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28 October 2014

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Joel Hufford

Whilst Joel stepped down from his main duties here at BBC Radio Berkshire in 2007 he can still be heard from time to time contributing to our award winning sports coverage.

Joel Hufford

Joel Hufford was the main-player when it came to sport at BBC Radio Berkshire for many years, calling the shots on anything concerned with sport in the Royal County.

Nowadays he's moved on to pastures new but Joel's hasn't abandoned ship completely, he can still be heard occasionally on our Saturday Sport coverage or out and about at significant Berkshire sporting fixtures.

What makes you laugh?

"Toilet humour. Pure and simple. Very immature I know but it works." (Editor's note: Joel delights in his remote-controlled fart-noise machine, which he often deploys in the news room.)

What’s your most embarrassing moment on air?

"Being told by a listener that I had a very sexy voice and she could listen to me all day."

Joel Hufford

Where is your favourite place in Berkshire?

"On the gallops around Lambourn."

What are your most memorable jobs before working for BBC Radio Berkshire?

"I worked as a shop assistant in a sports shop in the West End. I served celebs including Frank Bruno and Rod Stewart." laidback

What’s your favourite piece of music?

"Anything by Jimi Hendrix."

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Freddy Flowers
Well lets hope Reading go down...then Andy Mcwoll will be back with that duck

Dave Hufford
I'm in Tucson AZ.Where can I here you? I'm big comedy fan.Cosby,Seinfeld,Stooges,Marx bros.,Carlos Mencia,etc,etc.Are we related?

Alastair, Jane, Adam and David Mitchell-Baker
Just to say thanks for a great evening on Tuesday night at the Madjeski Stadium. It was great to quiz Graeme Murty and Kevin Dillon, and to commentateon a match using BBC Radio Berkshire commentating equipment! Please pass our thanks on to all the team at Radio Berkshire and RaW for organising such a fun event.

Charlie Wheeler (age 7)
Q. What do you get if you cross a spors reporter with a vegetable? A. A Common 'tator

Eileen Britton
i run thereading bar billiards league is there a chance you could give the results once a week only bbc oxford do e britton

Noel Ashton
Hi Joel, Before the World Cup I sent you a cd called England United/Anthem England and was wondering what you think of it and whether you've featured it? Whilst there are a large number of world cup pop songs out there, ours has been well received elsewhere since it seems to be one of only a very few genuine 'anthems' for match day build-up. You can obviously also use it for other sports events, like the Ashes Cricket and the rugby and cricket world cups next year. Kind regards, Noel Ashton Duffin Ashton Duffin

Ian Clarke
I think your sports coverage is great. You make it so entertaining and are so full of enthusiasm. Keep up the good work.

Phil Baker
Hi joel, I have come up with a simple lyric change to Queen's "We are the Champions" that i think we should be singing at the last two home game from now on. the chorus now reads, We are the champions my friends, And we'll keep on scoring to the end, We are the Champions, Urrz's are the Champions, No time for loser's, cause we are the champions of the world. The Urrz's is oviously sung out very load as we normally do when Paul tells us to make some noise. What do you think ? regards Phil Baker (Kingsclere)

You are in: Berkshire > Local radio > Presenters > Joel Hufford

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