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24 September 2014

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Richard Skinner

The man whose voice opened Live Aid now brings you the best music mix in Berkshire every Sunday morning from 10am, and from 10am each Saturday Richard gives you Six of the Best.

Richard Skinner

Richard Skinner carefully crafts a three-hour musical journey for you to sit back and experience each Sunday morning from 10am til 1pm on BBC Radio Berkshire.

Or, if you'd rather win a slice of his CD collection for yourself, you can take on the meanest quiz of them all - Six of the Best, each Saturday morning.

What makes you laugh?

"Have I Got News For You, Little Britain, Room 101, anything with Harry Hill, Four Candles (or is that Fork Handles?).. and my attempts at cooking.

What's your most embarrassing moment on air?

"A live interview with the Sunday Times veteran film critic Dilys Powell.
Unfortunately Dilys was stone deaf in one ear, and was wearing a pair of studio headphones that only worked on one side.. her deaf side. Her reaction to my first question? Total silence."

What are your most memorable jobs before working for BBC Radio Berkshire?

"The opening anno of Live Aid is up there.. but Radio 1 Newsbeat in the 70s meant that I met all the top stars.. and I even appeared with Telly Savalas in a memorable episode (to me!) of KOJAK!"

What's your favourite piece of music?

"There are too many great songs to single it down. I love music that stirs the soul, and that covers all styles and genres!"

last updated: 15/07/07

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Ged Burke
Richard Skinner Great Dj the man of the 1980s. Whistle Test, top of the pops and Songs of Praise.

Richard is now on XFM London and Manchester Monday - Friday. Take a listen :)

chris Dunkley
What happened to you the other day on Original-Are you coming back ?? Your the only one who knows about music. TaTaTa

Alan Fox
hello richard, I saw ssome old music shows shown as part of the season on pop music on bbc4. i also remember you from the top 40 coundown on radio 1. may i add i saw your xmas edition of totp from 1982. i have forgotten ehat you looked like. please keep up the good work whatever you do, i also used to hear you on magic fm before it was less boring. nothing you did i promise. have a god 2008

John Beeson
So why are you leaving after such a short time Richard as you have bought good music to the weekends.

brian cook
Sorry that you are leaving BBC Berksshire after a short time, Good luck on your next product.

Mark Occomore
Sorry to hear your leaving BBC Berkshire!!

Brian Quinn
Dear Richard,Would you please play ‘In The Ghetto’ by Elvis Presley during the week commencing 5th November as I think this is one of the finest recordings ever made. In today’s throwaway society we are now nearing the stage where human life is too often being thrown away for usually some trivial act of violence. Hopefully, if enough people hear this record it may help them think before acting on the spur of the moment and perhaps ruining the lives of whole families for the want of a little restraint.Many Thanks.Best Wishes.Brian

Mary Huxter
I heard a song played on your morning show yesterday, and I.m sure it was called "Little Star" it was beautiful, can you tell me who sings it so I can buy the CD. Thank you

Gerard Burke
Just like the old days Richard, hearing you again. Good to hear the show and the music.

i know jamie he rocks and you do to xxx

Hi Richard, Who's Terry Savalas?I remember Telly, anyway thanks for playing The Band today,it reminded me that I hadn't watched The Last Waltz for a while. You've got such good taste in music and I love your shows, particularly the Sunday one!Rob of Crowthorne

Brian from Slough
You're great and i love your music!Especially the golden oldies!:~)

you rock richard ur a fab dj !!!!!!!!!

Debbie S
Really loved your 60's and 70's specials over easter. Time to do the 80's? 90's? It's the college of musical knowledge!

kelly Dixon
good job your an excellent dj!!!

Debbie Solomon
Really enjoy your music show on a Sunday Richard. Reminds me of the old Saturday Sequence show on Radio one in the 90's. Keep up the good work!

Una Walsh
Hi Richard, I am part of a UK based duo who are about to release a self financed album. Because we have invested a lot of our own money in this album we are looking for dj’s who would play tracks from the album providing they like the music. We know that the music you can play at local radio is dictated by London but we also know that there are dj’s who still “take a chance” and they are quietly playing our music already. This is a professional album and we are happy to send you a cd for consideration. If you want to listen to samples please go to If you would like a copy of the album please email us with an address to send it to. If you are not interested but have read this email then sorry to have wasted some of your time and as we say in Ireland 'we will see you somewhere down the road'. All the best Una Walsh

Gerard Burke
Hi Richard. I rememebr you in the 1980's on Top of the Pops,and Whistle Test. I also listened to you on the Charts on a Sunday,a nd listened to you on Virgin Radio.

Kristina Harmsworth
How about one of your most memorable jobs/memories..having a food fight with Nik Kershaw at the end of his concert on 31st Dec 1984? and don't say you don't remember as we know you Kriss :-)

gary penfold dorchesterdorset.
just happen to bump in the website here and now find your on radio berkshirehope aeverything well any chance of frelancing with radio 2 then i can hear your dulcet tones and your quality musioc. cheers gary

Stewart Webb
Just listened to all three Lennon interviews. Absolutely wonderful. Well done Richard. Missed them on air, but hearing them on line took me back to some great times of expectation waiting for the next Lennon album to appear. He once called his albums his "Postcards" Few, if any other performer could so well describe there own work with such eloquence. And yes, the moment I found he had been killed, sad times. But thank you again Richard for some great interviews, remembering a great artist, with people who knew and obviously loved him. Stewart, Caversham

Derek (Aussie Redback)
I now live in Aussie but a Berkshire boy (thatcham)at heart, dropped in for the first time tonight, will be listen until 1am your time, keep up the music you have another listener

Richard, I live in Dalston, but listen to you on Berkshire online. Thanks for Paul Simon's 'Sure Don't Feel Like Love', and much else that you play. I wrote a letter to Tragic just before you left, asking them why they used intelligent, informed presenters (and I named you)to repeat the same old drivel and play the same 98 tracks over and over again. So, it's good to find you elsewhere. Best wishes.

Debra Harker
Hi Richard - my mother sings your praises and loves your show. Could you please say hello to her from her loving daughter in Australia? Tell her I love her lots, Debra

janette mackay (
For the attention of Richard Skinner Richard, You interviewed me today on your radio show regarding allergies and the reasons why so many people are suffering from them. I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for making me feel such at ease. I have never been on the radio before and was very nervous but you soon calmed me down with your smooth interview sytle. I really enjoyed the chat towards the end!! Thanks again, it was a pleasure to talk with you. Regs Janette MacKay

Alistair Coleman
Richard, Bizarre request spot: You don't still have a copy of that "Give 'im headbutt" jingle you used to have on your midweek Radio 1 programme back in the 80s? It's still stuck in my head after all these years. Regards, Alistair [ - also at Caversham Park on Sundays...]

Jamie Skinner
Just a reminder...

Great to have tracked you down via Wikipedia, and found out where you're hanging out these days. I can even listen via the internet :) Cool, as I live on the other side of the planet these days. Thanks for all those midweek evening shows on Radio 1 back when I was doing homework on my bedroom floor! Ah, the memories, ah the music :)

John Preston
Hi Richard - Great to hear you again.

glen lilley from nz
dick u rock dude!!

Mark Occomore
Hiya Richard, It's great to have you back on the BBC

Jamie Skinner

You are in: Berkshire > Local radio > Presenters > Richard Skinner

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