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24 September 2014

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Phil Kennedy

Phil gets you home each weekday from 4pm til 7pm with the latest news and sport, top interviews from across the county and the country, and the travel you trust.

Phil Kennedy

Send Phil a postcard!

In this age of text messaging and emailing, it's hard to recall the last time you received a good old-fashioned postcard.

Well, Phil is harking back to the traditional days of putting pen to, err, card.

Whether you're in Bolivia or Bognor Regis, Phil wants you to send him a postcard.

Write down your name and address and send a card to:

Phil Kennedy, BBC Radio Berkshire, PO Box 104.4, Reading, RG4 8FH Berkshire.


Whether it's the latest Reading FC news or the state of the M4, Phil has the news as it happens from 4pm til 7pm each weekday.

Plus you get a bonus round of Phil each Sunday at 1pm and 8pm, when he presents an hour of BBC Radio Berkshire's Greatest Hits - the best bits from the week's radio.

What makes you laugh?

"The listeners on the text and emails plus classic comedy shows like Morecambe and Wise and Monty Python."

What’s your most embarrassing moment on air?

"When I was talking about Frank Bruno's fight in Las Vegas against Mike Tyson. I said, 'and next more on that Tyson fight in Vegas against Bruno Brookes'!!"

Where is your favourite place in Berkshire?

"My home in Caversham and Newbury racecourse."

What are your most memorable jobs before working for BBC Radio Berkshire?

"I was a Redcoat at Butlins, worked in Italy and the south of France as a holiday rep.

"Then I presented a Channel 4 football show in the Far East in 2002."

What’s your favourite piece of music?

"The Eagles - Hotel California."


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wow im so proud of you phil...ur the man

Judy N
Please Phil, get a smiley photo of you posted on the website!!! You sound such a cheerful person on radio and I hate to be disappointed!!

Mick P
Where's Jacquline gone? your web lady?

John Warrington
Great job on the Toploader interview - I have heard some of the tracks they are working on and I can tell you, it is absolutely brilliant! Wish United luck tonight even though I know it goes against the grain!

Clive @ Kingsclere
Hello Again Phil!Always enjoying your programs.Tonight you held an interview – may I say, impeccably conducted! – with Mr Tim Coulson, MBE; a lecturer who found himself caught up in the “07/07” Bombings that we all, tragically, remember: apart from congratulating you on the professionalism of your program (Journalism, discretion, presentation, etc. - superb) I wish to express my absolute admiration for Mr Coulson.What a hero! MBE is an appropriate and just recognition!Tim’s humility as regards such a situation, leaves me gob-smacked! Were it so, that, finding myself in similar circumstances, I would/could have behaved thus!?I secretly hope so, but it has not been tested: for Tim, it was tested, and he rose even above the occasion. There are some in our society who, when challenged, rise above all expectations. “Thankyou, Tim”. As always. Faithful pm listener……….Kindest Regards, Clive

Richard Nash
please send me the electric fence my email is thank you


terry evans
Hi Phil, you have a lady on around 5.45 who gives you info on different web sites,please could you send me the site i need to go onto Ta very much

Road rage you trust is not well with a bit of a chill but I should be back on the road soon so take care

Ken. J
Hi Phil may I respond to the article below me Ghostmedic or Paul Devline I did not catch all the shows he was on only yours cos Im normally in the on the way home.ok I do not belive in all that paranormal stuff but Who did he upset it must of been bad I Mean Jothathan Ross stepped over the line and he was allowed back after three months!! Come on bbc I think your being a bit unfair on the bloke.Hes stories may have seemed a little tall true or faulse its good radio isnt it.

Mandy I still keep tabs on the show and listen most days but the reason why I am not on is because I unintentionally upset a few groups and unfortunatley the poor old bbc got the flak for it. you have to understand this is not the bbcs fault they have to do wots is right for the corporation and I AGREE WITH THEM. I want you guys all to know that the bbc and there staff have been nothing but warm and friendly and understanding to this situation. The time I spent on Phils, claires, sarahs ,timmys, and richards shows were great and fun to do. CHEERS

Jack in Newbury
Phil's Drivetimne show is the best on the dial. great travel service and great banter. keep it up mate.

john hinton
its great to hear your program i listen every day .i am in the city of cagayan de oro in the philippines. via little bit of england in the still have your passion for food i hear . when in england i used to text you concerning biscuits at the time you had this thing about biscuits .i sugested a retro buiscit spot.the program is still the same high quality regards john fomaly of faringdon

Phil Id like to know something why has ghostmedic not come back to your show his coments are alawys on this page but never on your show anymore I exspected him on at halloween at least I love al that stuff just would like to know where has the ghost guy gone its so frustrating. Its almost as bad as DID YOU KNOW just vanishing someone must know so where has he gone.??????

Ian, Maidenhead
Phil, you were talking about local pronounciations of place names last week i.e it Bish-am or Biss-am? My wife and I married at Bisham Abbey and when we went to the Town Hall in Maidenhead to make the plans for the wedding we asked what the correct pronounciation was. We were told "if you're local, its Biss-am!" Excellent and very enjoyable show, keep up the good work!

Ghostmedics is a paranormal group ufos are classed as just that paranormal.We deal with everything under that banner Tony. Can I tell you whats happening no I can not but you can not sweep it under the carpet everything happens for a reason our job is to try and explain it.I have my own theory but it is not the right place to discuss it. My comments and ways tend to upset a few people but then people are frightened of what they do not understand and at the end of the day me and my team have to respect that we may not like it but thats life. Im sure the someone on Phils team will give you my contact details if you want to find out more Tony thanks for your comment and take care. GHOSTMEDIC

Lawal Giwa
Phil, 20 guineas was £20 & 20 shillings. Because there were there were 24 shillings in a pound, it could not be 21 pounds!

Reading has lots of ufo sightings 2008 woodley Tilehurst and now southcote,so Paul ur in the know tell us what is happening? I thought you were only intrested in ghosts!

I have had a few phone calls about orange lights in the sky AROUND SOUTHCOTE ON BOXING DAY EVENING I would be intrested to hear if anyone else saw them.All the best and have a good new year.

graham maisey
The "staple the vicar" song!Hope you had a great Xmas and a happy new year from Graham, formally of Kingston University and now of Cornwall. have a good one mate.

Andy Marlow
Hi Phil, you knidly had me on your show about a year ago to talk briefly about our website, We now have a Christmas single out, with animation - Seasonz Greetingz, by Billy and the Wrongtonez. Might you be able to air the song, and have another chat on air? Cheers, Andy Marlow

shaun burns
dear sir i am writing about an idea i have had for your show called im cashing in my 15 minutes. your listeners get the chance to come on your show and have their 15 minutes of fame. they can tell us about themselves and play a couple of their favourite songs. but 15 minutes and 15 minutes only. hope you like im cashing in my 15 minutes all the best shaun burns

with halloween coming up is Paul coming back he just seem to vanish like a ghost phil can you shine any light on it or maybe Paul can .Thanks x

Hi Phil, you interviewed my wife Suzanne last night about Ascot Ales & Ascot Beer Festival. I'm her husband Chris & am the brewer. I use to listen to you back in the day when you had an early morning show on BBC GLR. I use to call you Mr Kennedy when I rang in & was Chris from Colliers Wood then, Good to hear your drive time show on Radio Berks. Keep up the good work! Cheers Chris

Rob Jackson (Old Bevonian)
You did'nt mention that one of your most memorable jobs was working upstairs at Argos in Kingston with me! Good to see you're doin well. Do you ever get to play any Peter Bruntnell?

Well barry the silence is broken its nice to read that message.I have kept in touch with Phil and we are moving back to Reading on 29th of this month(2days) hopfully be back for some ghostly chat and investigations as usual belive it or not got some stories to tell but you will have to wait for that.Thankyou for your coment Barry I hope you will tune in next time im on and maybe you can come along and help out on one of our investigations we have planned in Reading on our return all the best GHOSTMEDIC

HI PHIL I Was having a chat in my local and the subject got on to ghosts and i seem to recall you use to have a guy come in and talk about that stuff. where is he what is he doing now i know he was called ghostmedic and you sometimes mention him his coments still on this page will he ever return? cheers Barry

Vigor Screel, Kingsclere
Hi Phil (1) Totally agree with you about Hotel Calif - can check out anytime.. What Air Guitar!!

Wilson Scullion
I was interviewded on the show on Thursday evening at 18:20 ish. I tried to download the programme on iplayer yesterday, but it only showed the first two hours of the show, so couldn't get my bit. Today, it only shows Friday's show. Is there a chance of getting a copy of the interview, please. I also nearly dropped dead when shaving yesterday morning on hearing a clip with my voice on the nine o'clock news!!My email address is I'd be grateful if you'd let me know. Wilson Scullion

nice show,tune on way home from work,

We are hearing a lot about the inconvenience caused by the teacher's strike tomorrow. I know that is the case, but parents taking an unscheduled day off could turn it around and make it a fantastic opportunity to do something special with their kids. Education doesn't just happen in schools and a 'Day with Dad' (or Mum) could be one of those special memories that we take with us all through life. Guaranteed they will learn more on a day like that than a week in school! Make the most and enjoy!

Mark Duncan
Phil, My work collegue Gary Franks collapsed and died on Friday 18/04/08.Gary always talked about your show as we both listen to you every day whilst delivering for TNT.Gary always phoned the traffic line reporting jams around Caversham.Gary will be greatly missed by his TNT collegues.Thanks Mark.

Daisy, Beckenham
Hi Uncle Phil!Been listening to you recently you are great! lolSee you soon x take careD x (ps. give my love to the fam!)

Graham Maisey
Hi Phil - wondered when you'd play the Eagles ! Don't fade out the end as they do down here in Cornwall on P****e FM.

Fred, Palm desert, CA
Please play anything by Yes that lasts more than 20mins, OK? Hey, its radio friendly, yeah? Gives you a good coffee break too! Everyone wins!! Oh, OK. Just play Jilted John and I'll be happy :) x Little brother

Greta Hayter
Hi PhilHappy New Year to you and all those at Radio Berkshire. I have been a fan of the show since early days and enjoyed taking part in the quiz on sundays that used to be on and also sent emails (one of which was read out by Peachy) and others to some of the other presenters. He also did a surprise call to my youngest daughter before she got married.I have just retired from work, but before Christmas my trip to the office was Peachy and Suzi and my homeward journey was YOU - which was really enjoyable. I also really enjoy Nikki and love the way she can chat to anyone and make them feel she really cares.Anyway I can now listen at home more at my leisure! - they didnt like us trying to do this at work on our computers! By the way went to stay with my son on the IOW over Christmas and missed the carol concert in Reading. Was there a DVD made of this - is there any way I can buy a copy?Keep broadcasting - the show gets better every wishes to everyone.

Why can't I read about Salvidor Dali(big fan,as is little brother} something about a flash gun or such, don't forget some of us are not that hands on anymore????Love Me

Hi PhilOn the Harry for the Holiday's album by Harry Connick Jnr is the track Blue Christmas. Check it out if you can, it's brilliant

Freddy Flowers
Where's the doctor gone?

Alan Spencer
hey Phil hope all ur plumbing is fine in ur house and everytime i ring homeserve your wife still answers the phone to me lollater alan

Emma Graham
Hi PhilJust thought that I would let you know that me, Charlie and Harry are listening to you all the way over here in Houston Texas. Great to be able to hear you all the way over here.See you soonEmma, Charlie and Harryxxx
great show. please send me those pic's of earth from outer space, ta

sandra pedrera (madrid)
hi,i´m from madrid and get contact to joannay twyword from australia (she writed in this page)

I have just bought Journey South's new album Home. It is amazing collection of fantastic songs. Please could you play Reconcile Our Love, End Of The World, What I Love About Home or Gone One Day. Thank you very much.

Freddy Flowers
More live Doctor!!! Its always a classic, dont you agree doctor... yessssss

Hi Phil. Dunno if I've got the correct info, but was told that you mentioned a beetroot cake which yr missus makes?? If it is you, PLEASE post it on your web add. Many thanks and cheers for a great show.

I really enjoyed listening to the interview with Journey South. Andy and Carl sang brilliantly too. Please keep playing What I Love About Home.Thank you.LyndaPurple Ribbon Mod

Pam (purple ribbon crew)
Hello Phil,It's great that you have Journey South in the studio today - Can I request that they play something from their new album and dedicate it to Lynn and all the mods of the purple ribbon crew who are working their socks off at the momment. If questions are being put forward mine is :-does Carl have a waitcoat??they'll know what I meanLove from Pam in Newquay Cornwall.

Wendy Dowson
Hi Phil .... it's great that you're chatting to Journey South today. Please can you ask Carl & Andy when they are going to have a well earned rest? Happy Birthday to Carl for Monday, and loads of luck with the single release. What I Love About Home is just beautiful.Take careWendy xxx

Mandy Holdback
HelloSo pleased to hear you have Journey South on your show today, please say a BIG HELLO to Andy and Carl for me, I have been a big fan right from the first X factor audition and love to go see them Live, they are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. Please wish them all the best for the new single and album.Mandy(listening in online from NORWICH)ps .....Please could you ask them to say Hi to all their fans at their website ?????

Hello, It's great that you have Journey South in the studio today. Could you ask the guys what they miss the most about home when they are away? As my family lives in Holland and I live in Scotland I know how it feels like to be away. And the new single is just how I feel at times about being away from home.Thank you lads for the song it means a lotSandra from Holland

Michelle from Norwich.
I'm thrilled to hear you're having Journey South in Phil. They are lovely down 2 earth, grounded, hardworking guys who really take time to talk 2 their fans. Please could you wish them all the of luck with their 4rthcoming single & album releases. Also could you wish Carl a v.happy birthday for the 15th wot a bday pressie it would b if single goes 2 no.1!!! Could you please ask A & C to play track 9 In your eyes as it's my hubbie's fav. Love from Michelle, Robert & Tyler (frm Norwich) & the rest of the purple ribboncrew. Thanks very much Phil for taking the time to read this & chat 2 the guys. There are a lot of v.happy J S fans out here at the mo. Thank you Michelle.

Lynda Hull
Hello PhilThanks for having Journey South on your show. Andy and Carl are two of the nicest people you could wish to meet and are very talented singers/songwriters.The Purple Ribbon Crew are supporting them all the way.Thanksfrom LyndaPurple Ribbon

Keith & Carolyn
Hi Phil you said the other day that you would except any forfiet if england beat australia in the rugby we believe that your punishment for not believing in our team that you should enter the reading marathon and all your training and the run should be put on radio berkshire for all to hear shame on you seak forgivness from all your fans.

Hi Phil! Hope you, Mrs.K& the latest edition to your family are well!!On your gems of information section for Berkshire listeners,, you"MIGHT" like to mention that the ROYAL Society has issued a very disturbing statistic! They say that WE,the (UK),NOW have "100 tonnes" of Plutonium in stock!This represents enough to make, -------17,000 Nucular Bombs! Just lost for words to describe what might be the case if this sort of destruction was unleased onto our planet! You will probably be reluctant to convey this statistic on air, but it is, perhaps, something to keep at the back of one's mind! I thoroughly enjoy your PM programme but do miss Marie Kemp! Still! All the best! Kind regards, Frank in Theale!

Just to say a big thanks to you and your team that I met today when I brought along my Raleigh Choppers, you made me very welcome you all seemed to have had great fun cheers Peter

Wendy Harrison
Hi PhilJust thought you might like to know that Odds Farm Park at Wooburn Common near Beaconsfield is featured on the BBC comedy Outnumbered tonight at 10.35pm - the family have a day out at the farm! It was filmed at the beginning of June this year. Thought your listeners might like to see somewhere local on the TV!I listen to Radio Berkshire every day and really enjoy your show. Keep up the good work.Wendy

Tony of Thatcham
Hi Phil. I listen to your showmost evenings.I like otherdisabled people wondered if onyour show you could remind your punters to park in theroad facing the flow of traffic as required by the"Highway Code" when they gethome, so mothers&buggies andwheelchair users can passwithout going into the road.Cheers Phil,Tony.

Hi PhilMissed you yesterday!!!Peachy boy certainly woke me up with his flood enthusiasms on the 30 minute drive home. I must say I prefer your more laid back style and music. Am I the only one who needs a brief change from constant flood repetition. Can we have a bit more light hearted stuff in between the necessary bulitins to cheer us all up?My other favourite presenter is Steve Maddon. I love his take on the news!

Great Show Phil!!!!
The Berkshire, Berkshire, Berkshire's keep getting funnier Phil. Do you ever know what is going to be said? because you laugh as well.....Berkshire, Berkshire, Berkshire...Home of Biscuits, I prefer Bracknell Forest Gateux........ummmmmmmmmClassic! Great Show Phil!!!!

Haven't had a chance to get online recently, but I'm sure I heard you play "Kayleigh" by Marillion a couple of weeks ago. Just wondered if there was any chance of playing any more up to date Marillion - they've just released their fifteenth album, almost completed a sell-out European tour, and have a double-A side single at number 15 in the charts!

Great SHOW PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!
Berkshire, Berkshire, Berkshire, home of the Royals the Royal family and my Royal Tea Set with Royal painty things...............Great Show Phil!!!!!

Hi Phil just wanted to thank you and producer Anna for making Jo one of my ghostmedics for making her feel as welcome as you always make me feel, i think she did great job from Paul the ghostmedic.

Freddy Flowers
Now I listen when I can, so can someone tell me where 'lets cut to travel' Marie is? Still on the plus side Anna sounds hot... hubba hubba!! Great Show Phil.

Excellent piece on the cheating web site today Phil. I stayed in my car to listen to your web expert finish!! Very relived to hear it was a wind-up though! I love your show but you need to play more James Morrison!!

Edel and John
Listening on the web - major commiserations on your early start! when you said you dont get a lie in - we had no idea!!! Great to see you all on Sunday,Love Edel and John

Suz Starlite
Hi Phil...17 years and counting... ;)you are one of the reasons radio got so good!!

hi phil hope u still got water in ur taps,Sorry i missed u saying thanks to me on ur show anyway have a good show

ghostmedic website is still going in the final stages but i do have a i am sorry its taken so long but it will be worth it when it is done sorry for the delay

Sue Newton
Please play ELO Wild West Hero for me between 5.45 and 6 p.m. Thankyou!

Graham Carter
It's Sian. Love the show Phil! :)

What is the name of your web lady's web site - I heard the bit about the world counters on population, forests and the like butmissed the name of the web site. Thanks Sian

Hi Phil is the up and running yet or do i have the wrong addressthank youJohn

Kieran Young
Hi, my names kieran (quite obviously) I was a redcoat at Butlins too! How can i get your job, let me know :) Or maybe even a humble assistant?

don't want to say my name
I come from a another country where we regularly have thunderstorms and hail - and have always wondered about the 'hail' in the UK. (not sure about the spelling - english not first language) As far as I know, and have experienced in my country, hail comes with other weather patterns and is formed in a specific manner with thunder etc. and definitely not in the cold weather and with the cold wet weather and clouds that we for instance had last night. Now I'm just wondering: Are the English correct in referring to hail - because I'm not so sure that it is proper real hail, but then I might be completely wrong. Maybe someone can explain it properly.

Andrew Child
My 10 year old son wants to cut his hair 30 cms long ! for Rednose day. I notice you are @ Broad Street opp M & S 4PM-6PM - Could you get someone to cut it for him & raise money at the same time? He has already raised £100.

Roy Coney - soon to be ex-Reading local
Always a pleasure never a bore, keep up the good work Phil ;)

Hey Mr Knnedey, h'wos lfie. Tkahns for a geart sohw - we hvae to ctach up aiagn smeoitme snoo. Weeeh da pleope!

Sally Jane Marsh
Hi Phil I have Police permission to tell you about this so you can warn other listeners! Last Monday evening ( 12 Feb ), at about ten to eight,I was driving home to Andover, using the A340 from Aldermaston up to Tadley ( in a southerly direction ). Juat as you approach AWE on the left, and with a mobile home site on the right, I noticed a lot, and I mean a lot, of very large stones laying in the road, both lanes. I slowed down and out of nowhere, to my right, I picked up the sight of a huge stone flying through the air, in my headlight beams, coming across the road. There was an almighty thud and a crack but I carried on driving. I pulled up on Brimpton Common, got the old torch out to check the car over and found out that my windscreen had been smashed, in the top left hand corner, passenger side. I called the Police there and then, and a sympathetic lady took all the details and gave me a crime number. I have had the windscreen replaced and all is ( fortunately ) well. I have just had a courtesy call from PC Coulbourne of the Thames Valley Police who tells me that 6 of us reported the same sort of incident that night, within a 3 hour period. Even an off duty MOD plod was hit! Vehicles and windscreens were damaged but no-one can confirm that they saw anyone throwing any of the stones. Police are going to be more evident at the spot as they are determined to stamp this sort of wilful vandalism out but, in the meantime, can you please warn anyone using that stretch of road to be very careful. I think we were lucky that no-one was physically hurt. Me? I'm going to go home a different route from now on - but one where I can still listen to you!!

Heather from Emmer Green
Can we have a 'whinging Wednesday' Yesterday's was great and a 'It happened @ Work today' slot where we hear about the funny goings on in our various workplaces. e.g. latest joke doing the rounds, The stupidest statement at a meeting, the most naive boss etc. Also road maniacs as suggested by M4 Martin

I was Reading the above you were a red coat well here is a shocker i worked for the other side i was a blue coat for a season. How i ended up as the ghostmedic? Any other listeners had a complete change in the jobs they do

Jean Teall, Finchampstead
ANZAC Biscuits I bought a packet of ANZAC biscuits in Waitrose in Yateley yesterday. On the back of the wrapper it says: 'Symbolising the enduring spirit of the Australian and New Zealand men and women, the humble ANZAC Biscuit assumed an increasingly important role as World War I dragged on. Baked by the women at home using only the ingredients that were available (rolled oats, golden syrup, and flour) this little biscuit played a vital role in lifting morale of the soldiers at the front and later, as a fund raiser for the Red Cross. Today nearly 100 years on, the ANZAC Biscuit is still supporting veterans and their families. Now in the UK we at UNIBIC are proud to be working with the Royal British Legion to help raise funds for British as well as Commonwealth veterans.' There's a website Thank you for your show, I listen from about 4.15 on my way back from my office at the University of Reading. Regards Jean Teall

Dave Murray
Phil, I phoned in this evening on the question re the most difficult European language. I got the correct answer with the first guess then knew I was definitely right when I heard the bit of the language you played at about 6:45PM Not sure how much you know about the Basque language but it's origins are a complete mystery. It's not linked to any other European language or any other known language. It's spoken in the 7 Basque provinces (4 in Spain & 3 in France) and there are a number of different local variations. The speaking & teaching of Basque was outlawed during the Franco era in Spain and so when he died there was a large age group who could not speak, read or write Basque. My wife (a Yorkshire lass)& I (from south Florida) were fortunate enough to have lived in that area and were actually married in a village church in the Basque country. We often go back to visit friends who are more family than friends. Do either of us speak Basque? Unfortunately NO. We know the odd word or two but if you wanted to really speak it you'd have to live there full time and study it intensely. When we lived there it was during the time that the language was outlawed. If you ever get the opportunity to visit that area we could certainly recommend it to you. It is, in our opinion, the most beautiful area of Spain. Agur (Basque for goodbye) Dave

Denzylle in Dalston

Joanna, Twyford
Is the most difficult language Danish?

Julie (Just Dogs) Thatcham
So is this a temporary slot for you, and are you being a good, nice to have seen you at the motorway services, and did marie get her biscuits, or are you keeping them to tease her in the new year, Henry looked good on Mastermind. Have a splendid New Year Phil and love to Graham, shame about the rellies in Melbourne,travelling from Tassie to see the cricket match.. what a expense my pomo's got alot of stick

Santa is a woman! Never! She'd never get round to delivering anything she'd be too busy deciding what to wear and gossiping with all the elves! Your web/IT lady has a lovely voice/laugh though so she's forgiven! Jonathan

paul d mccrystal
Dear Sir As Landlord of the packSaddle I was most disappointed to hear that you refered to the Pack Horse as the only pub in the area that has a 24/7 license, It does not I do The Pack Horse likes to pretend it has a 24/7 as it confuses them with us. I am the only 24/7 in the area and I would be grateful if you could rectify the matter on air. You are welcome to contact Wadorth brewery to confirm this fact or pop in to see my licensce.

Phil These were lanterns that took off from the eton Wick eare there was 5 in all. Yours ever,

The show is excellent keep it up!

When are you getting that weird bloke back who never has solid proof of the ghosts but claims to have seen all

Kevin Kipper
Great Show Phil. Lets Cut to travel!

Greta Hayter
Love your show as I am driving home from work. You make me laugh and although tired feel much better by the time I get home. Love listening to you chatting to the lady who is an IT expert. She has a lovely voice and laugh/giggle. You seem to get on well together. So with you on my homeward journey and Andrew Peach going to work, both good radio listening. Thanks to Radio Berkshire for such good listening.

Debbie ,Clive,Kieran
hi, you spoke to me yesterday, after 6 hours stuck in traffic. we are now home in Essex, would call, as asked but can't find a number

Fred Hunter
Do you think you could move your program since I am asleep when you are on??

TRUE STORY A widowed lady decided she would like to move to live near her Daughter, Son in law and grandchildren. She purchased an old cottage; the lady was very pleased because the cottage had the old fashioned open fireplaces. After she had moved in, her Daughter suggested to save her mother having to take the ash out every day, she purchase a bin of some description to put the ash in and take them out every other day. The mother thought this was a good idea so the Daughter said when she was next in town she would go to the D I Y store and see if she could find a bin or container. The Son in law said, “Make sure its O K because some materials are not suitable for hot ash”. The Daughter arrived at the D I Y store and found a very decorative bin she thought would do the job and look good in her mother room remembering what her husband had said she approached one of the shop assistances and asked him “Will this bin be alright for my mothers ashes?” The shop assistant look back at the lady and said “I thing you will find out the undertakes will give you an urn with them in”.

John Rice
I think Reading Bulldogs fans will also be interested in Charlie Gjedde tonight. I believe he is in the Denmark team.

M3 Jeff
My evening journey wouldn't be complete without the "Berkshere" Marie providing the road info. Has Marie checked her Inbox? Enjoying your music tonight as I'm home early.

Hi Phil, I received this email:- Is this naughty or justified? (I checked the link, its on the website) Sarah ---------------------------- "There is a very real danger that Cristiano Ronaldo will be voted the fans' best young player at the World Cup despite his pouting,diving,pretty boy antics etc ..... He is currently 1st in the FIFA voting just ahead of Luis Valencia of Ecuador. Please can everyone go to - and do the decent thing by voting for Valencia. It doesn't matter who you support or if you haven't seen them play, just stop Ronaldo. Takes 30 seconds...You know it makes sense!!!!" mmmm.

Dave in Forest Gate
Mr Kennedy Its that time of year when a radios' presenter thoughts turn luvingly to Wimbledon and to a certain Russian lady. Calm down!! Its not good for men of our years!!! Cheers Dave

Fred Hunter
I always thought 'The last resort' was a better song.. Fred, Palm desert, CA.


I was listening to the lady who looks after the internet for the stars on your show last night and she mentioned a travel site which gave information about places to visit. Do you know what the website was called?

Julie from Just Dogs
Kevin feels deflated and has had a web cam conference with fellow Kangaroos in Tassie, and has asked if someone very close to him can come and stay for a while, you need to give your permission or the nobbies nuts,violet crumble will be a distance memory to you. All I will say is that I have agreed that who ever wants to come back they can share my suitcase if they keep quite, but let rip once they are in your studio. And boost kevins lonely heart.

Paul Heaps
Thanks Phil, for the Dusty Springfield C.D, now my challange to you is please play some Northern Soul, see if you can get "Do I love you" by Frank Wilson, and why not listen to Mary Fox on BBC Radio Stoke every Friday 19:00 - 21:00 or you can listen to the recorded show on the internet. If they can have two hours a week, im sure that BBC Radio Berks could try some out, to see if there is an interest out there for great music from the 60's and 70's along with the classic Motown from the same period of time. Regards. Paul.

A frog goes into a bank and approaches the teller. He can see from her nameplate that her name is Patricia Whack. "Miss Whack, I'd like to get a £3.000 loan to take a holiday." Patty looks at the frog in disbelief and asks his name. The frog says his name is Kermit Jagger, his dad is Mick Jagger, and that it's okay, he knows the bank manager. Patty explains that he will need to secure the loan with some collateral. The frog says, "Sure. I have this," and produces a tiny porcelain elephant, about an inch tall, bright pink and perfectly formed. Very confused, Patty explains that she'll have to consult with the bank manager and disappears into a back office. She finds the manager and says, "There's a frog called Kermit Jagger out there who claims to know you and wants to borrow £3,000 and he wants to use this as collateral." She holds up the tiny pink elephant. "I mean, what in the world is this?" (Wait for it) The bank manager looks back at her and says... "It's a knickknack, Patty Whack. Give the frog a loan. His old man's a Rolling Stone." (You're singing it, aren't you? Yeah, I know you are........)

Daisy stroud
Uncle you are the best Happy Easter! We are obviously related we both related. You are the best radio presenter ever. cya later Daisy

Freddy Flowers
Random thought here for you Phil.... Everything you know is wrong!!!

Brian Newport
Random Thought ! Can I go home ? I dont want to be late twice in the same day

M4 Martin
Phil, Surely we should have a daily spot on your show, after six pm when most of us are travelling home!! "Idiot of the Day" I gave you two classic examples yesterday of M4 Maniacism. I am sure many peoples lives revolve around travelling locally in Berskhire. A riddle to play on air with! The maker doesn't need it, The buyer doesn't use it The user uses it without knowing. WHAT IS IT? A coffin

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