if Jonathan could he sing live for us -that would be lovely.Thanks for reading and best wishes to all at BBC Berkshire :)Joanna Logan

Cathy Kennedy - Scotland
Hi HenryHope you can play something from Jonathan's forthcoming album Forever on your show today as you are interviewing him.Nice to meet up with Jonathan on Monday in Glasgow and love & hugs for the rest of his mini promo TourCathyXXXX

Brendan Phelan
Hello, Henry, Greetings from Dublin. As you may already know, on Sat' 18th. October, St. Joseph's Catholic High School in Slough celebrates it's Golden Jubillee, with a reunion of past pupils, myself included (1959-1962).Please mention this historic event as I will be travelling over to Slough and would dearly love to meet anybody of my era (I am 62 now) who might remember me from St. Joe's all those years ago. Thankyou and Slan. Brendan.

Ask Amanda H a tough question.

Terry Gaye
Dear Matthew When will you be back on Stars in Their Eyes?

Bob Goodchild
Hi Henry,have been a big fan of your tv career;Game for a laugh but especially GOING FOR GOLD!Basically,from the late 80s til the mid 90s, a group of holidaymakers used to meet up every year in Pontins Torbay in Devon,and we all used to met up in someones chalet(usually mine),and watch Neighbours followed by Going For Gold(Sounds bizarre i know!!)i am on facebook and have recently got in touch with a few holiday friends,nd have set up a group called BRING BACK GOING FOR GOLD WITH HENRY KELLY!!Its bsically to you and your fantastic show,and it would mean the world to us,especially me,if you joined. Kind regards and many many thanks Bob Goodchild(

Wendy White
My Mate Timmy advised me to contact you regarding my 14 year old daughter Josie White.Josie is a very talented singer/songwriter and has written a song called Shining Star.Last Friday morning, she was invited on Time 106.6 in Slough to be interviewed by Keith Butler and have her song played on air!It was a brilliant experience for Josie!Please send me your e-mail address so that I can send the MP3 file and ask thay you take 2 minutes of your time to listen to the track and let me know what you think.I am trying to promote Josie and her songs so that she may be able to get signed up by a record company.If you could play it on your show and even invite Josie in to your studio, that would be great as the more people that hear it the better!!Wendy White

Thank you Henry, for the tracks this week from the CD of cowboy songs - especially Champion the Wonder Horse, great memories of Saturday morning cinema.

Ann Futcher - Bracknell
Henry tell Mr Avery that if he detached the steel pipe from his cleaner the brush for cleaning the car fits to the streatchy hose.

elizabeth quinn
I did not appreciate your trivialisation of the offence that the Orange Parades through Belfast caused to many Irish Catholics, and you should leave personal prejudices aside when presenting on a BBC radio show.

david banner
please henry could you play lannigans ball ;from his wife chris

Henry Kelly for Countdown - what a cracking idea. Just finished a P&O cruise on which Henry hosted a classical music festival. He'd be an inspired choice to replace Des!

Sam Wilson from NS Canada
Hi there, Just heard that Des O'Connor is leaving Countdown at the end of his contract and I just thought it might be a good idea if Henry called Channel 4 and asked about the position. It's been too long since we saw you on TV. It would be a dream team.

claire hains
As a Dub I have followed Henrys career over the years I am in my 70's now so I been been with him a long long time!!!! I look forward to seeing him these Sundays on Sky - I live in Malta now, and this is the only time we see him Keep up the good work Henry - Claire Hains

The people of Waltham St Lawrence
I heard you are a 'beer enthusiast' and wanted to let you know about about the Waltham St Lawrence beer festival that's taking place this weekend. Starting at 7pm on Friday 20th it goes on until the beer runs out on the evening of Sunday 22nd. It will be held in the garden of The Bell pub which is in the centre of Waltham St Lawrence, a village just outside Maidenhead off the A4 at Knowl Hill.There will be 30 ales from Berkshire and the surrounding area as well as a selection of ciders. A bbq will be up and running as well as an Elvis impersonator on the Saturday night and the parish fete on the Sunday from 12.30pm, so it's something for all the family, as they say.If there's any chance this could be read out on air I would really appreciate it. Many thanks

brian hammonds
Henry, Brian here- your local train guard...its always a pleasure to see you on our trains to Reading, we always have a good crack...just to let you let you know denis is fine...we dont see much of you at the moment..we tend to avoid that train as its the beginning of a rather long shift! of these days i`ll finish early enough to listen to your show, take care, brian

Senka Zivanovic
My name is Senka Zivanovic. I am the regular listener of the BBC Radio Berkshire. I am Serbian, proud that one European contest will be held this year in Belgrade.The fact that it happens to be Eurovision contest, which was never on the list of my favourite TV shows, doesn’t undermine the significance of the opportunity for my country.I have bee listening to yours, Phil Kenedy’s and other presenter’s shows this week, and I am hugely surprised and disappointed by your qualification about European contest becoming political.I have question for you, when was Eurovision contest not political? Look for example at 1975. There is no USSR or any of then communist countries on the contest. Israel, in Asia, on the other hand is traditional contestant. It was clear that the criteria was only political, driven by the character of the state system in each of these countries. I am sure you can recall how some countries voted depending on the political relations between them.In the past 20 years, Europe has doubled in number of countries, and this process, in my view, was hugely supported by many western countries, Britain in particular. Again, process of admitting these newly established countries to the European union, was hugely supported by western countries, Britain in particular.The political picture of Europe has changed, so did the Eurovision contest.In my view, Eurovision Song Contest did not change. Europe did.This is the fact I would like to help you with. It is not right to hide behind political qualifications, in your disliking or misunderstanding of various cultural differences of the modern (or “new” how your guest put it today) Europe. There is a correct terminology for this attitude, and it is not regarded as politically correct. I think that you do owe an apology to many of your listeners who are different from you and your native fellow citizens, respect the right of every European region to express their own culture on the European stage, and not undermine significance of an event, just because it’s taking place in Belgrade, but not in London or Dublin.

Judi Durber
I think in view of the interview with Lee farmer this comment should be removed from Henry Kelly's web site:- There's no sharper mind at BBC Radio Berkshire than that of Henry Kelly.

Hi Henry I heard your interview with Brid From the Burnham.Slough. London Run.They do a lot of good work for the Homeless.Also Thanks for the signed Photo.Best Wishes.

Hello always a pleasure to listen to your programme .Today I listened to a article on friut picking and the difficulty in recruiting labour together with the lengths the employer has to go in finding employees.As you visited Reading yoi and hmp recently and I believe quite moved by the experience you would have learnt that in there is a wing for low security inmates who go to work unsupervised and return in the evening as part of the final stages of thier sentence.getting these lads used to a working environment and perhaps putting something aside for them on release.I am not at all sure whether it is possible for these lads to go fruit picking so I wondered if you can ask the question and pass my thoughts on to the employer .Thankyou

Brian Rymell
Dear Henry. I don't hear you on Classic FM, why not. This the second time you have come off the Sunday morning Classic FM. Where are you now?

Kate Norton
I just thought Mr.Kelly might like to know that he has been immortalised in song! 'Henry Kelly' by an American folk band called Antsy Pants - very strange coincidence! Found it on iTunes.

Walter Giles
Dear Henry, Just heard your interview with Patsy Peters and her moving song From a Distance, can we hear more from this lady I have seldon heard a voice with such melody and depth of fealing a real breath of fresh air. Do you have any other numbers from Patsy Peters or perhaps you could play From a Distance again soon.Do you know were her cd's are for sale?

Neil White
Henry - oh tut tutYour interview with (Reading) Castle Galleries and the artist Hamish Blakeley had me rushing for my diary to make sure I got along there this Saturday (15th March 2008) to meet the artist and hopefully buy some work. I thought you may have chuckled a little though when he was described by his 'patron' as being as good as Rembrandt though.Finding this more than a little odd I have now seen some of the artists work on-line but hold on - is the style not a complete rip-off from the great Jack Vettriano? The style looks a complete copy to my innocent eye and a poor one at that.Leaving them unchallenged turned the interview into a straight forward commercial plug by the BBC here in Berkshire. The fact it seems the style is far from original does tend to confirm this even more for me.

Peter Gray
Dear Mr Kelly,Before Christmas you interviewed an Irish gentleman and played a track from his CD. It was about a wheelbarrow on a building site.It was hysterical and I made a note of his name and the CD intending to buy it but with all the confusion of Chritmas lost my note. Would you be kind enough to provide the details. Kindest regards PG

Emily Print
Many thanks for highlighting Coeliac Disease, Henry.Let's hope some of the 75% of undiagnosed coeliacs in UK get tested for the condition after hearing about it on your prog.

Kevin Kiernan
Can you please an argument I am having with a fellow "Dub".I say Henry Kelly went to "Belvo" in Dublin. My friend says he went to "Rock" (I am a Terenure man).Secondly, is Henry the Irish voice on my Tom Tom sat-nav(hiding under the name of Sean)?Great programme

Gerry Kane
Iam from Dublin delighted to have found you again on radio Berkshire.

Amy Tucker
You are my hero, I love you more than Bear Grylls

Greg Parke
Henry! Good to know you are still in the biz. I always liked your style and liked the TVAM days. Happy New Year to ya from Ireland. Best Regards, Greg Parke. Q-Radio Network, NI. P.S. You'll fine me on bebo under gregsradio. I'm a former national UK radio presenter myself!
A week or so before christmas you interviewed and played a record about a barrel of bricks by somebody Murphy, I have been unable to locate a cd of his, could you please let me know any details about him or his records. many thanks and a happy new year to you all.

Christopher Robert Esling
The other day Henry Kelly made mention of "Australian Emu Burgundy".When my father was ill in 1952, he was given a bottle of the said wine, he retained the bottle intending to make it into a table lamp, he died in 1954 but I made the bottle into a table lamp and I still have it complete with the "Budgerigar sand" as ballast!..

Marion Pitman
Thanks for the interview and two tracks Noel Murphy. A great man!

Hein Kollnberger
Hello,Mr. Kelly.I doubt You'll remember me? I was on going for Gold,back in 1993.Still got the video?Sad person,aren'tI?I didn't win the week's prize,but I did OK.Those were the days.They were still rerunning the show until quite recently on UK Gold.Cheap devils that they are.Anyway good luck to you on your show on Radio Berkshire.It's nice to see you in my backyard. Regards,....Hein .Ps.Back in those days I appeared for Germany?

Alice Chigumira
Henry your voice just heals, you are a presenter with sophistication.

Alan Fisher
Dear HenryA few years ago you compared for the Swindon Male Voice Choir at the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon. We are very proud of the arrangements by our Musical Director Max Brockman-More, and in particular his Christmas music. Any chance in playing some of the Christmas music on the radio for us? I could forward you a CD. Many thanks in anticipation.

Rex Hora
Dear Henry Kelly, Thank you for inviting me on your show to speak about "The Biscuit Train". Sorry I couldn't appear this time. There are some interesting things going on behind the scenes (assumes air of mystery) and I hope to let you have more news soon. Thanks for keeping in touch. Rex Hora.

Liza Mulligatawny soup
I love you henry xxx

Micaela Schmitz
Henry, I wonder if you could let listeners know about our concert on 10 November.Our trio Lady Georgianna is Performing! When: 7:30pm 10 NovemberWhere: Milner Hall, St. Peter Street, Winchester SO23 8BWHow: Box office (Theatre Royal) 01962 840 440 or on the door.Web: dynamic costumed group ‘Lady Georgianna’ are a trio of three ladies whodon ribbon, stays and alter egos take the stage to laughter, song and drama. Allegra (Abi Seabrook, voice), Miss Hilaria Brent (Emily Hurrell, ‘cello) and Signora Storace (MicaelaSchmitz, harpsichord) change personalities and characters.Watch the devil be escorted to the underworld and hear the songs of rusty tars!Photos at,

Victor Okrafo-Smart
I was interviewed live by Henry Kelly, yesterday(25th.)Re; Mary Smart buried in 1849 in Reading, from Sierra LeoneWhen is this on Air & time please? I live in Nottingham

Carie Roots
Never send comment and never usually listen to radio Berks but radio traffic info went on to your recording about Jethro Tull and I had to park and listen to it as it was utterly fascinating. Full of interesting historical facts and anecdotes, it was easy to imagine oneself immersed in the documents and the place, envisioning the land and farming practices which were familiar to Tull and the changes to our landscapes which have evolved over time. It seems that farmers always have to be inventive to survive, but their part in our lives is as vital as ever. Thank you for such an unexpected and uplifting treat.

suzanne newman
hi! i run the charvil girls' choir. on november 10th we are holding an auction of promises to raise money to buy new concert outfits for the girls. i was wondering if you could donate something that we could auction. i look forward to hearing from you. suzanne newman - 7 park lane, charvil, reading, rg10 9tr

Sue Ballard
Henry, Thank you for talking to me on your show this morning 21st Sept and allowing me to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer amongst your listeners. Our national charity Pancreatic Cancer UK is based in Reading and we are working to provide support and information to patients and their families and to raise awareness of the disease, in particular to get ealier diagnosis, and to raise funds to fund research and other projects of benefit to suffers of this neglected and lowest survival cancer. Only 13% of patients survive 1 year and only 3% survive 5 years compared to 80% for breast cancer. Many die within weeks of diagnosis with no treatment. We have been selected as one of the official charities for Reading Half Marathon on 2nd March 2008 and we would love to have listeners run for us or help us to marshal the event. As we have grown so fast we also need help in providing office accommodation and administrative help. So we would to hear from anyone who would like to help through the web-site or email BallardPancreatic Cancer UK

Hi HenryI heard you talking about watching Irish TV stations on sky, my house bound ma would love to watch these but I cant find an information about it anywhere.Please help.Thanks

Hi Henry, I'm from Cork and moved recently to Windsor - great to hear you talking about it!

When I was about eleven-years-old,(1947) Jack Dowdeswell, the then leading NH jockey, broke his leg and spent some time in the Radcliffe hospital in Oxford. I wrote him a letter, wishing him a speedy recovery and asking him several questions about his career. I thought nothing of it, until some weeks later he had taken the trouble to reply in length, answering all my questions and thanking me for my good wishes. His hand writing was immaculate and it made a young lad very happy! So it was great news to know that Jack is still around and keeping well!

Jim West
Henry you're a legend!!!!!!!Going for Gold "Who am I?" HENRY KELLY!!!

Jim Walker
HenryI have filled up the form for our Music in the Park event on Saturday at Englefield Park, Theale, but don't have much hope of publicity! Could you give us a plug this week - or even an interview? It is in aid of Macmillan Cancer research. Fingers crossedJimPS does it help to tell you that my wife is from Cork?

Mark Newcombe
Noel's team is the mighty City (Manchester) now the home of Sven!??!

Hi Henry,love the show. Yesterday,I think it was on your show,you played a song about the world changing, just after a discussiin about the handover from Blair to Brown (in response to a request I think), but I missed the title and artist as i got out of the car and started work.Can you supply this info please.Keep up the good work, love the lively discussions.Cheers,Steve

Tony Houghton
Thanks, Henry for a great programme!So sorry to hear that you have a hole in your heart. One question I should like to have asked your heart specialist is: Where is the hole? Presumably through one of the ventricles - as i understand it one pumps and the other sucks.If you know or find out the answer perhaps you could let us all know on your programme tomorrow?Thoroughly enjoy your programme.Kind regardsTony Wokingham

Hi Henry I Hope you will take a walk on the lawn at Ascot.And let us know if we can see the Raceing.Good Luck.
Henry,could you let me have the name of that beautiful, haunting violin solo and orchestral piece, which has been a classic top 20 number for months on classic radio? I think its from a film soundtrack, possibly one of the American civil war?Do your best H,John.

Concerned from Windsor
Trading Standards confirm a letter from a Spanish Lottery is a scam, possibly involving identify theft. To claim thousands of Euros, they ask for your personal and bank details + copies of international passport and driving licence. How scarry is that - hope no-one responds to it!

liz beard
NH RACING....the oldest Champion NH Jockey, Jack Dowdeswell (who still lives in Lambourn)celebrates his 90th Birthday on Sunday 27th May. On 9th June he celebrates 75 years since riding his first winner (age 15) at Newbury Racecourse

george potten
Dear henry, Well i went down to the linen conservation centre at university of southampton. they were wonderfull to my my wife and i, we went into a conferance room and i produced my great grand fathers sash they said it was in great condition, we asked about cleaning in and got a resounding DON'T. they said just look at it that wear is just the man that wore it back in that time. all the grim in the docklandsat the late 1800 to the begining of the 1900s. on the way home my wife and i were talking about it, to go back to them days are the illness in the slums as that is what docklands were with thousands and thousands of imigrants oeople talk about to day but back then was by far worse. Now back to the visite we took by chance my fathers navy papers with us he had them in the war and would have to have all his ships he wa on and details about himself they went mad over it, it is a bit faded and needs to be pressed out. They are going to keep it at the uni and a group of student will work on it they think it will take a year. they are going to enhance the writing writing on it and digitaly record it all before giving it to me back, they also want me to go down and give the students a talk on the hisory of the way i have done my reseach and they will have to follow it up by thier own on the ships i have one story to tell them all about my father and his time in the navy as he never talked about it only one day when he was about 80years old i had done a painting of his landing craft he used when he was doing work in the army he landed twelve men behind the lines and had to wait off beach for two hours then go back in and get them off he did this but when he got to the beach all twelve men were dead, he was crying as he told us the story.

Dear Henry, I have to thank you for introducing me to Derek Paravicini the other week in your program,it led me to his web site and on to buying his CD,"Echos to the Sounds to Be". His Piano playing just blows me away,It has been a long time since someone playing as fresh as he does has come along. Thanks again Eric.

Gary Charsley
Dear Henry,Has the world gone completely stark raving mad?Zimbabwe has been appointed as the head of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development! Wake me up and tell me it’s April the first! How can the civilised world allow something so laughable, if it were not so lamentable, happen?Zimbabwe, until Independence in 1980 was the breadbasket of Africa with huge natural resources, fully self-sustaining and an exporter of food to the rest of Africa. From breadbasket to basket case, with millions starving, the economy in tatters, inflation running in the 1000 percents all thanks to a madman and his cronies. Oh, yes definitely the right country to make head of sustainable development! The money it cost to buy a house 12 years ago, in Zimbabwe, cannot buy you a loaf of bread today! Sustainable? What a joke! Yes the EU did object and were out-voted by the African Nations, which again shows their unwillingness to deal with Mugabe and their obvious and tacit approval of his policies. The western world is inept and apparently toothless when it comes to dealing with this despicable tyrant. Pity Zimbabwe is not also awash with oil, as maybe then those outstanding bastions of civilisation Messrs Bush and Blair would stop the rhetoric and take tangible action!Cry the beloved country. We weep for you and your wonderful people. Gary in Thatcham

Ann Allen
I was interested to hear Julia Titus on your programme. Are her poems available in print form?

Wendy Harrison at Odds Farm Park
Good morning Henry Been listening to you talking about the high cost of a day out at Legoland - just thought your listeners should know that here at Odds Farm Park, Wooburn Common a family of four can have a fantastic day out seeing loads of new baby lambs, kid goats and best of all our new addition today of a Miniature Shetland foal, who was born last night, all for only £25.80!You should come and see us too - you'd love it here!CheersWendy

Sue Weaver
I have just heard Henry taling about the cost of going into Logoland. I have been many times, the latest just last week and I did not have to pay for any of the rides once inside the park. The only cost was the usual food and drink. I managed to get tickets on the internet for 2 adults and 2 children for £60 (these did have to be purchased 3 days in advance and were non refundable) from Sue

Chris Randall
Hi Henry, I know you are a big racing fan, can you give my horse, non-compliant, a mention? He is trainned at Lambourne by John Hills and runs at lingfield on friday...Get on him!!

Hi Henry What do you think of Dr Ian Pasily and Gerry Adams put forward for the Noble peace prize see NO 10 Downing street website

Patricia Mulcahy
Hi Henry, Please can you play WALKING IN THE AIR by Aled Jones...I need to get GOING FOR GOLD out of my head!! Pat xx

stuart livingstone
i miss watching you on going for gold - that and the krypton factor were my favourite programmes of the 90s

Henry, The police do not, as a general rule, arrest people, muslim or otherwise, if they do not have 'reasonable grounds for suspecting. that a crime has been committed. If a police officer did that they would be dealt with very severely and lose their job if they abused authority. Police State? Absouluteluy not.

Leslie Ferdinand, Goring
Dear Henry, Great show yesterday with Dr Chris Strokes, the glaciologist. A very interesting chat. I think the piece just further showed the extent to which the heat is on for climate change. We shouldn't pass this subject, so hopefully we can see a bit more science on the show in the future. Keep up the good work, Les.

hi henry, i listen to your show every day and i find the conversation very enjoyable, but you never seem to give your guests time to finish what they are saying and end up butting in to make your own point. I do find this quite irretating. plus you should always allow your guests to have the last word or at least be able to say goodbye at the end of your show. appart from tht i think your shows great.

Liz Beard, Lambourn
Such a relazing show...great listening...My mum always listens and was interested in a book which you mentioned regarding the Guiness Family...would love surprise her and get this for Christmas...I missed the information...

Sandy Snowden
Henry, where can I find out info about the physics/Maths topic you discussed with the Reading university professor Tuesday the 5th Dec. My son is doing physics and several Maths A-levels and I think he would find it interesting. I thought it was, too, but he is brainier about those things than I am. I do have to be out some Wed morn, so might not hear your answer. I tried to see if you had it on listen again, but it doesn't seem so. Thank you very much. Sandy in Bracknell

I would also like to 'listen again' to your interviews with Hannah who is trekking solo and unsupported to the South Pole. Please can this be possible!

Marie-Laure Pilia-Jones
To Henry Kelly and everybody at BBC Berkshire.. A BIG THANK YOU for your support! Thank you for allowing us to promote our fund-raising concert for the orphanage in Jamaica. We do hope that you will be able to join us on Saturday 9 December at Douai Abbey 7h45PM for a wonderful evening of Caribbean Christmas carols. Marie-Laure,Fr Brian Kerr and all the singers from Fr Ho Lung & Friends choir

Hi Henry, What really fascintaes me about this Russian poisoning and the scare over Polonium. It seems that people are terrified about becoming ill or dying from even being in proximity to where the stuff has been? What about the guy or guys (or dames) that carried it into the UK from Russia and committed the deed. I can hardly see them pitching up at a sushi bar for lunch with the greeting "hi Ivor, excuse the radiation suits...promise there's no need to be suspicious"!! I assume that if being in proximity to the stuff is going to kill you then they are going to like ...well dead themselves?? Gary in Thatcham

Brian Smith
Like Marie Harvey, I am following Hanah McKeand's progress to the South Pole and would love to be able to listen to her on your show, but I live in Bristol and am at work by 10am!

Martin Goodwin
Think Uttoxeter is a little further south than North Yorkshire - look between Stafford and Derby

Marie Harvey
I am in contact with Hannah trekking towards the South Pole. She says she is on your programme in the mornings. How can I listen to this later on the Internet please?

easy listening henry theirs only one voice and everything is wonderfully said thank you

roy from slough
Hi HENRY you have been around for a while done t v and radio shows Had more comebackes than frank S. Now i see you have risen from the other side Lazarus Next you will say you play NO 9 for the Aresnal

Tony Houghton
Hi Henry I thoroughly enjoy your show and appreciate your down to earth and commonsense approach to all that you cover in your programme. I am a retired RAF Canberra & Vulcan navigator whose sport is sailing and windsurfing now heavily involved in fund raising for the Lifeboats, whose task is to save lives at sea. I am also a Royal National Lifeboat Institution presenter for this area keen to make the RNLI known to as wide an audience as possible. People here in Wokingham seem to give willingly to our charity although we are some miles from the sea - however not many people are aware that our nearest lifeboat is now on the Thames at Teddington. I wondered if you, your producer and listeners would be interested in hearing more about the Lifeboat service which relies entirely on voluntary contributions to raise the £329,000 a day it needs this year to keep its service running? I should be happy to come on your programme to talk about the work they do. I think people would find it really interesting. Keep up the good work on Radio Berkshire - it is a delight to listen to your intelligent and wide ranging programme. Kind regards, Tony Houghton

bernard from cippenham
Hi Henry Great show Last week in the Newspaper you dare to criticize Sir Bob Geidof The man has done a lot for Africa Also through this he has gained publicity for himself and sold millions of records By upsetting St Bob you have annoyed the upper class And any chance of a knighthood has gone out of the window at Winsor castle Your only is to REPENT ask for forgiveness Sir TERRY Wogan could have a quiet word Its better for one sinner to repent Then you can sign books in Winsor high street Otherwise you will never what it is to sit with the great and good in the HOUSE above all houses the HOUSE OF LORDS Repent and maybe Lord Henry Kelly of Lazarus Berkshire

fao Henry Kelly I've just read your article in the Telegraph, good lad Henry- like you I've ALWAYS thought Geldorf was pretentious, and Pharisee fits him perfectly. Thank goodness someone has said so publicly at last. J.McN.

Darren D. Clarke
Great to listen to ya on-line (late night here) A big shout out to Nick Parish in West Woodhay. ( a good friend) Take Care and "Spot On" Darren D. Clarke Toronto, Ontario Canada. cheers..

Alex Batiashvili
I do admire your programmes but with all due respect I must say that you don't need to go to the theatre to know Victor Hugo or William Shakespeare. You just need to read while you 're a teenager and onwards. In my early teens I lived about 4,000 miles away from France and England but I knew a lot about the two authors, anyway. Warmes regards.

rosy braum
why were you ousted from classic fm and why are you back?

Tony Burgess in Thatcham
I was listening to you this morning talking about customer care,if companies want our trade,why don't they have 0800 numbers which are free.I am retired and can't afford to be on the phone for a long time as my pension will not run to it. Cheers, Tony.

mark hall
to ease the pain of the defeat last night to villa can u please play the Madstads for me thanks

bernard slough

Dear Henry You spoke yesterday about classical music used in advertising. Can you help me? What is the music used by the National Blood Doning Service advert called. Its quite a haunting piece. Could you play it may be? Many thanks Lindsey

bernard slough

Colin Holce
Henry Kelly I lost touch with your whereabouts since you left Classic FM. I signed the petition but would like to look up the history. I can't believe you left! Where can I find it please?

Brian Purse
last weekend a friend came over to help me with a job that I needed doing indoors; he also brought his new girlfriend with him. She is a nice young Polish girl. We were standing together in the lounge getting to know each other when she pointed to the title of a book I have on my large bookcase, and said. "Oh! 'David Copperfield' he's a good magician isn't he?" I just doubled-up with laughter and then explained to her about Charles Dickens. Tell me; Why isn't your programme available to listen to again?

Christine Callahan
I am a fan of Michael Ball. You recently had Michael on your show as a guest and I listened to the interview over the internet. You spoke with Michael about the concert he is having at Oakley Hall this summer. At the end of the interview you said, "Radio Berkshire will be at that festival.” Will Radio Berkshire be broadcasting the concert? If so will it be broadcast over the internet? I live in New York and would love to hear the concert. I am planning to attend several of Michael's open air concerts later in the month of July but would love to hear the concert at Oakley Hall over the internet. I would appreciate if you could let me know exactly what you meant by Radio Berkshire "being there." Thanks. Chris Callahan

Peter Devonshire
Hello Henry Could you please play Paddy McGinty's Goat for my wife Eileen as she rests before night duty in Ascot Thank you Peter

irene Thomas
Please can you give a mention to Joan and Stan Freemantle of Didcot on their Diamond (60th!!!) wedding anniversary on June 1st. thank you

Elaine Sweeney
I'm so looking forward to your interview with Michael Ball tomorrow - as I have been a big fan of his for many years. I live in Illinois, but crossed over the pond last June for his awesome concert tour. Thank you for having Michael on your show!

Jen Garner
Hello Henry! I'm sooo looking forward to seeing Michael Ball at Oakley Hall in July - it seems an age since we saw him 'in Concert'. Please give him my love and best wishes for the up and coming Summer Concerts.I just hope I get back from the dentist(Ugh!!) in time to hear your interview with Michael tomorrow. Thank You!

Carol Cox
I'm looking forward to July when I'm coming from Florida to see Michael Ball perform in concert. Thank you for having his interview on your show tomorrow. Bless you!

Bob Cooke
Henry, Many thanks for the tickets to the Chelsea flower show. We went on Thursday, and had a wonderful day, with possibly the best weather of the week. This was a great treat for us both as we hadn't planned on going this year. Thanks for a great programme. Regards Bob Cooke

Philip Highy
Dear Henry, Thank you for taking time out to talk to Kate on Saturday at Newbury Races, she enjoyed her day. She had 3 winner including your tip of Solent and 2 places so she went home with a pocket full of money. Thanks for all you do the radio for us in Berkshire. Yours ever, Philip Highy

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