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24 September 2014

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My Luminaries
My Luminaries

My Luminaries

By Linda Serck
The busy Reading band took time out to catch up with BBC Berkshire on a Saturday afternoon down the pub. We find out about their news, their gig on February 11 at the Fez and set the rumours straight about their signing.


Please note, this interview is from January 2006, click on the link below for a band update:



My Luminaries have been around for three years and are ready to head for the big time. They're playing a home-coming gig at the Fez Club in Gun Street, Reading on Saturday 11 February. BBC Berkshire caught up with them ahead of their gig to find out what exactly the band have been up to.

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What have the band been up to?

James: "We've been up to lots of stuff actually, this is our first weekend off. We've been touring, we've been writing lots of new songs, we've got a single release that got in the indie charts, yeah we've just been working as hard as we can and as good as we can in as short a time as possible."

Tell us more about the single cos you managed to sell 700 copies before it was even released.

Saul: "Yeah it's a double-A side with a band called Number One Son so we can't take all the credit, but basically it was through a little indie label called Xtra Mile and they put out a series of four limited edition coloured vinyls - one for each week of January.

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"We were number two, and yeah as you said we had 700 pre-ordered out of limited edition of about 1,000 so we're pretty happy about that, and it went in at number 29 in the Radio 1 indie charts, so it's the official one."

Excellent, the single is called All I Really Want, have you got any other releases in the pipe-line?

Sam: "Not at the moment. I think the next thing is to go into the studio to record and re-record all the new stuff that's in the set at the moment that isn't available.

"The All I Really Want that was released was done some time ago now - about two summers ago - with a producer called Pixie. It would have been nice to release some of our new stuff but that was the only thing that was sat around that was up to standard really, so the next step is to re-record everything and start releasing again."

You've recently been on a ten-day tour and you were saying before we started recording that it was the best ten days of your lives, so was it all sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll?

James: "It certainly was Linda! I can't say I fulfilled all those, but 'law of the stag, law of the tour'...but yeah we had a great time."

Okay so where did you guys go on tour?


Saul: "Em, I really don't remember!"

Sam: "It's the first time we had a driver so we just slept all day and got out. It was a bit colder in some places so we kind of come to the assumption we're up north but most of the time we just got on the stage and played, and then...started drinking again!"

Dylan, do you remember at all where you went?

"Em yeah I'll briefly tell you: we went to Leeds, then Glasgow then Wigan then Cardiff then Bristol then London then Cambridge then London again."

So what's in the pipeline for the band, there's been lots of talk of signings, lots of rumours, people have been talking down the grapevine, so can you put us straight?


James: "Eh yeah there is definitely a signing in the vicinity and we are definitely looking to sign, that's all I can say really. I think these things take time and they take a lot longer than we ever expected but yeah, hopefully if all goes to plan we'll get a bloody great signing party going in the next couple of months!"

So have you managed to hone your sound to a level that is satisfactory to you all?

Dylan: "Yeah all the old stuff we've played them so many times but over the last couple of tours it's really developed into what we are now other than what we used to be, but then the new stuff, as many people have said, is totally a league apart from the old stuff.

"Although people like our old stuff we're kind of getting away from that. Musically I think we're all on the same page now, we all came from different backgrounds and had different musical tastes to start off with, but, the way the new stuff is going, we're all on the same wavelength, but that's also influenced the old stuff.

"The last gig we played, we've just heard a CD of it and it even surprised us, we assume we're quite tight because we play together a lot but when you hear it back it really shows you what hard work does."

My Luminaries
My Luminaries

James: "This Fez Club gig on the 11th of February is going to be a telling time cos we haven't played for three months in Reading so there'll be a lot of new songs we'll be playing, with just a couple of songs from what people would have heard before, so you won't know the songs folks, but hopefully you'll be suitably impressed."

So, why do you guys deserve to be signed?

Sam: "We've put the work in, we've been in the right place at the right time  and we've played the right gigs. We've also played the wrong gigs, we've got a lot of bad critics, we've been criticised by the industry before and we were on the brink of changing our name cos people hated us that much.

"We're at a point now where they like us a little bit more and there's people taking an interest so we've worked through it, it's been a three-year journey of My Luminaries (editor's note: it's actually two years), and we feel it is our time because we've done enough work.

"We've got a lot more work to do and James has got a lot more songs to write and everybody's got a lot more work to do on their personal performance, but it feels right at this time to move on to the next step which would be signing and moving on to do an album, the first album, and maybe tour that album."

So you've not played in Reading for three months, what's it going to be like playing before a home crowd?

Saul: "I think it's going to be great, there's a lot of people who haven't seen us for a long time, and it's not that we've got anything to prove but we've come on a lot since we played in Reading last and I think it will be refreshing for people to see us after such a long time."

last updated: 30/03/07
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Great interview. Hoping to catch you guys in Reading...Looking forward to the signing party!! Jim & Mo XX

The Photographer
Signing Party?!!! Mine's a moet... ;-) xx

Yay for My Luminaries!! I love themmmmmmm!!!! Great interview guys, wish I could be in Reaidng for the gig :0(((

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