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28 October 2014

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Linda Serck

Linda Serck

The Session Introducing presenter wants to hear from you if you have anything at all to do with the music scene in Berkshire. Who knows, you may even find yourself in the Session studios!


You can email me with your demos at:

Or you can send CDs to:

Linda Serck
The Session
BBC Berkshire
PO Box 104.4

Please also get in touch with band recommendations, gig news or anything else to do with the Berkshire music scene.


As far as music's concerned, I didn't get the best start in life. I spent my first eighteen years in Holland - the land of soft rock and gabber. There was no escape.

And ah, those heady days smearing on black lipstick and playing guitar in a school band - called The Radioactive Nuns no less. This was at the British School In The Netherlands. So thank Christ I moved over to England to study at uni, otherwise I may have found myself sipping Heineken in The Hague whilst toe-tapping to Boston's More Than A Feeling.

Luckily, my music credentials have improved slightly. For the past four years I've been covering bands (signed and unsigned) and festivals. I've worked as an albums editor for a national music review site and I used to present a show on Reading student station Blast1386. All this means I'm constantly listening to new music.

Let's not forget the cheese though: I readily confess to loving '80s nights, and I have to admit the old air guitar comes along with me!

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Send me your comments about the show in general or the music we're playing:

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Someone catch The Prospect at bar risa 8 July amazing band fiver

THE FACE BAR, READINGJUNE 28THBIRDEATSBABY + JOE BLACK £4 Doors 7:30pmBirdeatsbaby:"Driven by their refusal to be ignored, and the desire to break away from current musical trends, Birdeatsbaby form a sound impossible to pigeon-hole. Yet they strike a chord with Cabaret lovers, classical enthusiasts, and a range of alternative rock types"Joe Black: Eccentric to international stages, Joe Black takes to shows in an almost cartoon-esque musical assault,sweeping the audience through deathly showtunes, stomping polkas and heart wrenching ballads.Though seemingly unable to fit into any particular category, Joe Black has shared a stage with many notable names from different stretches of performance,musical acts such as Amy Winehouse, Gary Numan, My Bloody Valentine, St Vincent, Noah And The Whale, Hadouken and Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

declan geater
i can't find any info or music on the circus standscan you help?thankyou

"The Supper Club"Who are they!Where do they perform!This proves that Reading is capable of being host to all styles of music!I need more of them!Love the show!

Paul Steer
Just read your review of the magic My luminaries gig at the weekend. Amazing band and evening, wow. The support bands alone were a treat.

Hey did anyone see The Rushing on the introducing night at Bar Four the other night? - it's the first time i've seen them - They were awesome!

I will definitely go see The Quotes at their album launch after hearing them last night. Loved their jingle too. Nice to know now I can put a rack to the voice.

Love the show!

Nick and Dany
Thank you BBC for sponsoring and introducing so many new bands to the Reading Festival 2008.We could not come ourselves and are very grateful for the exposure given in the Session. We have gone down to the music store to buy CDs of our favourites.

Hey i really enjoyed that band 'The Quotes' last night. I think i've heard of them from Reading. Hope you play more of their stuff.

Robert Outtin
I heard a band on your show earlier called th quotes, that was a really catchy song. hope to hear it again

Thanks for playing Tuesday morning on the show it was good to hear it.Many thanks, Mac. Groutfinger.

Hey I'm the bassist of Sister Gracie just wanted to say thanks for playing our demo and for liking it :D We apreciate it. wat happens now we won?

Lizz Loxam
I love the Session and always will. I'm covering the elections in America at the moment but always tune in online to hear the show, keep up the great work Linda Serk

Really enjoyed the show.. especially that young Thom Stone fella.. Someone should sign him immediately if you ask me! But then i am a little biased!


thanks for playing our single on the Session! Great to hear it on the Radio.

Pity your program only lasts one hour. We enjoyed very much Best of Berks. We would also like to hear more of Wire Jesus, Version88, and The Sandcreek Massacre.

hi im from the bandMylesFinchwe were on the sessionsunday 18th novemberand we ended up winningi just wondered if anythin will happen as a result of this and maybe you could listen to some more of our stuff as we have a wide range of can reach us have an average age of 16and are just starting out so would appreciate any comments and time you could give us many thanks

Why no pictures of Matt Hegarty? None on his MySpace either. I think I know his name but what about his face?

The Noyze
cheers for a wicked evening and for having us rowdy lot!

Jonnie James
Hello! Great to meet you yesterday. Look forward to hearing your edited version of Ben's half hour ramblings!

David Maul
Hi Linda,Where has you gig guide gone? It seems to of disappeared.

Paul Newnham
Hi Linda,I manage White Sunday and wanted to let you know that the boys had a great time in the Session. Thanks for your support!Paul

i cant find the pictures of the repertoires session!

Hi Linda/The listening public. If you haven't already heard of them, please check out the fantastic new band "The Hoosiers". A three piece packing two thirds of berkshire talent! Big Love. Cardinal

The Repertoires
Great show tonight!we really enjoyed it! Thanks for playing our song, wow (the feeling)we look forward to seeing you really soon. We all think think you have a lovely voice. Thanks again. The Repertoires xx

The Details
What a terrible slur grouchy - we didn't take hardly any "souvenirs"!!

Martin Page
Linda My name’s Martin Page and I am Paper plain’s father (and occasional taxi) who appeared on your Sunday Session. My wife Linda & I are immensely proud of Helen and what she has achieved in such a short time. She didn’t speak about it on your show but she has other creative talents in art and photography which she is studying at Henley College. We would like to keep a memento of her first ‘live’ appearance and wondered if would be possible to obtain a CD of the show?RegardsMartin

jonny b
where is the hello wembley session, i missed it and cant find the show to listen again!

if you are wondering where your sesame mousemat has gone I think The Details nicked it.

Lev Yashin
Any chance of a Radioactive Nuns revival?

Hi Linda. Any news on the 'What is: Protocol' E.P launch? I need a good Wi:ping! x

Sarah Mills
Hello Linda, well, i love it you show and your photo is trez lovely. See you tonight for notes on a scandal. lots of love sarah.xxxx

excellent show i drive from wales to london every sunday and catch your show as i drive through, i never miss it and when i do i'm miserable. I'd like to make a request for a song it's El Caminos in the west love and peace xx

Geoff Travis
Club Velocity last Friday was very messy.I had to change my pants three times.

Nick & Dany
Session 40 was a great show; interesting and easy on the ears. We loved "Light years".

Paul Toll
Hi there, I think it was abit unfair that you played the opening bit of hansolos hibernation station ( which has to be said isnt the most interesting part by a long way) but played by far the most interesting part of that last band. Not impressed. Paul

Lavrenti Beria
Hi Linda, just taking a break from fitting up my rivals and kow-towing to Stalin so I can wish you a happy birthday. Do I win anything?

richard conway-jones
you got any of my records there? i havent heard you play a track yet, regards richard

Colin the 20 second memory span Goldfish
Damn.. what was it? No it's gone again.. Hey, that's a pretty little boat at the bottom of the tank though...

Hi Linda, I enjoyed the session last night. Thanks for the plug for our band The Pines! We are supporting the legend that is MJ Hibbett on Wednesday night at the 3Bs Reading. Show starts at 8:30. Pinetastic!

Paul Stewart
Hi Linda, the show is sounding great as usual. I really liked the track by Isle 22 you just played (One Minute Love Song). Being that they are a Reading band can you tell us anymore about them? Are they playing locally, is the single on sale etc? Many thanks, Paul xx

Steve Lamacq
Check out Brighton band SHRAG

The Flanders Pigeon Murderer
Got any Band Zonder Naam?

Heard Chris Howard at an acoustic gig in london last week. Proper talent! If i were running 'The Session' - i'd have him on in an instant.

Mr Lexy
Helllooo flower, I stumbled on your show while i was soaking in the bath last week, lovely to hear ya and Mrs C on the wireless and doing a show on something you love while entertaining the likes of me....gasp while I am naked saucy of you. Anyway just wanted to tell ya that I'm listening and to wish you loads of luck with the show, i'll be tuning in again! Mr Lexy aka Alex aka Lex aka Lexy aka "Roland I only want to be your friend" (you arent the only one with aka's)

John Cully
I sent in a profile and CD to you some time ago... I just want my songs to get heard , not promote "Me".. Any chance you could review /play them ? John Cully

Salvage. Now!

Best show so far the one just listened to etc etc etc

Janis Joplin lover
I concur...salvage for a session!

r c
hey Linda Any chance of getting Salvage and the Race in sometime soon?

charles the first
Linda - have just been whinging at soose...please get the salvage lads on for a session!!! I caught them at a race gig a while ago and they were fantastic...please get them in for a session....

yeah, whatever.... Great work psycho!

Leigh Maude
Fabulous! About time that local radio supported the musicians/bands from its own towns instead of churning out the dreary artex it calls a playlist! How about Session broadcasting some live gigs from around the county?

You are in: Berkshire > The Session > Show features > Linda Serck

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