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13 November 2014

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Nicki Whiteman

Nicki Whiteman peddles the finest gossip at BBC Radio Berkshire. Join her every Saturday from 6am til 9am for the perfect start to your weekend. Join Nicki and her guests for the best local chat and the chance to learn a thing or two.

Nicki Whiteman

Nicki Whiteman takes a staring role.

Nicki can tell you everything you need to know for the weekend ahead from 6am til 9am every Saturday.

What makes you laugh?

"Anything to do with bodily functions - tragic, I know!"

What's your most embarrassing moment on air?

"Too many to mention - at least one a day - when I said Steve Redgrave had led the triumphant cock less four to victory, or when I asked a guest which tree acorns came from."

Where is your favourite place in Berkshire?

"Again far too many to choose from. Around my mum and dad's table at sunday lunch, in front of the fire with the dog and hubby in my own little cottage, by the Thames at Lower Basildon in October, on the Downs at Aldworth on Boxing Day, enjoying a roll and a pint in the garden of the Pot Kiln in Frilsham in July."

What are your most memorable jobs before working for BBC Radio Berkshire?

"Making coffee for Phil Kennedy at TV studios in London, packing batteries in a Reading warehouse, and several hellish summer spent serving cocktails at a beach bar on the Greek island of Skiathos."

What's your favourite piece of music?

"Depends on my mood - my favourite changes all the time - Coldplay and Talk at the moment, but I'm always in the mood for Dylan and Peter Paul and Mary who of course covered so many Dylan songs.

Put your feet up with Nicki Whiteman

Put your feet up with Nicki Whiteman

"On a Sunday nothing beats Vivaldi's Four Seasons, or Mozart's Horn Concerto."


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NickiI am so enjoying your programme this week.Brilliant I still miss you in the afternoons.SO THIS WEEK IS A REAL TREAT.

Brenda from Basingstoke
Great to hear your voice again and your special brand of chat - glad all well with children and Humphrey.

Tracey Gillingham
Hi Nicky, Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl! Everyone in Royal Berkshire Guiding send you their love!

Sue Pitts
Hi NickiHow are you and your very grown up daughter!Wondered if you would be interested in an interview about Baby Massage. We talked about it years ago! I have just got a Baby Massage pack into Mothercare, closely following the class you came to, and wondered if it was note worthy!I would love to have the opportunity to promote baby massage generally, if that were possible? Look forward to hearing from you.Take care Sue

Just heard from Susanne about the arrival, congrats to all, hope the coat Rose knitted fitted ok , all the best

Gay lewis
Hi Nicki, I have been away but gather that you have reduced your Radio Berkshire comitments and have had another daughter so congratulations on the baby but wish that you were still presenting the afternoon shows. I just wanted to say that I have always enjoyed your shows in particular and will really miss your sensitive but witty presentations. Take care

colin smith
Hi. Final preparations are now taking place for the 10th Abingdon Air & Country Show at Abingdon airfield,Dalton Barracks,Abingdon on May 3rd 2009.This wholly vlounteer run event will once again be supporting the Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance CHARITY.Among the airborne highlights should be a genuine WW2 D-Day veteran Dakota,a current RAF Chinook helicopter and The Tigers parachute display team from the Princess of Wales Regiment of the British ArmyOver 70 aircraft will be flying in to Abingdon for static display including a Merlin helicopter from RAF Benson and a C17 Globemaster III from RAF Brize NortonOther "on the ground" highlights include Richard Holdsworth signing his new book "Six Spoons of Sugar",a 1940s medley of music from Fiona Harrison,military and civilian 1940s re-enactment groups,historic vehicles,vintage bicycles,tank rides,Farmers Mkt,mobile farmyard,Dr WHO's TARDIS plus up to 9 DALEKS and Star Wars Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers and much,much moreAdmission has been kept at the 2008 rate of just £10 per adult,£5 per OAP,£5 per Child 5-15yrs.Under 5s get in FREE and car parking is also FREE.Gates open at 10 a.m and more information can be found at our website Any advance publicity you can offer would be greatly appreciated, regards Colin Smith

Frank In Theale
Best wishs to you Nicki on your most recent aquasition!I don't suppose we will now hear you back on the airwaves for many years to come! God bless! Francis Ferris

Jayne Evans
Well Done Nicki on your new baby girl born on Good Friday. What clever girl's you are! 3 girls in one house - hubby doesn't stand much of a chance eh! We miss you on the radio though!

Dawn from Silchester
Hi Nicki, Oh how I miss you, when is the new baby due? Molly must love having you at home. Well some time soon you will be a Yummy Mummy Take Care xxxx

sally Humphreys
morning nicki i have just read one of your emails wishing you well in whatever you are doing in the future oh dear i thought you would have the baby then be back oh i am being so selfish it will never be the same without you you are such a good all rounder if that makes sense oh well nothing is forever been lovely having you on the radio wish you and your hubby happiness sally xx

Tim Stannard
Just to say it is snowing heavily at the moment in Wokingham. Regards.

Terry Whenman, Andover
I don't see you as a Sun reader at all! You sound like a Telegraph person or at least an Express reader

Would love todd rundren I saw the light in the request hour. Hope the cold gets better soon

Frank Ferris( alias; Frank in Theale.)
Hi Nicki!Well! Blow me down with a feather! What SAD news!i.e. your imminent departure from Radio Berkshire! Truly, I was "extremly" sad on having heard the Lord Chief Justice(Andrew Peach) mentioning this in passing the other morning!Yes! Without doubt!although, having NEVER met you in person)I feel as if "a FAMILY MEMBER has passed away!" Coming from the Emerald Isle, may I please be allowed to extend to you this wee bit of verse pertaining to your new career! May the road rise to meet you!-May the wind be "always" at your back-May the sun shine warm upon your face-and may God hold you in the palm of his hand!"Slan agus bellog"! A roughly translated meaning is ; Goodbye and God bless you! God bless Frank F.

jean goddard
i hear that you are leaving us very soon befor you go i would like to wish you all of the best in what ever you will be doing in the future and thank you for an exelant program .jean and desmond goddard

just sent this message to clare, i heard you say on your programe last saturday that you had a burgler i do hope you got your hand bag back when sitting on your own lock the door best wishes have a good christmas

Myra Alphonso
I had a similar burglary experience in that i was in the room next to my kitchen on the computer on a saturday spring afternoon when after shopping i left my handbag on the kitchen worktop and two lads walked in via the back door and helped themselves to my bag and wrist watch.Sorry to say similar to your incident. It is an awful feeling. My husband was in the garage and the audacity of the chaps! my husband could have easily been face to face with them had he walked in. Hope you are not too tormented with this incident just before Christmas may I myra

Well, you make me laugh and that's good enough...

mick willis
i listen to you in between driving lessons every day. you are the greatest presenter on the radio. keep up the good work. mick

RE tv watching
I'd just like to say that I don't watch much tv at all and neither does my partner. We may be classed as sad but we play our xbox 360 most evenings rather than watching soaps etc. We play the same game, develop our characters and we actually talk more than the average couple who sit infront of the tv all night and don't utter a word to each other. So, there is a good side of gaming so long as you do it together! It gives us plenty to talk and communicate about. Alas, tv has taken over peoples lives these days and even with the constant drivle that is on they sit and watch it rather than actually communicating with others around them.Hazel from Bracknell

Hello NickiLove your show !Could you pleased tell me the name of Betty Ottery's favourite Board game she spoke about on your show today, I was driving home from work and didn't catch it. It was using tiles and making up streets etc. sounded good to me.Thank you

Rod Wilson
I live in Woodland Hills, California and it is 37c here. We have had a long hot summer and your weather sounds good right now. I listen to you every morning here.

Norma Snokers
More about Jam programming please otherwise excellent

David Harper
Hi NickiWhere are the two Game Birds from Pangbourne! I just love to hear them giggling and having fun with you! Give them a show of their own! Bring em on again!

Amanda Wood
Hi Nicki My friend regularly listens to your radio show and told me about your walkies with Cocker spaniels. I have an 8 month old cocker that I would love to socialise with others. Can you tell me more about it please (like where it is!!) as she couldn't remember.Look forward to hearing from you.Amanda & Jasper

what has happened to the 'gamebirds' Nicki. I thought perhaps they were off air for the summer holidays but I haven't heard them in the studio for ages. I particularly liked to listen to Pookie. Apologies for spelling.

Jean Teall
I've just started getting migraines at the age of 48. There is a family history but I've not had them before. Mine are probably hormonal - the peri menopause, oh joy! Enjoying the programme from my desk at the Univ of Reading.Jean

nikki you kindly played Daniel Pouter for me and my wife yesterday i would like to thankyou very much.All the best to you and the crew.

Different Reasons
Hope Nikki can play our song :)All the best to you

astrophysicists believe that the matter of a black hole is so dense that a teaspoon of it would way over one ton

gaz boy
after hearing the mantalking about boiled cabbage on monday run this one past your chefnob of butter or marg what ever you like melted in saucepan finely chop half an onion put in pan glaze onion add chopped cabbage shake ( with lid on ) back on heat for no more than 2 mins serve pouring juiceover top no wsste yum yum

desmond goddard
keep up the good work nicki you make our day and miss you when we are away on holiday

Lizzie Bessant-Smith
What has happened to "The Morality Panel?"

Chris Hall
Thanks for playing 'Built to Last' this afternoon - I had never hear it before and might not have were it not for your show. I was driving and I turned on your show just before this track started. It really made my day and more. Hope it gets wider play - pass it on to Andrew Peach and Henry Kelly. Chris HallChurch CrookhamHants

HiI've been married to a 'Malcolm' for 29 yrs this year. He's a trained accountant- so - not the exciting model. In fact, I tell him the only time I'll see him excited is if he wins a load of money on the bonds! My middle name is Florence after my mum who died in Novemeber.

Hi Nicki
I'm new to your programme thought the guy from the YOT team was excellent on the morality panel, shame I didn't catch who it was - he was such a great speaker for Young people . Kath

Jonathan Hayes
Great show. What was the song you were playing at 2:30 today? Cannot remember name at all but brought back great memories

Maggie Stanley
Have to listen to your shows they are a tonic you are the best!!!

Frank Ferris
Hi Nicki!DO hope that you are well! Ref: to your panels Game birds comments about what to say if things become a little untidy in a 'relationships' A hand me down from my mum was : If you live in Rome DON'T ARGUE WITH THE POPE! Also She used to wear what she affectionatly called BELLY LEVELERS in regard to figure correcting underwear for ladies! Best regards, Frank F

Dennis Jones
Love your show, Nicki, which I often listen to in the car. Yesterday was no exception but I missed part of your item on a Trading Standards prosecution. Can you give me a source for this item, please? My e-mail address is : Many thanks - keep up the good work!!

Isabella Hughes
We had a robin nest in the garden and the babies have left the nest. We also had a blue tits nest and a wren built it's nest. Not sure whether the wren laid eggs but it pinched its nest materials from the robin's nest next door in the hedge!

Jean Teall
HiListening on line at work so can't phone! We've got jackdaws in our owl/woodpecker box in Finchampstead. Never seen and owl or woodpecker near the box. We think they are near to fledging.RegardsJean Teall

Wendy Harrison
Hi NickiLove your daily program - listen every day at work at Odds Farm Park! You said you were having an animal morning tomorrow and just thought you might like to know that we are having a Sheep Shearing weekend this weekend... lots of fun and educational too... so together with Sheep Racing and loads of other hand-on animal fun it's a great place to be!Keep up the good work Nicki - you keep me smiling every day. Thanks, Wendy. PS Well done to your mum for her RDA work - I'm a volunteer too at South Bucks RDA!

Catriona Mitchell
Hi NickiI just thought you might like to know that Eileen Mitchell (of the Saturday allottment interview) was NOT in bed on Saturday morning when you interviewed her. I'm her Mum I should know. And she'll kill me for emailing you! But what she did do later on Saturday - with a group of friends ...was.... -decorate her bra! Yes, but not so strange - for the Moonwalk in Hyde Park this coming Sunday 17th. She is doing the walk and has been training for it. So along with hundreds, indeed thousands, of other women will be raising money and awareness for Breast Cancer. Oh and by the way she was up at the allotment on Sunday. Good show, Catriona

Sylvia Winter from Wallingford. Oxfordshire
Hi nicky , i love your program. I listen when ever you are on.I am 65 and i cook or iron listening to you.your brilliant. I dog walk just like you in the morning with Billy a jack russel or masie. My daughters dogs.Love to Molly and Humprey i love to listening about them . I would love you to play Elvis - Rock around the clock. When you do requests. thanks x

Andrea Potterton
Could you please let us know what a 'reverse pedal' is. As this poor person's foot got stuck on the reverse pedal

Sue Ogden
Hi, I think that Dorney Lake is in Bucks, not Berks.

with regards to your latest subject of divorce/seperation i feel that it depends on how the parent deals with the situation and how they project it towards the child/children as i am seperated from the father and my children know that they are loved by both of us and they see visiting me as a holiday as i work fulltime

i think chipping children is an idea but is it humane? is the question some will ask. as a child i got lost an my mum was worried sick, but it would have to be a mobile tracking system chip in order for it to work

ann creasey
I was listening to your programme but did not hear whether you solved the mystery of the "big bangs" at the weekend. Did you find out what they were?

Mike Jessop
In case you missed the web addresses for organics and dairy free chocolates.Moo Free Chocolates in Reading - www.moofreechocolates.comA Lot Of Organics the UK Organics Search Engine - - A Lot Of Ltd.

Vicky Plowman
I must say how much I enjoyed the Interior Design topic with Marion Falchie, What an interesting and inspirational discussion on sprucing up rooms for the spring and warming them up for the winter. I do hope this will become a regular slot on radio berkshire with Marion. She was a delight to listen to with lots of fantastic ideas for the home.

Mavis Godsmark
Listening to recipe for todays programme, Friday, chef said pour beef fat down sink. NO NO NO. please make it clear this is not the done thing, put in tin and throw in bin,please. Have you ever seen the trouble fat down sewers can do. Thanks .

Rod Warner
Hi NikiWas listening to your piece on pets /dogs . We had to have our 13.5 yr old lab put down last August - he had a degenerative spinal complaint that meant that he eventually couldnt feel his back legs and hence get up and walk - we had been spending £40 / month on drugs for his arthritis - even though he was old and had had a great life if an operation would have helped we would have paid it - in all other respects he was in good condition - but having to play God - we will never forget how hard it was . They become small people and so a member of the family and hence can be like your children - thats a perspective to view it from .Regards

Ady, Farnborough
Hi Nicky, Listening to your debate about banning carrier bags. Everyone is always so "negative" about recycling using words like Ban or tax. My old Nan use to say there are more Bees trapped with Honey and Vinegar. So why instead of taxing people why don't we pay them for how much they recycle. 2 pence per Kilo for everything in your recycling bin. People would demand recyclable packaging. I use to collect pop bottles when i was a kid for the 10p deposit you never saw a pop bottle littering the street!! Lets be more proactive in recycling and stop whipping people and putting them off recycling.

Adrian From Bramley
Ban plastic Bags in Berkshire, how will dog owners scoop the poop!!! Volunteers from the green brigade could do it for us perhaps

Peter Coombes
Hi Nicki love your programme. Thanks for playing some of my requests. You said today (Friday) that the recipes could be printed direct from the website. I can't find any recipes let alone print them. Thanks Peter

Jim Smith
Ref: Pick a trade (why are they liar!)Hampshire county council trading standards- buy with confidence, covers south/east of england,link to other council trading standard services!

Paul from Hartley Wintney
Hi Nicki Last week you had Paul the chef on talking us through a Valentines dinner with a shoulder of lamb, and daupfinoise potatoes. I thought you would like to know I cooked this dish for my Steph last night for a valentines dinner. Was it a success? lets say it ended in an early night!!! Paul

Jane Frampton
Can you please play ALRIGHT NOW by The Free for my husband Steve on Valentines Day as we met (some 38 years ago)at a Free concert in Reading where they were playing - at the old Top Rank Suite. Its now become our song. Many thanks.

Jane Frampton
I've been married to Steve for 38 years, still give each other valentine cards and pressie!!Love the show

Rodney Wilson
The film they just stopped making is Polaroid.Rod in California


half a million miles by albert hammond should be half way there for the truck driver

In case you didn't catch the website address on the show today about women's fashion, it is

bridget hole
Concerning the scientists who have restored aomeone's memory. 'Do you remember one September afternoon...' or 'I'll remember. I'll remember. when the time has come for happiness to fade...'. Kind regards, Bridget.(PS, what is text?)

hamish whiteman
NickiWill be in the Reading metropolis (Thames Valley Park) tomorrow looking at one of the buildings with a client and will be tuning in.I'll get a knee-trembler on if you give me a mention....Hope Molly is behaving herself.Hamish

for the request spot I would love O what a lonely boy - andrew gold - for me as I am painting the bedroom right nowor long cool woman in a black dress by the hollies - just a great trackmany thanks dave of wokingham

Claire, Newbury
I often listen to your show when I'm driving to and from places of work. I LOVE IT. It is by far the best show on BBC Radio Berks. Really intelligent chat and interesting guests interspersed with me killing myself laughing.

Leonora, in Hendon
Hi Nicki, I loved listening to you talking about braised steak and kumquats on Friday, Jan 18th. But I must correct you. The kumquats are not the one with the Japanese lanterns. Those are physalis. you can do an image-search on the name with google. Physalis tastes quite nice, sweet-tart, and is soft and easy to eat. In contrast, kumquat looks like a little orange even though I gather they are not at all related. The skin of the kumquat is fragrant and sweet-ish, from what I remember, but the flesh inside is very tart, and a kumquat is quite tough, not at all like the gentle physalis. I don't agree about the jump-leads either. An unripe persimmon is the one which makes you feel as if you have had the jump-leads in your mouth, because it is so astringent that it does something to the skin inside your mouth. But the ones you get nowadays have been bred to be less astringent. Now, please will you find out from your expert chef, which fruit am I supposed to stew with my braised steak: the kumquat or the physalis? with thanks and best wishes for 2008.
absolutly love your show!!me and my 6 month old listen to you every day,always make me giggle!!!also was wondering if any receipies are coming up for people with dairy allergies :DBest regardsKirstie and Reece :D

Sue in Finchampstead
Hi Nicki. Love ironing to your programme each p.m. Can you please let me know how to pick up recipes (a la yesterday's beef and kumquats - which I DID manage to write down but the banana 'something' I Didn't - and it sounded really scrummy !Many thanks Sue

Siobhain, Thatcham
Hi Nicki,Excellent show!From one dog owner/lover to another I need your help!I have a very lovely Labrador but she is a complete nightmare to walk!She pulls me all over the place, barks like mad at other dogs and oh my god when she see's a cat then she tries to catch it - with me attached!!!She is seven, so you would think should have some sense!!!She behaves perfectly off the lead with other dogs when we go to the woods for example.I have tried dog classes, various straps/leads to controll her but no good.Can you recommend anyone in my local area that could help me with training as walking her has now become a nightmare!!!!I have two children aged 6 and 4 and I always wanted to walk the dog next to the pushchair/pram - I tried it once but I nearly lost my daugher out of the pram when the dog saw a cat!!!!!Can you help???

Kevin from Devon
Hi Nicki, just wondering if you could please play me a tune...something from Depeche Mode, classic 80's! Great show, keep it up!!

Sally Jane Marsh
Nickl, you are driving me mad!I had occsion to listen to you on Friday 11 Jan, talking to the chef about making a veggie meal - aubergine paremesano, or somesuch. All well and good to bill it as suitable for vegetarians, but no mention was made of the cheese - most parmesans are NOT suitable for vegetarians, because of the animal rennet. ( Waitrose does sell a version, prepacked, that IS suitable. ) I let that one go, as I was driving at the time but Saturday morning, I nearly fell out of bed with rage!!Taling to your local suppliers, you went to the fishmonger, on air, to ask for something for fish eating vegetarians! People who eschew meat but eat fish are NOT vegetarians - having been a life vegetarian, some 49 years now, I still find it incredulous that people can still say that they are vegetarian when they most definitely are not.Here is the definition from the Vegetarian Socitey of the UK ( VSUK ) no less :DefinitionsA vegetarian is someone living on a diet of grains, pulses, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits with or without the use of dairy products and eggs. A vegetarian does not eat any meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish or crustacea, or slaughter by-products.Types of VegetarianLacto-ovo-vegetarian. Eats both dairy products and eggs. This is the most common type of vegetarian diet. Lacto-vegetarian. Eats dairy products but not eggs.Vegan. Does not eat dairy products, eggs, or any other animal product.Stumbling BlocksMany foods contain ingredients derived from the slaughter of animals. Gelatine is made from animal ligaments, tendons, bones etc which have been boiled in water. It is often found in confectionery, low fat spreads and desserts, and other dairy products. The term animal fat refers to carcass fat and may be present in a wide range of foods, including biscuits, cakes, and margarines. Suet and lard are types of animal fats. Certain food additives (E numbers) may be derived from animal sources. Cheese is often made with rennet extracted from the stomach lining of slaughtered calves. Vegetarian cheese is made with rennet from a microbial source. The Vegetarian Society has an information sheet listing ingredients which may be unsuitable for vegetarians. Many vegetarians that eat eggs will eat only free-range eggs. This is due to moral objections to the battery farming of hens. The Vegetarian Society only endorses products containing eggs if the eggs are certified as free-range.>>>>>>>So, you see, no mention of fish eating vegetarians and the cheese issue explained.Even now, when I go out to eat, it amazes me that I am still offered fish, even though I have contacted restaurants ahead of the visit, to ascertain that they can fulfil my dietary requirements. Please do not add to the confusion - fish are not plants!!

mandi (marlenes daughter)
hi nicki i love listening to u when i can unfortunately it isnt enough as i live in scunthorpe and can only listen when i visit berkshire.please can u say a big hello to my mum(marlene) and my dad graham and wish him a happy birthday for sunday i would b very gr8ful,u do know my mum well as she is always ringing the show lol take care love mandi xxxxx

check with chestnut walk residential home i think their are 2 birthdays on xmas day one being a 100.

Annette Scott
Hi again Nicki, I see you're a fan of the Pot Kiln too. My Dad (the infamous Dan Doyle who you mentioned for me yesterday, thank you) used to take us there on Summer Sunday evenings after Mass and I used to think it was called the 'Pop Clings'!!!! I was only about 3 or 4 at the time but didn't find out it's real name 'til I was old enough to go there myself with friends for a few bevvies. Would you mind mentioning my quest for information about my Dad again sometime? I can be contacted via email on Thanks again for all your help and for the fabulous Van the Man song. Have a superb Christmas and an even better 2008.Best wishes,Annette x
Hi NickiI am a local Nutritional Therapist (Emmer Green) and would love the opportunity to discuss nutrition on your show. I cover all aspects of nutrition from childhood illness/allergies to arthritis and PMT. I look forward to hearing from you.kind regardsLaura de la Harpe Dip.ION

sue timmins
You have just played Meatloaf - when Maggie Thatcher gave in her resignation, Meatloaf was at Number One with 'I would do anything for love' (but I won't do that)!!
Thank you for letting me know about I have gone on to the site to see what they have to offer, I feel sure it a site I will now use. Thanks again, this sort of local information is why I listen to Radio Berkshire Regards Marilyn

geoff parsons
love your program thanks for playing my requestskind regards geoff of basingstoke
Like the shows. I've heard "Valerie" by Amy Whinehouse played a couple of times on the shows. Any idea which CD you have there, as there are two versions available?Thanks

Brian Quinn
Dear Nicki,Would you please play ‘In The Ghetto’ by Elvis Presley during the week commencing 5th November as I think this is one of the finest recordings ever made. In today’s throwaway society we are now nearing the stage where human life is too often being thrown away for usually some trivial act of violence. Hopefully, if enough people hear this record it may help them think before acting on the spur of the moment and perhaps ruining the lives of whole families for the want of a little restraint.Many Thanks.Best Wishes.Brian

Alan Hammersley
The only complaint i have about Nicki Whiteman is that she is only on for 3 hours a day. She makes even the most miserable day light up

Eric Gillespie
I look forward to most afternoons as I can listen to radio Berkshire from 1.00 until 4.00 Nicki is absolutely great ans long may she be with us Thanks

talking about peachy and his speed camera drama.... i heard that he got over taken by a milk float the other day

Anne Wigmore - Village Maid cheese
Nicki- you wanted to know the awards we recieved from the British Cheese Awards last night. Wigmore cheese won a gold and silver. Barkham Blue won 2 gold medals!
Hi Nikki,Heard you talking about being "posh". Do your listeners know where the word originated? Well off folk travelling to South Africa and Australia in the old cruise liners always wanted to have a view of the coast so they sailed "Port Out - Starboard Home" hence POSH.Gary in Thatcham

I think charlie should be proud to have his tash in the 'photos of his childs christening. He is maybe looking at the wrong side of the coin. What a positive message it will give the child in years to come to learn that his dad believed in the cancer awareness cause so much that he was proud to grow and wear a tash on such an importnat occasion.

Please can we have pictures of these shoes? It sounds hillarious!

Julie 'Just Dogs'
You and Charlie on a Saturday, pure radio its such good banter, its a great team. However Nicki I am a bit concerned about Charlie and the Newbury Show, tell him its serious stuff, and all of Berkshire will be hanging on the judges every word I suggest you take control of the Newbury Show with your vast experience of exhibiting it could be make or break alot will be riding on this. ( I know is all fun, why don't you wind him up about the seriousness of it)

Please please please could you play anything from Beautiful South or Queen. I need cheering up today I have had a death in the family.......... My beloved tumble dryer has finally given up.A repair man told us 4 years ago that he wasn't sure how it was working and now it has died!!! I also have a huge need to get to my allotment to relieve kid stress but it is just tooo wet Thank you

Secret admirer
Could you please play "The Reason" by "Hoobastank" if you can. Oh yer, and can you dedicate it for "Jasmine Cheesewright", thanks.

Ophelia Messer
As you know your 'Game Bird' Betty, has been happily married for many years. Betty and Jim are celebrating their 45th Anniversary this Saturday 16th June. If you can, could congratulate them both on such great achievement and let them know we love them both very very much. Regards Ophelia, Scott,Andrew, Mel, Heath and the grandchildren Charlotte, Sophie, Jazmin, Alfie and Oscar

Mitch, Bracknell
Regarding Allergies - I seem to get a lot of skin tags in the area of my armpits recently. Is that an allergy? They are so ugly, how can i get rid off them?Thanks for your reply in advance!

sam brown
hi nikki i got 2 porble for you pannel 1st on is i work in a well known super store and one of my work people keep calling me samanter how would the pannel try to stop that and i talk to him and his boss 2nd my boss at work don't do alot for cleaning or other jobs that i do how would i got her to do more cleaning jobs. please do not put my name on the show because my boss might be lesoning sorry about my spelling sam from farnborough p.s can you please play one of the flowing songs please time warp, moster mash, agadoo, breakfast at tiffanys, down under- man at work, can can, crocodile rock and lastly russell watson - star trek enterprise main them song tar agin sam from farnborough

Mr.C. Verrall
Dear Nicki On thursday last week you were talking about sex tips and there is a book been brought out about it. Can please tell how I can get hold of it or tell me the author of the book or web page Thanks

Billy Hilditch
Hi Nikki,Had great time this morning in our pup final.Toby thanks you for the coffee ,Norbert had a great time as well .Thanks alot.We all really enjoyed ourselves. Billy (Let's go walkies)

From Rob & Jeanne on the boat yes we can hear you CHELSEA FOR EVER HAVE A GREAT DAY NICKI & MIKE

Sheila Drew
I have always insisted that it is a fallacy about northerners being more friendly than southerners (I have been down south over thirty years now), but your moral dilemma about the lady sherltering in the porch has proved me wrong. In the north - the lady sheltering would have told people later "And do you know - they could see me there, and never asked me in" If I was inside I would have said "come in til it is over - have a cuppa tea"


Hi NickiHeard you many times and had a picture in my mind of what you look like. Now seen you on the site and WOW, lovely

Nice to hear alternative therapies on the show today. I've been practicing as an Ayurvedic masseuse for some years now since I visited india and to know there is now a centre on Friar Street is great news!! Thanks Nikki!

Jeanette Howse
I thought I would remindyou that Didcot Railway Centre has a celebration event this weekend to celebrate 40 years in Didcot and 75 years of the engine shed. There are several visiting steam engines a reunion of ex railwmen and ex volunteers. Happy to do somehting with you ifyou wish. I can send you the press releases Jeanette Howse Marketing Executive Didcot Railway Centre (I've been in and done jam tastings with you)

Caroline Haigh
Hello. I know you are a new mum so I thought you'd like to know it is Positive Parenting Week next week and I thought you may be interested in a great organisation called The Parent Practice who have just launched a NEW audio series - the first two CDs are on release so you can learn to be the mum you want to be from your I Pod... we learn languages via CD so why not parenting? See One of the team would be more than happy to come on your show to chat more... let me know

Frank in Theale
What wonderful year this has been for you Nicki; what with the new babe and last nights Sony Award! Kind regards! Frank

Hi Nicki, Listened to your show today whilst working in Lambourne(first time listener).I was interested in the item about the author of the Men! and what you had to say. I was very surprised to here that there are so many single women in the county who are looking for 'nice normal' guys. As a normal guy who was brought up to be a gentleman and respect women I find it difficult to understand why so many women prefer cads. I will carry on my search. Thank you for a very entertaining show and the next time that i am in the area i will definitely tune in again.

Julie Gunning
Hi Nicki hope molly liked her blanket. Just a thought Breastfeeding awareness week is the 13th-19th May perhaps I couldcome in on a slot a talk about my fantastic garments for breastfeeding mothers along with Karen from Parenting Cafe or somebody else lots of love

I went camping with my family to Swiss Farm last year. WHilst the facilities were fine, I HATE communal showers, so I went home (Caversham) for a shower! Added to that, it was possibly the two hottest days of the year, and both nights we had horrendous thunder & rain storms!! It was cold at night & the children woke up before 6am - not good. That said, my sister, her husband, 2 children & 2 dogs love camping. They'll go 3 or 4 times each summer & they prefer sites with limited facilities. Their favorite site is in Brecon in Wales - 1 toilet & 1 stand pipe!!

Rosemary Bishop (Hussey)
Just to say thank you so much for allowing me to share your air time yesterday, I am only sorry that my cough decided to erupt at the last moment. It is so good to be able to reach those who are suffering through the media of radio and to dispel some of the myths surrounding hypnotherapy. Such a useful tool helping others to turn their lives around. Thank you Nicki,I trust it will not be too long before we chat again. Thank you also for the wonderful testimonial re smoking, much appreciated! Kind regards, Rosemary

jurracic park games please,beacause i love it!make baby dinosaurs

mike at indigo rye
Dad was listening to your mon show! He roared out aloud about the hairdresser story! Please come back again as it was great to see you and Mol !Mike at Indigo Rye

Hazel Dilley
Hi Nicki, I return from my holidays to find you back where you belong. It's great to hear you again with your special brand of crazy humour. Does Molly May recognise your voice on the radio? Best Wishes to all of you.

lorna murray
great to hear you on air again!! When are you back at pilates - could do with livening up Hermitage!!! Love to Molly

Hi Nicki - Welcome back. Pleased to hear all is well with Molly-May and Humphrey, and I trust Hubby aswell. Loom forward to hearing you again in the afternoons too.

Julie Gunning:
Nicki, welcome back, it's going to be great listerning to you and all the brilliant best buy's etc.

John Perry
Good morning Nicki, I understand your show this morning features the Royal family. Hi I’m John, Deborah and Shane Wyatt’s brother in law. Please pass on our best wishes to the Royals and their supporters for the game against Manchester United from John, Amanda, Charlie and Sam in Doncaster. If I can get the team out of bed early enough we’ll listen to the show via the internet. Kind regards The Perry's

Frank in Theale
Hi Nicki! Trusting this message finds you happy and healthy! My concern is! Are you returning to the fold of Radio Berkshire in the near future-or-have your radio days (so to speak) come to an end? Hope the new addition,yourself and your good man are all doing well! Kind regards, Frank

TC moore
Congrats on your new little programme - from Atlanta. I like listening to traffic reports across the ocean

Hi Nicki, Congratulations on the birth of your new baby-still waiting to hear from Peachy, what sex the baby was??

greta hayterr
Hi Nicki So glad to hear of your new babe - hope all is well with you and baby. Miss you on the radio

Ann Seymourc
Congrats on the birth of your little one.

Pam White
Congratulations to you,your husband and your new baby

Your caller from the energy saving group was totally correct about consumers being more concious about there personal energy usage, and Britian is one of the worse wasters of energy. The main cause of this problem is to do with the out of date energy supply grid. The biggest area of waste is between the power station and the user, about 40% of energy is lost between these two points. What is need is a Local supply network over a national, where indevidual towns / boroughs create there own power supply. Certain London boroughs such as Camden are already looking into this and our European freinds such as Denmark and Holland are streets ahead with these systems inplace with massively economical and environmentally sound power supply. We need to move to thinking about a new way of getting our power, trying to educate the masses is to much of up hill. Education suched not stop but we seriously need to be thinking along other lines. Pressure our local MP's for Localised power supply, goto Greenpeace website for more details. Adam Ryan - Reading.

Frank Ferris (Theale)
Hi Nicki! Just to wish you and your other half, 'ALL' the luck in the world with your fortcoming new addition! Hope it arrives on time! My wife was expecting our daughter some 23 years ago and their was considerable controvesy over the ETA. Doctor and Gyne disagreed! Our older daughter Helena, who was just becoming intrigued by all this Human Bioligy stuff which she was being taught at school, thought SHE would solve the problem by asking me outright one day:Dad, don't you remember when you DONE it!Logical question I suppose!But difficult to answer!For a long time I had been telling her to write down Anything which she thought was IMPORTANT! so she assumed that "I" would have done the same! Best regards! from only 'one' of your many loyal listeners! Frank F.

Liz Brown
Hi just to say good luck with the baby ;look foward to hearing all your news in Feb when back to work.Love the show. Liz Brown Salisbury

Hi Nicki, Just to say we love your show and nickis needs on a saturday. Good luck with the birth hope all goes well and look forward to hearing you back soon

Ursula Jenning
Hello Nicki, Being German I have never heard your programme or about it. Sorry, BUT: A Gordon Rookes has written to you and I think he could be the one I lost track of 3 years ago. In 2003 he lived in Basingstoke. I Hope you don't feel abused, but could you forward my email address to him?? It is I hope it's him! Thank you, Ulla

germain Marquis
I must say your choice of music is always the best, I just turn on the radio in my car and I know it's your program. Please teach the rest of your collegues to play some decent music! Don't stop.

kenneth gary bales
hi nicki just love your spot i am a happy trucker who always hits the button on my radio at 1300,when i am passing through your county,on my way back from somersett to hatfield.Would like to know more about the feature on inheritance tax by Martin Weston on mondays programme ,on September 18th.If possible, please could you send me any literature or contact numbers,as i will have stsrt preparing for my childrens furture. thank you very much,and all the best for birth of your child,your sincerely Kenny.

Dawn kelley
Hi This is Dawn from Need a cake and as promised we want to send niki something nice to eat. Can we please have your address for Radio berkshire, including the post code. Dawn

Phil Froome (Upper Woolhampton)
Nicki I listen when I can but never get involved until now, your comments today about the swarm of hornets attracted to the lights has happened to me twice in a week. The first time I went into the room to tuck in the two dogs I am dog sitting for a girlfriend (it's only been a year !)the french windows were open and I thought I had walked into Jurrasic Park there were fifteen of these huge hornet (huge) type things swarming around the light I courageously after a hard battle destroyed them all and went to bed thinking thank god the wasp aerosol killer was full and I think I should ease up on the 15% Red. More arrived a few days later, the house rule now is lights on windows shut ! ! Because I only listen when I am in the car, if you ever find out what these prehistoric looking things are would you let me know, as I would love to get back to some fresh air and a decent red ! Phil (male, somtimes mouse)

Jo Piercey
Nicki, I was listening this morning and you were lamenting the fact that fete season has come to an end. Well, I can tell you it hasn't! Cookham Dean (yes, I know where on the edge of Berkshire and often forgotten!) but our own Cookham Dean Fete is on the 16th of September!! So hey, there you go. One more fete to squeeze in, if you dare! kind regards, Jo Piercey

Summer definately!! Long warm sunny days, allowing us to enjoy all the local events and most of all - DRY DOGS !!

Emmy Philips
hi nicki I listen every day and have finally had time to send a poem i wrote for you. Please keep up the good work! I love your show cos it makes me go in the car or the house my life is like a mouse bbc local is great you are my best mate thanks for the good times all the music rhymes Love emmy

Eric Gillespie
I love listening to your programme nicki. please keep it up.xxxx


Jools Holland born in Jan 1958

Wendy Harrison
Good afternoon Nicki Could you please ask about toenail fungal infections. Both my big toes have the problem and the nail is coming away from the toe - one more than the other. The nails are not damaged just not fully attached. I had several treatments from a Dentron Bio Gun at the end of last year but they do not seem to be much better. Is there anything you can suggest that might help me please? Thanks very much. Really enjoy your show and listen every afternoon.

bernard from slough
hi nicki great show you will like this joke an exicted father at a hospital said to the nurse quick tell me is it a boy the nurse tried to break it to him gently well she replied the one in the middle is d the one in the middle is .

Angus, Brussels
I listen to Nicki whenever I can on the internet. Nicki really is in her element when she get's to talk.

greta hayterr
Hi Nicki hope all is well with you. Love your programmes, but being at work doesnt help much. But if I am out and about during the day, listen on the car radio. Saturday's are a bit of a hit and miss but do enjoy your chatter and the ease you have in any situation or with any person. Believe that it is a real talent. Mind you I have said this to you before. Love Neil Diamond (I am an olden) - the only live concert I have been to was a few years back when ND was at Wembley. Treated myself to tickets and forced my sister to come with me (she wasnt too enamoured). Anyway I had a knife pleated skirt on. Amazing evening for me, will never forget ND's performance which was nearly the whole 2 odd hours without a break. Wot a memory. Anyway, it was very hot in there as you can imagine and the knife edge pleated skirt came out of there looking like a different style skirt - straight!!! I had sweated (perspired or whatever) so much it had taken all these little supposedly permanent pleats out of my skirt!! Still it was jolly well worth it. Just a bit of trivia I thought I would write after reading through some of your pevious notes from people who listen and love your programme.

Kate From Newbury
Your scared of needles as you were saying in Fridays programme. I have to have blood tests EVERY WEEK

John & Ann Basingstoke
Hi Nicki, We went to see Nicki's needs prize from last saturday. Wuthering Heights at the Haymarket theatre. Very good theatre but a tad heavy, but thanks for the prize. Poor old Humphrey! sounds like the judge was a Kennel Club approved judge. Maybe though Humphrey needed a bath. I know all about the wiffs from rolling, one of my cockers Scott does it as a hobby also its the season for rolling, last week three times, UGH! messy & smelly, Sophie is not into rolling thankfully. We were going to bring Scott to the dog show, but John forgot all the details of where it was and what time etc! and it was also pouring dogs in Basingstoke. Humphrey could do well at the Wag and Bone Show on August 6. The Top dog fun show is for ordinary mutts and Scott in the last three years has won two thirds, and a third and last year a second in the fun classes also last year he was judged by the Charity panel to be the Canine Ambassador to the Wag and Bone show for his work with special needs children. It got us all free entry into the VIP tent, and a free lunch and a bag of toys and organic treats for Scott. Sophie doesn't do dog shows and Scott gave her all the toys. Its a great show and lots of fun for dogs and humans.

Kathy Hassell
Dear Nicki,Like the show - listen to it lunchtimes. Can you help please. Today (Monday ) you were talking about getting houses ready for putting on the market. I had to get back to work for 2.30 so I missed points 4-12. Please could you tell me what these points were? Many thanks.

Gordon Rookes
Dear Nicki, l am an old Newburian and l am in the process of a project compiling a history of my home town. It is all about who lived where in the back streets of the town during post-war years, and how people survived poverty, the war, rationing and the conditions of the houses during those times. Dr David Peacock of the Newbury Weekly News has put a piece in todays paper, explaining the project and asking for people to send in stories relating to this project. l am also putting leaflets in various shops and pubs in the town asking for the same thing. Any proceeds will go to charity. Thank you for listening. Gordon.

Barbara McKenzie
Dear Nicki, Can you help me- by the way your Dad helped me put on Gardeners' Question Time a few weeks ago a this school. I'm part of Caversham Horticultural Society & I'm trying to find the show that promotes local community events such as ours - is it your show? Please help. Best regards, Barbara.


Nikki Can you play a request ( I am using my fathers E Mail ) Please play for my husband wind beneath my wings ( You are my Hero ) from myself Lucy and my three little triplet girls Mollie, Daisy and Amelia. He is due back from Iraq with the Royal marines having missed Christmas, he is back on leave then will return before they start their first days at school at Easter so he will miss that- Can you tell him we all love him- and cant wait for him to return ( and go over the park together ). Many Thanks

Ann & the cockers
Welcome home,did Humphrey give you a greatwelcome and lots of sloppy spanial kisses.Pet bereavement-Our lovely Homoepathic vet. Noel comes to us in Basingstoke from Cranleigh when the sad moment to put to sleep happens so thatit happens peacefully among family.We have lovely woodland plot atDignity [free] with alarge brass plate with names and one of my poems.Just have the cost of the cremation.A beautiful place & lovely owners.Years ago Iwas a telephone pet bereavement befriender for the Society of Animal Studies.Looking forward to Sat. & your needs. Ann' the two cockers[& John!]

Martyn Thompson
Hello, Hopefully you'll remember the chap that is doing the river Nile bike ride. Well, I'm organising another fundraising event on 24th March @ PlugNPlay, Milford Road, Reading where for one night only I shall be getting back together with my old band the skangsters to raise money for the british heart foundation. Any publicity you could give this event would be most welcome. I hope things are good with you guys. Regards Martyn

Ann from Basingstoke [with the 2 cockers & John in
We will all miss you next week especialy Sat. Scot the young cocker says can Humphrey come and stay with us,the grub is very good. Enjoy the snow, don't fall in it too often.

Grumpy old Man
Miles or Kilometres? There are 50 Million people in this country all calibrated in Miles. The Olympic is only going to be is a small portion of Britain. It's only going to increase the cost of holding the games. I travel aboard quite a lot. It's not really a problem using different units. Unless of course we think those from abroad are less intelligent than we are. May be we should convert to driving on the right too. At least with that we could do it in stages. Try it with th eBusses and Lorries first. If that works do it for car too.

Kate from Woodley
What would happen to road names like Nine Mile Ride, Finchampstead, The Golden Mile in Slough? I say keep it miles

can you play No matter what by boyzone. For my wife who I met at School, and we are now celebratig our 25th year of marriage in September.

Fraser Cottington
Nicki, I am with you totally on dog behaviour. Dogs are only as bad as their owners and way too many are out of control. It has gone on too long that owners just quote the usual lame expressions like "he's only being friendly". Dogs that are allowed to'invade' our space, I feel erodes our enjoyment the surroundings. Sadly like the fouling footpaths act, very, very little is and probably can be done. I agree that politely asking people to control their pets is best, but some people are clearly without any consideration at all.

Dennis Jones
On Friday afternoon, I caught part of a programme in which 'family tree' construction was mentioned. Upon referring to the '', I found that most of the sub-referenced sites produced a 'page unavailable' message. Can your expert please help or explain further ? (

Arthur Cuthbertson
The most entertaining presenter with Radio Berkshire. Hope she enjoys her holiday next week.

Butternut squash and red lentil soup with a shake of cumin is divine. Also roast a tray of mixed veggies......squash,sweet potato,courgettes,garlic,carrots.......without fat. Yummy. Both recipes ideal for any Weightwatchers!!!!

As it's (almost) his birthday - can you play anything by Garth Brooks and dedicate it to Sara-Boss-Lady!! BritRaider.

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