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13 November 2014

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Clare Catford

Every Sunday morning from 6am til 9am, Clare Catford brings you a programme dedicated to faith in Berkshire, including the Bishop of Reading's audio blog and passionate, interesting guests each week.

Clare Catford

Clare Catford is joined on air every Sunday morning from 6am til 9am by guests from different faiths in Berkshire, to discuss their spirituality and the stories making the news over the weekend.

Clare has lead a colourful life and her show is all about honesty, as the studio guests, callers and often Clare herself divulge in up-front and no-holes-barred chat.

Call 0845 900 1041 to get involved with the show.

What makes you laugh?

"Dad's Army - I love it - you meet Captain Mainwarings all the time.  Plus the absurdity, sometimes, of television/broadcasting - some of the things I used to do at GMTV made me, frankly look plain daft, but I loved it!"

What’s your most embarassing moment on air?

"Wearing a fairy outfit for GMTV and reporting from a Christmas tree forest - I had to pee from nerves before we went live, and squatting in the snow in minus 4 degrees is no laughing matter."

Where is your favourite place in Berkshire?

"Shiplake Lock, no question - although I know that's in Oxfordshire - I have many happy memories there walking the dog and kissing my first boyfriend by the lock gates. In Berkshire itself - Prospect Park - where I came 33rd in the county cross country championship - no, not out of 33, 150 actually!"

What are your most memorable jobs before working for BBC Radio Berkshire?

"Loads - I seem to have worked everywhere - GMTV for the sheer wackiness of the work, Presenting LBC phone-ins alongside Douglas Cameron, I learned so much from him. And I loved hosting Five Live at weekends - and then there was Channel 4 News - I could go on. Local Radio though is so immediate - and it's great to get that instant feedback."

What’s your favourite piece of music?

"A hard one, but it has to be 'The Way it Is' Bruce Hornsby and the Range - always loved it."


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susanne butler
Hi clair, I'm listening to your programme and you played a song by Habour lights, called another rainbow, I tried to find it on Itunes, but no luck, could you give me the album name or something, thanks . soose

john lewis
dear Clair thanks for a good show I look forward to your Sunday morning show while Im on my paper round.your Program of the 16 8 09 Who sang never let go.many thanks john

Chris Dingley
Hi Clare, today the British Humanist Association announced the release of our new single "None Of The Above". We would love the opportunity to come and chat to you and play the song live on air.The Song, Press Release and more info about us on our website Thanks,Best regards Chris

Revd Roy Burgess (Vicar, St George's, Owlsmoor)
Please could you advertise the following on the Clare Catford show on 12th July?St George's Church choir, Owlsmoor - near Sandhurst - are performing Vivaldi's Gloria tonight (12th July) at 6.30pm to celebrate the choir's 20th anniversary. All welcome. No entrance charge though a retiring collection will be taken.Enquiries to revroy@btinternet.comThank you

Jonathan Brown
If you have a minute on Sunday can you mention our event with the Bible Society, please? It's Paul Field with Dan Wheeler in concertSaturday 6 June, 7.30pm Wesley Methodist Church, Queen's RoadPaul Field, one of the leading Christian singer/songwriters of the last 30 years, teams up with Dan Wheeler, an upcoming talent, to present ‘Rites of Passage’. Songs of comfort, challenge and joy for the journey. Tickets at the door: £6 (£4 concessions). Thanks Jonathan Brown

Hi Clare and thanks for reading out my previous comment yet again - you might have forgot you read it out the first time round a few months ago, but, it was still a pleasant surprise.I still listen to your show on iplayer up here in Manchester, and, you're right in saying it's amazing where your show can go to - the head, the heart, because it is 3 hours of good radio!It's delightful that through iplayer we can listen to shows like yours and keep that Sunday morning feeling going through anytime of the day.


Frankie Hiron
I listen to your programme every Sunday, and enjoy the music, and the interviews with guests. Keep up the good work! God bless you.

Geoff earley
Clare is easiest the best thing on Radio Berkshire.... Can we PLEASE have her on in the week. Was really moved by your Holocaust interview on Sunday, it was very powerful.

lyn roberts
i really enjoyed your show today and was particularly moved by the reverends poemi would be grateful if you could send a copy please

Anthony Mc Allister
Dear Clare,greetings from Ireland.Came upon your programme by chance. Congratulations to you and all your team.

Hi Clare,I came across your shows on iplayer up here in Manchester.I just want to say i enjoy your mix of faith, music, humour and discussion.Your shows are a wonderful listen with many thought provoking points.

Sheila Basson from Woodley
Last Sunday I listened to the ex-vicar lady whining on about having had a hysterectomy. I know it's a scary thing to have a cancer but it made me inscensed that she wasn't grateful that having had successful surgery ,the only "treatment" she was to have ,was further regular check-ups. At the time of listening I had been to the Royal Berks with a breast lump and was told that there were malignant cells found. I didn't know more until this Wednesday when the bad news was that I am looking at a mastectomy and radiation treatment following it. First I have to have chest,liver and bone scans which will tell if the cancer has spread. When the results are known I will embark on chemotherapy and almost certainly have a hard time plus lose MY beautiful hair (which is naturally wavy and thick) and I don't "spend a fortune on it" For someone of religious beliefs,your speaker was so totally ungrateful and I shouted at the radio because of this and how unfair life is. I don't drink or smoke,exercise a lot,eat healthily, but am looking at some dreadful times ahead and if I live that long,then there is the possibility of taking drugs for 5 years. Tell your speaker to wise up and thank her God (I'm not religious)for saving her life and to be happy about it instead of whining about the loss of her womb! At least she can look forward to some degree of healthy living. Very angry, Sheila B, Woodley

Do you have any idea how offensive it is when you come out with expressions like "Old slapper that I am" and make fun of people who say that God told them to do something. I realise that in this crazy world we live in you are not allowed to promote Christianity in a christian country, but why do you have to denigrate it so?

Dave Murray
Best show on Radio Berkshire, especially today (30 March), for goodness sake get Clare on in the week, move on some of the old stale 'fuddy-duddies'

Jessie Barth
Dear Clare,I'm interested in hearing your interview with Judy Macpherson and her explanation of Christian Science. I belive that she was on your show on Feb. 17th. Do you have an archive of the program.Thanks for all that you are doing to bless the world.All the best,Jessie Barth

Judy Macpherson
Hello Clare - thanks so much for inviting me onto your show. I really enjoyed it. You have some insights into life and spirituality which I can really relate to.

Ron Devine
Clare, It was good to here some Christian music on your Sunday program,also you and the Christian Worship Leader expressed an affinity with Rivers, so may I make a request that you play a recording made by Brian Doerksen, called "the river" it is track No.4 on NewWine 2004 Live Worship Disc title "Echoes in Eternity". Available from and Wishes Ron devine

Thanks for inviting me on your show claire and making me feel welcome and giving me a chance to have my say cheers.

Tony Burgess
Hi, I'm sitting listening to you going on about smoking, I am sat here on an oxygen machine caused by smoking give me a call and I will tell you what it's like being on the end of a pipe 16 hrs a day.I don't think it's something to look forward to, DO You?? Cheers, Tony.

Dave Murray
What's the chances of you doing more 'early morning' programmes in the Monday to Friday?

Jo - Berkshire
You're great Clare. So wonderfully unaffected yet affected. How do you do that!!!???

Ron Devine
Clare, how about some good old Christian Music, preferably Contemporary as we used to have in the Sunday morning slot you now compare. or even better during your week day shows.A fair exchange don,t you think since you appear to only play secular songs on Sunday Morning.

Lesley Brough
Loved the article about beading but could not see Charlie's earing and please can you repeat where the beading is taking place. Thank you

hi Clare, it was great talking to you this morning, i really enjoyed it! thank you so much x

Mike Sharp
I am a volunteer at the Sandham chapel & missed your broadcast this morning. Will I be able to listen to a repeat on line ? Many thanks Mike

Clare, You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen on radio xx

Raymond East
Could you tell me where I can obtain the track you played at 6.55 this morning. Title-How wonderful is God's Love' This was something whicme feeling happy and sure this would benefit alot more of us.Keep playing!!

bernard slough berkshire
hi clare with maggie tim joel going around berkshire for sport relief clare what are you doing on saturday 15 th why dont you susanne and colin evans run around the car park for a few laps i would sponsor you for a pound or two you and susanne are in your prime young fit and able i dont know about colin GO ON GO ON GO ON YES

Richard Fry
Clare I have only recently found you on the radio. (Use to listen to BBC 2 before until the choir boy took over). I love the way you are so open talking about yourself, hairy legs, etc.. sort of thing one would normally only say to close friends, and you ask the question of your guests that need to be answered, talking to the Christain farm- outwood bounds guy, how did God tell you to buy the farm. I like your scepital view. Your are a bit of a nutter and you are my sort of a presenter. p.s. You look like a 'babe'. pps. Do stop smoking as kissing an 'ash tray' mouth is disgusting. Love R

clare. i listen to you every sunday i love your wit and grace .at last i've put a face to the voice you look so much younger than you sound how's the fags going?

emily cooper
Thanks for talking to me earlier i really enjoyed it!

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