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24 September 2014

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Paul Miller
Paul Miller

Paul Miller

Weekdays from 22:00-01:00

What makes you laugh?

"I have a wicked sense of humour, and to be honest, it doesn't take much to make me laugh! I can laugh at the strange things we all do on a daily basis, as well as those classic comedy shows from the 70's & 80's, like Steptoe & Son and On The Buses.  Absolutely priceless!"

What’s your most embarrassing moment on air?

"I've been very lucky in not having too many of these, however there are two that stick in my mind. I remember many years ago, reading the early morning news, and saying that the latest round of peace talks in Northern Ireland had ended the night before in dreadlocks...  It should have been deadlock!

"When I was working as early morning travel presenter, from a local Police control room, the programme presenter always used to have a chat with me first thing before we went on air. One morning I had trouble with the headphones and just as I managed to get them working, the presenter started chatting about the roads. It was only after about 30 seconds or so that I suddenly realised I was on air! Lucky, as I was about to inform them of the latest station gossip!"

Where is your favourite place in Berkshire?

"Without a doubt - Windsor. It's a great place to visit, and there are some nice shops too!"

What are your most memorable jobs before working for BBC Radio Berkshire?

"I worked as a nightclub DJ for many years before entering radio.  It was a great job, and I have many many fond memories.  I also got to meet all sorts of interesting people. I was a croupier for a while, and a college lecturer.  I've been very lucky in having such varied and interesting jobs."

What’s your favourite piece of music?

"This is almost impossible to answer, as I have a strong passion for music. There are two songs that stand out however:

The Power of Love - Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Where Do We Go From Here - Bobby Womack

Both of these songs remind me of a very important time in my life, and will always be very special."


last updated: 07/02/06
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carolyn dennis
please play paul after 1130 -1145 a.m doris day seral seral.thanks.we love all your shows.

linda begbie
absolutely love your show, the choice of music and the topics you talk about; makes me feel warm and safe.

I listen most nights to yourshow and thoroughly enjoy it. Best wishes for 2010.

Suzanne in Drayton
For your show tonight - how about Sacher Torte for your cake?Love your show, I listen most nights.

your show is so good i have been hooked since i first ever heard it your so funny you make me laugh all the time

hi paul great show love it i also my mummy listens to you everynight say hi to mum her name is margreat ABBA question: who is the group with the 2nd best muiscal in london and a note from me Queen musical WE WILL ROCK YOU :)

jim b- from newhaven esussex
Hi paul, im same age as you 25????????, and just got on line for first time ever,can i say that you are a nutter of the best kind, i dont know how i havnt crashed while driving aroud [working]as i have tears running down my face through laughing so much, and when talia is on WELL??? [whats she on, i want some?] keep it up,,,,,

Gloria Blaver
Hello PaulI so enjoy your show at night ,i find your voice very calming,and you are a very good entertainer .warmest wishes. Gloria ,from Peasmarsh east sussex !!!

Spent a week at worth matravers on purbeck. No British signal but quite a good french one!!Iiz basingstoke

hi there i have power naps in the morning i listen to you till the end of your show then i listen to talk sport till 6 am i dont sleep at night due to having Fibromyaglia its a very wired thing to have my sleep patten is upside down the only thing isjust asw i drop off about 7 the door bell normaly go`s and i get woke up :) oh joy cheers for the show love it and please say hi to my mum she listens to you in bed as well she has just become a great grand mum again thats 4 for her now thanks paul x x

Geryon Ackosimilie
Bill Watson, I submit that you are boring. Paul Miller is the legend of late night radio.

Bill Watson
When are you going to take a leaf out of Bill Rennells or Dave Allen's books and put on a proper programme?Your 'Quizzes' are real boring.

richard and wenda sparey
hi paul we live in warminster and listen most nights from about 2230 our reception is o k but we lose you at times do you transmit on digital like some other local stations if so could you let us know all the best come on radio two wants a good man now sir terry is packing up come on get in there all the best richard and wenda sparey warminster

Andrew Hall
Love the prog, listen most night for the last hour or so. Listening a few moments ago, I'd better warn - in these times of economic downturn, your £50 win on the premium bonds some years ago will only nett you £25 these days!!

carol adamson
i have been told i have a realy wickid sence of hummeri bet you can't see a name of a pop group in wet floor signs

Adam pesterfield
Caravan drivers

Carole, Woodley
'Paul' is a village in Cornwall


Gillian Mary B
Hi Paul, I love your show and your presentation style, I listen to you in bed every evening. Do you have daytime shows by any chance? Thank you Paul.

Michelle Simmo
Great show not so sure about the accents though, Well done Vera, good attempt.Thank you both for an entertaining evening.

Andy Macleod
Hi PaulPlease can you wish Sheila Macleod of Frieth, Henley on Thames a very happy birthday for tomorrow (saturday) with love from Katie & Andy. Many thanks


adrian barron
Dear Paul, I think your show is great, it cheers me up no end, just hearing your sense of humour, and interesting chat, keep up the good work

its friday evening the programe befor you put out a record for tony webb from ellington park about 9 45 do you have any info to who requested the record my pretty fruline i am very interested

andre / from bexhill
hi paul the other day i bought a packet of walkers crips so i thought they was small so then i bought a big munch packet and all it was, was a bigger packet! and loving your show :)

the show is the best!

christina lynham
hi paul my friend told me about yr show, & I always lisern to u every night. yr great & u and u team make people laugh,thank u for being there of a night time. when my mother passed away yr show help me to pick myself up and carry on thanks. can u say hi to me on yr next show I am from slough.

Lorna From Mortimer
Hi Paul You always make me smile.Every show is a Laugh a Minute especially on Friday Nights.Talia only wins because she makes up the rules as the game progresses.

Michelle in Maidenhead
Good company great programme, especially enjoy Friday nights you make a great team. Just a big thank you.

David Lacey
Paul, who's the lady you have on with you on Fridays?She's tremendous. Is there a picture any where on Radio Berkshire web?

Love ur show. keep up da gr8 work. It's all rite paul, ur secret that ur not really 25 is safe with me....

derek in basingstoke
how about leaving on a jet plane

Ready veg including onions are very handy for people with arthritic hands such as mine, so no knocking them for me! love the show Paul x

Freddy Flowers
Millerman... what can I say about Friday 20th March show.... CLASSIC!!! Can you play the flute from both ends... I went to bed laughing!

ann sloper
love listening to you was in hysterics this morning with all the rhyming slang tried not to wake hubby giggling so much thank goodness got a personal radio thanks very much good entertainmentand love your side kick she was so funny

Wee Doogie
The expression Bob's your uncle refers to James Arthur Balfour, former PM as his uncle was Lord Robert Salsbury, an earlier Prime Minister

How about Oakley Court in W

Jean Finch
Hi Paul love your program especially Friday night!Could I be so rude enough to ask your phone in assistant name as when she is on the two of you bring tears to my eyes with laughing----Jean

Hi Paul Just A Note To Say Wow Ive Offten Wondered What U Look Like And Ive Got To Say Ur Phota Dosen Not Match Ur Voice What So Ever Itsd A

love the show paul keep it up

Hey Paul, I luv ur show. Especially when u say "Byesy bye now, bye bye." You and Talia are so funny. The only bad thing is that I fall asleep before the show finishes (I'm only 14). Have you ever won yet?? *Laughs*Keep up the great work,Imogen

john wilkison
I love yr show, paul - ive converted my friends from radio 1 to u!

u do make me laugh,u should b on the telly

David Edwards
Sleeping in inappropriate places. I fell asleep during a performance of the Massaiha (spelling?!) I was actually playing in the orchestra at the time!!

Daniel Roper
Hi PaulI am running the London Marathon for the Royal National Institute Of Blind People (RNIB). I need to raise a total of £1,450 and I’m hoping you can just give a quick read out of the website to give it a kcik start. All donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated. It’s a charity that I feel has often been overlooked of late and so I’m hoping we can raise a decent amount. The site is or you can e-mail your details to Love your show, even more so with the recent weather. It’s these times that make local radio stand out as a pillar for the community. Keep it up!Hoping you can help.Daniel RoperReading

I think friday nights are the tops you and Talia are great together I heard you are now an item congrats keep it going Paul

remember the firrst cord to taggart and the prisoner music, a day that patrick mcgoohan died I heard on the news today.A listener asked about learning speedway I have details ifhe is still interested.

I'm another of the younger people listening to your show (I am only 12) I love listening to your show!

roland from newbury
I am always pleased to go to bed and listen until 1 am Im a long long way past your 30 years

im only 13 and i really like ur show merry christmas

I think your show is great,listen to you every night, your the best on radio berkshire.Elle

Chris Lynham slough
I think yr show is great, I love to meet u,but I know it wont happen, I listen to u every night yr my idol lve u lots chris


Hi Paul,I'm listening in Enniskillen tonight! When you play a song for merlyn, tell him his Aunty Chris says hello?

peter, basingstoke
has your photo been touched up? you sound more 'distinguished' than you look!

now the show has finished ,I Thought I'd let the mice have their say

Paul, I just might send you a MP3 file to play on your show to see if the bosses are listening.......cheers

Paul Miller
Where is my tea

I don't know much about QUADROPHENIAZ but the Zulu's ask, how do we get to here .(triropheniaz

Jude Bays
Hope you are still doing thisFunny songs to be played in the butchers...Chop through the heart Bon JoviLiving on a Prayer....that he wins the sound proofing case...Regards

Im in a millitary band and had a very important job, a banquet in london at mansion house for the lord mayor and royalty. I was getting my uniform ready when I realised I had no instrument So I borrowed someone elses in the wrong key and a different size, made a lyre (the bit that holds the music) out off a wire coat hanger and borrowed spare backing card and mimed for an hour and the conductor never found out. Another time I had no boots so bought some boots from stead and stimpson and made some spurs out of a couple of coat hangers thank god for hangers eh!

Freddy Flowers
Its Miller time!! Slap me some skin Miller. Byesy bye bye bye byeeeeeeeeeeeeee lots of laughs

I have been listening to Paul years whenever I was on holiday down south in East Wittering. I once rang in and it was so nice to speak to him. I have just discovered I can listen live which comes as a great joy as I'm halfway across the world now.Keep up the great work!

Graham Spencer of reading
Hi Paul, I would like to say how much I enjoy listening to your pregramme I usually get to bed by 22-15, put the ear-phones in and spend as much time as I can awake listening to you.There is one question I would like to ask, and that is I often hear you say that you do not pick the "tunes" for your show, could I ask why?Keep up the good work, a most enjoyable programme.Regards to you and the team Graham

lesley bennet
i have 2 men in bed with me at night under the duvet 1 is paul & i is my husband carrying on paul making me laugh lesley

Andrew and Robin Haysom
we listen to you every evening even though we are 10 and 7 years old. Could you give us a mention? Someday we think you should do different peoples hobbies.

john & ivy fromwarfield
we are in bude and it is cuming cats and dogs out side in the motor van

Hi Paul, your show is just fantastic.... Your show just makes a bad day seem a very long and distant memory and makes me smile so much - you have me in stitches! I never miss your show. Keep up the good work!

Love story Jules in Coventry

Kris the cabbie
Really like your down to earth talk grabs my attention when i tune in at work- occasionally text in! Great work.. are you really 25?! A clever, clean and thoughtful show Paul Im all ears (-:

Rosanne Barnes from Thatcham
never e mailed a radio show before thought I,d make you the 1st cause I love listening to you, you make me giggle x

Alexander warren
some guy put my number on his web page by accident so for the last month I've been having refernce requests and buisness calls

Nicole Ellis
Hi Paul,I love your show, you make may night after a stressful and busy day at work. Keep it up.

john parnell
haveing a good time in lake dist beet to all at radio berks ivy john

emma from reading
hi paul just letting u no u do a brilliant show me and my husband listern to u every night without fail keep up the good shows

Maggs, Thatcham
In the war, thats dating me! I lived in Acon London and there was a sweet shop where for a pound or two pound of sugar whatever you could save as it was on ration, they use to make sweets for you. We had chocolate, fudge and barley twists. This was a great treat, as there were no sweets sold in the shop, as I said everything was on ration and sweets were a luxury I will never forget going to that shop and the great smells that was in it .. Regards Maggs

Mary Whyte
Hi Paul, love your show, listen to you every night you are on air and miss it when i am away and dont hear you. Between you and me i think my partner is jealous.

ted from maidstone
I have mailed you before i listen every night but this time its about talia. what a girl, the tasks she sets are so hard i stay awake til 12 thanks for programme ted

Eddie Maidenhead
I have been an extra many times and the funniest one was in Xmen 3 when the little boy at the end looks across the sky it Took nearly 30 takes for this one scene- At the end of the shoot everybody wanted to MMMMMMMMMMMMMM the boy

Yes I love the Power of Music

Ben (Reading)
Hey Paul listening to your show now - I love it

Susan from Reading
Please someone take charge of meals for me. Its boring, causes a mess in the kitchen. Meal takes a few minutes to eat then its clearing up the table, washing up and putting away.I'll iron for hours, allowing me to daydream to my heart's content and you have lovely clothes to hang in the wardrobe.

Sheila Thomas
I have just learnt to use the computer at 25 !!!!!! So thought I'd look up your website if you will pardon the expression I love your show bless you.

hazel barnes
hi pauli have some bad news. i e-mailed marmite and they are doing marmite with guiness this year.they only did 300.00 jars last year and i believe you had nearly all of them. did you try the marmite with champagne.

Freddy Flowers
Byesy Bye bye, bye bye


Eddie Hard
Ever question whats under a scotmans kilt I would be interesting tonite to see what people say

Mike Sweeney
Love the big show. Logging on to Face Books now.Mike.

please explain again how to find face book and join. New listner, love it

Janet from Reading
Place names with food in them:Rye Towcester

Rob (Basingstoke)
Hi PaulI'm fairly new to your show but I find it really enjoyable. There are also some great characters.Well done.

Freddy Flowers
Ive got a headline for that ol daily Miller... you know what I say when its Miller time. Everything you know is WRONG!! Watch more TV

cheryle C
I looked forward to listening to Paul's 9pm - 1am programs when I lived on the Isle of Wight, I listened when I lived in Dorchester and I listened when I lived at Aldershot, but for the last 2 years I have lived in Poole Dorset and I cannot get it, even on my digital radio which I brought especially. Oh how I miss his cheerful chat and banter. I loved to listen to him and Grazie (Graham). Now I'm on broadband I hope I can 'listen again!'

steve in Reading
hello paul just thought i would drop you a line to see how you are. thanx for the last year you have cheered me up noend after what has been a difficult time.Keep up the show as it,s a life line for me.Take care .

shirley from windsor
Paul years ago I went to cinema and my husband got my favourite popcorn, I was struggling quietly top open the bag when suddenly it did and popcorn shot out everywhere. My husband was not amused and took away the bag. At the end of the film the lights went on and the man sitting next to my husband leant forward to stand up only to find popcorn stuck on the top of his suede shoes. The next time we went to cinema I was refused popcorn and was given icecream instead. It was rock solid. I dug spoon in and the spoon came out flicking a dollop of icecream landed on the back of man sitting in front of my husband. My icecream was snatched away and slid under a chair. I was never allowed anything to eat in the cinema again. mmm

John Hogbin
Hi Paul:May you and your colleague Lindl have a very good 2008. My wife Nancy have just toasted you both and all friends in the U.K. with kiwi/melon wine!!!John Hogbin, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

sheila jones
Hello Paul,you keep my sanity going,when l have had a rough night with looking after mother ,l need to turn off,l need a bit of laughter, and nothing too serious,and you give it all,l cant go to bed unless l have an hour of your do a better job than social services! Keep up the good work.We all rely on you to keep our spirits up.Your our main stay.Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.RegardsSheilaPortslade

Tim Shiner
Hi Paul. I know I am thicker than most listeners but try as I might I cannot get a site for you fans. I have just tried putting "I love Paul Miller" into the search engine, no joy. I have been on solent website no joy. During the day when there are a lot of back room staff ding litttle could one of hte please e mail me with exact detail on how to do it?Best WishesTim

Maggs, Thatcham
I used to go past an undertakers in South Wales I think near Swansea, called Nurse & Payne, this really made me laugh.

Nikki Taylor
A red herring is a metaphor for a diversion or distraction from an original objective. An example can be found in academic examinations, particularly in mathematics and physical sciences. In some questions, information may be provided which is not necessary to solve the given problem. The presence of extraneous data often causes those taking the exam to spend too much time on the question, reducing the time given to other problems and potentially lowering the resulting score. Red herrings are frequently used in literature and cinema mysteries, where a character is presented to make the reader/viewer believe he/she is the obvious perpetrator, when in reality it is someone far less suspect.

Janet from Tilehurst
Paulsy Darling, how about having a tv that can say to the old man when he switches the sport on - "Hey, isn't it about time you let your good lady have a choice on what to watch" and perhaps remind him what to expect if he deny's her the opportunity of takiing over the remote control!!

Stella Harris
Hi Paul, I am a regular contributor to your programme and I very much enjoy the show.I am currently recovering from a swollen hand after being savaged by my son's cat!Whilst visiting my other son earlier in the year, I fell over and fractured my shoulder.Do you have any safety tips on how to visit relations?My friends have suggestged a hard hat large swathes of cotton wool.Love Stella from Bexhill on Sea c/o

Audrey Margate
Hi Paul love the show,especially your chats with Neil, listening to you both always ends my day withlots of laughs keep em coming guys.

renee slough.
love the show paul.but cant find face book. I may just be stupid. Keep on making us oldies smile. love.fromsilver surfer

Mrs 'W'
Hi, the full title of Ernie does have the word milkman in title ERNIE ( THE FASTEST MILKMAN IN THE WEST) 11/12/1971 .

hi paul i listen to your show every evening could you play bruce springstens new song as i have not heard it yet

June Miller
Love the show.Makes me feel good when I am feeling down.Like to have more quizes at 10-11,apart from that it's fab.

Edd Elgeti - Caversham
What is the Text Number you allways say it but i never get it down quick enough please saY IT SLOWERILYthankyou

Margaret Holland
what about "Its gonna be a Cold,Cold Christmas by Dana"according to the radio, warmer weather's on the way

carol whittlesea
listen to your voice at night and u make a lot of people happy its nice to listen at the evening

love the show Paul work late into the night making cakes. Your humour keeps me awake

Ann from The Willows
Just like to say thanks for a super programme. I told my sister (Shirley McNulty) to listen a while ago and she loved it. She rang & spoke to you once and then sent an email to you. Unfortunately she has recently passed away, but she always used to tune in and when we met the conversation often started with 'did you hear Paul last night.....'. Anyway thanks again.

Angela Bentley
The storyline to end all stories: Ver's birthday and a present is delivered by royal Mail. Vera opens the parcel and inside is a large square box which has a delicious perfume. Vera opens box and there is a note saying "With love from Jack". She is so excited and surprised as Jack never buys her a birthday present. She takes the box and runs across to the Rover's Return shouting at Jack "Oh Jack thank you for the powder. She trips and falls and the powder spreads over the floor. She is killed instantly and the rest of Corrie dies at invervals as the powder was sent by Jack Bauer of 24 and it contained anthrax powder. Deadly to people within the area!!

balynda from ashford
listen to you every night, you make me laugh and also let me learn some interesting thing keep up the good work

sue cox Tilehurst
dear paul can you please say hi to my mum sue cox in tilehurst she saw what you looked like today by going on the computer for the very 1st time and you was the 1st thing i had to show her many thanks mum thanks for every thing mandie ps can you play blanket on the ground thanks

Brian from Slough
love your show. My wife and i listen to your show before we go to bed!Keep up the good work, you make us laugh!:~)

renee slough
love to go to bed and listen to paul He is the greatest

i love the show i listen to it all the time i love it!!!

Lewis Broad
Hi Paul,Can i have a shout out at 10:30pm please? love the show i'll be listening later.

Jacob (Grays)
Paul Miller, I love you. :)

Charlene (Blackfield)
Woo thanks for giving the shout out to my Gran, I thought she may have been asleep at the crucial moment but she did hear it and it made her day!!! Thankyou ... now all I have to do is win her a bug! :)

Jamie, aged 14, from Basingstoke
Hi Paul, I just wanted to say i have been listening to your programme since christmas. I came across it because i wanted to listen to christmas songs which you were doing on that night and i have now became addictive to your amazing programme. Keep up the good work and i'm shore that one day i shall win one of your prceless bugs! Jamie

Marian from Lancing
Hi Paul, my husband Mick and i listen to your show every night,your brilliant humour is so contagious, and you are always so cheerful, by far the best DJ around.Whilst we are cuddled up listening to you tonight after 11pm, would you please tell Mick that i love him so much, we have been married 25 years and he is my best pal.Thanks ever so much Paul, and keep smiling!! love Marian xx

i listen to your show every night and i think your brill

matthew reene
great show paul listen to it every night keep it up

I have logged on out of curiosity to see what you look like . I imagined you to be much older, so that's a pleasant surprise....suffice it to say that I am nearer to the "Silver surfers" than you seem to be. I am surprised at how you are able to maintain chatting about anything and everything night after night and coming up with all those quiz ideas...such staying power!My husband is becoming more jealous as I'M with Jeremy Kyle in the morning and you at night....what a contrast!Well when I tune in later I can now put a face to the voice, otherwise I was imagining various types of Bugs!

chris from st leonards
please let me have one of your BUGS, my car reg is H11BUG and would love one sitting on dash.

your show is tres cool and my dormatory listens every night, can you say hi to george wilson and alex slaven for me. thanks

Ed weldon
i want one of those really cool bugs please

Peter Brunnen
I believe you said the other night that you had never spoken to a real winner of a T.V. prize. Well Paul, I actually won a gold Mini Clubman on the Golden Shot, with Bob Monkhouse in 1970. It was an H Reg. No UOH 215 H. Lulu was on the same show. All the best, Peter.

janice marsh
cheese wiz is a dip ok kraft make it janice newbury

love the show,i really want a bug...

Love the show,please say hi to my dad Derek Mayes in Eastbourne who listens every night.Also my sister Wendy Spence and husband steve who both listen in bed Thanks Paul xx

Love the show, could you please play an abba song for me (28/2/07)

Eva in Ketchikan, Alaska
My boyfriend in Eastleigh told me about your program and I finally got to listen to you. I think you're great. You have an impressive sense of humor and play some very nice music. Say Hi to my Sweetie for me. His name is Steve. Take Care....Eva

Mrs Helen Barker
We just sent you a email and we forgot to put our address on the email. Our address is 20 clapham common clapham worthing west sussex. bn13 3ur

Mrs Helen Barker
We like your laughter and we also like the way you keep people in touch with all the traffic news. Could you please give my husband a mention on your show and tell him i love him very much. Could you please send us one of your bugs as we are going on holiday and we will take the bug with us and take a picture of it and send you the picture as proof that we took it with us.Lots of love from my husbands name is jack barker.

Why do we have to listen to your inane laughter and blabbering each night? Can you please get a transfer to afternoons and then give us more of Bill Rennells-the best programme each week

i love your programme, i started listening to it when i was in hospital and listen to it every night now. you keep my warped sense of humour going.

adrian in basingstoke
save ur love by renea and rento thats bad

carol from bexhill
gorden ramsey fed his pigs on beer during one of his f-word series,he had the pigs in his garden

Helen Boyes
Hi Paul. I have searched on Google and Yahoo and cannot find a car called an Allepri. As you mention it regularly, please, please, please could you post a photo of it on the website? As I and I am sure many other listeners, would love to see what it looks like as we cannot find a picture of it anywhere and have not heard of it until you said you had one. I think you are great!!! I love listening to your show at night. As my husband works nights, I go to bed with my cup of tea and listen to your show because you keep me company until 1 am. Keep up the good work!! Love Helen

Michelle Simmonds
Paul just to say keep up the good work love the programme (a breath of fresh air) shame we cant have more of the same, but I suppose you have to sleep sometime.
its 12-30i'll be listing a bout12-50 say hello to blanche who put me in touch with your programme, i've not listened to any thing else thank you my song if you have time to play it is Ilove you because by JIM REEVES GLENDA BETTER KNOWN AS KIWI BYE FOR NOW bye to Clare xxxxxxx

Ben Cooper
Paul, been listering to the show for some time now, but missed some shows around the time ILEEN disappered. Just wondering, what happened to her? Ben

Angela Bentley (Angela from Woodley)
Paul Pls pls it is Dear Sir and Yours faithfully and Dear Paul Yours sincerely. If I had written Dear Sir and Yours faithfully on the thousands of letters I have written in my 40-year career I would have been sacked. Spelling : Your programme has taken me back to the age of 8 when a spelling contest at school I was able to answer everyone else's spelling but when it cam to me I was asked to spell "ocean" and for the life of me I couldn't remember whether it was "o" or "a" before the "n", and even to this day this sticks in my mind and I am considered quite a good speller. Concerning the word to and too. We were taught to meant going to somewhere and the word too could be used instead of very or as well. That has also stuck with me. Thanks for a great programme Paul Kind regards Angela

Forgive me Paul, i havent listened to the show for a while since i have moved to gloucestershire but where's aunty anna??? love the show XxX

hey paul hope you have a good christmas, shame google could not find your allepri??? did i spell it right ??? scaniaman

Dave from Lower Earley
Paul how about 'Connie Fir' for your tree?!

Gladys of Maidenhead
Dear Paul I thought I would share this funny story that happened to my son-in-law the other day when he was travelling on the tube in London. He was taking the northern line south to Tooting Broadway. Not being familiar with the line, he immersed himself in his book. After a few stops the tube pulled out of Kennington, he looked up, no one else in his carriage. He then realised the tube turns round at this point and enjoyed the journey through the tunnels to find himself back at Kennington now going north. He got off and tried to find his way back onto the line going south. He found the platform just as the buzzer for the doors sounded and he rushed for the tube, jumped on just as the doors closed. He looked around - no one else in the carriage - oops. The train then proceeded through the tunnels back to Kennington going north. He got off again and found his way back onto the platform going south. This time he checked that the train was going south before he got on. He spent about 30 minutes touring the tunnels and platforms at Kennington so if this ever happens to anyone else, they should just smile and wait - they will get there evenutally.... PS I really enjoy the show. Keep up the good work.

iris syrett
i think your great

carol whittlesea
paul i think you are so funny you make laugh i lie in bed listen to your show its great keep it up c.w. bramley tadley.

i like hearing your show at night i lay in bed lisoning to your show at night. you make me laugh.

Speedy the Turtle
Wow What a super show, Your late night competitions are good but I really want a dusty bug thing they sound nice like your show. on the weekend i miss you lots! keep up the good work!! P.s My computer is a bit sad at the moment after the depart of ILEEN! alwas listenin'!

angela Bentley (Angela from Woodley)
Hi Paul, enjoying the show as usual. The only record I can think of (apart from the two BandAid records is Elton John's Candle in the Wind re: Princess Diana. I believe it is one of the biggest selling charity records of all time. Carry on the good work. Kind regard

mary purchell
Great show Paul listen every night - you have me laughing with you as our humour is very similar I could certainly do with your oils at times especially when the arthritis is painful.What would you recommend for old arthur to ease it! Would you play a Charlie Lansborough some time for us.

carol lives in bramley
i think your show is abrezz because i listen to your show all night you r a star keep it up paul.

carol whittlesea
I Have been trying to get throw to your radio show for a long time now and i think it is a really good show, it is good.

Shirley McNulty
Hi Paul Thanks for great show. Been a bit down lately but your programme really cheers me up. Spoke to you recently on air and that definitely made my day. Keep up making us happy

Andy of Reading
Paul. Can you wish my son, Darren, a happy birthday. Give me a call some time to catch up. Dad. Thanks!

My Husband and i listen to your show from the comfort of our bed, you have us in fits of laughter,sometimes at the most inopportune moments!!!!! you are most definately the best presenter on Southern Counties...keep up the good work Paul, you are a breath of fresh air!!!Its good at last to be able to put a face to the name.Would you mind giving us a little mention on your show tomorrow (Monday 2nd Oct)please....cheers wishes Marian and Mick Hopwood

paul i am having truble with my computer agen how do i get the web can or lisen live up ?

Tony Smythe
Dear Paul, With regard to jobs I once was a Tax Assesor - it was a job you did not come out with - I was an assessor in the days towards the end of Rhodesia. We just stated that we worked for the Min of Finance. Really a great program - for the record I was a copper in the BSAP- so all my jobs were with the proverbial big stick. Now I work as a Researcher here in Berkshire quite a difference hey !

Rev Roy
re the rhymes earlier, there is a celtic word used on the island of Iona and that is 'hirple' which means hobble - it rhymes with purple, and in one of the children's books I seem to remember a character called Mrs Gorringe(rhymes with orange) Thanks for the show Blessings and prayers Rev Roy

Great show, keep up the good work. I listen every night and you always make me laugh !!

gordon from cheddington
paul could you please say hello to my wife nell, as it is her birthday, and tell her lI love her lots, around about 11 45. I could do with some of your oils to do her feet with,as I have cream them every night, thanks for a wonderful show, we listen evevery night thank you gordon

Simon Dullingham
Hi Paul, Caught a bit of your show last night while on my way home. You were talking about cameras. One of your listners mentioned they use a digital camera but seldom prints the pictures. There is a solution for this. Buy an LCD picture frame where you download pictures from the digital camera to the picture frame itself. The pictures then cycle through. The downside is that they cost from around £100 up. Just do a Google search for "LCD Picture Frame" or "Digital Picture Frame".

Hi paul great show, the other night you were talking to a guy in Canada about a game he had invented, 20 something, could you let us know the name of it again cause i have forgotten thanks

I think you did an excellent job last night with all those power problems, You deserve a medal for not loosing your temper. Great show keep it up

Helen McKay
I have never listened to your show myself but I have just gone on-line to print off your photo for my great aunt, Ruth Hearn, who listens to you regularly. She is 93 and you always cheer her up when she can't sleep. She often tells me, when I go to visit, that she spent the night with Paul Miller! Perhaps you could nip round and give her a massage. Many thanks.

You always make me laugh! I've been listening to you since I was little, and now i listen to you with the radio on my sister's tommy, because that's the only place we can get clear signal!!!

natalie chance
could it be either sun cream or eye curlers/eye shadows

Hi paul, i am 16 and i live in bracknell. I think your shows BRILLIANT!!! By the way, i think you would find store cards in a ladies handbag

maureen smith
too many e mails read at night. i preferred the phone calls to radio kent paul miller show

Andy from Reading
Paul I was one of the three correct guesses for last nights I-Spy, C - Holiday Camp. Very devious quiz - managed to stay awake this time! Great show.

Andy from Reading
Paul, love the show and tune in most nights from 2200. However, we always manage to miss the result, sleep overtakes us I'm afraid, of the I-Spy quiz. Can you possibly give the previous nights answer at the start of the show? Brenda, my dear wife, is sitting an exam tomorrow, Saturday 3rd June, please wish her luck and tell her I love her. One of your special kisses would be fantastic. Byeee

Donna & Michael from Andover
Hi Paul we totally enjoy your show, and look forward to playing I Spy! Keep up the good work

Hi paul, I have only just started listening to your show but I am hooked. Have you ever thought of speaking like Kenny Wlliams, Oh matron! stop messing about.

john (oxford)
Dear Paul, love the show, have been in sheffield for the past couple of months and missed you! glad to have you back!

Cynthia Frewin Sunbury-on-Thames
I enjoy your wonderful show every night and look forward to 10pm I listen while in bed keep up the good work Paul

Matt from henley
you make me laugh and entertain every night

hi paul i love your show its fab!

i like your show keep the shopping trolley lol

Bob n Bob
Hey Paul, Love the show, and you're right, Drugs are maaad! You keep me up every night with your soothing tones. Can't wait till you get knighted! Bysie Byeeee

Driving home at night I listen to your programm, which is sometimes quite wicked! I think our present officials suffer acute constipation, how can they be so stupid and ban the new australian advert campaign! I looked at it on the web, it's just fun. Where are we going to?

Adam James Weeden
I love your show, I love to listen to Late Night Shopping But I've usally fallen asleep before 22:00!!!

andrew burge
hi paul ,i think your show is great i listen ever night . i also puzzle over whats in your trolly


Hello Paul I wondered if you could say hello to me my name is Marie and I live in Reading.Between 10 and 10:30 if poss. P.S love the show

ben poole
hi paul i listen to your show every night .i am enjoying the new shopping game very much. please can you say hello to all my friends at newbury day centre, where i have been washing cars today thanks ben come on you royals.

Darren Clarke
Hi Paul listening to you on-line... great show. Could you please tell me what was in yesterdays trolly? Unfortunatly I missed what it was. All the best mate and thanks. Darren Clarke Toronto, Ontario Canada

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