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24 September 2014

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The Demo Panel

Whoops, you've found BBC Berkshire's old demo panel page. Below is a link to the new page.

The Session

Send your demos to:
The Session, BBC Berkshire, P.O Box 104.4, Reading, RG4 8FH

Listen to The Session every Sunday from 7pm to 8pm on BBC Radio Berkshire.

On: 104.4FM, 104.1FM, 95.4FM, 94.6FM, DAB Digital Radio and online.

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Linda Serck
Hi guys, thanks for your comments about the obvious vote cheating this week. It has been duly noted and believe you me, I have made it clear to the two bands in question that this sort of rigging is inexcusable and that they will incur a points penalty on the show this week. In future, any bands who cheat to this sort of extent will automatically receive a 0% result in the online vote. Lindaxx

You should put Seeds of Doubt on again! they are eeeeeeleeeeeeeeeeectrific!

Tony Vickers
My new EP ''Pushing Buttons'' is now released please go to or for further information.

The Waltz- Pure class - I'd buy it!

liv is cool

dan boz
liv ive seen her live her music is orgasmic"tension" = good

I like Liv Roche the best!

young neil
THE WALTZ walk the line...Absolute Class.....



I like her voice very muchMy vote goes for Liv Roche-Tension

Anne Smith
Liv is a young talent not to be missed. This is a great song, well done to her!

loving tension sxx

the waltz!? what a joke, have they got all their pub audience to vote for them?!?

biggin it up to the tunes

loving the enigma project they r fab!

Alex tnt
Enigma Project really are one of the tightest bands I have heard in this area full stop. I truly believe that with the potential they show at their age is amazing, it will no tbe long till the industry takes note even more than they are at the moment.

The Same
More of the same? YES PLEASE apparently; no more indie, no more stupid "emo"... THANKS

emily - lead singer rapid theories
just wanna say thanks to the people who voted for us, if you want to hear more go to ............. and i think the guitar solo is awesome!!

mightyman MUST win... any other result would be a joke!

liam ob
mighty man equals boom ting


Rapid Theories RULE!! WHOOOOO

Loving the solo in Here I Am, I love watching RT Live, wickid stuff!

That beef song is well funny

Jonny Virgo
Big up the Mighty Man. That Kid Wax tune is sounding large

I love Raw Linx.Arrested For Swearing. I vote for them >

Kirsty Trice (Vintones lead singer)
The Vintones did not cheat, the radio competition was placed on myspace and facebook as well as put around the college I currently study at. If you would not be so rude we are hard working and dedicated musicians individually and as a band and are proud of the support we have.

The Carter Manoeuvere are fantastic, so tight for an unsigned band. A really great song too.

ingen would have won this if the voting was fair, u only have to look at their large fan base to recognise that. they worked hard to build up the fan base and it was shot down by blatent cheating.

inGen fan =[
just wana say that the vote riggin has got stupid... the vintones shud never hav won that when they were cheating online... if you check there myspace (wateva it is) there is nothing on there promoting it or anything, whereas the other 2 bands tried and inGen would have won that if it wasnt for the online rigg as LOADS of ppl voted for them and even sed on there myspace. u shud be ashamed of yourselves vintones, coz ur just cheating yourself in the end. was a bit of a joke on air. nevermind. GO INGEN AND JOHN!

ryan millward
'secrets are secrets for a reason!'


Rachel Murdoch
whoa, ingen are sounding well good, liking all the bands this week but they are well good.

Tony Vickers - New Band Name ''Cistercians''
As the new EP ''Pushing Buttons'' is nearly ready for release I thought I would get a new band name at last ''Cistercians'' welcome you.Please check out the new site : Support your local scene!


Wooh! The Vintones rule!

VOTE 4 INGEN!! thier blats the best!!

jamie karina
ingen this week blates

vinestones are super sweet thanks for asking, evrthing is super with the vine tones!!xx

Brap for ingen
tunes!!!secrets are secrets is awesome

Vote For INGEN there head and shoulders above the rest!

Shame already fixing votes...this morning there was 8 votes (all for ingen) and now 123 offence to the vintones but I doubt you had that many votes, why do people feel the need to cheat at this?

inGen rocks!!!!
just found them on myspace!! them and vote

Thanks to everyone who voted for us both times we appeared on the demo panel. We have 8 songs to download FREE on

Ingen are one of the best unsigned bands I have heard in a long time! Awesome track and a very good live act!

Tony Vickers
Thanks to everyone that voted for ''Panic Stations'' if you want some more quality Electro/Rock please visit and NOT to be associated with any other Tony Vickers's that may exist ha ha!!! Many thanks to Linda,for supporting the local scene.

this isn't really a comment for the comment page, but i'm having useability issues with your web page. Why is the voting panel right at the bottom after all the comments? I'm looking at it on a mac, so maybe that's it, or is it always there? I reckon you're probably losing a few peoples votes as not everyone would think to scroll down past 1000 lines of comments to find the panel.

NMC heads
Mike Lemin Rocks !!!!

Blardy Blars
Seen as were on a label now and recording our new EP...WE ARE GIVING ALL OUR DEMOS AWAY FOR FREE!So download the tracks now x

Tony Blackburn (sob!) Come back Tessa.. What's that Arnold? You've been dumped as well?

Lady ...well, there only good tune to be honest. Not bad live but every song sounds the same and if they spent as much time playing as they did posing & doing their hair, I'm sure they would be a decent unsigned band. Apparently Mercury are interested in them which only highlights the low standards that people will accept these days.

I think the noyze are an ammazing fresh sounding band and have the best idea of music in reading at the momment and should be signed plus they were excellent in london last night ,top boys!

voting should have closed a while ago

64 pieces of toast - you deserve every one. Awesome! Keep toasting!

64 slices of toast is the better song, hope they win.

jemaine tofoo
64 slices of toast have the most random name but their sax is well gd. there kl cos there a band dat hasn't done any other gigs yet. There myspace is well kl to.

64 slices of toast are my favourite but they're all pretty good. I think that everyone should be a winner!

Go go The Noyze

Isn't it funny... The Noyze and Version 88 have both had a steady rise in voters, yet 64 Slices of Toast have increased from 31% to 47% in two hours. Can any one else smell smoked haddock?

Versonion88 song got me bouncing on my seat!! Very original, really good.

I think 64 slices of toast are very good, they are better than the others!

Mr Biggles
Version88 are fantastic, what an amzing song!!!!

Bite the bullet... tune!

64 slices of toast are a bit good :)

The Green Goblin - Reply to Linda
You're so pretty when you're angry!!

Lavrenti Beria
Over 60 housand votes this week? Mmmmm...


this voting is all rather silly - don't you think - 74,000 votes??!!! - with that level of support you'll have U2 supporting you within a few weeks - I just feel sorry for Nexus Bloom

haha, 63,000 votes for some relatively unheard of berkshire band....yeah right!! maybe if Second Story Ruin spent more time on their songwriting than refreshing a website then they might not have to make up fictitious votes. Daddy's Little Secret seem to maybe have done the same but at least theirs is a good song. This is funny!!

Nexus Bloom played for Alan McGee last night at Death Disco - Streets of Light live is awesome !! It won't be long before this band is massive..........

Daddy's Little Secret, you're sounding wicked!! I really hope you win this! I'd love to hear more!!!

Red Burns Black
well done to within our rights for winning good luck guys!!

There is some major cheating going on with this voting system. 6000+ votes? Please. Someone sort out a way of recording IP address to vote please.

Wow, no cheating going on here is there. No point to this anymore. No point on judge votes either if Mr Cheater Cheatersons have nealy all the votes. SADDOS! GET SOME TALENT!

nothing suspicious
nearly 1000 votes in under an hour - so lets delete cookies and vote again

Some person in a band!!
Second Storey Ruin must win this they are a fantastic band and im not just saying that cos we're playing with them live this sat at face bar, but you need to see these guys live, Absolutley brilliant


Daddys Little Secret- Have you seen the girls that are in that band?Sexy as hell, good tune though aswell

'Daddy's little secret' gets my vote!!!! x

Lu Lu
Love daddys little secret -deh rock live x

Eddie & Lyndsey
Some on Second Storey Ruin! See these guys and they have an awsome set! x

paperplain was absolutey beautifully played. well done! i wish i could have voted!

Oh Daddy, you rock my world!

tehe, people get really bitchy when their band or mates band looses, CHILL it's all about personal taste. Everyone is a winner.

Come on Second Storey Ruin! you got my vote and i wana copy of your ep also when are your tshirts coming out?

second storey ruin,second storey ruin,second storey ruin,second storey ruin,second storey ruin,second storey ruin,second storey ruin,simple as!

It's all about Second Story Ruin, everyone come down to Face Bar on the 19th and see them!

the judges on last nights demo session would'nt know good music if it hit them in the face. I think the BBC should think about who they get on this panel hopefully next not a couple of cowboys!!!

second storey ruin have 2 win this there awsome!! brill band!

NEXUS BLOOM - STRRETS OF LIGHT Aswome song gotta be done :D:D

Daddy's Little Secret, brilliant! Very promising future. Distinct and strong sound. Can't wait to hear more.

Well done Within Our Rights for winning. I hope we will be hearing more of you soon.

maz carroll
dady's little secret are amazing !

Second Storey Ruin are Rockin there song this week! KEEP ROCKING!!!

It's got to be red burns black for me all the way!You kick ar se boyz!!!!!!!

SonicOvermind. Superb at the Face Bar last week. I can't believe you have'nt played them yet?


Within Our Rights
Hey people, just wanted to say Red Burns Black won the people votes well done. Good tune! Keep it up :)

My god how good are Red Burns Black what an amazing song


Red Burns Black!!!!! all the way! blates, lotsa talent to be seen there :P

within our rithts,BRILLIANT!I want to hear more x x

Red Burns Black FTW! Epic band! Keep it up guys.

Within Our Rights, love your song, I can't stop singing it. You guys ROCK!

Why can't any of the people critiscising last weeks- i gotta say- really excellent judges, spell? x

little miss piggy
within our rights ROCK

Come on red burns Black!

phew well tht was he worst turn out evajudges werent not kinda at all specially the male judge bout the bedroom comment he went TOO FAR ment to be commentin on the music not that sounds like he ddnt grow up enough wen he was young. lighten up man take it easy

there is seriously so much talent here!!well done everyone!

Within Our Rights -- Great band, awesome song, want to hear even more from them!

the judges need to grow up LONG LIVE HISTORY n rock n rollvery immature way of think but hey that was only 2 ppls opinionns not wot others thinkanways love to everyx

history ar frinkin awesome !!!!ther amaze !!xxxx

that was below the belt the male judge obv isnt into rock n shouldnt ave sed such hrash thingsactually made me quite mad he shoulda taken a wider look at the picture n what the nowaday generation iswrong judges wrong day for history but meh rock n roll is ment to displease unlucky boys heard of you over msn AMAZIN glad ma mate nat told me bout you i also told like 20 peepzx

hey juz to clear up suminthe lyrics were about loving women for whom they are n not being to skinny like all the hollywood stars pitty the judges didnt get that but well done to lukeanyways best of luck peaceo an sorry to the femanist :(historyx

what more is needed to win-cathy riff-contraversal lyrics bout females being themselves-awesome sprirtpitty u may ave put it downunlucky history boysbetta luck next timelovexxxx

the juges had a bit of a bias view being a femanist shouldnt have happenedim with linda was an amazin songmayb a a simple riff but is theeeeeee catchyest riff eva

wo wo wowhat happened there history are the best not happy with the result cnt believe what they sed

Luke Hopwood all the way! Amazing talent.

HISTORY ROCK!!! Amazing sound for two musicians

Boy Del Mondois the best.

My vote definately Boy Del Mundo !

VOTE HISTORY THEY IMENSEalso chck out their upsetting they have brokedave

Michael Baeron
Jeepers, the good ole Boy del Mundo boys really do hit the spot!

Boy Del Mundo produce one hell of a sound - I saw their last gig and was so blown away I bought a copy of their new EP.

My vote goes to Boy Del Mundo cus that track is a killer tune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello! Which Matt?

Lavrenti Beria
Hello Chris! Any idea where Matt's hiding?

luke franks blatantly

The Ausralian eightiesdisco
Please play Monkey Bob again...

Yey go Sophster! Your awesome hun,all the best! xx

Hey everyone, Reading band First Among Equals (who were featured on this show a short while ago) will have a song played on tomorrow night (Tuesday) between 8-10. come have a listen to us without a panel of judges slating us because it's "not their kind of music"! (I'll be suprised if this makes it on to the message board!)

Michael A.
My vote goes to SOHPHIE!!!

High Flyer is a glorious feel good track!where can i hear more?

Captain Cam
This week it's gotta be High Flyer, a cut above the rest, great lyrics.

Abhinay Mehta
Monkey Bob rock!

Jamm : ]
lights and sounds !best thing ive heard since well ever !max goes to my college aswell :] i luv it x

James Maudlin
Lights and sounds is amzing

Monkey Bob!
Yay! The heroes are back!

Yuri Gagarin
Monkey Bob!(But then again I'm biased!)

vote scattered few!

You so gotta play Scattered FewReal musicians in that one.rarrrr can I have some beer please

You guys should really check out SonicOvermind. They p*ss on all of the above from a very high way up.

plz pla play Scattered few, they rule

Scattered Few
Amazing track, get it on the radio!

Iights&Sounds are awsome. there is some real talent there!!

The Right Band Won... LIGHT'S AND SOUNDS...with an amazing 74% of the Public Vote... LOL...but... what are those judges thinking?!?!?!?!

L&s!Saw them last night in reading, sooo cute!Please choose them.

Lights and Sonuds are by far the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just watch what they become

Boots and Bill
We rather liked Lights and Sounds///bet that would do ok here in the States !!!!!

lights and sounds all the way. the future of rock pop

Lights and Sounds are better than all the rest. Their lyrics kick a**

Lights and Sounds are so good !

lights and sounds :]

L&S are one of the best live bands i've seen in ages, and even if the music isn't your type, the talent will blow you away!

paperplain sound like killswitch engage

lights and sounds the best...and got Max who is the fittest dude around!!

lights and sounds all the way !

Lights And Sounds are amazing

Lights and Sounds are gonna be huge!

Lights and sounds!

Stuart la Real
That Paperplain song is absolutely stunning. Hands down winner this week.

Larry Livermore
I didnt discover Green Day for this crap!

This could start a debate here about Avatar Original. :-) This band takes their music very seriously and the comments were unnecessarily harsh. That's all...

Caution sounded great and can only get better.... great guitar solos.



Blardy Blars great live gig in Clapham, London.

Jeff Hill
Hi,Want to vote but can't see the voting bar...Am I doing something wrong?

enigma project! love this track, saw em live recently too and they were awesum

Well done Caution looking forward to seeing you at the Hexagon on 5th April

Caution were excellent on The Session. Unbelievable for 14 year olds. Keep it up guys.

Well done Caution Keep writing great songs

libby + bianca
CAUTION = timmys xox

What an unbelievable band this Caution is. Fantastic music song.


ben trader
that members of the public song is amazing they'll break stuff with that sound

thump slutzy thumps like a beast... and jenni fizz.... wow beyond all wows.. hubba hubba.

'caution' sound like little girls singing out of tune and its really girly! are they girls or are they boys??

yh all good

Lavrenti Beria
.. Anyone miss me?

Caution - is that the little **** who mugged my mobile off me at wokingham train station the other night?

under the sun? - kinda like and easy listening version of bon-jovi. i can imagine them looking good in black and white with leather jackets on and frizzy hair holding babies whilst sat on harleys on an athena poster

blimey - loving members of the public. kinda like buffalo springfield having sexual intercourse with status quo. they get my vote and i havent even listened to the third song yet!

woooo go caution!! garauntied best band ever!!!

caution r clearly the best wiv their manly singer

i love caution woo hoo

simon 4 caution
vote 4 caution !

Emma is always right
Caution are well good mhmmmmmm x

Tony the Tiger
Members of The Public make me want to touch myself...Frankie Lego is a legend

avatar sounded like a two-bob 'nirvana' tribute band. they were out of tune, out of time. if people cant stomach that, thats unlucky on them. it aint the judges fault that avatar and the other song wernt as good, basically.

What a crock of cr*p the judges are! AVATAR smashed the readers vote and they slated it. Really unfair!

Alex Reeves
nick pinkney is clearly the best. its a bit heart-bleeding but its fun in an overly-emotional way.

a well deservrd win for hellowembley. i agreed with the judges on every song..they were good, dont get me wrong but hellowembley couldnt go wrong with the mightyman on board! heres to them


Avatar Original must win!!! Avatar has soul...

good to see the results are becoming more reliable as more people log on to vote.

barry proudfoot
hello wembley. right touch!

Check out to hear more tracks by AVATAR ORIGINAL

I like Change Me by Nick Pinkney the best.

Well can i jst say dat dat past 3 groups dat av 1 r pretty gd! This weeks 3 groups r ok bt 1 of them completely sucks and they mayb shld av sent a betta demo! Soz mighty man! But im votin 4 Avatar! They av sum gd tunes and deserve 2 win! GO AVATAR!!!!!!!

i like hello wembley's track the most. it's even better when they play it live!hope they win.

Hello Wembley
Mighty man is a Reading legend!

Hello Wembley are the next band to take over Reading. The Blardy Blars suck ar##e

Nick Pinkney
If you want to hear more go to

Hello Wembley to win!!!

joe illsley
nick pinkney is blatently the best!

hello wembley and dave from the afterdark, genius!!! they deserve to win!

no contest - bit of a foregone conclusion this week i recon!

Nick pinkneys is quite cool, i wana here that.

Mr Pike
All bands are hippies

What is: Protocol have a launch of EP March 22nd they do.

what is squid on about blardy blars are quality! better than all of the others put together ! quality live to

Blardys are one of the hardest working bands in Reading. AND quality live.

great live band, seen them alot in the early days. right now there just getting better and better

Justin and squid me thinks you protest to much !!! The Blardy Blars have a great sound.

Blardy Blars all the way saw them live in southampton amazing there latest EP def worth a listen on myspace

Blardy Blars excellent the best buy far

Blardy Bitch

Blardy Blars are actrually awesome!! xx
Blardy Blars! This band deserve to be massive....quality live!

justin= wrong they gotta good sound coming from them, great live as well

the Noyze - winners!

Justin- you've hit the nail on the head there. The Blardy Blars are the most talentless, bland and unprofessional "band" in Reading, if not the country. It about time people started listening to the music instead of being drawn in by the hype. absolutely dire!

Blardy blars are terrible.

theyre a bit crap, a bit good a bit freaky. but theyre brilliant! tre-mendo

wazupp, yhyh, lizzie massey all the way.. lol ..

That Noyze song's pretty good - well catchy and melodic!

Bobby Boyo
What Is: Protocol????? Bloody good I say!

Anyone seen Paradisia live yet? Wicked track. Heard their show is pretty sweet.

Ha, i went to uni with A Genuine Freakshow, jolly good fellas (and lasses) they are too!

luigi romano
Tonic are by far, THE BEST

blardy blar groupie
Check out a second EP from Blardy Blars, ... cool sounds, love Smokey Joe

Sion are awsome. They sound so original. I think they are the next big thing. Keep it up! Dave Magnatie

RAGE DC - you know it makes sense


does anyone know when what is: protocol are playing next? i loved their track! please help!

I have seen What is Protocol live they are amazing...!

Theres a new EP up on the myspace now... so have a listen people! "Deliciously scuzzy rabble rousing punk rock that slays every band in East London" Blah Blah Mag

Oli Fillmore Spirits
thanks for the cool comment STELLA

What is Protocol were fantastic. Must see them live!!!!!!!!

Did anyone like Hill and Croswell, a.k.a 'Different reasons?' Does anyone listen to music other than indie?

What is: Protocol
Thanks to everyone who voted Thanks again for playing our track...we look forward to performing some of our acoustic songs on your show soon. Keep Smiling, Wi:P

The Carter Manoeuvre are awesome!

Paul - Reading
Listened to the show tonight and then went onto myspace whatisprotocol are awesome!

Music God
What is:Protocol ...... YES!

Lando Calrissian - reply to Kershia Lou
Tell Han Solo I'm taking the Millenium Falcon back...

OMG! What is:Protocol are amazing live! Seen them twice. Bring on their E.P launch!

Mark - This weeks demos
I can't stop listening to "Whatis: Protocol" they have to win this week. Got to find their web site!

Reverend Staplehurst

chris collins
what is protocol effing rock!

I love that Whatis:protocol track...! I want more.

Alan McGee
KICKS are the best band in the UK at present

Your studio looks really tidy.

Genghis Brothers
V cool to be chosen for the Demo Panel. This song is from our acoustic set, but we do some rocky and funky stuff too. U can hear some other toons, send us messages, be a friend at myspace at We're doing a acoustic set, all new material, at The Windsor Arts Centre on Sunday 21st Jan, 8pm. Its FREE, FUN and we wanna meet up!

fillmore spirits!!! rock what a pair of dudes!!! x x

genghis brothers ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!

any chance of using my band ??? lol x

Lavrenti Beria - reply to MC4 suck
That's not very nice is it?

Hey guys! Thanks to everyone who voted! And thanks for all the words on the show! :-) We listened in the car at a gig we had tonight! We'd love to come into the studio sometime ;-) We've got new songs and vidz and lots on our MySpace... and there's a CD floating around at gigs.. and a new one on the way this year! Thanks again to EVERYONE! Great songs by the other guys too! -G - POASF x

Paulie... rar
Promise of a forking streetfight Matey!. please?!!

Ken Russell
I might be a genuis and stuck in a house at the minute....but i know OK TOKYO are the best band in Reading on this Sunday morning....

Arse Road
Via Look Loooooook Dancing Boys

Kershia Lou
Han Solo all the way baby.

Lavrenti Beria - reply to Rosch
I think you got off lucky. I was once in a band with someone who thought he was virtuoso guitarist, but still needed the rest of us to tune his guitar or tell him what a chord actually was..

I love the Han Solo track!!!!!!!!

Rae Waldon
Promise Of A Street Fight Rock!! They Rock!! They Rock!!! They JUST Rock!!!

Promise of a Street Fight
Thanks to the BBC for putting us up on this! Can't wait! If your interested, check out our MySpace at- And please vote for us! x POASF x

MC4 suck
Hooray...there is a GOD

Lavrenti Beria
Hi MC4 fan. I was sad to hear about Wiz dying as well. Ironically I'd just been listening to "Dancing Days Are Over" when I heard about it. So close to christmas as well, that must be awful for his friends and family...

The Ghost of Christmas Present
I see an empty chair and a crutch without an owner...

Ben Smith
Thanks to everybody who voted for me! Just wanna say i've never heard of "Roxy Music" or the other song in my life! Check out the Quotes

friend of freakshow
they don't sound like that do they?

I voted, how happy and invigurating (my spelling aint too good). Grammer is ok, but spelling, big nopedy no. anyhow, back to the vote, i voted, we're winning. freakshow = winning others = didnt vote for you out

A Genuine Freakshow
We dont sound like this.

Ben smith is the best! xx

Ebenezer Scrooge
Tell me spirit will he live?

Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho

Neil Simmons
Nice one Hello Wembley, congrats on the win, track sounded awesome!

An MC4 Fan
Just heard the sad news about Wiz from Mega City Four and more recntly Ipanema. Wiz died from a blood clot in the brain. He was a huge inspiration to my singing and songwritng and will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace!!!

Hello Wembley
So are we!!

Kate Moss
Pete, stop messing around on that bloody messageboard and come home..

Grrrrrr just wanted to have a rant on here about how much I hate forming bands. Especially trying to find a suitable drummer or bass player, trying to find someone that fits in with the band or arranging to meet someone and they don't turn up. Isn't this the most unpleasant part about the whole band thing? Be interesting to see what other people think or if it is just me and should chuck it all in!!!

Interesting selection this week!! All very different bands. My moneys on Panick Attakk for pure energy.

me old rocker...
Panikk Attakk are awesome, I saw them live and they sound wikked! Defo seeing them at the face bar on the 15th. Rock on!

Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho

We're cheating

carlos barat
have you seen the bands up for the vote this week? panikk atakk look like a towers of london covers band! i aint got a clue who pull are. the least said i guess.and hellowembley are a bunch of olde time jokers. i like them though

hello wembley are the most energetic band in cant help be sucked in and love it! i do! they have to win ....

Malcolm Owen's Ghost
... Babylon's burning

Tom fortyfives
whats that jim guys name? jim bowels? i cant remember. x

That really is a comment from Alan McGee further down by the way. He always listens to the session.

Mickey luv
Great show this week, great selection of songs, really nice to hear a summing up of the last six months which have been really eventful in Reading. Well done. Jumping the great white isn't difficult to dance to.

Pete Doherty
Where am I? This isn't the custody cell!

fortyfives are the best young band in the country!

questions is a tuuune. fortyfives are amazing! x

The Flanders Pigeon Murderer
I STILL need a cuddle...

Hi Nev, hey, no worries! Good to see some healthy debate. Thanks for your comments. I do enjoy doing the show, and I am always really pleased to be asked. Keep listening, as we've heard some really great stuff recently!

Lavrenti Beria
... and another thing, "the professionals" would probably be far more harsh than the regular panellists ever are!

The Flanders Pigeon Murderer
Oi Stardust, STOP IT!!!!

Hi Annie - Sorry!! the comment about opinion being fact wasn't aimed at you it was more of a few comments made earlier that made my blood boil. I should have made that a bit clearer. I totally repect what your doing on the show and giving the bands a chance to air there stuff. I think it could do with more constructive critism I think always including something positive about them is important even if you think they are awful. This will encouarge them to work harder and develop as a band. I actually came out of the music industry because of in being such a critical place. I just don't like seeing other peoples art being slagged off because its perosnal to them.

Matt makes me sad.

Ziggy Stardust
Marry me Linda!

Hi again Nev! errr..I don't remember saying that because I've seen loads of bands, that makes my opinion fact. It is only my opinion! I love all sorts of music, and even if somethng isn't my cup of tea genre-wise, if it's done well, and 'says' something to me, I will say so. However, if it's a load of cheesy badly-performed rubbish (in my opinion), then I reserve the right to be able to say that too. If you've worked in the industry for 10 years, then you'll know it's a very hard place to be. Bands get slagged off all the time, it's a nasty world out there! Just because it's local radio, and we're hearing new bands, doesn't mean we have to be fluffy and nice about EVERYONE, do we? how dull... As for the Reading scene, I won't comment on that, as every local scene will have more than its fair share of egos (occupational hazard, surely) although I will point out that the music on the show comes from all over Berkshire, not just Reading!

Hi Monty Casino - sorry if I made your blood curdle at the thought of the OAP version of Steps reforming. I won't mention their name again in case I have jinxed it to happen. It is a grizzley thought!!!


The Flanders Pigeon Murderer
I need a cuddle...

The new seekers have reformed! -I know the drummer....

Monty Casino
Hi Nev, you've made a fair point but PLEASE don't talk about the New Seekers reforming.. It is one of those terrible things that could quite possibly become true. (Even Chris and that bloke who thinks he's Beria could agree on that!)

Thanks for the 8, Linda - it was us who called you The First Lady of Berkshire Music btw! Thanks to everyone who voted!

Annie you're totally missing my point. I'm not on about watching covers bands I'm on about bands that has write their own material and then being told it's been done before or its unorginal. A band writing a song is orginal enough for me and that is what I enjoy unless it is a blatent rip off of another song. I actually can't stand covers bands I would rather watch a reformation of the new seekers than watch a covers band. I've worked in the music industry for about 10 years now since I was in my teens and I can safely say that I am not an expert on music like some people are saying they are here. Since when has going to watch thousands of bands given someone the write to make their opinon fact. To be honest I am sick of the Reading music scene its seems to be full of really negative opinonated ego heads these days. In my opinion the session is a great idea in theory but just now comes across to me like a show where each week a band will get slagged off.

Fair play to Vice. Good tunige. Haha the Habit may have mates but they need to get practicing.

Lavrenti Beria
Hi Matt. If they hired "professionals" for the demo panel you'd still get the same kind of views and opinions. I don't agree with everything Linda or the panellists say but this is part and parcel of being a music lover. And while I'm here, hello C/Chris whether you like it or not, I'm BACK!!

De peche moda
Version 88. Listen to it. Vote for it and then Love it...Long Time

you don't seem to realise that this isn't about fta or the wookies anymore, thats they're problem, and in the past. i listened to the demo panel this week and the first band were definatly the best. but somehow the third band won...

Barefootim gets my vote this week. Mark Knight was good too. Not sure about the country-esque final song from version 88.

Version 88 Rock!!!!!

jonnie neutral man type thing
rob-i wouldnt worry about it harming there chances as a band how many people hear the show? put it in propective its really good for local press but its not going to get A&R men throwing contracts at you ... and maybe you need to write better songs ?? just an idea...

The Bandinis
Thanks for the votes, so what if we didn't win. The band that won were good, but every one should come and see us play at Plug n Play on friday (3rd Nov) to see us live. Blardy Blars are playing too and it will be brilliant. our vote goes to Mark Knight, because he's great. bye...The Bandinis

I thought Lu Cozma's track was, well, oh so good. Then I listened to her title track RED off her brand new album of the same name. Now this is superb. Try it.

Thanks for finding me on Myspace! Maybe Baby is the first track on my new album 'skyhigh' which is avaliable on I-tunes and - I'm getting married on Friday so this is a nice present and in a funny kinda way is all about that... consequences can be a good thing - Alrighty!!! Radio Berkshire Rock..

Wats up with that, The Habit getting wat about 60% of the public vote and the one that one in the end was the one with 9%. These judges know wat they r doing dont they?

Alfie Caine
Don't throw them bloody spears at me!

I'm just reading these commments through and it seems like theres quite an argument going on ! But..i have to say Linda that was a stupid comment you left. Of course if you reviewed any band and said they were brilliant theyre not gonna 'kick up a fuss', despite what they thought. It doesnt do any harm to them, a brilliant review can do nothing but good. But if the band are very good and you give them a very bad review on air then of course theres gonna be a fuss kicked up, as you could be giving them a bad name, and you probly don't know what you're talking about since if you did then all this fuss wouldn't be being 'kicked up'. But anyway what you wrote Linda...

Mary-Anne Palmer
C'mon! it's not like people actually listen to BBC berkshire anyway! I frankly would rather listen to Classic fm and i'm into thrash metal!!! peace xxx

1st song is a bit mediocre, 2nd song which is winning is terrible but the 3rd is pretty good. I think that one should win this week!

Adam Barton
The Bandinis get my vote!. I've seen them live and it was awesome. They have proper tunes! I've just been to their myspace page and listened to more songs. I hope they win!

Phil Lynott
Stephen Long is a bloody genius

Black Dahlia
THE HABIT ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Stu Murphy
I think Stephen Long is definitely a Leg-end!

Monty Casino
A little note for "C" and "Matt". Sometimes life isn't fair. Just because the demo panel don't like a certain song, it doesn't make them bad people. It's just their opinion.

get a grip matt, the blardy blars are wicked and paul is fittt. they deserved to win!

Hey First Among Equals even i wouldnt put your music out.....

Stephen Long, what a legend! Seen him live in Windsor, amazing.

bull****, you people of bbc berkshire session need new ears that are able to let you know what good music is, why the hell are you judges on the show anyway...why can't you just get proffessionals to do it...afterall you are a radio show surely you have money to pay someone???

Hello everyone! ooooh a heated debate. That's what we like to see. Hello Nev! Original v unoriginal... The Session IS supposed to be a new music show, and by that we mean NEW, not just newly recorded! And I have praised a fair bit of what I've heard, you know. If you're not bothered about originality, can I humbly suggest you stick to watching covers bands?! And yes, Lavrenti Beria, unfortunately for my long term health and well being, I HAVE seen more bands than I've hot dinners.... Tune in again this Sunday! byeeeee xx

I think the problem might be that you guys can sometimes be a little over-critical with your advice. The whole show is a great idea and gives bands publicity that is so hard to get these days. That can't be a bad thing! All I'm suggesting is maybe follow a negative comment with something positive or vice versa. It's hard to take critisism constructively when it's all negative, in fact when it's music you have written and worked hard on it's difficult not to take it personally! In the same light I hope that the judges can take the citisism of them on this message board constuctively without "throwing their toys out the pram" or "turning into a monster" so that future bands on the session will feel more fairly reviewed.

Francky Puttanard
BLIND CHANCE - For I Know You Were of my favorite songs ever! wicked Match&Wax voice!!!

Linda BBC Berkshire
It's a double-edged sword. If First Among Equals thought, say, they'd played a crap gig but I reviewed them and wrote they were brilliant - I don't think the band would cause such a fuss, do you? But just because they've got a bit of negative feedback this 'Matt' has turned into some kind of monster with red veins popping out of his eyeballs. Pffft! And as for not sending in music to us - please ignore Matt, we listen to everything and if it's any good, no matter what genre, then we'll praise it. This is the show that had death metal band Malefice through to the final round in the Reading Festival competition.

What annoys me is when bands are criticised as being unoriginal and it being a negative thing. TO be honest I'd rather see a band who play decent music and entertain me than try to hard to be original and bore the pants of me. I think there too much emphasis placed on trying to be original. And there's too much critism on this message board come on berkshire lighten up and have some fun stop slagging off other peoples bands. If you don't like them fair enough but why feel the need to write it down on here?

Lu Cozma, a fantastic trip of the mind! Beautiful

Absolutely fine. Just don't come back!

matt - reply to neil
oh dear. i don't think people that come on this site have learnt how to read. did i ever actually mention that the blardy blars song having no more than 4 chords made the song bad? did i say anythin bad about the blardy blars? NO. i was just commenting on the fact that the 'judges' said that FTA were 'just slamming out power chords', which is bull****. jeez man read! this is the last comment im gonnna make on this thing so the last thing i'l say is that if you reading this are in a band or are a solo artist and thinking of sending your music into bbc berkshire's 'the session', DON'T! unless of course if the 'judges' change into people that actually know their stuff when it comes to music, or your music is the exact style of music that the judges want to hear, because if you are a genre that these ""judges"" don't like then you WILL be slagged off on air.

Lavrenti Beria - reply to Chris
.. But you're okay about me going into Berlin? Just thought I'd check! I'm thinking about building a nice little wall down the middle...

A Wandering Minstrel
Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling From glen to glen and down the mountainside That Matt's a dope and his brain cells are dying Why doesn't he just bugger off to Berkshire Live... I thank you...

Stephen Long
I don't know about anyone else, but I really like that song by Stephen Long. I'm going to vote for that one.

Lu Cozma Great song, beautiful voice

The Flanders Pigeopn Murderer
Hi Matt, after that last little vignette of yours why don't you go and have a nice lie down?

Reply to Lavrenti Beria
Thats fine if you don't like the First Among Equals music. No one is saying you are wrong for that, but what makes you so sure that you have heard more bands than we have had hot dinners? Thats a pretty dumb and ignorant comment! And to suggest that we are trying to sound like mega city four and senseless things - we sound nothing like them! I grew up with a blatent dislike for those bands and that genre of music in particular, so to start a band that tries to sound like them is not something I would ever do! Do your homework and listen to some modern punk rock and you'll discover where we are coming from. C

One, two, four, fourteen....It doesn't matter how many chords you have in a song. That's not what the judges were getting at. It's sssooooooooo obvious that the people moaning play or support one of the bands that didn't get their song played at the end of the show.......Woopy do. It's not the end of the world, and any band that can't take critisism or the thought of someone not liking their music shouldn't have sent their CD to the show in the first place. Three words: GET OVER IT

cheers C. at least someone can see how useless the judges were last week. and by the way i'm not actually a friend of fta, i just know some of their music via their myspace! and what you said about it didnt make any sense whatsoever. its clear you have no idea what you're on about when it comes to judging music, you just have to entertain your listeners! if i remember correctly you said that feed the addiction were 'slamming out their power chords', like 'first guitar lesson stuff'. huh??? 'none the less' has 6 or 7 different sections (intro, intro 2, pre-verse, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, breakdown section, and ending), and i think it is well structured and written. whereas INFACT 'blardy blars' are the ones that are 'slamming out power chords' as their song has no more than 4 chords in it. ha! thank you. my point proved.

Lavrenti Beria - reply to Tom DW
Listen sunshine, I've listened to the First Among Equals website already and wasn't convinced. I've seen more bands than you've had hot dinners so I know what I'm talking about. Oh yeah, and calling someone who diagrees with you a "ladyboy" doesn't do you any favours! You are wartime Berlin, I am the advancing Soviet Army, watch your step!

The Lord Cedric to Kicks
Just got back from travelling the world making music, sorry for being away. It was my son who told me about this forum and your band, and as it would embarass him, I will not reveal who I am. I'm sorry to have upset you angry bunch of young men, especially as I thought I'd said I quite like your sound. You gotta take criticism a bit better than that, or you're done for. Needless to say, I will not be taking up your offer to check out your reworked tracks. I doubt I'll regret it.

simon cowell
is it me, or is it cleary obvious that the judges are critical so that you improve and become better as a band?? otherwise they would be saying utter **** is decent.

It's amazing how many people mistake opion for fact

Absolutely agree with you Matt - the judges on the panel seem way too over critical about anything other that what they want to listen to. Fire the crap judges and get some real music fans who know what they are talking about instead!

Linda BBC Berkshire - to 'Matt'
Matt - myself and demo panellist Annie know exactly 'what we're on about'. I suspect you're a friend of Feed The Addiction? We're not slagging off bands, we're in a demo panel where we give constructive criticism. Bands and friends of bands should just take it on the chin frankly. Fair enough if you disagree with us - it's all subjective after all - but don't go saying that we have no clue what we're on about. No need to throw your toys out the pram cos we said things you didn't want to hear!

i wish the judges you put on your demo panel had a slight clue what they are on about! blardy blars are pretty average, nothing special. the wookies are alternative, not everyones cup of tea, but still a good band. and feed the addiction seem to be young lads starting off their career, and doing pretty damn well! blardy blars were winners tonight...fine. but no need to slag off two bands that are just as good if not better. john.

how can blardy blars be the best band in reading? where were they at reading festival then? way too overated if you ask me!


what happened to thursday being the deadline?? we were winning until you carried it on longer

Alan McGee
Nice to know you cats are listening.....

Blardy blars are amaziiing! pshhht.

Blarby blars all the way!

Brenda - Newcastle upon Tyne
The Blardy Blars - Great Reading band! Lets hear more of them.

Brenda - Newcastle upon Tyne
Great Reading band! Lets hear more of them.

blardy blars im thinking??

i agree with pauline :D!!!!

Will Wallace
wookies rock innit.

craig birch
i personally like blardy blars good sound rather than fta or the wookies

glad to see you have rock and roll disco its a great tune!! blardy blars to win!!

The Wookies are by far the better band of the three this week. This song is proffesional AND beautiful - what more could you want eh? xxx

Tom DW
First Among Equals sound is actually quite good. If you look on the website all their stuff is so different. Hands up if you're the narrow-minded ladyboy who reckons they're unorginal after only hearing one of their songs? Check em out. I liked it!

feed the addiction rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the wookies rock!!!

lauren marcham
blardy blars to win!! play rock n roll disco its their best song by far!!! we love the blardy blars!!!

blardy blars by far

play the blardy blars, you know its the right thing to do! but play rock n roll disco instead its better!! yay x

Luke G
Why the hell is 'big believer' up for listenin?!? These guys are amazing and you need to blast some rock n roll disco on your airwaves! none of this early record stuff

THE WOOKIES! Such a pleasant and unique sound!

Kath Jackson
Blardy Blars are ace! Best band outta the choices! :]

jonny cool
feed the addiction. there the tops man

pauline kelly
iv listend to feedthe addiction and i love it... hope they do well xxxxxx

blardly blars standards

Alan McGee
Blardy Blars are the best band in Reading right now-however BIG BELIEVER is their weakest track!!! Check out Rock N Roll Disco

john leetch
personally i thought that Higher by rise was the best song of the evening due to the vocal technique,vocal changes and the way the chorus drops with the distortion!!! best of luck to Rise ive checked out their other tracks on my space and think they have the potential to take it all the way!

Phil Lynnott
Sorry, thought this was the bar...

Lavrenti Beria
Oi Chris! First Among Equals ARE unoriginal. Once upon a time there were bands like Mega City 4 and Senseless Things who used to do this sort of thing much, much BETTER!! Take heed or I'll send the KGB around!

First Among Equals rock!

Thanks to everyone who voted for First Among Equals. It's good to hear something different to Indie music for a change although amusing that they thought we were "unoriginal"! Listen to more of our songs at

first among equals all the way :)

Hi thanks for featuring us on your show. We have a new website now!:

Reply to Glo
That joke is so poor that even I'd think twice about using it!

Jamie Lillycrop!

Mr T.
i don't aggree with that decision regarding Feud, and they arent emo. they were by far the best band out of all of them!

Just listened to the show - 3 decent songs tonight, but Feud arent emo!! That song was punk!!!! I liked it!!

How absolutely ridiculous! The chorus to the winning song this week was a complete rip off of The Callings song "Wherever You Will Go", why was this not mentioned??????????

i like feud's song - how come i've never heard of these guys before?

love Confuzin Jack!! Wicked Band, SIGN THEM NOW!!!!!!!!

FEUD are amazing!

Check out Feud!

FEUD is the one to watch.

Definitely Feud for thought!

Lavrenti Beria
Katomaran, Sleepless, To The Barricades... SEND THEM ALL TO SIBERIA WHERE THEY BELONG!

Ben Marwood
I was robbed.I am grrrrreeeeeaaaattttt.....

katomoran are fab !


Sue White
Sleepless ROCK!!

Can you add my vote for Sleepless. My link does not seem to be working. Cheers.

Wow, Citizens is a beautiful song. One of the best i've heard on here to tell the truth. Have they got a website? They get my vote by miles!

Sleepless are one of my favourite bands!!! they are amazing!!!

Sleepless are really good!! I've seen them play loads of times and they r awesome when they play live!!


Citizens is an amazing track take a listen. To the Barricades will be the next big band out of Reading

Well done BEN MARWOOD! :-) You won the judges vote - 13 points (vs 12 and 7). Public voting 8% (vs 3% and 89%!) Anyway - you did good and it was great to hear you on the radio. :-)



Ben Marwood = amazing

about the new ones this week .. I've seen This Colour gigs a few times around Reading and Bracknell this year. They only do original songs that really drive along with lots of atitude. 'Find your place' is great, makes you feel good.

Quote:"The (Reading) View are dead - long live...." Sod them, it was your name first! What about 'The Reading View' or 'View from Reading'

Roger Red Hat
My mother used to babysit Ben Marwood...

Ben Marwood is brill

This guy roolz \o/

Find Your PLace!

This Colour!!! awsome stuff!!! found there myspace

Lavrenti Beria
Myself and my fellow members shall be supporting Comrade Marwood all the way

Reply to Tom
What about "Saddam Hussein's Jazz Legends" as a new name?

James Blunt
View view view... My vote is The Diablos... check them at the 3Bs next Wednesday!

I think Proud Pilots a great new name! or maybe Bungalow! HHHHaaaaaaaa!!!

It's a shame!
It's a shame that you need to think uo another name...but on the plus side..your demo is by far the best this, The View you get my vote...all the best for coming up with something new!

We're a different "The View". We're "The View" who has to think up a new name...

The Flanders Pigeon Murderer
Spear of Destiny?!?! Oi Elrond, aren't you showing your age a bit?

kicks to lord cedric
if you have worked in the industry for so long then you can't have had much success otherwise i don't imagine you would be hanging around writing on some crap local forum. look out for our myspace around end of october for our new mixed songs, think you'll be in for a suprise at what a difference it will have doesn't matter how long you've been in the industry, someone who can play guitar could play all their life doesn't ever mean they'll be close to being hendrix.laters maestro

The View are excellent, my favourite by far!

The View
Bob/Mark - We're in the process of agreeing on a new name - Unfortunately we've still got about 700 CDs left, pressed under The View. Very annoying :(

Pete - guitarist in The View
The View are in the charts but unfortunatly it's a different (and apparently very good - not heard it myself yet) band. Good luck to them! Still waiting for our cheque from Sony..... New name is now the subject of intense debate in the band. Any ideas gratefully received. Pete

The View (Deceased)
We found out about The (scottish) View the weekend we took delivery of 1000 cd's (which we need to sell) and despite having used and gigged the name for about 2 1/2 years it looks like we'll have to find another - all suggestions gratefully received (there might even be a prize for the best one). Needless to say Neutral Bob is not the first person to point out our predicament but thanks anyways for the condolances. The (Reading) View are dead - long live ......................?

to lord Cedric whereever and who ever you are???
Mate if your a big shot indusrty player then why leave messages on a local band site???? your not.... no it cant be.... surely not.... are you Barry manilow? i sure youve sold millions?? but until you say who you are we will just work with people who have!! laters cheeseball!!

neutral bob
is you gonna mention there is a band called the view already, there from dundee there on XFM all the time the song wasted little DJ is a classic sorry to be the barrer of sad tiedings rock on reading !!!

Mark Goodier
Arent THE VIEW in the charts?????

Frustrated tells us that the Private Idaho song is about mistreatment of Native Americans over the centuries. One dirgey Spear of Destiny tuck-up isn't going to do their cause much good..

Jenni Fizz
Want to vote but can't vote. Where are da buttons?Would have voted for The Elliotts if I could have. Does that mean that they've won?

Bluedog still going? Surely you jest!

I cant get my head around how awful some of these demos are. It seems to me that every week, the wrong band get put through. If Private Idaho think they are a serious band, im Tito Jackson! Very shoddy musicianship going on there and with the majority of the demo's.

Tried to vote yesterday and today but there are no voting buttons. It also says that the vote ends on Tuesday i.e. tonight at 5pm. Won't be many votes cast this week then! Glad to see the right band won last week. Shame the panel's main complaint against Private Idaho was that their song was slow. It's about the mistreatment of Native Americans over the centuries. What do you expext, a jaunty 200bpm disco track!

Kate Humble
I haven't gone to see them loads, I've been out when they've forced their racket upon my poor ears in bars around the town. I would not have gone to see them. let that be clear. One of their songs sounds like Rio though, which bought a smile to my face.

BJ Armstrong
Idaho all the way!

It's got to be Elle Milano, surely!

Thump Slutzy
Private Idaho get my vote and The drummer is also very good so put a chill pill in your pie Kate Humble.

Damien McFlurry III
Which begs the question why does Kate go and see Private Idaho so often? Back on topic, I think its a good variety of styles

Private Idaho ROCKS!

Kate Humble
Private Idaho are not very good. I've seen them loads, even when they were called stone fly or something. the drummer really puts me off with his lazy drum bashing. Full of self important rock nonsense. The other two bands are not a lot better, but Elle Milano are the best of this weeks lot.

Jenni Fizz
Love the Private Idaho track. Moody, soulful and with a strong message too. Quality!

I thought Sophie Henderson's song was fab. I think we will be hearing a lot more from her. well done Sophie!

Scott Read
Absolutely superb song from sophie

Thom Hardy
Sophie Henderson has an amazing voice!! i saw her play live in Windsor last week. More acoustic material. Better than alone i think.

excellent listening to sophie henderson. wish her all the best in the future.

Mr Lexy
Oops too late to vote but I liked them all anyway so dont have to make a decision anyway :-) Pheweee

Colonel Sanders
I don't know what's happening here. Everytime the New Highs score goes up so does Sophies. Until she is just in the lead. Remarkable.

Sophie's Alone is as sweet as a badger! What a song.

Exit Tahiti got me the drunkest I've ever been in my life at Phatz once. Between every song the singer would say something so ridiculously cringeworthy i'd have to bury my face in a pint until he shut up...I ended up rolling around the floor in Tesco at 2am. If bands are cheating to get one song played on a local station then that's possibly the most pathetic thing i've heard this week. And I heard the new Razorlight song yesterday.

Robbie S
Are you listening to the same songs?The Idol Machine track blows away the others, the song is real lively keep it going!

I Carn't Spel
audio rineay he are not footapping tunes he are dull & boring and sownd lyke arctyc mownkeys tribute band..

Super Sluth
There is definately something fishy going on with this weeks vote. Sophie's vote at one stage yesterday was going up every minute. It's a shame but understandable for that small taste of exposure. Panel should just decide on their own.

its a shame everbody has to be so bitter without a doubt the best band won AUDIO RUNWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

R-The Man
Audio Runway did it because sometimes the right guys do win! Reading is pumping with them,London is humping! Don't miss the best- get em while the gigs r cheap!!!

Robbie Steffen
Three great artists this week! I've had the pleasure of playing with The New Highs and think they are a great band...Best of luck to all artists this week!! R

i do find it sad that some bands feel so insecure about themselves and their music that they need to resort to extreme measure in order to win the online vote.

Audio boy
If people criticising the AR boys would listen to the show; Audio Runway would have won by a mile anyway from Anna and Linda's votes regardless of the online voting. It was clear who the favourite track was!

Forget Audio runway. you people want to hear the sexboys, best new band about. pure sex

Brilliant, brilliant and hey even more brilliant

Malcolm Owen's Ghost
...Staring at the rudeboys

great footapping songs i feel that they are going to be big

what a brilliant band audio rineay are i defy anybdy to sa he are not footapping tunes w

Captain Straightup
And Audio Runway are just jealous they can't write a decent tune & that's why they had to fix the vote. No idea why they have to put the other bands down as well though, quite funny considering how dull they are themselves. Yawn...

Robbie Steffen
Audio Runway should be ashamed of themselves. Writing a script to give yourself 100 000 votes is one thing (I doubt the Big Brother site gets that much traffic in an hour)...turning that script on the other bands to pick their voting rate up and cover up Audio Runway's cheating is another! I think its really unfair on genuine fans to have to put up with this behaviour. Overall, music loses.

norrie nesbitt
the audio (hackers) run-a-way with the votes........

john smith
if you are down on the votes ask audio runway how to get the votes up without actually voting....

the new highs song does it for me, although the SOPHIE HENDERSON song is very beautiful too..

david you're using one song as an example of the miliion that are out there you fool. nice one champ, obviously you should be running EMI. your breath stinks

scooby doo
Audio runway = Readings first Chav Band.

Malcolm Owen's Ghost
To Exit-Tahiti and Audio Runway, all that vote rigging just so you can have one lousy tune played on local radio? That's just sad!


Cookie Monster
The level of cheating on the voting is getting ridiculous now. It's no longer a case of 'which demo is best' but which band are prepared to keep on deleting cookies so they can vote over and over again. At least 2 bands recently have been cheated out of winning by vote rigging. Just scrap the on-line voting and simply let the panel decide.

forget about the votes sometimes the music speaks for itself go Audio

flop a lob
thought the votes stopped at 5pm

audio runway how can anybody not like them catchy footapping great songs with words you understand !!!

Audio Runway. It's just the way it is!

can't believe you did it . good luck audio, hope it happens!

nice 1 looking forward to linda on sunday

Audio Runway obviously can dance! love the track, keep doing wat ur doing- it works 4 me.

marky mark
just been on all three websites, looking forward to seeing audio 2moro in london, was not fair on the other bands as class always stands out.

go Audio - listened to the others and their was only one choice

about time the right band won, seen them at the fez, purple turtle and newbury festival, send me the tickets for wembley

Lord Cedric
I'm a stain am I? now that is rude. You might have noticed I'm not going by my real name, I hate to boast, but I doubt you'd say that if you knew who I was. Having worked in the industry for well over twenty years (as both artist and producer)I've seen people expect the impossible from producers. It will always be about the song.FACT. Sure, a producer can make a massive diffference (just think about Screamadelica), but it's not enough on its own. Self belief and passion go a long way, but your attitude will not help to further your career, of that I can assure you.

bill oddie
rub that beard all over my body

tony blair
i thought the competition ended at 5pm?

15 minutes after poll closes and still votes coming in at 100 a minute. Friendly virus writing anyone?

George Bush
80,000 votes out of nowhere! If I were doing a third term I'd get you guys to "manage" the voting system for me

Liam ob
correct audio runway are the mutz

Audio Runway - boys are you running some sort of VB script to get the votes so high? i dont think you know that many ppl?

Sergeant Benton
Exit Tahiti and Idol Machine are great news for insomniacs.

P S Roberts
Fred Evans means Exit Tahiti. your supposed to vote on the right, click exit tahiti then click vote. Hope you all do the same, come on !

Go the dark horse!

the reading voice...
lots of votes - are they all legit ?

Falling is a great tune, nice sound

audio runway must have a lot of fans.

My, Audio Runway must be incredibly well-liked. How many unknown bands are popular enough to get 2000 votes overnight? It's almost unnatural!!!

Davina McCall
the audio runway band have had more votes that the BB house. would you like to be contestants in next years show??

Audio Runway must be really popular. 2,000 votes in less than 24 hours, and 100 of those in the last 15 minutes. Not that I'm suspect or anything... They look like a great band.

Fred Evans
Very good creative band

teh daver
Vote Exit Tahiti!

kicks, get you head out of ur asses. You talk bull. Just look at mr slims verion of cornershops song. Did u ever hear the original.

Alison Starr
Exit Tahiti are sounding unusually sweet - could they be the dark horse of the competition? I had a look at their myspace site today - seems they're a brand new band (with a sound I haven't heard before)!!

Tony from exit tahiti
the MORNING LANE track is outstanding!!!

Zinedine Zidane
Vote for audio runway or i'll headbutt you

exit tahiti's number 1 fan
Exit Tahiti are amazing!!!!

Wicked Mike
EXIT TAHITI makes for a cool soundtrack to a mellow intention.

The Flanders Pigeon Murderer
At last! Audio Runway make an appearance... Hurrah!

Audio runway - great track. Wierd band name but what can you do!!!!!!!

audio runway i cant dance

What a farce! Not much point going to Reading festival now Syrus aren't going to be there. They rock!

Kicks are fab - come on boys!

Didn't Jacksons Corner split up 3 years ago, still a damn fine band though, even if one of 'ems a ginger...

Thanks "neutral bob", someone who thinks the way I do about Jacksons Corner... COME ON THE KICKS!!

neutral bob
as a neutral which is what i am i would have to say the other jacksons corner and syrus are no better then pub bands at best in fact jacksons corner sound like a name of a pub they may have a "local" following but there is a bigger world out there than reading kicks seem to have really good songs i checked them on myspace and they had 4 top tunes maybe when you have written some tunes you can start shouting about yourselfs and lord cedric dan and rob copper obvously wouldnt know a good tune if it bit them on the ass think bigger guys think bigger laters readingistas

Oh, so once the tracks are mixed by a big name producer the songs, the words, music and structure will change? Mental. no you stain, it wont change the structure or the words but of course it will change the sound. do you not know the difference between a demo and a finished song? why do you think record companies pay producers/mixers up to 10 grand a track if it doesn't make that much of a difference??it must be a good enough song to if a guy who has just won a grammy is wanting to work with us. you got a grammy winner working with you??

Oh, so once the tracks are mixed by a big name producer the songs, the words, music and structure will change? Mental.

Lord Cedric
how rude are you, not Rob Cooper? "keep your noise down" anyway, if you're relying on a mix to make it any good you're onto a loser there boy. It's about the tune, simple as that. No amount of polishing can improve some tunes. I actually thing your sound is very "now" and not in a bad way, it's pretty good. Just simmer down and get writing some more....go on, away with you, do it now.(kids these days......)

not rob cooper
we write music for us and not the time. we are not little fadsters wearing skinny jeans and scarfs in nightclubs & we sound nothing like current bands especially in reading so how you can associate us with the current scene is confusing. take another listen when the tracks have been mixed by simon gogerly (grammy award winner for mixing how to dismantle an atomic bomb -U2). then let us know what you you think. until then keep your noise down

Rob Cooper
Based on the songs it's apparent Jacksons Corner are head and shoulders above the the others, The Kicks are o.k but I think the problem with sounding "now" is by by the time you get signed you sound "last year". I respect bands like J.C, not afraid to wear their influences on there sleeve, while still making great music.

John Maher
I am unable to vote for my favourite band (Jackson's Corner) dunno why. Can someone do it for me?

The Horse Brigade
I'm in a made up band, I just invented us (but believe me, we ROCK!!). If I was a real band I'd want to sound just like Jackson's Corner, maybe at a push Kicks. I would break up the band and go and work down a mine if we sounded anything like Syrus. So, I'm thinking we should all vote for Jackson's Corner...yes?! they have my vote!!

Jessica W
Jacksons Corner, whoever is pretending to be me and saying blood blister is a fool. jay see, jay see, jay see.

Jacksons Corner are a wicked band, I hope they get to play Reading.

Jessica W
Hey hey!! Ive seen Blood blister live and i think they are a really good band and deserve to play reading come on boys!

I just registered my vote for the Hey Hey by the mighty Jacksons Corner. About time there was some decent rock n roll in Reading.

Dave- I am with you. Jackson's Corner are great and Reading will be a better festival with them playing.... More secret gigs please boys! Vote Jackson's!

Long Live Jacksons Corner, I'm getting excited. I kind of know the lads and know they've never stop playing, they all still knock about and jam together and they played a drunk gig in The Nags Head a few months back. If any ones listening. THEY SHOULD PLAY READING FESTIVAL. They're a beast of a live band, and they've got great tunes. Also thanks to PONYCLUB for the myspace address.

Has anyone heard of a band called THE FURZE? I think they are from Maidenhead. Well I saw them in London and they were amazing!! I think they have a single out soon (not sure) I know there website is Check them out.

Listen to 'She's the One' on:

Jacksons Corner are definitly the best, I saw them supporting the Cooper Temple Clause and Eighties Matchbox and they just blew everyone away. I hope to god this means their making a come back. And pony club, thanks for the myspace tip "She's the One" is still my favourite.

Jacksons Corner BY FAR.

the rat
in my heart i am slightly ashamed for voting for syrus but i am one of their friends so what can i say. jacksons & kicks are both excellent. i'm off to flog myself for being bad.

So I'm thinking we should all vote for Syrus...yes?! They have my vote!!

Dandy Botham
Three bands who are at least all OK, unusual. I saw Jacksons Corner when they played live some time ago and they are a very good band, The Kicks are also very good, with a very current sound, I'll be checking them out for sure. Syrus are OK I guess, not my thing really, but that's hardly their fault! well done to all, and I hope this demo thing carries on. Music is good, on that I think we can all agree.

The Hawk
without doubt Jacksons Corner are the best. I do believe they no longer exist as a band, which is a shame. This shows they had something special, and all those people voting for the others bands must, somewhere in their hearts, know this. They are probably a little ashamed, and they should be. Also Desdemona were so much better than Asono, who sounded like some terrible early 90s grunge-lite nonsense. It makes it clear it's all about getting your friends to vote rather than people's true opinions. a shame really. I'll still vote for the Corner though, not that it'll make any difference.

Jackson's Corner are amazing! Check out their myspace site- loads more great stuff on there!

Neutral Bob
As a neutral i have to say the jacksons corner are the best Obviously syrus have been getting there freinds and famerly to vote because neutrally speaking they are no way near as good as jacksons tune and remember i a neutral so that makes me impartial i am just a neutral guy who listens to music and is in no way conected to a band involved in this contest cheers bob the music

Go The Kicks!!! I luv em!!

Blood Blister!

olly-Blood Blister
Check out Blood Blister, we're young (drummer-14, guitarist 16, lead singer/bassist 17) and were thrash metal...Thanks, it would be really appreciated :)

The Flanders Pigeon Murderer
Agree with Elrond. Also, the Kicks have far better songs than the one you chose to play.

Jack Brentin
Syrus are gsh and Michelle is a tool!

What was the point of a demo panel this week if you're not going to review them for another month?

It's gotta be SYRUS... it's just gotta be..!! All the way! xx

Love 'em all! Vote for Syrus!!!

Blaine Harrison
The JUNGLISTS! These guyus were a joy on our tour, amazing live act, so so young and incredibly talented - every last one of them! real crowd capturers - unstoppable live act! so darn good we put them on our alum dvd! (mystery jets vote JUNGLISTS!!!!!!! ALL THE WAY!!!!)

where are the junglists on this sorry list! get some decent tracks to vote 4! ie cross the line....

yer sorry sharon, but it was my opinion and i am sure that family and friends vote for all the bands but as neither i still belive that SYRUS are far superior..maybe seeya at reading x

jacksons corner should vote for themselves a thousand times by deleting their cookies so they can win.. rock on jacksons

Yeah!!Syrus!! ;]

jacksons corner should vote for themselves a thousand times by deleting their cookies so they can win.. rock on jacksons

SYRUS- all the way they rock hard!!

what happened to the eve of the world cup deadline BBC??? votes last four days no?


if syrus dont win..reading wont be worth it.

It's gotta be KICKS!



No contest...gimme Syrus!!!

every body has different taste but arthur baker yes arthur baker was involved with the kicks on pounding hard check it out on my space kicks music uk they are a truly astounding band with shed loads of very original material i know because i have been following this band for ages fair play to syrus but Kicks kick ass

"the "KICKS" must be getting family and friends to vote cause as a neutral SYRUS have by far the best song..hope talent wins over friendship" Not a very nice thing to say, Keith...people are entitled to their own opinion and tastes, you know!

syrus for me


heard about the band thought i'de give it a listen and to be fair i listened to all the other tracks and wowwwwwwwww i'de pay to go see syrus at reading i see lot's of bands and this one has a bright future good luck and hope to hear more of the bad soon

Hahn Light
Syrus are delicious!

SYRUS! that is all that needs 2 be said!

syrus all day long the lead singer has the best voice i've ever heard!!!!

Living for `Kicks` ¬ great sound - my vote definately -

SYRUS ALL THE WAY!!! fab u guys

Syrus all the way

pastie boy
come on the syrus. top top band with a great future.



I say Syrus cos they're great innit. Sleep With One Eye Open is a beautiful tune, been a favourite on my radio show.

Syrus win hands down!!! Rockin' sound! x


Syrus gets my vote, without a doubt!

nice one syrus! nice one son! nice one syrus! Let's have another one!

Hmmmm I guess SYRUS.

There is no question about it.... SYRUS!!!!!!

Syrus rocks

the "KICKS" must be getting family and friends to vote cause as a neutral SYRUS have by far the best song..hope talent wins over friendship

Come on the Kicks!!!

syrus, good song!!!

Syrus kick ass in the right places

chris goodson

Gotta be syrus, they rock


Syrus King wicked song x

the dude with Kaleidoscope thighs
SYRUS surely???

Posh Josh
Syrus There well cool...

Marky G Kicks

Maggie Mae
How refreshing is The Syrus song, come on people please do the right thing? WOW!

Big up the Badgers! Bring it on!

arthur fleisher
Holy cowbell

Tried to listen to the show- what happened? went silent at the crucial time. Syrus gets my vote this week.

Vote for kicks! mwah love mark! hee hee love you xXx

Sanjeev Sangha
Syrus's tuen is excellent

tim davis
THe Kicks!

Hugh Goldsmith
Kicks are an amazing band, they first came to my attention when i was at innocent. Now as part of BMG we have watched them develop into something breathtaking. They are headed for big things in 2007.

asono-awesome band. heard them just about on sunday whilst the signal died! they were great.sure a bit formulaic but for 18 year olds they were brilliant-bring on Slash the second!!

Rabbi Estevez
How on earth can Syrus get such a big wedge of the vote after a day or so? Just wait 'til I report this to the Elders of Zion...

Listened to the show. Asono sounded even better on the radio. Found them on myspace and found out it's not even their best song, (in my humble opinion) Great band! Certainly worth a look up, but shame you can't download.

Reply to reply to Tiff
DiMaggio's wife rock!!

Vote for The Kicks! Excellent band.

I've just heard the syrus track and it's amazing. Hopefully see you guy's at Reading.

I've been to see Syrus live and they're fantastic. Please vote for them guys - they're really great!

DJ Steele has obviously no taste in music

an old rocker
Heard the show over the net for first time - wish more radio channels would do this to help new bands. Asono were good, 18/19 year olds? Amazing! Liked the others, too, but well done Asono. A deserved win, hope you play the song again and again...

Just stumbled on your station on the net - this band are great - really like their sound - can you play some more of their stuff?

Asono are a GREAT band! I give them my vote!!!!!

the suspense is killing me...

Asono is good but Dimaggio's sound is so totally different. Lets hear Dimaggio's Wife.

Rock is Dead Berkshire is a night club tub of doom!

Mr. Stalk
You guys wait until The Vice get one of their songs on this site, they truely rock, and have serious berkshire pride! Lets see what happens!

Jess Ross
I think Asono Rock! Love the intro to one man army, powerful and catchy. X

reply to tiff
di maggios song is da worst one, i dont wanna hear it!!

John Lewis
With a name like Beavis, I think you should think carefully about what you say!!

Jake B
Just a hunch Annabell, but I reckon asono are in the lead with the vote because their song is actually the best this week!! The start is in time and the singing isn't out of tune...Shame about Desdemona not being able to play their song tho...

Nonsambulist were cool, but my vote goes to Asono, cant really get into dimagg

Laura D
Guys, it's all getting a little bit bitchy!! Chill out... love the tracks, especially Asono-lead singer has a sexy voice!!

Nonsambulist - great name, great song!

The Desdemona song is fabulous!!

Boo! The Desdemona link didn't work until earlier today, no wonder we're losing! It can't actually be that PEOPLE DON'T LIKE US, can it? Boo! Right, better start deleting cookies and revoting! Only joking!

I tried to vote for Asono and apparently dimaggios wife got the vote x20. How can this be right? and even more confusing is the fact that Asono dont even get the vote!!!???

jean charles
morning lane get my vote bravo!!!!

I think they all need to work on their band names

Dave Slinger
Can you please play 'This means War' by Disguys. It rocks.

yay, vote for the Dezzies!


Di Maggios wife are fab fab fab - what a lovely fresh voice - how can I hear more of there stuff.

The Asono track is a quite heavy for my usual taste but can't get it out of my head. So here I am, back for the 4th time today....

Paul D
ASONO - go and see them! Brilliant young entertaining rock band with refreshing sound.

Good Stuff this week. Love Asonos song-cool solo in the middle too!!

Jake B
Asono's track is wicked!! the others are cool too-like nancy i can't get Desdemona to play. Anyway, Asono sounds awesome-like aerosmith but better!!

Isn't the competion for Berkshire based bands? Morning Lane are based in Hackney! Are bands being vetted and is the voting being monitored? If not, why not.

Why have Asono got so many votes??! I smell a rat...

Caron Cronin
I love 'Thrill is gone'from Brock and the Badgers Superb lead guitar and drumming. Lead singer has an amazing voice.

I've been able to listen to Dimaggios wife, who I think are rather good too, and Asosno, but the Desdemona link won't play!

di maggios wife are fantastic.dig that funky rythem

miow bring on the compitition.brilliant song di maggios wife.

di maggios wife are very unique id love 2 go and see them play.very good vocals and the drumming is great

Chris H
Love the Di Maggio's Wife track. A refreshingly different blend of bitter sweet vocals with a grungy backing. Where can I get to see them or hear some more?

groin grabbingly good lyrics

Ian Bryce
I have seen brock and the badgers at the the Duke of Connaught and man the guys can play! By far the most virtuoso individuals on the scene, and they all hold their corner. I think the bass player is only 18, but what a prodigy!!

morning lane r rubbish

andy summers

woohoo! ^_^ yay for Through snowy Static

jo johnson
I've seen Brock and the Badgers at several Windsor venues (they hold the house records at several, I believe). Accomplished individual musicians with a great sense of humour, not taking themselves too seriously. Obviously the BBC chose 'Thrill is gone' because it's the only 3 minute song they do, 80% of their material being both longer and original. Exciting live band with strong fan base, who are both masters of improvisation and curiously very popular with other musicians.

Its a shame that the vote appears to have been rigged! Personally I thought the Holy Cowbell song deserved to win.

roz turley
my vote goes to brock and the badgers there was no voting panel on the right of the page!

Hooray for through snowy static

DJ Steele
These brock & badgers guys must have someone sitting at a computer somewhere just voting them in. There is NO WAY their music is better that either of the other 2 bands. Not only are they doing a cover, their doing a rubbish job at it. Come ON, people around here have better taste than that!!

Ryan Wicks
I have been listening to these demos for a long time now, and never have we had anything quite as good as theholycowbells, they could go far trust me.

Jim longley

Mike Green
I saw Brock and the Badgers in Axminster E. Devon - they were great

Dean Somers
Brock & the Badgers by a county mile! These guys are fantastic, I've seen them live and they are genuinely superb. Great show by the way.

Rich Martin
Nice tunes! Holy Cowbell rock the heard. Udderly fantastic.


Miss Shelley Carter, Bray
It got me Rocking around my computer. How about some more airplay during the day

Nicky Horne
I LOVE IT !!!!!!!

Ian Thompson
Proper Guitar Very Enjoyable

Stella Rodgers
Awesome guitar playing - shame we don't hear quality like this more often

Paul Rodgers
Just excellent - so much passion....amazing lead guitar...Will buy it today

Jean Johnson
Wow, I really like that HolyCowbell song. The girl's got a great voice & the guitarist is FANTASTIC! I listened to last weeks song and I have to say, don't EVER play that Disguys band. They're booooring!

Delores Miller
I'm from NY & was in the UK a few years back visiting some friends. They took me to the Rising Sun to see this local band- Holy Cowbell. I was blown away. They were as good or better than many of the local bands here in Brooklyn. Well worth the time to see them.

Nick Gough
HOLYCOWBELL get my vote - and not just because 'Behind Your Eyes' is a fine song, but when i've seen them live they really fly!

holy cowbell rock my world.

Jenni Fizz
Holy Cowbell are rifftastic.

I like Untitled by Through Snowy Static although I wish they would change the name of their group to Through Snowy Skies because it sounds so much more wonderful like their music.

through snowy static deserve to be picked up by a big name because they have such potential!! they really do

Andrew @ No Order records
Through Snowy Static ha gotta win, they cn pull it off live too.


Becky Hopton
through snowy static well and truelly rock my socks. If anyone deserves to get their demo played, its them. The amount of support they have on myspace shows how great they can become just given the chance.

has to be through snowy static-untitled

That Through Snowy Static song's a bit alright!

Jack Margerison
Through snowy static to win!

through snowy static are awesome!!and dont you lot forget that!

97 percentile! GAN ON!! kalimoto unlucky.

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