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28 October 2014

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Colin Evans

Colin Evans

Colin Evans

Gardening expert, Wednesdays and Sundays

Colin's gardening advice

You can read Colin's weekly tips on this website in the BBC Radio Berkshire section, including pictures of the plants or flowers Colin's been talking about.

What makes you laugh?

"What makes me laugh, well my father tells the best jokes I've heard and I still think he's the best comic I know but comedians like Frankie Howerd, Tommy Cooper and Les Dawson still have me rolling about. TV has to be Fawlty Towers because they were so well written and put together and if I feel like having a laugh at other peoples mishaps then it has to be the all new 'You've Been Framed'."

What's your most embarrassing moment on air?

"There have been many embarrassing moments on air but I guess the one that sticks in my mind is the time I got the aerial stuck from the radio backpack under the archway of the award winning Zen Garden at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in front of a Channel 4 TV crew."

Where is your favourite place in Berkshire?

"My favourite place in Berkshire has to be the Thames as you head upstream from Maidenhead through to Cliveden Reach. The scenery is stunning and the great house on the hill, Cliveden, once owned by the Astors, has to be one of the best views in England."

What are your most memorable jobs before working for BBC Radio

"I've done most jobs in my chosen field but some of the most memorable were working at Granada TV on a series of gardening programmes to be broadcast worldwide on Sky BSB. I could not believe I was working in the same studios once trodden by the likes of Ena Sharples, Florie Linley and Martha Longhurst. Also I had great fun as a teacher running Garden Design courses to students at adult level, probably one of the most satisfying jobs I've ever done."

What's your favourite piece of music?

"I have a varied taste in music and I especially like Latin American sounds. Also anything by Irvin Berlin or George Gershwin and music from films and musicals. On a more modern note, Earth Wind & Fire and ELO are great because of their musical skills."


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Reg Coles
Re my text to you on your show last Sunday (23rd August), it was lovely to hear your reply and kind words.Ros and I moved July Rose to Windsor Marina three years ago but keep in touch with all our old friends at Bates who are still there. (Many changes have taken place!)You hinted at the possibility of taking to the water again in the future - if you do decide to take the plunge it would be great to meet up with you again along with Jackie and her son who's name escapes me,sorry.Kind regards,Reg

claire cox
iam a very keen gardener and i would like 2 kown i am a somoker and i got told that if i put my fag butts in the soil it would make my plant,s grow is this ( true) as i would love 2 kown..? thank you

What causes rhubarb to go to seed and do you stop it?I just cut 600 grms of rhubarb stalks from the plant but the rest has gone to seed.ThanksDavid West Berks

I have a very old, almost dead, rosemary bush. One branch is alive and I would like to know how best to transplant this piece - I have not had much success in cuttings from the main plant as I noticed it's demise.Please could you advise - photograph available if required. Thank you.

Sara Batting
I wondered if you might like to mention on your radio show that the Chiltern Edge Horticultural Society 50th Anniversary Year Spring Show is taking place on Saturday 4th April at 3pm at the Chiltern Edge School, Reads Lane, Sonning Common. You would be more than welcome to come along.

Ann O Leary
When is the best time to prune a Japanese Maple please?

Carol Gubler
HelloI wonder if the following is of any interest to you and your gardening programme on BBC Radio BerkshireIf I can help or you would like to know more then please contact me!2008 is the year of the fuchsia! We would like you to join in our celebration of this wonderful plant!The British Fuchsia Society was formed by a group of keen fuchsia growers in 1938 with the brief to promote fuchsias! A brief history - The first President and the person who started it all was Lady Boothby. Lady Boothby and Queen Mary were great friends and when Her Majesty saw an advertisement in a local Welsh newspaper for a meeting of the F.U.C.H.S.I.A. she announced that it must be attended because of its floral connection. It was conveyed to Her Majesty that the letters actually stood for F for Friendship, U for Usefulness, C for Cheerfulness, H for Helpfulness, S for Sympathy, I for Instruction, and A for Amusement and that the society was a branch of the Women’s Conservative Association! As the Royal Family must have no political connections it was deemed an unsuitable meeting. However, Queen Mary said that there should indeed be a Fuchsia Society and that Lady Boothby should be the first President. After this Royal prompting, Lady Boothby gathered the support of known Fuchsia lovers and started the society.In 2008 we are celebrating our 70th anniversary with spectacular events at great locations. August 19th to 21st we will be at the RHS Gardens at Wisley with a “Feast of Fuchsias” and in September at the Autumn Flower Show at Harrogate from the 18th to 20th. Alongside these events there will be local shows organised by the 100 plus specialist Fuchsia Societies around the country as well as a number of regional shows around the country all over the next few months! I know that there are a number in your area!Why Fuchsias? We are aiming to make certain that there is no doubt that the plant everyone must grow in 2008 is the Fuchsia. Fuchsias are after all one of the “hero” plants of the British garden, they are after all grown by so many people. There are not many gardens that do not contain at least one fuchsia!· What other plant is so adaptable that it can be grown as a standard, in a hanging basket, as a hardy planted in the garden, in pots and tubs, as a bonsai, as topiary – you name it – it can be done with fuchsias!· What other plant has such a range of flowers, from those that are just over 1mm long to those that are the size of a saucer. Or has such a range of colours in their flowers – all the colours of the rainbow as well as white through to almost black and any shade in between. Fuchsias are unique in the plant world for their colour combinations – you have to see them to believe that they can possibly exist! · What other plant can flower continuously for such a long period of time – for example a hardy fuchsia planted in the garden can start flowering in June and if the weather is kind it can still be in flower for Christmas!What can we do for you?Hopefully there are a number of possibilities!1. We can provide experts on all aspects of fuchsias – such as the species, styles of growth, pests and diseases. Whether you need a quote, an article or just a few tips – please come to us! We would love to help, as fuchsias are our passion!2. Do you need someone to talk on your local radio programme – then we will find you someone local and with a great knowledge of fuchsias and who wont be panicked in the studioIn other words – whatever you need to know about fuchsias in 2008 and beyond then please think of us.If we can help or you would like to know more about us, or fuchsias or what we have planned to celebrate our 70th year – then please email me at If you prefer – please contact me on 01252 329731Carol GublerAssistant Secretary

tracy cummins
just to say that due to resheduling and we dont know why ,you made our sunday when you used to be on the morning it was a great way to start the day ,now you have moved to the afternoon we are never around to tune in .

I have a white wisteria which is 10 years old, and has always done well on a South West Wall. I always prune it correctly & @ the right time. This summer the leaves have gone yellow and wilted. It has die back, and looks like it is a goner. I think it might be to wet. What can I do and will it live?

doreen wbb
hello colin i have a apple tree and all the fruit was eaten last year by wood lice and other bugs can you please tell me what i can spray on it to stop this as it looks like its going to be a good year many thank doreen

Honeysuckle. Colin, I had a problem last year with a particular bush, and followed your advice to use a fungicide spray on it, also to feed it, but the same condition is happening again this year. The problem didn't really clear. The bush looks pooly, flowers don't open, there is greenfly on it but even when thats off the plant doesn't recover. Do I ditch it and start again? Thanks for any advice. Pat

Hi Colin I sent a text to you on your show on sunday I have a holiday home in the west of Ireland CO Sligo we are one mile from the sea I planted six Apple trees in the open ground West facing gets the sun nearly all day called Discovery and James Grieve 5 ft apart 4and5 ft tall they were planted three years ago Soil heavy full blossom every year feed and mulch every spring I Heard if you decry take the blossom off the tree it will fruit next year or could it be the wind blown in from the alantic ALL Help greatfully received from bernard

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