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13 November 2014

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Andrew Peach

Wake up to Andrew from 7am til 10am each weekday morning on BBC Radio Berkshire. Have you got a blog you'd like to share with us? Let us know using the form below!

Andrew Peach


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Wake up every weekday morning with Andrew Peach, discussing issues that matter for you and inviting your contributions in the daily blog - you can have your say by phone, text, or using the form at the bottom of this page.

In 2005 Andrew became the BBC's Local Radio Presenter of the Year.

What makes you laugh?

"Mrs P and I are always collapsing into fits of giggles at home about the smallest things - it's a good job we share the same sense of humour. I love observational comedy like Jasper Carrott and Harry Hill and I also think Jonathan Ross is really funny."

What’s your most embarrassing moment on air?

"There are too many to choose from, but it's probably presenting part of my show from the payphone at Tescos in Newbury. I was following the radio car to an outside broadcast from a listener's house and lost it half way along on the M4. The other people waiting to use the phone thought I was a nutter."

Where is your favourite place in Berkshire?

"I'm tempted to say Portman Rd Industrial Estate in Reading, because it's where I first met my wife. But the real answer is the Berkshire side of the Thames in Henley. The walk down to to Hambleden lock is the best in the world. "

What jobs did you do before broadcasting?

"I used to wash up every Saturday in Littlewoods restaurant. I loved it! They let me on the till once but that was nowhere near as much fun and I caused a queue half way round the shop. I also worked at the tax office for a while."

What’s your favourite piece of music?

"I love seventies disco and some of the new jazz artists like Renee Olstead and Michael Buble. But my favourite piece of music is the Agnus Dei from Gabriel Faure's Requiem Mass. "

Above: Andrew helps a young newsreader at the 2006 Newbury Show.

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Christine House
Andrew can you help me,I've seached the web to try and find Irish Dancers to entertain our elderly service users for ST Patric Day.There must be some in Reading some where?If you have any contacts could you contact me on 01189595905. Thank you desperate Day Centre Officer

Alf Hartley
Hi Andrew,Im intrested to know why yet again Reading Council are slow in coming forward with regards to stating their supply of grit for the roads of Reading, all we seem to hearing is what West Berkshire has.After the last snow fall in febuary 09 I fail to understand why a decision was made by R B C to remove 30 of the 70 grit bins distributed in the Reading area. In my own case I live in Tallis Lane Southcote and the grit bin which has been available for the residents of Cowper Way and Barn Close also to use for some thirty odd years has now been removed and when i contacted Reading Highways Dept they could not give a satisfactory answer. I this another cost cutting exercise ? Today I have witnessed total disruption on the hill/bend where residents have been trying to get to work.After living here for over 40 years I do know that had grit been available it would have made a great deal of difference as the residents would be the the ones to spread the grit not the council therefore keeping Council costs down and helping people to get to work.

Rev Roy Burgess - St George's Owlsmoor
Hi Andrew,My way of sorting the Christmas tree problem is to arm myself with a pair of secateurs, a small saw and a big black sack, and dismember the tree in situ in the lounge, branch by branch - takes about ten minutes, everything is in the bag ready for recycling, and there is minimal clearing up of pine needles which are confined to a small area.Happy New Year

Hi Peachy, As you are very obviously aware the temperatures in and around the Newbury area, are at their lowest for the last 10 years and apparently will remain so for the next few days! I have been working in an envoirement which for the last two weeks has had no heating, and after speaking to management yesterday, there is in no certainty of when this situation will be fixed...we are still in for an incredibly cold spell.. possibly the next few days to say the least. Management have told us to wrap up as much as possible, but we are not aloud to wear extra outer clothing such as scarves or coats. Also we have not been told to take extra breaks, ie to get a hot drinks every hour or so to warm up. After a nine hour shift the most of the staff go home in a very weary an exhaustable state. This is one of the biggest retail chains in the country and I just wanted to clarify if what you think they doing is acceptable and legal. Would love your opinion on this..I could be way wrong in assuming they should help the staff, but would appreciate your feedback. Pia.

Roberta Brown
Dear Andrew,Reading Buses are a joke. In the morning I was left freezing at Reading Town centre waiting for a bus that never came even though the "real time" information was saying otherwise. 1 hour at -7 degrees. In the 17:00 bus #64 to Woodley, the bus at one point told us all to get off the bus without giving us any reason and we were left once again freezing to fend for ourselves 1 mile from the Loddon Vale surgery. Roads were clear. There was no reason. They have no shame.

You can get snow chains from Halfords,price £67.99 nearest store is Harrow, none available locally

Hi Andrew enjoy the prog while having Breakfast every day. Can you find out what will happen to vehicle registrations from 2012 onwards? At the moment in March each year they start with two letters, two numbers, of which one is the year e.g 09, and then three letters. Then in September each year they change the number to 59 or the approprite year and three letters. Come September 2012 the DVLA cannot use 52 because that was used in 2002. I have asked several people and no one knows what will be shown on number plates from that time onwards. Thanks.

Hi Andrew, Nice man from the council, but unfortunately he's talking rubbish ... this site had the opportunity with the increased recyclying needs to stop people wating spewing fumes, they do not pay for the extra fuel costs which have of course have increased . They have not left enough room to manouvre or exit the site as there is only single file out past the general waste, which always had a queue. They have not changed this apart from restricting the exit from the entry area to one lane. The council have met their recycling targets without this site in operation in it's new form, maybe they do not want cars to come to the site and only encourage commercial vehicles!!!

Sue - Aldermaston
Hello Andrew,All this week you have been bleating on about the swine flu precautions that you would like to discuss with the Madjeski Stadium and Reading Festival personnel without success. Going to the loo is personal! No matter how many facilities you put in place and I am sure there are many already available in the conveniences for washing hands, you will never be able to regulate, monitor or enforce personal hygiene. I'd give up if I were you! I hope that all who attend the match this weekend enjoy the game and keep their sneezes contained in a paper hankie, dispose of each one in a plastic lined bin and take personal responsibility - you can't expect anything more.

Hi Andrew, how about getting Graeme Murty into the studio to give us an update on his pre season training and whether he has received any offers.

Nick from Sandhurst
I wrote a few weeks ago applauding the Reading Traffic Controller, who obviously gets paid on the number of Traffic Lights in Reading. I had just spotted the new lights going up on the Reading Relief road, just in case the ones a little further down hadn't held up enough traffic I guess. Well today he exceeded his own expectations he carried out a traffic light test on the new lights. Switching them on and off every few seconds quickly managed to create hour long queues all the way back to Caversham as well as J11. I think you should get him on the show and congratulate him on bringing the whole of Reading to a standstill. I still think he has missed a trick or two and should concentrate now on some extra pedestrian crossings that turn red immediately and have no synchronization with any other lights. Wait a minute he has already done that. Anyway, a hearty well done to him.

Grahamel from bracknell
I feel I must agree with Dave the policeman about there being no disipline anymore.No disipline at home- no disipline at school- no disipline in life anymore.You must have disipline otherwise you have anarchy. The answer is no deterrent anymore -too softly softly attitude adopted becauase because of peoples are worried about human rights.What a load of rubbish -You give up your human rights when you commit a crime against others.We need to get back to how things were in the fifties with disipline at school but I know my reasoning will fall on your deaf ears because its seems that anyone who gets near the truth or a bit contraversial on your programme, you cut them off pretty quickly.Best Wishes Grahame

Brenda Wade
Can you help me please Andrew? I have been asked to take part in an plaque unveiling ceremony at my old boarding school in Hants. This was a school run by Middlesex County Council for children with health problems, way back in the fifties. It was a marvellous time for all us children, I was a chronic asthmatic, missing out on schooling and spending so much time in North Middlesex Hospital and although I had a loving family, my Dad had died in 1946 and we were living in very poor conditions in Tottenham. Whilst I was at this school I was elected to be the May Queen, so dressed in white robes with flowers in my hair, I was supposed to make a speech,.....but I froze, couldn't remember a single word of the planned speech. And now I have been asked to go back to this re-union in September 2009 and presumably will once again be expected to say a few words. Andrew do you know of anybody who could give me some help before this occasion, so that at the tender age of 72 I won't repeat the embarrassing time as when I was 12 years old. Thank You Andrew XX

Hi Andrew just been looking at your visit to the Royal Berkshire Hospital with Sue. I would just like to say Andrew , hope you don't mind but I think you have put on some weight over the last couple of years for a young man, and we don't want you to be a heart attack victim at your young age.Don't go on a diet but just eat healthy food,cut out sugar and fat content.Best regards Paula

Karen Fakes
I was asked to collect milk bottle tops to help a charity who were able to use the tops to generate money for the puchase of wheelchairs. the person collecting has now moved away and I don't know if there is anyone in the area (Thatcham)that collects them. It seems such a waste especially as the tops cannot be recycled in pur kerbside plastic collections. Do any of your listeners know?

jane jones
Berkshire Young Musicians Trust were re-named Berkshire Maestros a few years ago. I was a bit grumpy you referred to them as whatever they are called now! They are an amazing group of teachers and young people who make music regularly and reflect the huge amount of musical talent in our area.

Nick from Sandhurst
I see the Traffic Light mad Reading Traffic Controller has initiated additional lights off the A33. I know he is trying to get as much delay as possible in Reading and I was very disturbed today when the Green Park 'roundabout' had the traffic lights go out and all traffic was flowing freely without any quesues.I think in the event of traffic flowing well he should have some portable ones for emergency use. These can be timed to really hold-up traffic. Last year Reading won the 'How much traffic can you keep in your boundary' tournament. Its good to see they are investing in holding on to this title, but traffic light failure is a real worry in this battle. I am sure there are plenty more places for unnecessary lights that could help. Maybe listeners could ring in where traffic is moving too well?

Alistair Smith
I recall when BGT started haring or reading a comment that the programme was an opportunity to exploit the exploitable. I agreed then, and my opinion has not changed.

Katie Hollister
Good morning, Andrew We were very fortunate to attend the Windsor Castle Royal Tattoo last night. It was a truly wonderful celebration of our amazing armed forces and an extremely patriotic event - the pride over our country and our armed forces was tangible and we left there feeling good and proud to be British! The event was due to finish at 10.30 but over-ran until just before 11. Our car park ticket ran out at 22.57 and, with the crowds making their way back from the Tattoo, we were 20 minutes late, getting back to the car park at 11.20 - 20 minutes after our ticket expired. We were certainly brought down to earth with a bang by the excessivly heavy-handed approach of the Parking Control Management (UK) Limited car park attendants in the Castle Car Park (telephone 01753 512603). We had been clamped (clamping ticket number 60634) and the clamping attendants were lying in wait for us to fine us £120 to unclamp us - by the way, from midnight, there is no parking charge!!! When we explained that the Military Tattoo had ended later than scheduled, they informed us that "was not the problem of this car park". What a pitiful attitude considering the event was in support of our wonderful armed forces who are fighting for all of our safety!! We were so angry and wanted you to share this with other listeners who may be going to the Tattoo on other nights this week and we fully intend to share this with other media and also appeal the fine. What sort of society are we, when people lie in wait for the unsuspecting public after such a patriotic event? Keep up with the brilliant show - I thoroughly enjoy all the chats and phone-ins. Kind regards Katie Hollister

Jo Hamblin - Lions Club of Reading
I thought you might be intersted to see a poem I have written about my experience on London underground.'its the push and the shove,and the tug and the pull,and the thousands of eyes all averted,Its the tube and the bus and the stand and the rush,and the tannoy voice all distorted,Its the reading and eating, the phone text and meetings,The 'scuzy and squeeze me, at bestThats life on the underground.Its share my paper and have my seatAnd even smiling at poeple I'm never to meet,Its the doors shut and home safe and quick and easy too,Its Kings Cross and Paddington and even Waterloo.Its your scene and my scene. Its 'I've been' and 'go green' that's life on the underground!!! Andrew, I hope you enjoy it. Love the programme.

John, Reading
Why Haven't You been on the radio laterly and i think you are great on the radio love your jokes!

Mark, Tilehurst
Hi Andrew.I'm sorry but I just find your style very "Radio Local". I sometimes have to switch BBC RB off because I just find your tone patronising and old_school.When you interview people, are you really listening? It just seems you are angling constantly for something on which to hook your DJ cliche's. Is it time for something new at BBC RB? I hope so.Mark

Hi Andrew, love your show.I think you & Sarah make a great double-act. Hope your baby daughter is doing well and all the rest of the Peach house hold. Take good care.Best Wishes,Kelly.

james, reading
andrew, we get the fact that you are berkshire's best broadcaster, nay the world(!) but it seems that your obsession and desire to be liked and respected by your public and peers is becoming more and more transparent. it's all you, you, you.....why don't you move on to bigger and better things with your sony nominations in your pocket, rather than trotting out the same egocentric, idiosyncratic twaddle you have been for the past 15 years in Berkshire?

Steve, Finchampstead
PeachyNot only have you disappointed me today regarding the toothbrush but I am absolutely dumbfounded that you consider you have a dilemma.What a sad state of affairs when a respected radio presenter admits to stealing. Because walking out of shop without paying for an item you have taken from the shelf is stealing. The fact that you paid a fraction of it’s value doesn’t mean you only stole a little. A thief is a thief whichever way you look at it.Is that really the sort of example you wish to set for your children and the children who listen to Radio Berkshire.You say no one suffers because it’s a large chain. Unfortunately, one of the reasons we have price increases in shops is because of incidents like this.I enjoy listening to your programme daily and shall continue to do so but, if this happens to you again, please don’t tell us about it.RegardsSteve

Hi everyone. Jealousy is all the fun you think they had.I am from Fiji and , too, and now am writing in English, tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "Cheap fares are routine for southwest and many special programs offer even cheap flights guide."Regards :-( Jeri.

Hi Andrew,A couple of weeks ago you were talking about the Airmiles, & that we might loose them, if we didnt use them, I text you to say we had 2550 miles, and thought we would get some wine with them. and the that option had gone, but then about 2 days later they were back!!!!.So we ordered the wine,but there was an admin charge of £30. which really took the 'free miles'shine off it all.We did go ahead with order, as we thought well, we got 24 bottles of wine for £30 but not as good as it should have been.

I do listen to your show in the mornings and some of the subjects are interesting and the way you conduct them is really good. I want to know what do you think about this topic and what dose your audience and people who live in this area think especially the cyclists like me. Why do more cyclists decide to get on to the roads when especially the weather is very bad? Is it worth being environmentally friendly, healthy and whatever at cost of your life. When there is weather warning all around the place why do cyclists still decide to get on to their cycles to commute to work etc. can they not jump into their car for a day? Isn’t that a sensible option? Couple of week’s back it was reported to be continuous heavy rain / sleet and snow all day. I was coming back in dark from work, everything was too shiny, tights, tail lamps traffic all over the place, and on top of it heavy rain. In these conditions the cyclists with reflective jackets decide to crisscross between cars.. it was hard to tell what is what…and they get upset angry on the people in the car, when they are obstructed or if the person in the car did not see them. In these conditions, I don’t blame the people in the cars being a cyclist myself? Do you ?

Ivan P. Cadge
Good afternoon,I appreciate that Abingdon is just over your boarder but to survive and with this credit crunch we really need to attract families to our event. Please, please can you give it mention as this would be very much appreciated.ThanksIvanAbingdon Railway Station re-opens for one day on 7th March 2009 but only in miniature form at the Model Railway Exhibition to be held at The White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre, Audlett Drive. There will be about 30 working model railway layouts some of Oxfordshire Stations as they were of originally planned. Along with 2 model layouts in different scales of Abingdon, there will be Watlington, Wantage, Yarnton Junction, Ascot-under-Whychwood, East Ilsley and Benson. For the younger visitors there is Thomas The Tank , an activities table and a free goodie bag. The Exhibition opens at 10 o’clock and runs until 5pm, with the official opening being carried out by Geraldine Peers at 11. Refreshments will be available all day and there is free parking is available on the business park. Admission charges are £6 for Adult, £4 for senior citizens, children £5 or a family ticket (2+2) at £14. For a full list of invited layouts go to click on exhibitions and Abrail09.

Hi Andrew Tell Sarah not to worry about Roger.I Think Sarah is Nice.Smart.Well dressed.The perfect girl next door.from Bernard.

Jim Holden
Jim Holden from Newbury.Is it ok if we call him a visually and mentally challenged scotch person then.LOL

Richard Belt
Hi Andrew,Not all Wokingham parents are against schools closing. I am delighted. It would be irresponsible to cycle my 5 year old on the road amongst all the sliding cars and trucks. And no, before you ask, we can not walk to school. There is no pavement to start with.

Brian from Sunningdale.
Hi Andrew, The decision not to allow MP's a vote on the Third Runway at Heathrow shows how scared the Government are of losing the vote and demonstrates supreme arrogance towards the electorate in general. On this point what are our local MP's saying about the issue, are they in favour or against the 3rd Runway. A full and frank discusion with all of them on one programme would be very enlightening to say the least. We keep hearing about the need for extra capacity at Heathrow but have any figures been obtained on the number of Flights which depart and arive at the Airport that are 100% full, I would bet that only about 1% or less are actually fully loaded. When I worked at the Airport three years ago it was very unusual to to have any service more than 75% full up. Another point to consider which has not been spoken about is the area of land where the A4 goes past the Airport because apparantly this will be in between the existing Airport and the new Runway and Terminal 6. As sure as Eggs are Eggs this area will eventually become the Fourth Runway or Terminal 7. Where are the people from Sipson Village going to go? Are they having a new Estate provided for them or are they just expected to take the money and find their own homes somewhere else. I can see the protests against the 3rd Runway will be greater than even those for the Newbury By Pass or Greenham Common. I had to express my opinion and hope all protesters achieve their aims. Thanks for a good programme every day, and keep up the good work. Brian.

Hi Andrew I Made myself a snowman.As perfect as could be.I Thought I;D keep it as a pet.And let it sleep with me.I Made it some pyjamas.And a pillow for its head.Then last night it ran away.But first it wet the bed.

Can you please help me, a frend, would like to know the name of the new cancer medezin coming out in 2010,as this person has only five years to life, and I have given them a little hope, god bless you,graham harrison

Eva Passuello
Hi, Andrew! I love your breakfast show. The discussions are really nice and I like the music, too! Speaking of musica, tell Sarah Walker that Coldplay has been sued by Joe Sartriani in LA law court. Apparently they plagiarized the song "Viva la Vida" from Sartriani's "If I Could Fly". So, there you have it! Enough gossip for tomorrow! I wish you well and hope to listening to you tomorrow as always! Bye.

Nick from Sandhurst
Andrew,In your normal 'I'm better than you' voice you proudly condone people that do not know where cities in the UK are. You obviously didn't know GB did not include Northern Ireland as you kept repeating it, and a few weeks ago you were very proudly displaying your ignorance on why no-one would know where Redcar was.Sounds a little hypocritical to me.

Greetings from New Zealand - just looked in on the website having been travelling for the past couple of months. Berkshire jingoism is alive and well - road problems in Hampshire at Tadley still being attributed to Berkshire! I still live in hope that one day you will all recognise that your area is much wider than Berkshire and start to recognise it in your station idents etc.

jill lewis
Steve who presents the programme before you plays a song which I want on my I pod. I don't know what it is because he talks over it. My alarm goes off every morning at 6.45am. Your show is amazing and I love it.

Sunday's hour long report by Graham McK - (can't spell his name or find him on the website to tell him myself),about the rugby player from the biscuit factory, was awesome! Please pass on my congratulations to him for a well researched, appropriate and commendable broadcast. Many thanks

Helena Korjonen
Hi Andrew, listen to your show every morning driving to work and love the topic of the day. This morning you talked about the problem of drinking/prices of alcohol. I think the problem won't be solved by raising prices of alcohol in supermarkets. Being Nordic in origin, I have grown up in a culture where alcohol can only be bought in special off-licence shops and alcohol is more expensive in the Nordic countries compared to the UK. This doesn't stop people from drinking too much and in fact alcoholism is a major problem in the Nordic countries. On Fridays after work people queue up to buy the alcohol for the weekend, not a pretty sight! I think what is fundamentally wrong here is the youth culture of 'going out' in the evenings. If you look at the average town in the UK there are strings of bars, one after the other. The in-thing is to buy expensive clothing, dress up and go out and 'get pissed'. It used to be weekends only, now there are special evenings and the Thursday is the new Friday. The bars target students and young people, 'come here it's cool to be out in the evening'. If bars were more responsible, they will address the problem that they are causing. Not selling too many drinks to someone who can't even get their card out of their wallet. Many bars have cocktail waitresses in skimpy clothes walking around selling shots. Sex and alcohol goes hand in hand.What needs to be addressed is why young people feel the need to go out, show off/get the attention, run up credit card bills or debts buying brand clothing, and the need for them to go out 3 evenings a week. Surely what needs to change is the easy availability of credit/store cards that young people use to shop and then going out. The growing debt problem is equal to that of alcohol abuse. Being 'young' myself I do like going out once in a while, enjoy the traditional English pub, like buying my bottle of wine from the local supermarket and the occasional odd spirit. However, I also enjoy having other interests that keep me busy. Does boredom not play a major part as to why young people go out drinking and shopping? They have nothing else to do. If things are so readily available to us, it becomes an automated function and we are just robots. If you are made to understand the value of things and that you can enjoy hobbies without being embarrassed by them, then the binge drinking may be replaced by something much more valuable.

Gary Kinsley
Peach I have just 'listened again'to the atrocious Debbie Mcgee show surely the experiment is over for this childish amatuerish waste of time

Your comments about how Lesley Douglas had been good for Radio 2 are inappropriate. I protested about her actions about 5 years ago and therefore like anyone over the age of 50 will be delighted at last she has departed. She alone distroyed easy listening radio for the sake of increasing listners. What she did was to kill off good radio for the older listners. The good old days of broadcasters like John Dunn, Jimmy Young, Ed Stewart and programmes like Sing Something Simple. Even better the days before the name change of R2 from the Light Programme Housewifes Choice, Music While You Work and the many live bands and orchestras. I am all for updating programmes but not distroying them. We are blessed with so many stations these days but all end up trying to appeal to one average listener from 3 to 103 years of age. When will someone give back radio 2 to those who grew up with it. The present R2, apart from Wogan, should then be renamed and run as another station. I should mention I have no complaint about the news presenter at weekends, infact if you agree with the above comments maybe he could be the replacement for Douglas with time out for the breakfast show in Berkshire!

DAB Radio - Malcolm Tent
Isn't the reception on DAB Radio fantastic.Listening to your show on DAB I swear I keep hearing the clang of names being dropped.

Hi Andrew,The saga rolls on, Mr Ross is suspended for 12 weeks without pay, Mr Brand has resigned honourably along with the Radio 2 controller Lesley Douglas. Who has put herself up as scapegoate. My advice to you with young Jacob is to stamp your feet, lie down with him in his tantrums, bang your arms and fists on the floor, and watch his reaction. Mr Ross could do with the same treatment in my opinion. Maybe not the best parental advice but worth a try with your little one, a bit too late for the up his you know what for Mr R.

Ursula Pidwell
Hello Andrew, really love the show and well done for your Gillard. What's happened to that chap from Devon you used to have on the show - Charlie I think he was called. He really used to make me laugh - just what I needed in the morning. Pleeease bring him back!!!

Michael Schult
I am a ticket seller and chorus member of Sainsbury Singers, I have found it tougher for this show to sell for the Witches of Eastwick musical this week.If we do a show like Oklahoma, or a G&S operetta people don't come because they have seen it before. Do a show which only came off the West End stage in early 2000's and they still won't come. What's the answer? This week's show is fab and also full of special effects. When the three Witches sing their harmonies it is spine tingling stuff.Don't let one of Reading great institutions disappear, a plea to the people of Greater Reading, we only need 1% of you to turn up this week to cover our costs and also have a great evening out.Thanks Andrew for having us on and for a great show

Jonathan Sawyer
I just noticed this:The sports team won the award yet peachy collected the trophy, why didn't tim collect it????

Peter Holmes
Massive congrats to the sports team on the Gollard award As al ways Dellor and co were first class Your lucky to have them Peach

Julie from Wokingham
Following your comments about the capital of Iceland.. I thought I'dbetter warn you that the global banking crisis has hit Japan.In the last 7 days Origami Bank has folded, Sumo Bank has gone belly up and Bonsai Bank announced plans to cut some of its branches. Yesterday, it was announced that Karaoke Bank is up for sale and willlikely go for a song, while today shares in Kamikaze Bank were suspendedafter they nose-dived. While Samurai Bank is soldiering on following sharp cutbacks, Ninja Bankis reported to have taken a hit, but they remain in the black. Furthermore, 500 staff at Karate Bank got the chop and analysts reportthat there is something fishy going on at Sushi Bank where it is fearedthat staff may get a raw deal.

Hi Andrew,Hope your well, Please could you explain why there so many repeats on Radio Berkshire?"Earlier today on .... Show" "Yesterday on My Show" etc.and for someone who Listens to Radio a lot in fact most of the day, it makes rubbish Radio...... I use to be very proud of my local Radio Station (Radio Berkshire) because of its great shows and content but now its repeat after repeat.Your show for instance, in the first hour often has up to 4 repeats / interviews from other shows or your show the day before. sadly this makes me now change stations now because hearing repeats at peak time is poor and real makes boring radio if you've heard it before, it need to be fresh!Hope this well soon change as you and the team of Presenters are very talented and I know of 6 people that have been make the switch when this happens.Many ThanksWayne

I remember you talking about spelling and grammar a few weeks ago, debating it's importance. One area I have found the knowledge of good written communication skills is within emails - mostly the phishing and scam ones. Most of these have both spelling and grammatical errors - a good way to spot a con as long as you can recognise it! I probably delete about a dozen of these each day. This morning's offering from "Egg", (using copy and paste for accuracy) - 'You are strongly advise to use the botton below,to Re-Activate your Account'.It never ceases to amaze me just how many accounts these phishing emails are so sure I have - but they are welcome to all the money they think they can find in them, as long as they don't mind sharing it with all the other scammers who want me to keep a percentage of the thousands I will be sending them through Wester Union to Nigeria or wherever.......So I am saying - Yes, I think it is important if it is to be taken seriously.

What is the point of "Have Your Say"?, nobody ever deals with any of the points raised or answers the questions. There is no point in keep plugging the website if you are not going to read the comments and respond.

Hi Andrew Well done on your new baby.Hope you are doing your share of the night feeds.Good Luck.

Mary Dyson
Hello Miss Walker. I am big fan of the show, you are doing a great job standing in for Andrew. Can i ask a small favour, my grandson Andrew and his band White Sunday are headlining Plugnplay 35 Milford Road this Saturday. It is actullay their debut album party. Doors are 8pm Five pounds on the door 16 plus Many thanks Keep up the good work Mary x

Tony Oakes
I must say it as been refresing to have Sarah Walker presenting for the past couple of weeks. Intelligent, witty and informative. What a nice change!

Peter Jackson
I loved the bit on Thames valley Tonight last week, when Mr Channon was shown at his stables in Berkshire and he was said to be in a stable condition in hospital after a crash on the M6.

Mary Cooper
I was nearly sick the other day when Andrew told the story about being in the changing rooms. The last thing I want when I am having breakfast is the image of Andrew Peaches penis.Disgusting

Pete Gooders
Peachy!I totally agreed with what Graham Murty said on your show on Monday about Britain being GREAT Britain. Then today I sat down to watch the Olympics with no real expectations - and lo and behold, GREAT Britain roll home with 4 gold medals. A sterling performance - and I hope that we'll hear more coverage of these sports in the forthcoming months on BBC Radio Berkshire!

OK, andrew, what have you done with Andy McColl??? I went on holiday on June 30th, I think he was on the prog that day (?) - I return after a week and no sign or sound. I assumed holiday but it's 6 weeks now. Has he left?


Dear Andrew, i dont know if this is anything you could help with but maybe if it was aired on your show other people would be warned. My grandaughter and her fiancee have paid £10,000 to persimmon homes for a property at Jennetts Park in Bracknell,they were told the completion date would be december 08. Today they have been told that their home would not even begin to be built until all other properties have been sold. the mortgage offer will run out in december and persimon homes have all their savings. Persimmon solicitors have said its only a verbal contract nothing you can do.

Morris Browne
Hello Sir I listen to your show every morning, i am a big fan-i especially like the Tadley Princess!?! My grandson Jack plays bass in local band The Storm Explosion (they recently won the demo panel on the Session). They are playing their second ever gig this Saturday night at Plugnplay Studios, 35 Milford Road Reading. Doors are at 8.30pm its five pounds on the door. Three other groups play too. Many thanks.

Hi Andrew just to let you know that Three offer a pay as you go service for Broadband, two friends of mine use it quite successfully - hope this helps - Lisa

Heather Edwards
On Monday 28th July, I was listening to your programme and was very upset to hear you slagging off Suffolk to another presenter. It gave a very bad idea of the County. I now live in Berkshire but came from Suffolk originally and can assure you that the county is not a back-water but a lively and interesting place to visit.Regards

David Stone
Fuel Prices - I was in Germany at the weekend. Both Petrol and Diesel prices were the same €1.46 approx £1.15 so why does UK Diesel cost 15ppl more than Petrol

Hi Andrew, just so pleased to be back and hear you again ! What are we talking about today....?

Nick Jennings
Monday 21st July. I normally use Sonning bridge to access the Mill & The A4 as part of my delivery round. Concious of the closure I did the round in the opposite direction. This meant I crossed the river at Henlly & then on through to Wargrave against the major flow of traffic. I returned to Caversham via Reading Bridge. Not major problems but......The signage informing motorists of the closures from the Berkshire side is woefully inadequate.RegardsNick the Butcher

Is Bonekickers the worst program ever shown on BBC TV ? Its a complete waste of license taxpayers money, please DO NOT make a second series.

emma from reading
hi andrew just saying me and my husband listern to u every weekday morning love the show and could u say hi to my husband phil from reading he,d love it to hear his name on your fab show

Emma Waring
Hello,As You Have Heard About The Emmbrook School And The New Collage System Its Not Going To Well!Thats Because Us As Students Dont Get T Have Our Say!We Make The School!We Do Have Voices!But There Rarely Heard!So Speak Out Now Because Its Our Time To Change And It Will Change!

Hazel Kent
I have had a hair brained idea to try to get the community spirit going around my street. Having watched the irritating Trash to Cash program, I came up with the idea of not just having a house sale but having a street sale. I have 5 houses involved so far our of the 20 in my block and the sale is taking place on Sunday 6th July at 11am. Could you please put an announcement out in the week before the event for me? The sale is in Winscombe on Great Hollands Bracknell. There will be signs up to direct buyers to the correct location!Thanks Andrew.

Crossroads is a charity that cares for carers. All those unpaid people who look after a parent, a wife, a husband who has dementia or any number of other conditions. They have reached the semi-final of a National Lottery Good Causes Award and would like the public to vote for them on 0845 3865147. You can also vote online at and choose the iVillage category for the Best Health project. Thanks you


amir and jamie govani
Dear Andrew,Just to say how much we enjoy your programe in the morning.One of us lkeavr the house at 7.15am every morning and have a long drive to school every morning.We leave from Bracknell to go to Henley where we drop our son Ali at Shiplake and then across to The Abbey in Reading.The journey is at least 1.5 hours.However,your programme is so good that time flies and we learn so much.You are very gentle with whomever you interview.By the way we have met both you and your wife at Wellington college whilst our daughter Farzana was singing there.Please convey our regards to your wife and your little boy and keep up with the execellent work that you do every morning-God bless,amir and Jamie

Bill taxi driver Newbury
why do i still see at least 15 people a day in the Newbury area using mobile phones to thier ears whilst driving and most of them are driving flash cars and can afford an earpeice i hate to say it but i hope they hit a member of thier own family to relisebthe danger they cause

Mike The Skeptic
RE: Sally (not her real name) your caller this morning telling the world about her affair. Talk about cake and eat it!

Sue Ogden
Morning Andrew. I have a mobile telephone that I use mostly for work and very occasionally for personal calls and text. I am on contract, so many minutes free for calls and so many text per month, neither reach their monthly quota but I use them wisely and conscienciously and claim this expense each month less any personal usage. I am informed by our Treasurer (I work for a charity) that the government will no longer consider this an expense item. So I am advised to get another mobile for work only - what a waste of time not to mention the weight and cost of another handset. I don't want to carry two phones. Has the 10p tax backtrack been replaced by the mobile phone hit? I daren't go any further. Regards

another blow to public transport users - Goldline are pulling the plug on their go-goldline excursions from early '09. For some reason Reading Buses have not gone public with this,maybe they will when it is too late to reverse the decision. It has not been possible to get through to anyone willing to give a reasonable explanation at RBC - maybe you could find out on behalf of all the hundreds of people who regularly use this service to concerts and other shows etc around the country. We have never been on any excusrion when the coach has been empty!and we go on plenty.

Len Young
I cant get it up at all without Viagra its like a bit of old rope but when I take that little blue pill it really stands to attention for hours on end shame I have no body to share it with

Sue Ogden
hello again Andrew! I hope that I am not taking up too much space on your blog site... I've just watched the Apprentice - penultimate week and sad that Lucinda has walked the plank. I wonder that Sir Alan has ever studied Belbin. Lucinda was given all round applause at her team leadership skills only to be berated at being a team member. To be a good team leader you must have knowledge of being part of a team. I wouldn't work for him for all the tea in China and think that Lucinda has had a lucky escape. Alex likes to scapegoat, Claire likes to gloat or flirt (but is still a contender), Lee is not to be trusted - I did write about this to you earlier on during one of the tasks - about his having been in the catering trade - what a cad, he only did 4 months! And Helene is going down the poor me road. Sir Alan is welcome to any one of them. And if I may further rant... Fire them all Sir Alan and give the show over to Margaret.

True, very true that calories going in must be less than calories going out to lose weight. A lot of people will blame genetics, their metabolism etc but I believe there is less than 0.1% of fat people who actually have these problems. I do agree that if you are predisposed to become fat that it takes 4 times the effort of someone who does not have this problem in their families. Everyone can lose weight but some need help and an aid. If someone has tried all their life to lose weight and failed, not because they are simply lazy or eat the wrong food but because they find it so very hard to combat the constant huger for the weeks and months when on so called diets. I am happy for Fern but do feel, now I have read up on what she has done, that she has not been a very good example to others and has made it look like her weight loss is just down to eating less. Gastric banding is a wonderful piece of equipment but should only be used on people who really have struggled and proved they have worked with the problem. I was forced to go through visits to the psychiatrist for about 5 months before I was even allowed to go on the list for surgery (and that was going private) so it is not undertaken lightly even though as a patient all you want is for the help to be given as soon as possible! Just a shame mine had to come out and so I am now back to struggling and fighting for help again but do not have the funds to pay again. The PCT are very quick to shove you to the back of the line and basically allow you to get to over 21 stone before they will help (BMI of over 50 so for my height this is how heavy I must be for help). This is not helpful to anyone who really does show that they want to lose weight but due to their body size, and make up do find it difficult to exercise. I feel it is so unfair that people should be basically forced to put on more weight before any help is given. The government are happy to tell the country about how awful the obesity epidemic is taking over but alas, local authorities simply do not have the money or facilities to help these people. There is no point in highlighting a problem and then to not put the money into helping when help is needed. Why leave someone to get to such a heavy weight before they will help you? All this does is increase the risk of death on the table. Perhaps this is their idea – kill people off so they don’t have to help. To lose 1lb per week you need to eat 500 calories a day less because 1lb is equal to 3500 calories. This is all very fine but when you are my height of 5ft 4” for me to maintain my weight I must eat no more than 1200 calories a day (if I do nothing all day) so I would have to eat and be satisfied on 700 calories per day to lose 1lb per week. Do the maths; most of us can do that in dinner let alone breakfast and lunch on top. Exercise is wonderful but to burn 500 calories you would need to be in the gym for an hour a day, 7 days a week doing good cardiovascular exercise. This is quite a lot for even the fittest of people. So, if anyone can tell me how to enjoy life but with only 700 calories a day and eating a good balanced diet (not diet bars etc as this is not a normal way to live) then please do tell me. Gastric banding did allow me to enjoy a varied diet but with a lot less food and it gave me the feeling of satiety which most people experience after eating yet I seldom had.

Geoff in Overton
Andrew you are so attractive.

David Stone
New high speed rail link to Heathrow. This seems a good idea, but is it. It will probably be only be as fast as the bus. The trains seem to be going slower, in the early days for the 125 High Speed Train Reading to Paddington took 22 minutes, however now it seems to take about 35 minutes (which was the time taken by the trains the 125 replaced). I remember the Jimmy Saville adverts “This is the age of the Train”, well that was the age of the train!

Hazel Kent
Thank you for inviting me onto the program this morning. If anyone would like to contact me regarding the gastric band I would be very happy to talk to you and give you more details of my journey.

Regarding the £60 petrol pumps- I had this experience at Asda in Frome, so maybe our local Asdas are doing it too.

Sue Ogden
Hello Andrew et al. I have just listened to the BBC One Show this evening and in particular the article about the Mary Rose. This project has just been given a 21 million pound grant! I cannot believe that money has been spent keeping this relic going since in was put in dock in the 80's. Is anyone ever going to put foot on it? Is anyone ever going to sail on her? It is a piece of history, but not one that anyone can really access, a bit like Stonehenge. We live in a modern age of video, digital photography, keep the memory alive but I am sure that the money can be better spent on relieving the homeless plight in the UK, and many other worthwhile causes. What an utter waste of money. I can go to the woods and look at weather worn pieces of wood!

Andrew, you need to be careful when you ask people for "made-up" words... this morning I thnk I heard that someone claimed to call his mother's cheesecake "clarty"?? I was shocked, so should she be - I've checked a dictionary in case I was mis-remembering and it defines the word as "sticky and foul, muddy and dirty" and confirms my memory that it is a word from the North of England - I won't give any examples of what might be described in that way, I'm sure you can use your imagination. I think they probably knew and thought they'd have a laugh at your expense!

Bank Charges Revenge Website
I have been charged £350 for missing a single £24 payment. I have a dormant account with Lloyds TSB with only two transactions that take place every month, £30 goes in, £24 comes out.After getting married and changing over my direct debits I didn't realise my mistake of not changing over the Lloyds TSB standing order.I only found out when I got a letter saying how much I owed.Being a internet developer, I have - a place for me to rant - and more importantly, a place for others to create their very own version of this same website at a click of a mouse button!Try it and see at the bottome of the page....Hope you like!Chris Denman

Jane Frampton
Hi Andrew, my husband Steve is doing a 87 mile run from Bath to Reading over this weekend can you wish him all the luck from all the family, friends. This is for the multiple dystrophy campaign. I think he's mad!! Jane

Alison Dors - Rory Motion
Mmm...Alison Dors. The Head Teacher, not one of the head girls.Ally says:Be mighty. Be flighty.Come and melt the buttons on me flameproof nightie.Although I may have misheard :-)

Eileen Shoosmith, Winnersh
Great Show today with Sarah Walker, standing in for you on ME with Sarah from Bracknell,Like others to know that there is a local support Group - Reading Area ME Support Group. I am the contact 0118 we are continuing to campaign for Berksire NHS ME service.Perhpas you mention it on air?

Terry Fox
Reading are down but we have reached heights we never thought possible 10 years ago!The reason we have gone down is we signed players who dont seem to get it. The previous players we signed have realised how we have come on and value the dream . Fae, Cisse, Rosenior have the wrong attitude,they should look to James Harper, Stephen Hunt and Graham Murty for passion.

tell murty him and the rest of the team are a bunch of prats bit late to score 4 goals on the last day,too little too late



Bill Annetts taxi driver, Newbury
why can chancellor increase tobacco, and drinks each year and it stays there and if there are any unforsen increases they have to bear with them why cannot the same be done with fuel then the fuel companies might help to stable the prices instead of everybody else bearing the brunt instead

I am dying to know whether Heather and Trevor got married - do let us know!

When you have to phone a call centre, I find it useful to pretend I don't have a touch tone phone - i.e. don't push any buttons at all, don't buy into the whole thing, and you are put through to a person quite quickly. Love the show - I always find it interesting and fun. Thank you

Hello Andrew,I was once a foreign student in Berkshire and i enjoyed your shows. Your programs brought cheer and comfort to me. Thanks Mate!

Sally Gibson
Hi im writting to you to see if you could help us we are a local charity transporting elderly and disabled people with out us they would not be able to get out and about. now why im contacting you is we have had a letter through saying we now have to pay £80 per vechicle to play the radio. because we are a charity we have to raise all the money we have and we could not afford to pay to listen to the radio. we were wondering if you could help us because all our drivers listen to radio Berkshire its like a life line for travel up dates and information but also our passengers do like to listen tohope you can halp in some oneregardsSally GibsonKeep Mobile

paul from whitley
Andrew I think it is litres of liquid per day not water , hence consuming vegetables which are largely water counts as water

Joy Haywood
Did you go to music school in the U.S.

Sheila in Woodley
Good morning Andrew, please wish the Bracknell Bees an awesome weekend. They are in Coventry for the play-offs this weekend , having beaten Milton Keynes on Sunday for their place there. They will be playing Sheffield and as the venue is sold out it promises to be an excellent weekend for all the fans.Good luck with the new expected baby. Thank you Sheila B

sharron haines
hi Andrew please can you let your liseners no that on the 8th April tuesday evening there is a new weight watchers meeting opening from 7.00pm till 8.00pmmany thanks your the best Andrew i lisen to you every morning a love it

I really felt for the poor couple who tried to go skiing in Oslo, via Termional 5.I'd have been tempted to buy new equipment and charge the airport. But surely the answer is to go by boat in future. I've been to Norway twice, both times by sea, and its one of my favourite countries!

Whats happened to the free bus passes west berks say they have some people who have not recieved them so what are they going to do.

Dear Andrew,I always listen to Radio Berkshire because you made it interesting and fun. Sadly I can do it only in the car on my way to work (I drive slowly so I can listen longer...). seriously though, this morning you wwere talking aboput imigrants in UK. I am Polish by origin, living in UK for last 30 years. I do have British cictizenship but I am still an imigrant. I do agree that there are far too many people coming to UK and that includes Poles. Some of Poles are really skilled people (I would always choose Polish doctor over best of English - SORRY!) but a lot of them should never ever be allowed to enter the country. I don't speak Polish any more when walking in Reading because I do not want to be recognised as Polish. Sad, isn't it. But... and it is huge BUT. I do go to Poland every year, two or threeo times. All our papers, radio and other medias do advertise very, very heavily: "come to UK, there are 600 000 jobs waiting for you". A lot of people beleieve in what papers say so they come, weather they are ready fior it or not. Wouldn't you? My sister is a doctor (equivalent of English consultant) and she rteceives few phone calls a week asking her to come to work in UK, recruitment agencies come to our hospitals to recruit nurses and doctors. So, it's not just Poles pouring into UK, UK does ask for it, big way! Should it be stopped? Yes, it should but with some exceptions for skilled people working here legally. Keep up a good work, Radio Berkshire is the best local station!Anna

Lynne from Earley
Thought you were going to put a picture of Issac on here for us to seeand congrats to you and Mrs P on your forthcoming expected arrival in August hope you arent going to find out the sex before the birth cant understand people doing that like having a present and being told whats in it before you open it keep up with the brill show

We seem to be surprised about bullying between children, while we love watching programs featuring master-bullies (or they are presented like this): Gordon Ramsey, Allan Sugar, some of the apprentice candidates, some of the millionairs in the Den, etc... Is it surprising kids are copying this behaviour? This clearly gives the wrong signal. You definitely do NOT have to be a bully to succeed in business or life. Although I must admit it often looks that way. I believe it is probably easier to become successful when you're a nasty person but I also believe it is possible to get there while being nice to the people around you - and if not possible, it certainly a challenge I like to go for :-).

Annette from Lower Earley
The evening before the Simod Cup a friend of ours rang & ask if we would like tickets as his firm Penta had spare tickets, we jump at the chance & they also provided transport on a old red double decker bus, which was great fun. I don't think it went very fast but it got us there. It was a great day & on Monday morning at work it was amazing how many people had gone.


Karen, Windsor
Hi Andrew, I'm an air hostess and I flirt all the time and love it! I think you're a great flirt and very sexy too! xxx

Gordon Randall
Hi Andrew I listen to your show most mornings and really enjoy it. I was listening with interest about your item concerning living debt free this morning and thought I should write to tell you about a short book called the 'Money Revolution'. It contains 64 pages of easy-to-read financial wisdom, featuring chapters on spending, saving, pensions, budgets, giving, insurance, credit, debt, making a will, and more.The author (John Preston) explains that "Average UK income will put you in the 10 per cent richest people on the planet, so how we handle our money has real significance," he then comments, "but with UK personal debt increasing at £1 million every four minutes, there is a real need for us all to think again about being content with what we have and need, rather than chasing what we have not got and don't need."He has taken no royalties to keep the cost down and it therefore retails at just £3 (£2 per copy for 10 to 49 copies, £1 per copy for orders of 50 or more), The Money Revolution, published by Authentic Media, can be purchased online at It has been published specifically for the Christian market but there is common sense stuff in it that would help most people. Over 25,000 copies have been sold since it was first published in September. Take a look at it!Keep up the brilliant showGordon

I worked with a lovely girl (in my twenties) who was deaf. We had great fun "talking" to each other from each end of the open plan office. Maria and I would read each others lips. This was a time when it was frowned on to leave your desk and before people emailed their colleagues in the same office. She was a ballet dancer with the National Deaf Ballet and my husband and I went to see her perform. The dancers felt the music vibrations through their feet. It was wonderful. We lost touch when she moved away to Wiltshire. Love the show, Sheila

my daughter is profoundly deaf askin to choice if i had the option is like asking would i like a left or right handed daughter she would certainly not be the character she is with out her many many ways it makes her the person she is ......secondly on the citizian ship issue many kids that cause the anti social issues dont attend school so saying when they leave education they attend the event is rather silly.....

Terry Cox
Hows this for efficiency, I saw my doctor late last year who referred me to a specialist.I received a letter from the Primary Care Trust giving me a ref no. and a password. The instruction was to contact the Trust to arrange an appointment. I first of all went on to the website which seemed very efficiant until I got to the end when it told me that the orthopedic unit was some 40 days booked and to phone an 0845 number. I did this and was told that the web site did not work and they would make a manual referral, I was to wait for the letter with the appointment.On the 19th of February I received a letter reminding me that I had not booked an appointment, and to phone the 0845 number again. This I did with the same result as the first time, they would do a referral to the hospital.Low and behold on the 4th of March I received another reminder letter. I followed the same route, but this time when the lady said she would refer me to the hospital I pointed out the this had already happened twice, she then said if I had not heard within 2 weeks to go back to my doctor and start again. After further discussion she said that the hospitals did not like them, and did not cooperate. By now I am thoroughly bemused. and asked why did I keep getting the reminder letters, apparently these are computer generated, but the lady said she would make sure they stopped coming. I have now contacted my doctor and prepare to go into the loop again.There appears to be a whole department headed by a Mr Barry Evans who make appointments for patients, but who the hospitals refuse deal with. Am I mad or is the NHS.

Colin Dudley
Hello Andrew, Catch your show when I can.Is it possible to contact Gordon Heslop for comment on investments? regards,Colin.

Well done Charlie Baker - Malcolm Tent
What a really enjoyable evening we had at the charity 'do' Charlie organised at the Jazz Cafe.A curry supper, stand up comedians, the dangerous juggler, fantastic musicians and vocalist. Susanne honing her Sophie Ellis Bextor impression and the man himself. Great stuff. Good times. Thanks Charlie.

Bob Spicer
I thought you might like to investigate the following. It is a copy of an Email sent to the Highways agencyIt has come to my notice that traffic lights have appeared (not yet in operation) on the entry slip roads to the M4 London bound at junctions 8/9, 7, and 6. What is the reason for these, as there is no acceleration space for traffic stopped at them to gain enough speed safely to merge in with traffic already on the motorway. It can only cause a traffic jam on the approach roads. Or is there a plan to put traffic lights on the M4 itself to allow merging traffic on, or is it a plan to cause gridlock on Maidenhead and Slough !!

Angela -Finchampstead
I lost my mother in November and Friday I put two bunches of lovely pink silk roses on her grave in High Wycombe cemetery for them to be stolen on the Sarurday. The awful thing is that some 'Mother' must have received them from their 'dear' child!!!!!! I am so upset about it, I can't tell you.

Mike The Skeptic
Alcohol.....Like I said a week or so ago WHY do we morn the loss of the brewery as a respectable buisness ???If I ran a company producing bottled Reading Spring Water and it was killing 18 people a week across Berkshire, do you think the enviromental health dept of Reading Borough Council would let me carry on trading???Oooh the irony.....

Why are you so frequently absent?

Lynn Bouchard
Hi. From Jersey CI...Please could you wish our darling daughter Dani Bouchard a very special birthday on FEB 29th... she is a teacher at Maiden Early..We hope all her pupils are extra good for her today..Miss her terrible.. take care love from us all over the seas.THANK YOU


Allan Jones
If fossil hydrocarbons had all been made into plastics and then landfilled the Earth would have been saved from death by global warming. European legislation and Green party dogma is twenty years out of date. We are spending billions protecting oil output to be used in greater proportion for fuel and the generation of greenhouse gas. This is just plain wrong.

Graeme from Andover
Please can you do something about your news broadcasts!!! Why O why do the presenters have to say " and still to come " on a news article of approx only 5 minutes when you could use the time to include another news item - it makes me cringe - leave the tacky catch phrases to ITN and David Brent ! All praise to Graham Murty - it takes a lot of guts to face Monday Mornings following recent results - good luck Boys !!

John Cornwell
Hi AndrewI've been advised to drop you an email because they say "If you've got a problem call Andrew Peach". I am a disabled person paralised from the chest down, that relies on WMBC HomeCarers to wash, dress and get me up in the mornings, then put me back to bed of a night. 1hr morning and 20-25 mins of a night. Due to my savings of above 21,500 I have to pay for my care, of which I'm HAPPY to do at the moment. Due to my disability I need 2 carers at a time, but only charged for 1 morning and night @ 11.00 per hr, making approx 415.00 per 4wks. I have now been informed that from April 7th the hourly rate is to be increased to 14.40 per hr, which I'm HAPPY to pay. But the PROBLEM is that I'm to be charged for the 2 carers as well, making the per 4 wks bill to 1075.00. I ask you is this FAIR or is it me, also are there any other OLD or DISABLED people out there feeling the same. Why SAVE money when we always seem to be penalised for having to much?Aren't we aloud to try and support ourselves and have some PRIDE???


Mike the Skeptic
The Brewary closure.....We have to decide what's important. We cant have it all-ways. Sure it's sad that 300+ jobs will be lost. But focus just for a minite upon what is the output of their labour. Lager/Alcohol.. the fuel behind the recent upsurge in anti social behaviour that has become endemic in our society. So is it such a bad thing? Maybe more of them should shut up shop and help to rid us of this scourge. In the light of Peak oil and the Green ethos, can they brew Ethanol or Bio-Diesel instead, to fuel Readings Buses? It's not so different and all the kit is in place. A few modifications may be needed but hey!!! S&N could become a part of the solution instead of being a part of the problem. boom-boom....Alcohol consumption is behind many of the issues of our time, Domestic violence, Obesity, Anti Social Behaviour, Binge Drinking , Liver Disease, Road Deaths and Accidents of all kinds, Lost working days because of hangovers and the ruination of many a teenager. Why do we mourn the loss of such a business. So goodbye S&N im sure it was fun for your shareholders while it lasted but please dont come back soon. We will find other jobs for our people.nuf said....

This morning was the last straw. Please take the trouble to listen to your own inane, populist drivel. Have you nothing to say which reflects the real intelligence that your Oxford education implies?

Jean from Bracknell
Street Lights - why at night do we need all the lights on the motorways - cars have headlights.Local ones- maybe ever other one could be turned off - they used to be.Drugs. Whether legalised or not, addicts need funds to buy them, so I don't think drugs related crime would drop.

Mike the Skeptic
Faith Based Schools....Madness...Education should be kept secular in my opinion. Faith is the responsibility of the individual not the state. Parents may well have a hand in faith development but when/if the child matures and becomes a free thinking person he/she will decide for themselves what to belive. Be that Jehovah or The Wizard of Oz. Their choice, nothing to do with the state. Schools should concentrate on teaching the 3R's to children so that as the mature they will have the tools to make reasoned decisions about their lives. This summer, there will be teenagers leaving school that will not be able to read this rant, yet alone be able to work out.. How many Miles make five? Dont get me wrong, R.E. does have a place in the curriculum but not with the objective of indoctrination. It should be based on the awareness/ appreciation of religious diversity. I'm afraid I have no faith in our schools....nuf said....

Why do we have Radio Berks reporters in America?Is this local radio

I am very worried about the increase in water bills. I live alone after the death of my husband last year, and the children moving on. I am not ready yet to move some-where smaller. I live in a four bedroom house, but I would think that I do not use as much water as people in a two or three bedroom house. This is another blow for myself as a pensioner.

given the poor performance given in many examples today of the thames valley police, why does the chief constable not support her men, (the ordinary working constable), and endorse the federations view that any money should be spent on Policemen, and not to support this governments (and probably the next as well), introduction of more pcso's which is leading to two tier (cheaper) policing in an feeble attempt to make people FEEL safer??

P Troutt
we all here parents going on about safety around school, perhaps Maggie would like to go to the school in Thatcham on the A4 PARENTS park on the yellow zig zag lines every day to drop off children, with no regard for the safety of there children just being too lazy to walk a few yards down the road. We all know who will shout the loudest if a child is injured?

I remember Andrew announcing happy hour in Littlewoods in walsall! He also went to my school..

Mike the Skeptic
Anti Smoking Rant....The smoking ban is probably the best thing any government has done for the good of the people since the birth of the NHS.Giving up smoking is the best single change in ones life that anyone can make to improve their health and the overall health of the nation. Nicotine is one mother of an addictive substance, I know because I consider myself to be a Nicotine addict although I have cracked the smoking thing. I use the so called NRT products on the market to manage my addiction, I still get the nicotine but not the stinking, toxic laden smoke experiance. I can enjoy visits to the pub again knowing that I will not come home stinking of tobacco smoke.My only regret is that I ever started smoking in the first place, I wish they would have done this years ago,sometimes we need saving from ourselves....

Mike the Skeptic
Large glasses of Wine.....A man(or woman) walks into a bar. I'll have have a glass of your finest antipodean Shiraz please bar man(or woman). Certainly sir/madam, would that be the 2,3,4 or 5 unit glass?How good would that be?At the point of sale you would know exactly how much alcohol you are really consuming in a session.The current wisdom of our government tells us that it should be safe for us to drink either 21 or 14 (M/F)units per week.How difficult could it be for all consume on the premises establishments to sell all their alcoholic beverages by the Unit? It would make all our lives so much easier to objectivly monitor our intake. To me it's one of those so called no brainers.The fly in the ointment would be the drinks industry and they would spend millions blocking such a practise as it would hurt their bottom lines too much. No-way do they want us to know how much we are really knocking back. They want us drinking more not less...nuf said.

After hearing about the milestones living history museum i went to there website to take a look. on every page next to the text there is a link to a BSL (British sign language) video that signs the passage of text. I think this is fantastic. altho deaf people can read most people asume it is the same language, signing doesnt use every word of the english language and to see that they have made the effort to do this on there site is fantastic. All credit to them. As a parent of a deaf child something as small as that can make my daughter feel far more included in planning a day trip out...

Mike the Skeptic
Prostate Cancer.....Biggest cancer killer of men and set to get bigger as we guys live longer. Most men die with prostate cancer not because of it.There is a blood test that is 99% accurate for spotting Prostate Cancer(the PSA test is not reliable but it is cheap) but there is no way it will ever get used by the NHS as it will save too many older men from from a premature death costing the Government extra money in pension and other healh care services. Dont forget that it kills mainly over seventy year olds (non productive from a GDP point of view) There is no way they want this test approved by NICE. You will never get a politician to admit this but Prostate Cancer is a gift to Treasury. It's going to save them millions by killing off the growing older non productive element of us chaps.So it's a mans world eh? If I had breasts or a cervix or both I would be part of a national screening program, alas, I have neither. Yet more men die of prostate cancer than women of breast cancer. Nuf said...

Had cause to use a bus recently, the drive proceeded to drive whilst eating a banana, I was very surprised, He then followed that by eating an apple, needless to say both hands were on the wheel. Do I report this to the bus company, I am a bit paranoid and think next time I get on the bus he may remember I was the one that had a good veiw of him or something, I cant wait until I can drive again when my op has healed. This isn't write surely when he is in charge of all those lives? what do you think I should do?

Lesley Lama
I was listening to your show this morning on the way to work. I found it very amusing about the goverment thinking of giving fat people vouchers.Having struggled with my weight for years. i attend a weekly slimming club and have lost over 5 stone, I have never had any help from the goverment to help me and guess what I now need a tummy tuck which will cost me over £5,000 which cannot be done on the NHS! Majority of people are only fat because what they put in their mouths! and lack of exercise. Instead of the goverment providing vouchers for buying healthier food maybe they should look at giving vouchers to attend their local slimming club.

Re train journey... £41.30 is First Class fare?? People pay that for the chance of peace and quiet, no wonder they wouldn't chat. You're lucky they didn't ask to have you removed.

On the subject of why people don't want to talk on trains. I travelled on the train for the first time in years a couple of weeks ago and despite the train being quite new, I was really surprised at how tight and cramped the seating was. I was sat next to a guy with an ipod on full volume and found it impossible to concentrate on my book with the constant tissing only inches from my ear. We live on a damp, gray, over crowded patch of rock, on the edge of the atlantic. We are naturally reticent. Trains here are crowded, very expensive (because of no historic regular investment and our love of the car) , you are shoe horned into trains that are often late, is it any wonder we are grumpy, introvert and shy. Patrick

Julie Gunning Thatcham
I have to go upto London on Saturday for the day to a workshop doyou think the mood of the passengers will be different, silence would be awful


Good luck

John & Liz Waterfall
Andrew can you please help us. We listen regularly to your show but are currently in Borneo on route to Australia for what should have been the holiday of a lifetime. We are desolate. Our 13 year old ginger cat, Tiger was entrusted to our son Oliver who lives at Hurricane Way, Woodley. Unfortunately Tiger escaped from Oliver's house last Monday (Jan 14th)and hasn't been seen since. Could you ask the good people of Woodley to look out for Tiger. Unfortunately he doesn't have either a collar or chip but he is short haired with dark markings round his mouth. You are our last hope!

Raj from Cartridge World, Queen St, Maidenhead
Re the enforced parking in Maidenhead from today. As a retailer, I think that we will benefit from enforced parking as customers would be able to park for a limited time and just walk into the shop. The only problem we have is that we do business deliveries, which means that we are in & out of the car park - could be several times during the day. As a holder a season ticket it does not matter how many time we are in & out of the car park but it does mean that an awful lot of time gets used up in walking to & from the car park.

Regarding Organ Donation - I don't understand what the fuss is all about, if people die they don't need their organs for anything, they are of no use to that person's family members.I believe that not giving one's organs is just a matter of selfishness. They can save someone else's life or lives.We just need to make sure it is done without corruption - like the PM is on his death bed and I am a match and ill in hospital and I am allowed to die so that he can live - that would be horrific.In Portugal (where I come from) one opts out and no one makes a big fuss (maybe because most people don't know about it...

Still on the subject of organ donation. If we are all deemed to be donors unless we opt out I wonder who owns my body. In this day and age it like to think it is the One thing that is mine. Brilliant interview with Murty. What agreat guy.

andrew lover
we love you we'll be your peachh xx

sarah johnson
Just wanted to say went to the carol service for the first time and thought it was absoutely fab. Susanne was brilliant as well. When i listened to the show on christmas morning, hearing susanne sing actually made me cry it was so lovely. love the show

Carole from Hurley
Hi Andrew,We will be buying our daughter a mobile next September as she starts secondary school then. I think as there is more opportunity for the children to wander round the shops etc in between lessons and she will ultimately become more independent, I feel that would be the right time for her to have her own mobile. I do think it a bit ridiculous and unnecessary for children to get a phone any earlier - what do they need it for?

Liz B
The low energy bulbs are total rubbish. During the dark winter months I like to have plenty of light which is something that these do not produce. I have removed mine and I will continue to purchase 'real light'!....for as long as I can and I am building up a supply. Who comes up with these 'not so bright ideas'!!

Pauline Mersh
Hello there, I am commenting on your discussion re dogs. Up until about 2 years ago we have always kept dogs, my last being a German Shepherd who was the most gentle natured dog. My children/grandchildren have never been allowed tomanhanlde any of my dogs/cats. My theory being i dont want people pulline me around and so why should an animal like it! If animals are hurt/uncomfortable their only defence is there mouth/teeth. I have also alwyas told my children when we are out never to approach dogs they do nto know no matter how large or small. They have always been told to ask the owner if they can pet/stroke a strange dog. My children have grown up with great respect for animals. I understand your feelings re your child and dogs and these feelings should be respected. Your first priority should be to protect your child but at the same time try not to get to the point that he fears animals. You can get a great deal back from animals (not just from the rear end!) they give as well as receive a lot of affection. I have never had a rottweiler but again i believe a dogs behaviour can reflect in the way they are reared, but on the other hand i would never ever leave a child alone with a dog (regardless of size)> As I have said before their only defence to anything they dont like os to bite/growl.

Carole from Hurley
Hi Andrew, we bought a dog earlier this year, a Weimaraner and he's absolutely gorgeous. He is a large dog and because of this, we have felt very strongly about training - he has been on three or four different training courses and we now feel confident that we have control of him whilst out walking etc and being in public. We have three children aged 6, 8 and 10 and we would never leave him alone with them. He is a big softie and wouldn't do anything to hurt the children "intentionally" - however, our main concern is with the children - we could never be too sure (especially with the younger children) what they will do to HIM and as a consequence exactly HOW he would REACT. We feel very strongly that you can NEVER trust any dog alone with a child. I myself love all dogs but there are certain breeds that I am extremely nervous off and they have been reported in the press recently. It is a big awkward at times especially when I need to go upstairs to get myself washed and dressed each day - we have a crate for our dog and at times like that we put him in it so we can be sure EVERYONE is safe and sound.

George Potten
hi andrew hope you and your family have a great new year. please pass on my thanks to all the other presenters at the station, happy new year from one stringer to all the other stringers it makes a great program.andy i hope you and every one at the station had a good laugh at the baby G stories i sent you sorry they never arived before you went on

marlene and mandi
hi andrew i live in scunny my mum is marlene from thatcham give our love to suzanne we love your show happy new year to u both love marlene and mandi

David J Phillips
Please help. Did anyone record the program on Christmas eve. My daughters, Sophie & Emily, were on it and I would love to get a copy of Emily singing jingle bells.

Pamela Roberts
Hi Andrew please do not encourage Suzanne to sing at the carol service again. Lovely girl, lovely carol, lousy voice.

Clare from Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.
Hi Andrew - as a native of Eton Wick when I visit my Mum, Maria Stevens, she always has the radio tuned to your station. I would love it if you would wish her a Happy Christmas from Claudia, Anna, Jude and Clare in very snowy Canada. Thanks.

Mary Steel
Andrew you may like to cover the closure of Windsor Arts Centre with your usual unbiased and thoughtful approach - My husband was told yesterday and the staff and volunteers given one hours notice of the loss of their jobs one week before chirstmas. We are in shock. The 'council of management' met in closed session without telling the members of the charity that it was even in danger of closing. If they had done so, people would have had the opportunity to try and save it. Im sure there will be a lot of anger from people hoping to have seen Tommy Emmanuel, and others who have enjoyed the centre during the 20 years that my husband has worked there.I'm sure there will be moves afoot to try and save it. Mary Steel

Kate S
Hey Andrew,my Mum listens to BBC radio Berkshire, every morning when she drops us off at school, and my brother listens every Monday to listen to Graeme Murty. Please say a shout out to my mum, mandy, and my brother, william for an early christmas present. Thank you!

Sheila Basson from Woodley
Would someone, anyone please take on our hockey team, the Bracknell Bees ? We are desperate to keep our boys on the ice, we love our hockey and after 20 years it would be terrible to just let the whole thing fold. Mr Madjeski maybe could help us -? he love sport and has done wonders for Reading football.

Sammy Simpson
Hi andrew, I have got tonsillitis. Poor me also i have got a cold for the secound time in two months.very good show.Listen to you everyday!!:) ;)

steve wilkins
if the police stopped issuing tickets for one day it would cost the government more than thier pay rise

Hi Andrew What is the matter with you. why wont you play Santa Baby.Is it because you can,t sing.From all Susanna.s Big fan club.

Mrs Wilson from Tilehurst
Mornig Andrew. I am huge fan the show especially you. You brighten up my day every day. Any chance you can tell your listens that my grandson Alex and his band Hello Wembley are holding their debut single launch party this Saturday December 15th at Plugnplay in Milford Road? Doors are at 8pm and its only £6 on the door. Many thanks.

carol from Thatcham
What's happened to Joe Wise; we never hear him on Friday morning now!

Paul from Crowthorne
Regarding your discussions about Strokes. Why is it that whenever problems in the treatment of Patients is discussed on your show Wrexham Park Hospital can always be relied upon to be one of the places that don't do the right thing?Wrexham Park is the last place I would want to be taken to if I had a medical problem.

I heard you were looking for information on Santas Grottos. We have set up a fantastic, enchanting Santas Grotto in Eton, for the Windsor and Eton folk, and would like to invite you for a private Frank 01753 625109

Hi Andrew.We have heard a lot about the savers with Northern Rock and the shareholders, but no mention of the equity people. Northern Rock are now part owners of many properties, so what happens to those in this situation. Is there anybody with some information? Hope you can find out. Lesley

Peter Small
Barbados 41st Independence Celebrations,The Carson Small Foundation (Reading ) gives a big shout out to all Barbadians and friends in Reading and the UK and wish them a HAPPY 41st INDEPENDENCE on Saturday Friday 30TH November.We also invite them to our Fund Raising Event/Dance at the Irish Centre, Saturday 1/12/07. You will have to pay £10.00 or £15.00 at the door.All proceeds will go to Hospitals in Barbados. As you know Andrew, Reading have the most Bajans living outside Barbados,some of us been here from the 1950's. The Oldest known person from this community lives at Asantewa House, she is in her 90's.See you all there on Saturday.Oh! do not forget to buy your raffal tickets you could win a bottle of spesial Barbados Rum from the 8 prizes on offer.Peter Small Co-ordinator.To know more about the above please email

Simon Street - email:
Dear Mr. Peach,I must compliment you on a very informative breakfast programme.Now for the bad news."Rogue Auctions"Your item on these ILLEGAL activities. OK we now know (the obvious) on how not to get ripped off or if we run a venue, how to avoid booking them and what to check for.What about the cure, not even discussed. This is not only about individuals avoiding a "rip-off".This is a community issue for all of us. Points not covered by your show:-1. How to stamp it out?2. Where to report the leaflets received before the auction?3. Where to report after the (crime) after the event?Who takes ownership, not the hall owner, not the victim? The answer is all of us, working with the authorities. Obvoius stuff really.I would be interested in any comments you have as to why we are not looking at a cure to this and many other issues. This is typical of the modern consumer society today, "Quick fixed", "cure the symptom not the decease", "avoid the crime as individuals, instead of reporting it". This is NOT the way to go!I hope this is taken as a constructive critism, it is just one of many areas that I strongly believe that is one of the down sides to society. Lets promote the idea of complete working solutions and just just suppress symptoms.I would more than happy to take this discussion further by email or phone on a 'one-to-one' or on the programme.All the

Hi Andrew, Can you please explain the meaning of touching Glasses together before having a drink?

Andrew, we lost our cat several years ago now. She was missing for 15 days in the height of the summer. I spent every lunchtime walking up and down our road looking for her - we put flyers through all the doors down our road, asking people to look in the garages and sheds etc. We put an announcement on the local radio and finally, an advertisement in the local paper with a reward of £100. We were inundated with sightings of our cat! All of which turned out to be false alarms, until one day an old lady called to say she thought our cat was on the roof of her shed - I made my way there just to be polite really, not thinking it would turn out to be our cat, but, hey presto it was our Sofie and she literally jumped from the roof of the shed straight into my arms!

Andrew, is it just me getting old and hypersensitive, or are car stereos getting louder and louder these days? Every night I hear a dozen or so cars pull up in the car park outside my house with their stereos turned up to the max and the bass on a level with a minor earthquake. Surely this qualifies as a statutory nuisance? Can't car stereo manufacturers do anything to contain the noise?

Kathy Johns
Can't help thinking this country needs less government not more. Yesterday I woke up to Which report asking for more regulation of junk food advertising on television before the watershed, and today its more tax on alcohol to discourage binge drinking. What ever happened to personal responsibility? The more the government interferes in our lives it seems we become more like children ourselves. Yes the government should have laws to protect the vulnerable in society but also parents should meet their obligations to raise their children - the government can't do it for them.


Denise Schult
Regarding the Hexagon theatre - I have performed there twice a year for the last 20 years in amateur shows with The Sainsbury Singers - a fantastic hobby - we performed Crazy For You last week. Reading needs this theatre to stay open - my fear is that the theatre will be knocked down and a new one not built for years - we need a theatre to be in the town continuously.Happy Birthday to The Hexagon anyway

James Martin
your comments about the Hexogon being 30 yrs old reminds me some years ago back in the 80's I had a friend who had to change a lock on the ladies loo it was damaged when one of the Nolan sisters got lock in the loo's. I think it was one of the youngest one's. My friend kept the lock for quite some years as a momento.(He was working at the time for Reading Bourough Council) And yes he realy liked the The Nolan Sisters.

Andrew, I am still thinking about the young woman who refused a blood transfusion. Did she choose to go to hospital to have her babies? This poses the question if so, why? Did she want the best medical care, I think so. Any mother would. I also think that indoctrination may have played a part in her refusal to accept a transfusion. Pregnancy and pending motherhood provocts powerful feelings. I don't want to critise any religion, but any religion that accepts electricity, gas, cars and the like as normal, should gracefully accept medical advances as progress and not condem those in need of attention. All respect to those who follow any faith, but for goodness sake, get a life, not take it.

Hi Andrew, I have a brother who has just produced his own cd. I happen to think it is quite brilliant....and not just because I'm his sister! Is there any chance I could get a track played on your slot or anyone elses in radio berkshire? If not, can you point me in the right direction. I LOVE your show and listen to it from 7.00pm until about 7.00pm every day without fail and I really miss you when you're away on holiday or whatever! Give my best to Mrs P and your little boy, Isaac. carole.dibley@btinternet.comThanks Andrew

AndrewThe standard of driving is very poor these days. In the past, motorway drivers were advised to leave a 2 second gap between cars. Now, drivers simply see this as as invitation to dart in and out as they please. This makes it very difficult to drive defensively.
Hi Andrew60's folk singer Julie Felix is going to be playing Central Studio, Queen Mary's College 10th November. We would dearly like to get her into the studio for some PR if you or your colleagues could oblige. failing that she would be happy with a telephone interview. Here's hoping that you can help.Trevor Tapscott

Sheila Basson
Andrew,please clarify - I heard the item re the Queen's 60th Anniversary,do couple have to have their wedding anniversary on the SAME date or just the same year? We have a couple of neighbours who celebrated their golden wedding a month or so ago, would they qualify ? I will pass on details to them if they do qualify. Thank you, Sheila in Woodley

Sally - Windsor
Andrew would you please wish my Husband Dave good luck for the Marlow half marathon on Sunday from me and his daughters Zoe and Lucy. If you could do this on Friday between 7 and 7.20 I know he will hear it. Many Thanks.

Kate from Newbury
Why is it that when it rains it incourages people to drive faster and let the people on the pavement get wet. The clocks have just changed and with never -ending rain in sight now till march till it goes back to summer time can I ask that car drivers please be more aware of your surroundings.Thanks

is susie moonlighting doing voice overs for adverts for the NSPCC?

i am 36 and cant get my head around how kids just hang about and and abuse all who pass .what is this goverment doing about it,do we all think this is ok to let kids grow up like this,they start like what will they become,bring back borstal i say

I was surprised when I was in London the other day to find people had three dustbins, brown, green, black.Having spent an hour at the tip at Pinchington lane and getting no where so went home, why can't we have three dustbins in West Berkshire, also not everyone have the use of a car so how do that get there rubbish to the tip?Jean


Julie from Wokingham
I was listening to your item this morning (16/10) about the problems Wexham Park Hospital is having with the bacterium C.difficile. You said to their rep: "Now before we start talking about the hospital.. what is it?" And I was most disappointed not to hear him reply: "It's a big building with patients, but that's not important right now." Frank Drebin, where were you when we needed you...

Annette in Calcot
I have just received a letter from the Neighbourhood Policing Team based at Newbury Police Station. In it they tell me that "Thames Valley Police are committed to reducing crime but in order to be successful in this, we require your help. For the past few months vehicle crime has been a problem, particularly where vehicles have been broken into.... " etc etc.They they have put in BOLD print "your vehicle, registration number ***** was noted in the following location: Savacentre Calcot on 19 Sept 2007."There follows some general advice about not leaving valuables in your car etc.What the ***** is that about????It cost 22p to post it, and heaven knows what to pay the officer who carefully wrote down my number, then researched my address then had the letter typed out and put into an envelope etc.WHAT??????Is it just me, were they targetting silver cars that day? Or were they offended that we choose to park in the supermarket car park when we do our shopping?Have any other listeners had one of these letters? Do you agree that it is a waste of resources?

Doris Tatz
Evening Mr Peach. This is the first time i am writing to you. I have become of you and show over the last two months. I now listen every day. Anyway... my grandson Sam fronts the band Ok Tokyo and next Monday October 22nd they will be playing (by invite only) the world famous music industry festival In The City in Manchester. They beat off 100s of other bands to be invited to play the three day festival. I think you would agree that is quite a feat. Linda Serck of The Session has been championing the band. They headline this Saturday October 20th at Club Velocity Plugnplay 35 Milford Road Reading. Its their In The City warm up show. I am personally very excited. I would like to invite you and Linda Serck down. Can you tell your listeners? Many thanks. Keep up the good work. Doris from Woodley. PS My husband reckons you 'do' the news on Radio 2. Is taht true?

Help me to change the house market by signing my petition on 10 Downing Street. The goverment should legelise offers with a cooling off period of 1 week. Save everyone a lot of stress and money.Look for "Oscar Reading"... Thanks,Oscar

george potten
hi andrew if the station is doing anything for children in need this year i would like to give one of my books that i sent you via the murtys the other week for your son so you could auction it stringer basingstoke

Joan from Thatcham
The Thatcham U3A has an open afternoon today between 2pm and 4 pm at the Memorial Hall where everyone can learn about all the different activities we get up to. Refreshments will be available.

Children need to be aware that their actions be it at school or home help prove their world.If they feel that they are taking part in making their world a better place now. When they are older they will be have a greater impact. By making them aware of some of the problems ( keeping their worry needle to a min ) the world might have a better chance and hopefully we will have a much more pleasant old age. Tks

How long before we actually have any post delivered? It`s now 9 days here in the heart of Reading I still haven`t recieved any mail? While I sympathize with the posties my patience is now becomming tested. Will I get any post before their on strike again?

Bob the Trucker
I was listening to your show today (Wed) getting comments about the misuse of blue permits for the disabled, when the lady taxi driver from Henley came on saying she gets 'looks' from people when she is waiting for customers who are shopping, SO SHE SHOULD - this is the reason for complaints from other blue card holders. Being a taxi driver she should have a good eyesight, so there is no reason she shouldn't park elsewhere in the car park and when her customer comes out of the shop, move off to pick them up at the door - making it even easier for them to do their shopping AND leaving a space for a disabled driver to use the allocated spaces. If however she were to accompany her fare into the shop then she would be justified in parking there.

robert fowler, bes department, bbcm.
Andrew, the person who phoned in to wish her partner 88's. It is not rude it means love and kisses by the way 73's mean kind regards. 73 RF

Peter in Reading
Inheritance Tax interviewAndrew I was annoyed that about the manner you treated the govt tax minister Kitty who came on your show to explain the changes. If they are a guest then you should treat them with respect like all your guests. When John Redwood came on its was all smiles and greetings. You can still ask tough questions with good manners and probably get a better more comprehensive answer instead of getting their backs up. I feel you are showing your blue colours which should not be displayed on the BBC.Are you too young to remember how badly the conservatives dealt with the media when they were in power? Maybe everyone in the BBC have a chip on their shoulder after the Huttton affair and can't wait for chance to pay them back whether the individual deserves it or not. Its not in the public interest so please stop it.

Disabled badgesThe car registration no is no good as the badge goes with the person, not the car. Different cars are driven my relatives, carers, etc. What I can't understand is why the photo is on the other side to the date which must be shown. If the photo was shown and did not fit anyone in the car, then the warden could do something about it.

dawn claire and elaine from need a cake
Hi Just listening to susz talking about the night garden and we did laugh !We work at Need a cake (remember your Christmas cake Andrew) and last week we had 2 requests for the Iggly piggly characters from the Night Garden . We didnt have a clue ! Thank god for the web so we could copy them. Very strange ugly little characters!We are asked for all sorts!Have a good day Dawn, Claire and Elaine xxx

Heather from Emer Green
You asked on the radio this morning how we taught our children to cook. I have 3 girls - now 28, 25, and 18. All were taught from 2 years old. I always ensured we had one of those ovens in which the grill is in the oven section. Here they cooked anything which could be grilled - toast, fish fingers, steak, chops, biscuits. When they grew older and could see into the botton of a pot on the top of the stove they could cook up there. The middle daughter was shorter than most and was almost 12 before she graduated! Is this why she cannot make a suace [including gravy]?All are good cooks and I rarely cook a meal. Dont put this down to my teaching skills though. When I use receipts I always alter them. I cannot make cakes to save my life but all 3 girls make cakes to die for. The youngest I hardly taught - her older sisters gave her the basics when tiny but stoped as she grew up so as a young teenager she brought Delia Smiths books and taught herself. Very good she is too [daughter] Delia has too much detail for me. I tend to make it up as I go along as do the older two girls.All of us would put together the weekly menu. We had 3 rules1 He who cooks does not wash up. I am the best washer upper2. Cooks choice i.e. choses the meal and the best portion3. Cooks dont clear the table you know why I never get too cook anymore - even though there is only one child at home now!!

Strictly, strictly, strictly! aaah I'm happy now. Love it. Gonna be fun. Gethin is hot to trot.

Muppetry at the MadStad - Malcolm Tent
My wife goes to most Reading home matches and always takes a bottle of water with her. You'll know the ones, a plastic bottle with an integrated stopper in the top.Well, while waiting to go in for the Derby County match a Steward asked to look in her bag and on spying the bottle removed the top and threw it in a bin. Apparently the bottle was a missile with its' top on. YOU MUPPET! My wife then had to put her thumb over the top of the bottle until she got to her seat and then continue holding the bottle during the match so that it didn't get knocked over and spill water everywhere.What the hell is wrong with the management at Reading FC? It's time you treated your fans with some RESPECT rather than like hooligans, YOU MUPPETS!I stopped going to see Reading FC last season when I realised that the club was oozing greed from every pore. Just go to their website and hear the "kerching" on every link.And although my wife has been a very "Loyal Royal" for many years she is unimpressed with the clubs attitude to its' fans and may just join me on the sofa and listen to Joel & Tim on match days, saving the price of a ticket in the process, which by the way is double what it was when Reading were in the Championship...£££ Kerching £££!

John B Stainsby
My wife and I are, let's say of advanced years & won't see 60 again & rely on a phone to keep in touch with relatives, doctor and R.B.Hospital so when our home phone went dead on 25/09/07 we contacted Talk Talk & reported our fault. They in turn told Openreach BT & we were assured that they would be out within 24-48 hrs. That is 2 weeks ago & we still have no phone. We have a daily email contact with Talk Talk cust' serv' dept and I've contacted citizens advice & the local paper to see if they can help. Andrew could you please take up our cause & fight our corner for us because we don't know what to do now.We feel that we are now part of the invisible, abused old & it's not very nice!!!Thank you.

Jayne Evans
Hi AndrewCan you arrange for Maggie Philbin to come along to The George Hotel in Pangbourne on Friday morning please to see the scarecrows who will have stayed there overnight, having been dropped off on Thursday evening by the community groups in Pangbourne who will have made them. On Friday afternoon the scarecrows are going to be positioned around the village for two weeks when visitors can come along and try to guess which cartoon or nursery rhyme character the scarecrows are supposed to be. There is a £200 spending spree in Pangbourne along with superior room with three course meal and full breakfast up for grabs for the first luck winner pulled from the hat at the Pangbourne Firework Fiesta on Saturday 3rd November.Please ask Maggie if she would like to come along this Friday to see them first! Local estate agent and auctioneer, Dudley Singleton is going to judge them on Friday morning. My email address is Thanks.

Andrew - I was driving along the M4 this morning between J13 and J12 on my normal commute and noticed 2 telephone masts that had been disguised as trees! Actually it gave me a kind of queasy feeling as the trees I had assumed were natural actually were man-made, and I've been passing them everyday....Any chance you know how many camouflaged phone masts there are on the M4? I can only spot 2 between j13 and j10.

gary putt
does andrew read the news for steve wright in the afternoon ?
Good Morning AndrewI would like to know why Thames Water (who say that it is not their responsibility) or Southern Water are reluctant to deal with a water leak. There has been water leaking through the surface of Proctor Road Wokingham for 12 weeks now and despite no end of people reporting it this resource continues to be wasted. No wonder our bills are so high.Ken Wokingham

Andrew, this morning you moan about Defra re-writing maps by insisting that the latest foot and mouth out break in Wraysbury is in the county of Surrey.Funny, the BBC must be using the same maps as the story on the BBC news web site is under Surrey and NOT Berkshire.

Jeff Hopkins
Andrew, you can't lose a key quality player like Steve Sidwell and expect the team to perform at the same level as before, it's that simple!cheersJeff.

Mike Robertson
Hi Andrew, Would you be able to shed some light on the so called 'Rail Replacement Service" of various train companies. We pay one of the highest train fairs in EU and still most of the time we end up with Rail replacement service. The train companies don't even bother to notify the passengers in advance. In some case they need to do it due to engineering works etc. But lately there seems to be too many replacements . My wife travelled from reading to Reddicth, the last leg of the journey was replaced by bus service . It took thrice the time of the initial journey . Won't they be refunding part of the fare?

Peter ( Henley )
i have been following the story on the young couple with two small sounds like the councel dont care.

Marion Jackman
in car listening to Andrew talking to Nigel from Royal Berks , well done Andrew you didnt let it go , , coversation reminded me of when back in Spirin I was waiting with my daughter Helen in Wexham Park eray dept , AN elderly lady was wheeled in and left on the trolley waiting x ray , she was all uncovered showing most of her top half Helen said mumsort her out , I told a member of staff who covered her up , she went in for x ray , then blow me when she came out she was all uncovered again , I went over to her , I did not want her to know that she was showing all her bits and peaces , so I asked if she was cold , just a bit dear she said , I brought her blanket up round her shoulders , she was chatty told me she was 80 and she had had afall, said she got over excited she had wone at bingo the night before , all staff must remember that we all what ever are age deserve to be treated with respect , that lady would have been horrified if she had known that a packed waiting room could see all , young people do not mind showing bare midriffs etc but elderly people were brought up to believe your body is private and we should respect that , I did phone Wexham when I got home and a gentleman did promis to speak to relevent departments

Gill, Bracknell - Martins Heron, Tesco Store
Andrew. So, as I long suspected Tesco Martins Heron seem to have got their way. First they had a no to the expansion of the store. Then they limited parking because shoppers couldn't park because of train passengers. Not something I ever saw as problem. And this week, lots of contractors cabins and boards going up but as I discovered yesterday not just taking out car parking spaces but it would appear that they have somehow acquired the premises of the small parade of shops right next to themselves. So, less parking because of the expansion, no other shops in the parade available and yet again, the big store wins! Finally, just a thought; this is going to make it more difficult for the residents who live right near the store as presumably if they are making it more like Warfield, more people, more traffic, more parking on the surrounding streets. How did they manage this??

I would like to share with you how angry we are, about the NHS decision to make all prescriptions only for 28 days. Previously we have been able to have 4 month presciptions, but now we have the HUGE inconvenience of having to arrange collection far more frequently and pay up to 4 times more in prescription fees. My husband is on permanent medication and this will have a massive impact on us. As tax payers we resent what we see as a ploy by the NHS to raise extra money from people who are ill and have no choice in the matter.

Rod Warner
Andrew - Do you have all the facts re the PC's and the drowning of the boy ? - As I understood it the boy had already disappeared beneath the water for at least 10mins before they got there - so he could not be seen and was almost certainly already drowned - that makes a crucial difference to how anyone would react, compared to if he was still visible and just going down . The way you presented it was the latter - which is the sensationalist way the press seem to spin stories today - Dont go their way !

Sarah Mayhew
If the lady with housing issues would like to come to CommuniCare at Cemetery Junction today between 10am and 4pm we will try to help her. We are an advice, information and support centre. Advice is freeSarah

Graham from Wokingham
Hey Peachy, Anyone tell you that your website photo is strikingly similar to Declan Curry who reads BBC Finance news..;>)

Kim Davis
Hello Andrew. Love the show,listen every day. Could you tell your listeners that my grandsons' band Libor Spacek are having their debut single launch party this Friday at the Rising Sun Arts Centre 30 Silver Street Reading. Doors are at 8pm and its four pounds on the door. Keep up the great work. Many thanks Kim Davis from Tilehurst

About the glasses - I would go for the half framed ones but any of them make you look less like Penfold off Danger Mouse!


Re the Royals poor start - tell Mr Coppell to show the players the DVD highlights of the promotion winning season to boost their confidence. Never fails to cheer me up after a bad match and it would remind them of just how good they can be when they put their minds to it.

Hi my son and i listen to you every morning. His mad on football and his dream is to present a five minuete slot on Reading FC as a young Reading fan for your younger listeners. watch out graham! love the show

Your have been talking about making a will. My father recently died leaving a will this was not accepted by the Newbury Building Society and I have to go to probate so that my mother can the money she is entitled to. Semms a little pointless wasting money on a will when you have to then pay for probate. This was the only company I had a problem with the so called "local friendly building society" maybe in the light of what is happening they need this money in case they go down the pan. I hope they do!!!!!!

Juno (from Earley)
Re your alledged speeding this morning. Just take it on the chin - unless you can state, hand on heart/bible whatever that you have NEVER EVER exceeded the speed limit - then count this as a slap on the wrist for all those times you didn't get caught!

Denise Wakeham
I used to receive lots of unsolicited mail so I signed up to the Mail Preference Service thinking that it would stop. Did it Royal Mail kindly bring it with my own post - something uninteresting nearly every day! They get it all back though...I save it up every week and give it back to them by posting it in my nearest post box!

Mag Williams
I have to admit I only listen to you from time to time. Don't take that personally, I treat Terry Wogan the same way! I thought your coverage on the floods was great and more recently I listened to you because you spoke to my husband Chris Williams who is going to Everest Basecamp soon and collecting for Leukaemia Busters. Anyway, I tuned in this morning and got interested in your glasses debate. So I checked you out on the web image search. Andrew your current specs are great for radio, you have to get rid! The ones that do the most for you are the dark framed ones

Francois Ali - age 13 -
My comments and advices to Coppell on Reading FC:Sometimes you play the hard ball and are too adventurous, but you should play the easy ball and should attack more on the wide, like you did last year. So don't be too hard on yourself...

Untaxed Cars - Malcolm Tent
I dislike people who don't tax their cars. They think that they are above the law. If they run into my car it will be me who ends up paying.So when I see an untaxed car I make a note of the location and registration plate. When I collect 6 or 7 off they go to Castle Street police station for our good old police to sort them out. And what do our good old police do about it? Well in the words of your erstwhile presenter Paul Daniels...Not a lot.No, they spend our money on gadgets so that they can sit in the back of their vans and play with their toys for boys rather than actually do something when it's handed to them on a plate.I don't bother anymore. Why waste my money on a stamp. And yet they bleat on about wanting help and support from the public...jokers!

Sally - Windsor
Why aren't we setting up a fnd to support our Farmers. Lots of people would give - they are a big part of the community. We should give more to support this Country.

Robert Shea
Cycling parking at Windsor & Eton central station - complete lack of it. Given the high profile of 'Green' travel, and 'Carbon Foot prints' this should be a priority, yet nothing seems to be done to accomodate of provide any form of facilities on the station - every other station i have ever visit seems have have something, even Windsor Riverside, so why not the Central Station?


Chris Fox-Geen
Rail exploitation!Off peak fares start at 10 am. The car parks off peak rates NOW start at 11am!eg Tilehurst WAS £1.20 NOW £3.20 ! PLUS 200%How can they get away with this expolitation. They should not!

Alan McGee
Morning Sir.I am a big fan of your new reading on Radio 2.My name is Alan McGee of Creation REcords and ex mate of Tony Blair fame.Sir-can i tell you of my latest musical discovery?They are called Glasvegas-they hail from the centre of Rocknroll taht being Glasgow.They hit Reading,Berkshire on Thursday 23rd August.They sound like the greatest band ever.Elvis'(rip) daughter Marie is a fan.Think Motown-think Buddy Holly-think Radio 2.Greatness like this only comes round once ever twenty years.Their debut Reading show is like i have already written August 23rd at Plugnplay studios 35 Milford Road Reading.Come and see history and come and see the new Beatles.Thanks McGee

Hi Andrew. Just thought your listeners might like to know that Hurst village near Reading will be featured on a new TV Series called VILLAGE VOICES. It's a series focusing on village life in the South of England and Hurst was chosen because it has such an active community. It's on tonight (Monday 20th August) at 8pm on ITV (Meridian).

Hunt/Cech - Malcolm Tent
What a fantastic idea. Ten months since the Hunt-Cech accident, all done and dusted so let's have Radio Berks drag it all up again in a 'special feature'. You MORONS. I'm sure Reading FC are absolutely thrilled.

Jonathan in Caversham
Andrew why is it that radio presenters will never say that they are broadcasting on other station!!! Take yourself we all know that come the weekend we will hear you on Radio 2 reading the news... and PK on Radio Oxford of a Saturday morning. It is just plain weird!!!

DJ Dreadnought
Mr Peach-you wake me every week day. Can i tell you about Reading Fringe 2007? It starts August friday 17th to August 23rd. Six nights/days of music/arts/poetry and so on. Most of its free. Dozens of events are taking place.Its a run up to Reading Festival that starts on August 24th.It all concludes with Club Velocity presents Reading Festival Warm Up party at Plugnplay 35 Milford Road Reading with four great bands HEARTWEAR PROCESS/GLASVEGAS/HEARTWEAR PROCESS/BEN MARWOOD Oh I am djing that night too. Should be a great night. Thanks again. Keep up the great work.

How much did a marriage cert cost in 1940s Whats this 7s6d on about

Carole & Bet
Andrew, I have had to use the out of hours doctors service. A year ago, my daughter who is 10, was complaining of earache - I dosed her up with calpol and hoped for the best - it was the day of her birthday party too! She had friends coming round and they were all going in a stretch limo for a birthday treat. My daughter still wanted everything to go ahead as planned. When she was in the limo she spent alot of the time in tears as she was in so much pain. When we got to the restaurant, she told me she wanted to go home and leave the party - most unlike her. She didn't even want to open any of her presents. I phoned the service to be told at first that they didn't "serve" our area - we live in Hurley, Berkshire but out surgery is in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. After a while, they agreed I could use the service. I told them what the problem was and was told a doctor would ring me back shortly. 2 hours later, nobody had phoned me back, by this time my daughter was vomiting and in tears because of the pain. I had given all the calpol I could give so was at a loss as to what I could do for her. In the end, I told my husband I was going to take her to casualty - although I felt this wasn't a medical emergency, I felt I had no choice - I felt sure she would be prescribed antibiotics and all would be well. How wrong was I. When we got there, she had a rash on the side of her face and I was told she was to be treated for suspected meningitis! Before I knew it, she was on a hospital bed being fed antibiotics intraveneously and being dosed up with copious amounts of calpol. Fortunately, it turned out to be nothing but a severe inner ear infection and after having spent the night in the hospital we were allowed home in the morning. Needless to say, as soon as Monday morning came, I phoned the surgery to complain and have since received a letter of apology from the out of hours service.

Alan (if name needed!) concerned Farm supporter
I was just typing an email but i think my email was sent before i finished it! So will start again..I was asking you to find out why Virgin are allowing their Hot Air Balloon Pilots to carry on flying and especially the virgin pilot (based in Henley) that covers the Guildford area to bring passengers up from Guildford to fly them here, I appreciate that they are not flying in guildford, but with the situation there I doubt they would be able to find anywhere to land or takeoff! why do they not consider the risk to our Farmers of the passengers carrying the disease on the cars or footwear up here and when they takeoff or land the risk of passing it on to landowners around here, I know other Balloonists from various different areas have chosen to "ground" themselves as a measure of support for our farmers even though they dont have too - but they appreciate the risks and worry their presence would cause, Perhaps someone should ask them why when other smaller companies can think and act with consideration to our Farmers why a large company like Virgin Cant?

hilary from lower earley
What has happened to Susie's comback? I thought she was back on 6th August. Is everything ok?

Nick Jennings
Hello Andrew,I was listening toyuor chat with Maggie from San Dieago this morning. Maureen & I stayed @ The Humphries Half Moon Hotel which is opposite the Coranado Hotel in the bay. The city is one of our favourite places as well. Have you even been to San Antonio, Texas. We have benn going th the US fro many years, doen the east & west coasts & Texas is a whole different experience. I can recomend The San SAntonio River Walk, Galvastone & The Johnson Space Centre. This year we are off to Florida for a Disney Cruise ( the best) &Daytona for the Biketoberfest.Really enjoy the show, so thank you and all of your work mates. Oh well, back to the office & sort out the Foot & Mouth effects on our business.RegardsNick Jennings

Gerard Saunders
My wife and I have been looking for a place to rent for 2 months. We received notice on my current property due to a new landlord, no argument there, but there was a lack of housing for rent at the begining of August. As time went on we applied for a place in Thatcham, which was flooded the day we applied, since then we have been turned down 2 more times! We have the total deposit in our account waiting for an available property, and good references from our landlord, but I will not spend £2000 on moving into a flat. Now the only properties available are from the end of September, I have to be out of our current residence by Tuesday 7th August! There simply isn't enough housing in the country, so I now have my head in my hands not knowing what to do! Thank God for good friends!

Peter Young
Hi Andrew. These simple mobile phones would be very good for many companies who want their employees to have contact via mobiles but not have the big bills caused by all the bolt on accesories. Regards Peter in Fleet with a good reception. Thankyou.

Tony Woodley
Hello Peachy,Call me a cynical old git, but we have just experienced the wettest July since records began, the worst floods since 1947, and now the Environment Agency are saying we have to pay more on our water bills to help combat these situations in the future. So can one of your listeners tell me what the Environment Agency actually do. Where does all the millions they already receive from the Government and Anglers etc. go, and how do they plan to prevent this occurring again. All I heard about from them over the past two weeks was “they were keeping people ADVISED”, and “NOTIFYING people where and when flooding might occur”, not a lot a lot good when you have 3 feet of water in your lounge.I have just spoken to a friend in Holland, and would you believe they have just experienced similar rainfall, but not a hint of flooding, and he lives several meters below sea level. The Dutch must think we are a joke! Regards Tony (Woodley)

Jonathan West
Very irresponsible of you bringing up the old MMR chestnut again. Any responsible journalist in the UK knows that there is no link at all between MMR and Autism - will Mr Peach feel any responsibilty if any foolish parents decide not to have the MMR based on his remarks this morning, and then find their children die of measles?

my friends who live a few miles outside Tewskesbury, are without fresh water, so have been using the water from their water butts for the toilet, washing and washing up etc. It's very clean and once well boiled on the wood burning fire is perfectly safe for these purposes.

Nick Jennings
Hello Andrew,Recently I have been office bound as opposed to delivering in the butchers van where I ised to listen most days. I have now discovered Radio Berkshire on line & now listen at my desk when ever possible. The flood coverage has been very good and relevant to us as we have a shop in the St Martins Precinct, Caversham. I bumped into Captain HOOOOOK on the bridge @ Sonning the other day. He doesn't look like he sounds though!.Not sure if you will remember but my wife feel off a log in Clayfield Copse & broke her leg 3 months ago. I am glad to say she is now fully recovered & the staff @ RBH & the local surgery in Hemdean Road have been superb.Love the show.RegardsNick Jennings

kim papps
As you may be aware scouting is celevrating one hundred years this year. 1st Easthampstead is holdiung a group camp for beaver,cubs ans scouts for 100 youngest. Perhaps it would be nice if you could interview some of the children to put nice items on the news. Lets let people know that not all youngest are hoodie vandals. We are camping at bca in maidenhead for 10 days so perhaps some one could visit for a while we can provide tea etcplease let me knowkim.papps@virgin.netthanks you for your help lets promote scouting in Berkshire

Dr Vince Greenham (BBC Berkshire's favourite denti
When driving through Sonning today (Wednesday) I noticed something thrashing around in the middle of the road near a deep puddle. It was a large pike (carnivorous fish with teeth) of about 7 pounds and about a yard long!!! So being a friend of wildlife (and passionate angler) I stopped, picked it up, and carried it to deeper water so that it might return to a safer home in the river. Sorry I don't have a picture but you will have to trust this fisherman's tale!

Background Music - Malcolm Tent
Andrew, what are you trying to achieve using background music when chatting to people?For me, the humble listener, it has achieved the following:1 It's made me think there's interference from another radio station, a good trick as I use DAB.2 It's irritated me so much that when I hear it, Radio Berks is gone until Henry Kelly, bye bye Mags, bye bye Colin,oh and bye bye Andrew.3 It's made you sound amateurish.

Hi PeachyI am a Taxi Owner/Driver based in Newbury and my blog is this :I am so seriously sick and tired of the majority of the public - and here I speak generally of the night owls who go out drinking and clubbing till the early hrs - who seem to think that we are a charity organisation and it is our 'duty' to not only drive these people home safely at 3am, but give a discount as well!! If you go to a restaurant and have a good meal, with good service, you usually tip. Right? So how is it that we seldom get a tip and usually get asked for a discounted fare? I would also MUCH rather be out with mates and having a drink than driving drunks home all night and as I am always pleasant and respectful to my passengers I really dont need these people giving me grief about the fares - which, incidentally, are set by the West Berks Council and have absolutely NOTHING to do with us, and a small tip would be appreciated. It may even ensure a more amiable trip next time.Love the show and keep up the great work. Tks

With the recent flooding across the country, I hope the new rail underpass will have sufficient flood defences to protect from any other such events in the future, when built. It's not that far from the Thames to the rail tracks in Reading.

Linda from Woodley
Hi Andrew! Love listening to your show. I thought you said Suzanne would be back earlier this month? The two of you are great together. When will she reappear?

Tony - Woodley
Every time we get sustained heavy rain Loddon Bridge, the Park & Ride,and Showcase Cinama complex area get flooded. So why doesn't the Enviroment Agency dredge the Loddon to increase it's flow, which is currently greatly reduced by weeds, fallen trees, shopping trolleys etc. There was a time when even the Thames was regularly dredged to increase flow.

I read at your website about insurance claims. Most of insurance companies provide great discount on choosing insurance via web,while we never have sight of the detail policy. Normally the average person thinks once he has a policy he is covered for such acts of god!! How does one ensure that the floods are covered in such circumstances

Patricia Neal
I'm away on hols at the moment and am desparately trying to listen on line to the feature on the Author, hip hop artist from Basingstoke whose supporting East 17 at the weekend - how frustrating!

Richard Jackman
Morning Andrew. Listen every day. My son Jake who is 14 plays in a local guitar band called Caution. They headline The Crush this Thursday 26th July at the After Dark Club 112 London Street Reading. The Crush is the only regular Under 18s live gig night in Reading.As a parent i think what the duo behind THE CRUSH deserve a medal!As its a safe and friendly night for teenagers to enjoy live music. I couldnt recommend it higher. Its only five pounds on the door. Thanks for your time.

i thought u b lot younger then that.are these ur reading glasses?

Ian Barber Aldermaston Wharf
Andrew, i have just been listening to the lady speaking about road safety between Aldermaston Wharf and Aldermaston. Having lived above a school opposite the canal bridge at Aldermaston Wharf for the last two years I cannot understand why there has not been a serious accident there. Cars and heavy lorries simply do not travel at the speed limit and it really is a gamble trying to cross the road. Its high time the council did something about this.

Kim Papps
Hi againI am an Akela with a pack in Bracknell on August 92 members of the beaver,cubs,scouts(girls nad boys) will attending a centuary camp. It will be 100 years to the day that Baden powell took the camp to Brownsea Island. I was wondering if you could send some one down to the camp to interview some of the youngest and find out why scouting is fun and still going after 100 years.Look forward to hearing from

Kim Papps
HiYou mentioned Harmanswater Primary school yesterday and informed my daughter she had won a community design competition,but due to tech problem you didn t speak to her friend Hannah.Please say hi to Hannah. He was on Mike Chester's list but she got missed.Thanks MR Chesters for arranging the surprise announcement.

Tina From Shinfield
Hi ANDREW,I have just heard that there is an application for a recycling plant to be built in Shinfield south . The plant will be near infant schools on a country lane, there will be 2 17 tonne lorrys deliverying to the site every 20 to 30 mins . The pollution and noise levels in the area to gether with the potentail smells from the site will impact this small village The residents in the areahave sent in their objection to wokingham District council and to local MP's .I have also sent an email to John Redwood who has responded and is also objecting to this proposal.All we can do is hope that the council see how this location is not suitable for the Recycling site .Andrew Please help them see sense SHINFIELD DOES NOT WANT THE THIS RECYCLING PLANT. Anyone who has not sent an email to thier local MP can still do so to to Nick Bowden the planning officer at

Liberty - Malcolm Tent
The police are going to be able to view traffic cameras to help them track down criminals & terrorists.Absolutely spiffing idea I would think but who pops up to whinge & whine as usual. Yes the bleeding heart talking head from Liberty-Shami Chakrabarti. SHUT UP Shami. You don't speak for me or the majority of people in this country. Your organisation has ~9000 members so why oh why do the media put you on the TV & radio to tell us that some poor criminals human rights have been infringed. You are an utter pain in the backside so SHUT UP Shami SHUT UP.

Hazel from Caversham
Hi Andrew, I am on the road at blog time so putting this in early. Did you know that when RBC ask you to fill in a form eg: renewing library/ passpot to leisure forms. They ask for not only your address, e mail address, telephone number but also your age and ethnic race. Why because then they can sell it to marketing companies and you will be bombarded with unwanted junk mail which needs recycling. They want to reduce the amount of recycling but they are cynically adding to it by getting cash for addresses. Forms have also been circulated to libraries asking for the same info from borrowers who are asked to fill in said forms. Again I would say dont

Sid Siddle
Sir Peach Huge fan of your work and you reading the news on Radio 2. I co-run THE CRUSH the only under 18s live music night in Reading. The next one is at the After Dark Club 112 London Street Reading on July 26th. Doors are at 7.30pm and its only five pounds on the door. July 26th we have CAUTION/ALL THEY KNOW/HOMECOMING/TRICOUTERS are all playing. One of us is a parent-so its all above aboard. Its a safe and friendly atmosphere.Obviously NO beer and so. If you can tell your listeners-that would be very decent of you. Keep up the great work.

Jon Urwin & Sally Heath
Hi there - we'd just like to say "thank you" on behalf of our daughter Ellie Urwin who you interviewed this morning on your show, while waiting to check in at Heathrow Airport on her way to Romania to take part in this years World Challenge. we'd love to hear the interview ourselves (we missed out as we were also at the airport and no where near a radio)... is there anyway we can "Play back" the interview on the net? the eight teenagers were very excited about their trip and that they'll be getting to help out in an orphanage. the challege is to build a play area. these eight children have all done so well, as they had to fund raise the whole amount to get themselves to Romania - a total of £1,250 per child. after their time spent in the orpahage they'll be trekking through the mountain ranges, sleeping in tents and catching their own food. also white water rafting and canoeing. the last night will be spent in Draculas castle!!!! thanks again for the "plug" on local radio and please do let us know if there is anyway at all we can play back our daughters interview. many thanks Sally & Jon

Gill, Bracknell
Andrew,I drive through Sonning every morning to Henley and the 7.5 tonne weight restriction seems to be ignored by some lorries.It is worrying particularly for the stability of the bridge and homes of Sonning.Perhaps the signs should be much bigger.The other day a huge artic went through which necessitated broken tree branches, a fallen tree and power lines down, which closed parts of Sonning for a while.These people are totally out of order and should be prosecuted.GillBracknellPS going to try the weight thing with you over the next few weeks

Trudy Dixon-BridalbootCamp
Hi AndrewJust been listening to Maggie and yourself. Happy to help out with your mid section challenge. come and join us on a saturday morning at South Hill Park for BootCamp!!! You'll love it. Honestly :-)

Hi Lovely Andrew! Love your show, in fact, love all the shows and presenters on Berkshire. We have spoken before, latterly this am, when I texted some suiteable names for Sarah's perfume. Among other previois occasions,one in particular, stands out...Was in garden, with personal radio on, listening to you and Colin. All of a sudden,I could hear you both in one ear!I had pruned the flex affixed (formerly)to left earpiece. However,reason for this email is the gorgeous Isaac and his'dummy'.I'll tell you little story and make it as short as I can,taking into a/c I've been married to Dublin man forever.The lovely Mrs P will understand some of the words and explain them to you.Just don't get all'oxoed'about dummy.When my son,Mike,was born(about 100 years ago!,MY children were NEVER going 2have 1of those AWFUL things!Theywere never going 2 eat chocolate either!How naiave!Rest is history.Mike was 10.5 at birth(my younger daughter, therefore,is lucky to have been born!)& had insatiable appetite.Also,WHAT A MOANER!Needed little or no sleep& still doesn't.Now a whizz kid in City.Had it not been for my Mum,he could well have been statistic-seriously.Anyway,mmanaged 6 very long weeks with this moany,moany child and still sticking to my principles!Lovely(Irish)nex door neighbour said to me "All he needs is a 'soother'".So demented was I,went immmediately to buy one-MAGIC!How had I been SO stupid for so long?!Battle to get rid of it(at about 16mths-Isaac long way 2 go)&'twas buried in garden-with great ceremony.Mike,next day, found scrabbling in soil to retrieve it.New one purchased & the former happened 3 times.We made it! Is Isaac going to have said dummy when he goes to Primary school-Don't think so!Just let the lovely little man enjoy the comfort & STOP MITHERING!!Advice given with best of possible intentionsbeen there,done that & realised what a clot I was...Love to you three,Maggie Daly(As Mrs P will know,we are related to most of Dublin-For Daly in Ireland,substitute Jones/Evans/Roberts(which I was)in Wales!! xxx (:

Hi Andrew! L-U-R-V-E Radio Berkshire and all you lovely people. We spoke this morning,when I texted in names for Sarah's perfume. Also, previously, when I was listening on my headphones,gardening and, using my secateurs - AND listening to Colin - suddenly could only hear you both in one ear!!!! I had pruned the left hand earpiece. Told you I had to pay £10 for new set, to which you replied, in your inimitable Brummie accent (not obvious on Radio Two, have to say!!) "Well, that'snot MY

Hi Andrew When is Susanna coming back.

Aura Ley
The dummy is so comforting for babies, if he did'nt need it he would throw it away!! Sorry Andrew it will be at least another year till he understands why he cannot have his dummy. Don't listen to what others say in this matter, your child is an individual and should be treated as one.My eldest refused a dummy when a baby, as an adult she ties ribbon round her wrist when sleeping, cannot sleep without. Next child had a dummy in her mouth day and night, she is a very well adjusted adult, and has perfect teeth. So do what is right for your baby, and do not listen to the "know alls".

Glad you are back - many congrats on your award. You were talking about rats this morning. I agree with a lady that called in - they can climb. Its a bit scarey really - we have a lot of birds in the garden and of course feed them.Anyway one morning we had put out some bits of bread for the birds when we saw a rat climbing up the bird table and sitting on the top eating away at the bits we had left. For a while after that we didnt feed the birds but the rat was caught, after a time mind you, we found they like chocolate (who doesnt) and we are back to normality now. In fact we have loads of birds feeding in our garden now and its a lovely sight. They have become very tame specially one little robin who has lost his tail!

Freddy Flowers
The only shows worth a listen on radio berks are Phil Kennedy and Andy McColl's show on a saturday, both top shows!! Apart from that I will carry on listening to el tel on R2 until berkshire get a different breakie presenter.

Good Morning Andrew.I am writing you again to say thanks for the birthday greeting given on the air to my niece Donna Fujani(June 30th)from Caversham.Now the other happy news is that my mother-in-law Elsie is much better after her operation. She is recovering nicely at Townlends Hospital up Mount View, Henley-on-Thames. Please let her know that Bill (her hubby for 64 years) is waiting for her up Greys Road. Say hello to the gang in Henley for me.I miss the fish and chips from along Reading Road.Stay well..Lenny & Marilyn

Jo, Sonning Common
Ref mobile phones & cars. Suggest car manufacturers install hands-free sets as compulsory from now on & at no extra cost. Used cars to fail MOT without a hands-free which garage should install, free of charge (gov't pays). Non mobile users will not be penalised. Mobile phone users will have no excuse.

sandra stallwood
we have some good quality furniture we would be prepared to give to someone in sheffield free of charge if collection could be arranged can you help

i have just started to listen to radio berkshire.i love it all everyone is so cheerful.wont go back to radio two.

Frank Ferris
Hi Andrew! Hope you Mrs. P &baby Issac(Sorry if the spelling is incorrect) are well! Frank in Theale here!Sadly I shall miss your show tomorrow, Friday; but On Wednesday, you were asking if your listening audience had any thoughts on Tony (what's his name!) departure from that wee house in Downing Street! While visiting a website in my home town, Omagh, in NI.I read that the BBC, when interviewing a correspondant for an extreme right wing German newspaper,he(the corrospondent) said: that " Tony Blair is much admired in my country! He is seen as the TOUGH! DECISIVE! leader we "used" to have!

Deb - Newbury
I think Sarah was absolutely right with her version of "cabinet" - ie - cabbie = knowledgeable person, and net = group of them gathered together in one place. I believe this is how some words are established in the english language!!! With this in mind, I am struggling with Bra and Knell (Was this the home of the wonderbra company). This would also mean that perhaps Reading should be a town of libraries. I'm sure there are loads more words that could be questionably dismembered in this way.

Yvonne Craven from Woodley
Over 250 allotment holders may lose there plots if the lease on the land is not renewed with Reading Borough Council. It expires at the end of 2007, so what has Woodley Town Council been doing about it? If they don't pull their finger out then Reading Town Council could sell it to developers. This has been hanging over the allotment holders for years and have always been reassured that the lease would be renewed and they wouldn't lose the allotments - but with only 6 months to go they need more than reassurances, they need Action and the lease renewed Now!!!!

Hello,I am writng to ask you if you would read out a very happy birthday to my niece Donna Fujani of Caversham.Her birthday is June 30th and I think she is approaching the 40 mark. A faithful listener of your show as well as others like my sister-in-law Carol and her husband David of Henley-on-Thames.I am referred to as "uncle" Lenny but my wife doesn't like to be referred to as aunt Marilyn.I am from New York and Marilyn is from Henley-on-Thames. We were married there in 1972 and are still going strong. A big hello to my in-laws Bill and Elsie Stevens of Henley.Thank you for your consideration Lenny,Marilyn and Nick

R. Warner
Hi Can you ask those muppets at Bracknell council why their traffic survey has to stop the whole of the Crowthorne bypass traffic causing delays of over an hour - if they expect any sensible answers after causing so much chaos they must be joking

george potten
Andrew i did not get to say to you about the other two things that MrBROWN NEEDS TO DO (1)a mass build of council houses we have thousands of people waiting for homes but with the way this new build works in the country they use a flash word called affordable homes but if a contractor builds say 50 houses only 5 would be used as affordable home the rest are sold to privat tennents and the 9out of ten rent these back to the council and cash in.(2) now as you know i am in a chair because of my strokes but we the disabled are swept under the carpet by all govenments as if we do not matter.
andrew my blog is about wheelchairs in and around shops, i always go in town at christmas and buy all my family some thing small for christmas eve this i did up to last year when i was in a shop down one of the cramped isles getting a present for my grandson when a voice from behind me said see it is people like him shoud not be aloud out in town at this time of year they get in your way. i tryed to turn round to say some thing very nice but she had gone i scooted my self out of the shop when my wife came out she asked whats wrong i said get me home you have not got your presents yet she said i told her again to get me home she could not see me as she was pushing the wheelchair but i was crying i dont mind saying it. when we got in the house she asked again and i told her i never went out of the house for three months after that day. it is a well known department store. but up to now i have never been in that shop again. we know shops put extra toys ect in the stores at this time of year but if only that woman had waited just a few mins i would have got out of the way, i never asked to be put in a chair but this is life and i love my life no matter what happens to me it is just now and then i break.

Hi Andrew Breaking News Henry Kelly is to get a Knighthood.See henrykelly/I Think it is about time.Henry has been on the go for the last 60 years.If Terry Wogan gets a Knighthood why not our Henry.Come on we can get lots of people to sign.

Philip Davison
Andrew. Are you covering the smoking ban ?? if you are perhaps this could be a new angle to address... Will the smoking ban put a cloud over the great English Pub garden ? With the new smoking ban finally coming into action in England, many country pubs throughout the country will find their garden’s inundated with smokers, who, now unable to smoke indoors, will instead utilise pub gardens. In fact many country pubs are spending thousands of pounds on patio’s, decking, shelters and the like, but will this actually enhance their business or just prevent families and non smokers from enjoying the great tradition of wining and dining in an English country pub garden.One such country pub is bucking the trend. I own The Sun in the Wood at Ashmore Green we went non-smoking well over a year ago and at the same time decided to make our woodland garden and decking patio also non smoking. So what effect has this had on business. “At The Sun in the Wood, we believe that the garden of a true country pub serves a far more important use than simply providing a smoking area. Our main woodland garden area, with it’s own 9 hole crazy golf course and children’s play-park, has been completely smoke-free since May 2006. Judging by the increased number of customers who enjoy wining and dining alfresco without being unindated with second hand smoke, we have to say it was certainly the right decision for The Sun in the Wood.”So the big question you may want to adrees Andrew is while we can all now enjoy cleaner and smoke free pubs on the inside, will too many pubs overlook the familes and non smokers who would still like to enjoy the real fresh air of a great English pub garden.?

Alan the courier
andrew could we have a pic of Mr Pike on the site please

Deb from Newbury
Regarding bank charges - my daughter claimed hers back - she managed to mount up approximately £3000, and was refunded over £2000. I am amazed that the banks are still charging these ridiculous fees. I would have expected that publicity would have shamed them into reducing them. The biggest problem is that the charges spiral and are actually the CAUSE of further charges. At this point you find yourself working just to pay the bank charges, and any standing orders or direct debits are "refused" hence more bank charges. Now that it is just about compulsory for everyone to have a bank account these days, the banks seem to think they can do what they like with your money. It is definitely a case of "I'm alright Jack". The advert on the telly just seems to be getting more real every time I see it. Perhaps the banks themselves should be charged on the same scale for every bad investment or risk they make. At the end of the day, they can't lose - if a company goes bust, they and the tax man have first call on any assets available, and poor old Joe Public is left with the dregs - if there are any. Basically, the banks are asset rich, but who has paid for it all? Personally I think the banks should not be in the business of making money for shareholders, they should be owned by the people who hold their accounts with them - a much greater incentive for people to use their cash wisely.

angela charlton
The forgotten onesI have been very moved by the coverage radio Berkshire and other media has given to the anniversary of the Falklands war and today’s memorial service at Pangbourne, my heart goes out to all those who were involved in the war and left scared also those who lost loved ones.I have been involved most of my life with family members serving in her Majesty Services, I am a proud daughter of father and mother who severed in the last world war, sister of a brother who served and once guarded the Berlin wall, a wife of a ex husband who fought and served in Aden ( a war nobody ever remembers but quite a few British service men lost their life’s in) a mother of two sons who served in Northern Ireland a aunt of two nephews currently serving and about to got to Afghanistan.As I have been very moved with all the interviews I have heard today on the radio and TV I have to ask what about all the young men and women that have lost their lives or been maimed along with those still suffering from the effects of Northern Ireland, not a war but its had its effects on an awful lot of British families yet nobody seems to ever mention these service personnel. What memorial do they have what remembrance services do they have? Maybe I missed those services?I wonder what all the men and women currently serving in the Far East think of today’s events. Will somebody in a nice village in Berkshire build a memorial for them in 25 years time? I would love to know what you and your listeners have to say about the forgotten service men and women who have lost lives in Northern Ireland or is this still considered a sensitive subject?

Andrew - you have just lost a daily listener after your interview with Katie from the apprentice. I cannot listen to you since your open flirtations with this woman.How can you see anything good in this woman who has absolutely no morals whatsoever? She is a disgrace to all women - openly admitting that she has affairs with married men. How do you think their wives feel? Sorry, but you lost all my respect and I really am tuning in to a new breakfast show from now on.

Can smebody please let me know when youhave stopped boring listeners by goinmg on about the Apprentice endlessly. Not everybody wants to watch reality TV shows but you seem to think that we all do. Your over-emphasis on it is endlessly boring and at times embarrasing - just like reality TV.Or do you have to promote the BBC programmes now. After all, apart from the Apprentice you have really been plugging Joseph (thankfully finished as well) without so much as mentioning Grease on ITV. Can you please get back to doing what Local Radio is supposed to do and deal with local issues, not promote your favourite TV programmes.

Alternative solution to the one-way IDR? Sort the traffic lights out! Surely it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know there is more traffic going into town in the mornings and out of town in the evenings. If the traffic lights were set properly it would help!!!!

I think Katie from the Apprentice is great too!She is very shrewd and very entertaining.

george potten/stringers
hi andy.reading should look at croydon in surrey and the trolly bus system it works very well and covers all of the out side areas bringing people into croydon, it is fast and one price for any trip. now the next thing i hope you find funny when anne my wife and i went to get our licence to get married i did not have the money so she gave me 7shillings and sixpence for it over the next twenty five years she kept telling people that i never payed her back, on our 25th aniversery we took our vow's again i gave her a card and i stuck 7s6d in old money to the inside of the card

I am Finnish and never been offered translator or equivalent services.(Leaflets, newspapers etc)This contry operates in English, isn't it?

Andrew. Last Wednesday in the early am hours the English Martyrs Catholic School on Dee Road was broken into. A patrol Security Guard noticed 6 or 7 men in the school grounds. Rather that approach them himself he decided to call the police only to be told that the police were "too busy" to respond to the call !!! As a consequence the ICT room at the school was all but emptied and one of the classrooms wrecked. I cannot believe that this crime was allowed to carry on without any police intervention. How I wish this had come to light when you had the Police Commissioner on last week - a responce from her would have interesting. I think it is a disgrace and something should be done about it. Yet again the children are suffering because these mindless criminals are being left to do as they please. I'm not sure if you can do anything but surely the police should be held accountable, the school have done everything they can to secure it but we are fighting a loosing battle if the law is on the criminals side.

Alec Stevens
Hi AndrewREF: Caversham man Richard Voysey designed a new logo that the public have voted as their favourite.The alternative Olympic logo winner was selected from 6 logos that had been chosen as best, from the first 22 received NOT the over 600 received to date. The BBC News Report & website feature give a rather unbalanced view of the event and more credence to the winner than was warranted from being preferred from 6 of 22 I've no doubt the result would have been different and more representative had they ALL been considered. BBC London has a current display of 84 with at least 6 equally as good or better. IT SHOULD BE MADE CLEAR THIS IS THE BEST OF 6 FROM 22 NOT GIVE THE IMPRESSION IT WAS THE BEST OF 600Cheers AlecMarlborough

Paul Hutton
To us listeners that a re a bit slow can Andrew please give out phone numbers and text numbers slower and repeat them more often, by the time you reach for a pen it's gone so slow down Andrew

WAS I WISE?? MOBILE PHONE WHILST DRIVING.Yesterday I was driving along the Tilehurst Road when a car came out of side road behind me. It was obvious that the lady driver was on her mobile phone. When I came to the next junction (mini roundabout0 I stopped my car, got out and spoke to the car driver asking her if she was wise to be driving whilst chatting on her mible phone. she sheepishly put it away. Should I have done this?

hello andrew. do you remember I sent you a blogg some months ago about my son & his girlfriend being stopped in Reading because she was exceeding the 40 limit. She apologised to the policeman and he then turned to my son and accused him of not wearing a seat belt. Well after many letters too and fro it eventually got to court. He and the policeman concerned waited in the waiting area for three hours before the case was called and then magistrates threw it out of court. The police should be taken to task over such matters as these and not just brushed under the carpet. No wonder they are always moaning about not having enough resources when they waste so much money on things like this.

John Wright
Today my mother's stairlift broke down. I called a well known stairlift company for help. I was told that as I did not have a service contract it would take two weeks for someone to come out to look at it. However that said they could put a service contract in the post to me and when they had received it back signed from me they could be out in a couple of days. I looked in Yellow pages and picked out a company called D L S of High Wycombe. He did say it could be a couple of days before they could look at it. However he found he had an engineer working near Reading and would endevour to get him along today. He turned up within 2 hours sorted out the problem and said they would send the bill in the post. £80 (vat free, as my mother is a disabled pensioner.) I am not too happy with the attitude of this nationally well known company their method of operation, but this company D L S of High Wycombe deserves a lot of praise. So aged people be aware, seek help from relatives or neighbours to find alternate companies.

Hazel Kernoghan (Thatcham)
The discussion about finding little Maddy...yes, she should never have been left by her parents - and yes,this is far more publicity than other children get in similar or worse circumstances.. But only one thing matters and that is finding that little girl. If that happens, no other opinions really count against that, do they?

whoever did it thanks for the incredible cycle insects. I've been to quite a few carnivals over the years and have never seen anything so good - who are you? you should be doing this everwhere!

To answer all those people who want to park their cars for free at Martin's Heron railway Station, DONT.Simply drive two miles down the road to Ascot where you will find a large car park plus 1 additional train per hour. Easy solution

andrew it looks like jo- public has fail again in govement eyes would it be an idea for the manufactors to number all it's types of packaging so we can identify what is recyclable so we can place it in the right wasted bins. Also many council dont have the up to date recycling plant to hanhle all this new tpye of wasted.where will the funding come from to buy all the new recycling plant needed? yet again fail to invested in the industry. Lets blame jo- public !!!

disgruntled villager
re pedestrian crossing in Woolhampton. Placing a 20th century invention slap bang in front of some really interesting listed buildings istotal madness


Re your coverage of the sufferings of the Wokingham shop keepers.They won't win WDC has already killed off most of the Woodley shopping centre with parking charges over and above the facilities available.The solution is for all shops to relocate to run down Maidenhead. Here, as you have already reported, you can park on double lines and obstruct street corners all day. Better still do as they do in Queens Street (2nd main shopping street) park half on the pavement. No need to worry about the partially sighted or pushchairs as the police will ignore you and squeeze past as I have just witnessed.Why are our councils determined to ruin our towns in so many ways ?
well andy we have yet another bank holiday, what do we do to fill the time. I am getting her in doors to cut the grass and do a bit of digging well i have to let her think,she is useful. if the weather stays good she can repaint the fence, I have put a few beers in the fridge so i can sit and enjoy a pint watching her well i have to do something. good wishes to murts i know they are going to make great parents, from the way they play with my grand children.the old codgerbasingstoke

Any news from the Murtys?

Catherine Grist
I recieved a wedding invitation on Tuesday morning. The envelope had been slashed open at the top and bottom - to me blatantly opened. Other guests have recieved similar so we are contacting the couple to ensure that everyone recieved their letter. Letter only posted from Wales on Monday and delivered to Reading/Mortimer addresses early on Tuesday so not much time for tampering. I have complained to Royal Mail but am not too hopeful of a response. Will keep you posted on reply.

Jean Teall, Finchampstead
Grey hair? No - mock blonde!

Julie from Just Dog's
Are you sure this thing with womens voices, is not under laying thought.. time for another baby??


I was listening to you today but was driving and could not get in touch , you were talking about compliments , back in 1987 my parents celebrated their diamond wedding , mum had senile dementure , my sister and I arranged a big party and dad gave us money to take mum out and buy her a dress etc , he did not want to see her in it until the day of party , we dressed her up and when dad saw her he started to cry and he said thank you girls she looks beautiful , and that was after 65 years of marriage sadly they not here any more but I always remember that day , mum was buried in her beatiful blue dress , Marion

i am a big fan of yours and i love your work

Daisy from windsor
I love your show and have been listening since 1992.I listen to your show every day before i go to work.

Yvonne - Tilehurst
Andrew did you get that shredder?? Or are you still a marked man? More shame if you did not make a purchase.

Sid Siddle
Mr Peach I am a huge fan of you and your show and radio station. For my sins-i am a music promoter here in Reading. I ma involved with the first of its kind night on May 31st in Reading.It will be the first under 18s night to happen in Reading. Eg no one over 18 will be allowed in. It will take place at the After DArk Club on London Street. WE have two bands playing (China Fight and Mervyn) plus djs.Its all over board and of course no beer will be on sale. I think the parents that listen to your morning show might find this interesting. yes/no. Check out our Am willing to feature on the show. Cheers. Sid

bbc tv news - cancer week great to finish on excellent news for ladies with brest cancer where kemothropy is given just once, at the time of operation. even more remarkable is the way children with cancer are coming to terms with it and coping. no winging,

Tessa Keeley
Hi Andrew,I spoke to you last Monday about recycling my pile of plastic animal feeding troughs that my Dad left me when he died, as a joke! I had to go to work just before your programme ended but I was told that someone called the station just before 10am to say their company could help me with recycling this, but he never called me. Does anyone have his phone number and know who this man was?I so desperately want to be green and do not want to put this into landfill.Thanks for everythingTessa

Andre, could you please update on Karen and her delivery. I think I have missed the news if you have announced it.

Juliet Hurwitt
I wonder why the banks and building societies won't put photos and sealed signatures on credit and debit cards, like new driving licences? That should cut down alot of crime, so why won't they do it?

Alice Webster
Andrew - thankyou very much for the tickets to the Windsor horse show. I had a lovely time. I also enjoyed beating my dad on the Generation Game! Can you do any animal noise?

joanne abela
i would love to say that my dad is the best dad he is going to die as he has cancer and he allways has you on so can you just tell him i love him

Shrek3 Far Far Away needs a new king, and unless Shrek can find someone else, he'll be stuck with the figazavar...

julie collyer
the rbbh has cut the number of park and ride buses from the mad stad as from 14/5 so if you need to get to the hospital you have to go before 9.15 in the morning and not come back till 12.05 pm even though tjey are still advertising a bus every 15 mins!!and no prior warning to people who use this service

I would like to appeal to to the manufacturers of food and other products to make it easier for us to open their packs. Jam jars are a nightmare. Milk cartons are impossible to get the seal off, as for cellophane CD wrappers etc......Many thanksKen

My Dad and me listen to your show on the way to school and we love it! we especially love the Generation game

Hi Andrew, do you have any idea why the Rising Sun Arts Centre has a huge mechanical red ant in the carpark?


Shirley Taylor
Holy Trinity Church, The Ring, Bracknell, May Fair on 19th May from 1.30 -4.30. It is one of the oldest buildings left here and is need of repair.Please support us and help maintain the building.

Jenny Repton (nee Annetts)
On the Saturday 12th May there is going to be a fifty year reunion for the Willink School Burghfield

Deb - Newbury
How come Graham is being allowed to take the credit for listener figures - wasn't Karen there as well?

Finnish does not drink Vodka all the time...I am Finnish and we drink more milk and coffee than vodka.

Roy Burnham
Upper Thames Sailing Club in Bourne End Open Day May 13th 1030-1700. Plus "Tea by the Thames" in aid of "Sail4Cancer"

Gill, Forest Park, Bracknell
Andrew, Parks! I am close to South Hill Park, Lily Hill Park and Longhill Park but generally stay away from them even though they are good parks. We have loads of parks here in Bracknell but I don't use them basically because they are full of dog users, who generally do not keep their dogs on a lead. I know we all the choice to use parks, but I had a bad experience many years ago with a dog, which makes me very nervous around those not on a lead. Dog lovers appear to think that the parks are only for them. They are for all of us, so please clear up after them because it is disgusting. I appreciate that dogs need 'a run' but please keep them on a lead so that I and many others, including lots of children can feel safe and enjoy the parks.

Dave in Windsor
Quote" I was following the radio car to an outside broadcast from a listener's house and lost it half way along on the M4. The other people waiting to use the phone thought I was a nutter"You seem to like the word nutter.Your most embarrasing moment should be when you called a genuine bona fide ( that's Latin Peachy, means dog's bone)Independent candidate on the single issue of aircraft noise and Heathrow expansion a "nutter" and refused to apologise. I have come on this site to find out about Windsor news. Fat chance

Julie from Wokingham
How ould it be if prospective house buyers went 'on strike' for 6 months or so? What might that do to prices?

Gary in Thatcham
Morning Andrew,I watched the Panorama programme on Monday evening and the Sky expose last night on the investigation into the "fertiliser bomb" terrorists. Apart from the fact that I think MI5 should be praised for the incredible work they did in catching these terrorists what really surprises me is the extent of the coverage. To show in such detail how the surveillance was carried out seems to me to be foolish in the extreme. If I was planning a terror act I would surely learn a great deal about what not to do to avoid being caught from the coverage. Surely this just makes the job of MI5 more difficult in the future?Gary in Thatcham

Michaela, Warfield
Why is the British media obsessed with revealing people's sexuality? I think it is absolutely disgusting and I wonder what is going on behind their bedroom doors that makes them so hung up!

Gill from Forest Park, Bracknell
Andrew,A strange request maybe but I don't know how else to find out. Last Monday 23rd April I saw an accident in Twyford with a school boy on a bike and a BMW. I would dearly like to find out how the boy is. He looked OK to a point but, and I know he was worse off than me, I was extremely upset, and hope he is OK.Anyway you can help to find out or point me in the right direction to find out?Or maybe someone out there knows how he might be.Many thanks.


Mary Barnard
I was disappointed and shocked by your comment this morning (30 April) that you were resigned to a life with skin cancer because you and your colleague are fussy about headgear that would protect your head from the sun.Last year my brother-in law dies from a huge cancerous tumour on his head/brain which began with skin cancer on his forehead. You may not get a chance to 'live' with skin cancer and in a position like yours which may influence the thinking and opinion of others, please revert to your normal more responsible self. How about a stylish Panama - very subtle and attractive.

Sally DiF
This may seem very strange... I don't live in Berkshire, I live in Heathfield, East Sussex; but today [Sun 29th] I was on a boat above Old Windsor Lock & after a couple of sherries, I fell into the river trying to rescue a flip flop! A very gallant man not only rescued me, but also both my flip flops; but all I could do was laugh... I hardly said, 'thank you' to him. In the hope that he or someone he knows may be listening, I wonder if you could thank him for me? I think I was a source of amusement to the people standing around!

george potten stringer from basingstoke
andrew i could not yet again pin down tony blair but what do you think on the govenments keep saying all the money they have but not claimed. when i needed alteration done in my house after my stroke i had to be meens tested they said i could spend ten thousand, but they told my wife that if she were to stop work and sign on the job centre we would get all the work free i wonder how much it would have cost to keep my wife at home for ten/fifteen years. we had to extend our morage and now my wife has to work another five years past retirement age.

sheila Wokingham
Andrewfollowing on from the black bin bag on the motorway problem is there anything you can do about the Wokingham Woolworths lorry menace? this monstrous lorry parks on double yellow lines in the middle of Wokingham a few evenings a week causing a regular hold up to home comuters who are already overtaken by snails. Woolies have permission to unload from 6.15 but last night I crawled past it parked at 5.40 !. I rang the manager who said he would move it but it had not moved for the 10 minutes I took to pass and move around the corner. Can you do an air survey on the views of others - is there a possible anti Wokingham Woolies lorry campaign group in the offing?

Ann Futcher
Did you know Andrew that from 1 May 2007 British Telecom is going to charge its customers £4.50 per quarter if they do not pay by direct debit? There is no otherway of paying your bill unless you sign up to direct debit. I think it is appalling.Enjoy your programme.Ann

Amanda, Lower Earley
What happened to the homeless couple living in a tent, did they manage to get a free house?

Kev Bull (Big Trolley)
Thanks for letting me say my piece regarding white van man and my business yesterday. Sorry it came across as a marketing pitch. we like to help local people by providing a low cost valued service - and work with many local retailers and provide light removals for the local people of west berks.Pleasse call me if you need our service.Best regardsKevin

Paula from Reading
Why do teachers need inset days aswell as the vast number of weeks holidays they still get. Why is it that the public sector moan about their workloads when if they worked in the real world they would find out that life isnt so bad after all, expecially with 10+ weeks paid holiday each year.Whilst they might check homework in their evenings there is nothing stopping them doing that after school instead of going home at 3.30- 4.00pm It is their choice. I personally work 8-10 hours per day, lots of unpaid overtime, and dont whinge about it.

Re: Newbury traffoc flow - could be made so much better by reducing the pedestrian zone by 1 hour and allowing traffic through at 5pm, when most workers finish.At present, there is only 1 road that allows through traffic through Newbury and that is the A339 Dual Carriageway, which is always clogged in peak times.

Gill Thomson Midwife
Hi Andrew.. Gill Midwife here from The Midwifery Centre in hare Hatch... we are seeing The Murty's and are very grateful for their plugs.. we have fitted her in for the neck massage today that she requested on air :-).. what we would really like is a slot on your show ;-) we could be you resident Midwives. My husband martyn Thomson the inventor has spent some time with you on your show before....May 5th is Internation Day of the Midwife, and we are opening our doors to fellow midwives offering free taster sessions of the therapies. We are unique here at hare hatch as there is no where like this in the UK... midwives to be there when YOU want them, working alongside the NHS as well as not instaed of... would love the oppurtunity to speak to you.. 0118 940 4490 or thanks andrew

Simon Ridgeon
Last year (lower down this page - see Re: Flying St.Georges Flags) I commented about the use of England flags for football. Can I remind all those who flew flags then to break them out next Monday (St.Georges Day).If I don't see many, I'll assume that football fans don't really know the meaning of being English!

Eileen, Henley/ Jennifer, Portugal
I received the following last August from a friend in Portugal: "BBQ Etiquette/Portuguese style"After 4 long months of cold and winter, we are now in the midst of the BBQ season. Therefore, it is important to refresh your memory on the etiquette of this outdoor cooking ritual, as it's the only type of cooking a real man will do, probably because there is an element of danger involved. When a man volunteers to do the BBQ, the following chain of events are put into motion!:1. The woman buys the food.2. the woman makes the salad, prepares the vegetables and makes the dessert.3. The woman prepares the meat for cooking, places it on a tray along with the necessary cooking untensils and sauces and takes it to the man who is lounging beside the grill - beer in hand.HERE COMES THE IMPORTANT PART:4. The man places the food on the grill.THEN:5. The woman goes inside to organise the plates and cutlery.6. The woman comes out to tell the man that the meat is burning. He thanks her and asks if she will bring another beer while he deals with the situation.IMPORTANT AGAIN:7. The man takes the meat off the grill and hands it to the woman.8. The woman prepares the plates, salad, bread, utensils, napkins, sauces and brings them to the table.9. After eating , the woman clears the table and does the dishes.AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL:10. Everyone praises the man and thanks him for his cooking efforts.Finally:11. The man asks the woman how she enjoyed 'her night off' and, upon seeing her annoyed reaction, concludes that there's just no pleasing some women!

Does captain hook live in Hooooooook?


Gary in Thatcham
Morning Andrew,I agree with Linda , You have been prompting people about the Wills and Kate break-up. Most people want to leave them alone. You seem to derive some diverse pleasure over the break up. Sadly nothing salicious for you here Andrew! Move on! Let's talk about something that matters! Gary in Thatcham

george potten
hi andrew you have graham with you. did mark ask him if the team against anothe team at the end of season would have a wheelchair race again so i can get my own back on him for winning last time he came to my house.

DJ Dreadnought
Sir-any chance that you can tell your listeners that BBC Berks' Linda Serck is making her debut djing gig this Saturday at Club Velocity at Plugnplay,Milford Road,Reading this Saturday April 21st.Also on the bill are Rebus/Ok Tokyo/Kicks/Joey Ultra.Its going to be great,especially with Serck on the 1 and 2s!!Cheers.Dj Dreadnought.PS LOve your show-listen every morning.

Jonathan in Caversham
Andrew did you recive my email about the union flag??? I didn't hear it read out.

Hi Andrew IF you are looking for a nice area to move Look no futher Cippenham a great place It even has a street named after you St Andrews Way What more could you want

Rebecca Emery
Hi Andrew,I was hoping you could help me out - or rather the Watermill Theatre in Newbury. We are looking for a large amount of old carpet for our next production The Rise and Fall of Little Voice. We were hoping that if anyone had some slightly old fashioned patterned carpet to get rid of they might let us have a look first. If anyone of your listeners can help I would be very grateful. Anyone can call the Stage Management department on 01635 570925

We had a wounderfull 4 days of football for the under 13 champions of Reading: 'Caversham Boys' and the champions of twin town Dusseldorf: 'DSV 04'from Germany.Just wanted to say thank you to all the parents who oragnised this football festival at the weekend (Keith, Alan, David, Gary and all the mums and dads.It was a real success!

Jenny from Crowthorne
I nave lived in Crowthorne for over 30 years and have never been troubled by travellers. It is a very caring community with very friendly people.

val oakley
Hi.I wonder why the peace hippies think upsetting everyone who works near the AWE is the way to get their protests noticed. Everyone there only wants to get to work on time or works at the AWE.Why dont they take their case to Downing Street instead? I suspect its because they cant park there?

after listening to your fabulous radio show the other day featuring baby iisac, please, please, please download a picture of him. thanks

Deb - Newbury
Hubby & I went to Portsmouth on Good Friday and decided to go on the harbour cruise from the Old Dockyard. I am absolutely certain it was "Mr Pike" doing the commentary on the boat. If not, he must have a twin brother who sounds just like him with the same mischevious sounding voice & sense of humour. Is this a secret side of him we previously knew nothing about?On another subject, I am trying to understand the appeal for caravaners to pitch up at junction 13/A34 area. We seem to be attracting all types .................... I can think of some much nicer places to camp - and probably a lot quieter!

george potten
hi andrew i listened to karen on the show this morning and well done to them all for the £12,ooo they raised. a couple of years ago about midnight graham and i had a wheelchair race around the area i live it was great fun i wonder if karen could get a number of players to do a wheelchair race around the ground after the season has finished. for the charity they are raising funds for, i do know we did have good fun that night. the thing is i use my chaire all the time he had never been in one and he beat me i have got to get my own back

george potten
hi andrew hope you had a good day yesterday, my grandson had his birthday as well, it was manic. the blog i would ike to say is as you know i am in a wheelchair and i came to the studio with my wife anne on your show not long ago. she works full time in bournemouth, and has work with te same company for twenty years they have many staff working for them that have been with them all thier lives up to fifty years because of the way they support the staff. they are a large linen and workwear company that put staff first and the company next. i over the last ten years havehad strokes heart attack and been on life support but the company have always stood by her and given her all the time she needs to get back to work, they are the (sun light) in basingstoke and across the whole country as far as we are (stringer in basingstoke)


George Potten
andrew i came in the studio with my wife anne on your show, i write for a local rag in basingstoke and i call anne her-in-doors, often i say i only take her out in the dark because she frightens people, so she would be great to do the CCTV. you were privileged to see her in the day light hours. I EVEN TOOK HER ROUND ON HALLOWEEN AND GOT A BUCKET OF SWEETS. have a good birthday

Ignore Dave Murray, listening about babies on the early show is great. I love listening about baby Issac and impending news on suz!!!

Dave Murray
Please, please less of babies on the early show, also Generation Game is 'old-hat' and needs a kick into the sideline.

Andy Hobbs
CIRCUS - I went to Billy Smart's Circus at Newbury on Saturday afternoon and ended up IN the circus. To cut a long story short I ended up in an hilarious boxing match against Chico the clown - great fun and always an ambition of mine (circus rather than boxing). Peachy - can you ask your listeners if anyone got a photo of me in the big ring as I would love a souvenir. PS - great show Andrew.

for your traffic sectionfirst one way road in reading MINSTER ST. GUNN ST.first traffic lights in reading PROSPECT STREET HENLEY ROAD WESTFIELD ROAD CAVERSHAM

to make monday feel like friday......................RETIRE i recommend it

Steve Pink
Restriction of motorcycles to 70mphOver the last week and weekend I rode down the M3 at 70mph – 75mph MaxFound that cars where passing me as if I was standing still.So should ALL vehicles be restricted to 70mph then?Keep up the good work, Thanks, Steve

Paula Brown Maidenhead
Hi Andrew, Whose kidding who with astro turf over the football pitch for rugby ,in order to save the pitch for football, Sunday's April Fool mention on Radio Berkshire. Pigs might fly if they ran fast enough. Nice try Berkshire Radio.

For Reading FC fans: what chance of plugging a fabulous end-of-season-offer for Reading fans? Mr Dellor is aware of the CD - The multi-platinum-selling (well, not quite) 'Cooking up a storm' and 'Kingsley's mix' together on download, for £1.10!! People can go to (artist is Something for the Weekend) to find out more.

Brian from Basingstoke........
Great report on the scandal at the rhu Bar in Basingstoke Andrew. We need prejudice like this stamped out wherever possible. Thanks.

Yes, Coleen with one 'L' I was not too impressed that your wife thought people who spelt it with one 'L' were CHAVS - I'm certainly not a CHAV having been privately educated and very much a lady so please could you not put all us CoLeen's in the same basket!By the way, I love listening to Radio Berkshire!

Why Why Why do people STILL PARK ON PAVEMENTS IN NEWBURY - we have got carparks but there just to lazy to pay so they end up BLOCKING vital access for those with disabilities prams - SO COME ON YOU SELFISH LOT DUMP YOUR TIN CANS IN THE CARPARKS AND LETS GE FIT - CLIMATE CHANGE

gillian williams
do you do news/travel on radio 2?

Harry Williams
Andrew, What are councils doing to make businesses recycle? I work in an office in Slough and all of our rubbish goes into land fill. Over 90% of this is paper. What happens in your office? Thanks, Harry.

David Cheeseman
Spam and Antispam Hi Andrew, Due to the way my antispam works (a very well known one) I have to delete the spam twice! Once from the inbox and once from the deleted box. There is no way of doing a multiple block! How useless is that? Keep doin' the Mornin' show ad reading the Radio 2 news!!

m allen
Can U ask Murty why he doesn`t invest in a decent pair of football boots, so he doesn`t keep injuring his feet. I thought that boot where supposed to protect your feet & not a fashion accessory?

Wendy Bird
Thank you for letting me blog about my lovely Mum today. Can you believe a time share company rang her and she missed it!! Please say Jean Hunt of Sonning is wonderful so she can hear. Thanks.

David from Wokingham
There is some more new technology arriving to help with low energy lighting. Since the invention of high power LEDs in the 1990s, it is already possible to buy LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs up to about 30W filament equiv in the UK (only uses about 4W). By 2009 these are expected to be even more efficient, and in common usage at least for lower wattages and task lighting. They are expected to be more efficient than fluorescent lamps and halogen, can be made in many colours, don't suffer from slow-start and can be made dimmable, so there's a really good technology reason why the 110 year old filament lamp is on the way out for many applications. You can read about this on the web - google for "led light bulb" for products and technology discussion.

Steve, Wargrave
If any change in bulbs to those that are dangerous to persons suffering from epilepsy as they flicker 50 times a second, and a freak epileptic fit can occaisionally kill, where do we stand on the govt forcing this on us and article 2 of Human rights act, the right to life act or article 8 the right to private life.

My Goodness Andrew, Your profile in the above picture makes you a dead ringer for the actor David Tomlinson (George Banks in Mary Poppins) A Gentleman I came to know as a friend 10 years before he died. cheers

Jenny Rumble
Andrew-hope you are well.Love the show-listen every day.My son Jimmy is playing bass with his band Kicks on Saturday night (March 17th) at the venue Plugnplay mIlford Road Reading. Any chance you can tell the listeners. They are very good.I am biased,of course. Doors 8pm Five pounds to get in. Thanks. Love Jennyx

Jenny Repton (Camberley)
I was 3 years old in 1947 and I lived in Thames Avenue Pangbourne. One of my earliest memories is having to live in the upstairs rooms of the house and then being evacuated to another building,and walking into a big room with lots of mattresses laid out on the floor for people to sleep on

shelley ann thompson
Hi Andrew. i was once a foreign student in Bracknell, berkshire and always listened to radio berkshire and you. i enjoyed listening to all especially on a rainy weekend. it was so comforting to me. i miss all of berkshire. I support Reading Town FC even back here in Trinidad & Tobago. thanks for the fine company you all gave to me. keep up the good work and may God bless you all.

Dear Andrew,I'd like to inform that Persians' New Year is coming.Our New Year's Day is 21th March.May I Say"Happy New Year" to all Persians in Berkshire.Thanks a lot.

Anne in Reading
Just thought I would drop you an e-mail about my Mum and Dad. They keep on receiving an automated phonecall supposedly from Lloyds Bank saying there is a security message for them and they should press 9 to continue. Well my Dad being a naturally suspicious person didn't and called Lloyds instead. They have confirmed it has nothing to do with them. Obviously if people believe this message then give out personal information they could expose themselves to identity fraud and find their Bank account emptied.

Sarah from Thatcham
The 'roadworks' on the M4 between junction 11 and 10 are a misnomer - there is no roadwork going on! Why are M4 road users forced into obeying a 50mph average speed limit to bypass a load of cones with no work going on? Is this some scheme to make more money?

Size 0 Isn't it crazy? Some possible reasons: It seems still more acceptable for a man to have a tummy than it is for a woman, though I heard that the "thin-thing" gets into the male population too now. The (bad) invention of tummy free (is it called cropped?) tops. Media. Celebrity obsession. Mainly pressures from the outside I guess. I don't think these people feel so good about it. It must be very stressful to constantly try to keep thin and young. It is fighting windmills - in the end you lose, so why not rather enjoy what you have and practice contentment.

Having been sent by Mrs Peach three times to a garage to buy the current issue of a celebrity magazine, I wonder if you have considered ordering it from a local newsagent ? He/she might be willing to ring you up when it comes in.


I wanted to here my husbands brass band but cant listen again to tuesdays show it seems to be last weeks any ideas?

Garry Howes
Hi As even more Scientists gather to study the horrors of Global Warming ....... just imagine how gleeful they are to have secured their funding for so many years ahead ! The temperature of the World has seen huge - natural - fluctuations since time immemorial and before man even lit his first fire! It would be good to know who can give us some definitive information regarding the following: 1. Emissions relating to the preparation and launch of the Space Shuttle in comparison with (say) a single Boeing 747 flight London/New York. 2. What is the effect (by quantifiable %age) of gasses from Volcanic activity (above and below the sea/lakes) - i.e. did the last eruption of Mt St Helena kick off this whole Global Warming fiasco and how is volcanic activity deep on the ocean bed monitored for gas emissions? 3. What is the effect (by quantifiable %age) of gasses produced from Wars and associated activity (testing nuclear/atomic weapons, and bombings -in Iraq or Israel/Lebanon for example) all of which must be constantly disturbing the very core of the Earth let alone its atmosphere ? 4. Taming Nature - when in the history of mankind have we ever been able to tame nature (we can predict Tornado's but we can't control or stop them, so can the Climate ever be harnessed and controlled when we can't even control the Sea? No one can truly doubt that Global Warming is happening, but it has happened before and we are not being given the full facts so as to fully understand what is happening. If we look at the total amount of so-called Greenhouse Gasses produced by the UK, and then 100% remove the UK from the entire equation, it demonstrates that we, in the UK, can have no effect whatever on the outcome of this entire affair even if we could achieve nil emissions from today onwards. Call me an old sceptic..... but .....did we really expect those Scientists to tell us that 'Man' is not responsible and then start looking for another job? Isn't this yet another 'Millennium Bug' ....... just a Global Warming Gravy Train. Please hold that thought ...... Regards, Garry Howes

Juliet - Wokingham
Unfortunately, people are too scared to help others, like the poor man being happy snapped, because they end up being prosecuted for 'attacking' the attackers and/or defending themselves. I don't believe it's that people don't want to help, you just never konw what the consequences are. The governemnt wonders why our kids are out of control, well maybe they should look at their justice system?

Chris Brockman
Having talked about mobile phone usage with you live on air this Monday I have now got the bit between my teeth and offer an opinion on traffic cameras. Whether they are used for policing speed, bus lanes, boxed junctions or jumping traffic lights makes no difference to the drivers of the now nearly 2 million uninsured, untaxed and therefore untraceable vehicles on the road. These are surely likely to be those who are most likely to brake the law in these ways. They know they will not receive a penalty. Previously law abiding drivers who pick up penalty points through a minor speeding offence will often afterwards become fixated only on speed rather than reading the road conditions. Surely the answer is to have more traffic police on the road to pick up dangerous drivers rather than rely on traffic cameras.

Darrell from Hampshire
I agree mostly with Pete in Hampshire regarding the naming of your station. I too listen to Radio Berkshire regularly although I have the choice not to if I felt as strongly as Pete. However the name Radio Berkshire does not capture the true audience of the station and may in fact put listners off from other areas despite the very usefull information (traffic etc) that is broadcast.

pete henley
get john madjeski have the spring brass band play at half time.problem solved !!! plenty of brass band players would come out of the woodwork

Re Carrier Bags; In many European countries carrier bags are no longer available at supermarkets - never mind small ones! Perhaps these are both ways of 'encouraging' us to use reuseable bags - which I think is no bad thing! Sue

I am sick to death of people expecting us all to use public transport. Even if it was cheap and efficient, we could not use it. My wife is a home care worker, and I visit around 40 businesses a day for a Charity. Neither of us could use public transport to do our jobs, yet we will be penalised for using our cars

Anne from Reading
Oh Peachy, Peachy!! You have really got me in trouble. I know your little one is possibly too young at the moment but when he gets to 2ish you will find he focuses in on certain words and will use them all the time. Well yesterday you said 'slagged off' more than once and my two year old keeps saying it! She said it more than once at swimming, at nursery and worse of all to my mother. Try and explain that away. If you read this out please don't say the word again because touch wood she has forgotten it today!

Hayden Wheeler
So Oliver Holt from the "erstwhile" publication the Daily Mirror has thrown his toys out of the pram again. The first I heard about this was when I was driving into work on Tuesday morning. Whereas I dont read newspapers, I did decide to check the contents of the article on-line. What on earth has rattled his cage? a diatribe spews forth from his pen faster than effluent from a broken Thames Water sewer. And then he has the temerity to state that he is appearing on the Royals Footie Phone-In on Friday evening. Now, I am really concerned about what may become a perfect opportunity for this "journalist" to wield his poisoned keyboard with even more might than he has already. I can hear the phone calls now with streams of abuse flying towards him. And do you know something? That is exactly what he wants to occur. The best way of dealing with this type of person is to ignore his existence. I know it is too much to ask, let alone expect, for all callers on Friday to IGNORE this week's guest and to direct all questions to Tim Dellor. Sidestep him. Ignore him and most of all don't let him think that he has succeeded in getting under our skin. Failing that, just don't call! One thought that has come to mind though would be to ask him when he will get a proper job at a proper newspaper. Then again, I think we all know the answer to that one!

Jenny Repton
Hello Andrew I thought I would email you to let you know how much I enjoy BBC radio Berkshire, I have been listening for about a year now and really enjoy the relaxed style and the easy banter between all the presenters. I am a great radio fan, I used to listen to radio 2 but cannot stand the the way they are going all out to attract the younger listener, so keep up the good work at radio Berkshire PS I know you also work for radio 2 Regards Jenny Repton

Bad driving! A Sainsbury's lorry passed me going through Newbury some months ago, the driver was on his hand held phone; I followed him and as the traffic moved along I drew level with him in the next lane. As we negotiated several roundabouts and sets of traffic lights he was constantly on his phone. I noticed the lorry had one of these "Well driven signs" on it; so I made a mental note of the number and as soon as I could I pull over into a layby I phoned the number giving the details of the lorry and his actions. The operator didn't seem too worried but about three days later I had a letter saying they'd passed the details to Sainsbury's. I then received a letter from Sainsbury about 10 days later. Very apologetic, thanking be for the call and also saying the driver had been giving a written warning. Hopefully he won't do it again. There have been so many incidents where accidents have occurred when lorry drivers have been using hand held phones. Obviously any accident can be devastating but the possibilities are horrendous if the culprit is driving a lorry weighing many tons!

can you investigate a further spillage being dealt with by Thames Water at Woolton Hill. The last sewage leak contaminated the late in the Chase last summer, resulting in the chase being closed for many weeks. They now seem to have another problem as they have been there all night and this morning pumping out the area next to the pumping station just off the main Andover Road out of Newbury.

Pete in Hampshire
Sorry Peach - mispront a few minutes agoin my rant about your jingoism, 2CR should read SCR for Southern Conties Radio.

Pete in Hampshire
Come on Peach. It really is time for you and the rest of the mob in Caversham to recognise properly that your station covers much more than the county of Berkshire and is woefully inadequately named. You all prattle on "Berkshire this, Berkshire that, Royal County, Berkshire, Berkshire" ad nauseam. What about the rest of us who have to put up with this in Hampshire, Oxfordshire and beyond that are lumped into your broadcast catchement and coverage area? (We even get occasional mentions, although frequently implying we're really in Berkshre, anyway.) It would be far more appropriate to brand the station as "3-4-40" which really describes your coverage area - the M3, M4, M40 corridor. Some weeks ago when Basingstoke were playing in a featured cup match, the presenter spent most of the afternoon referring to "our Berkshire teams". It was awful and unprofessional. It is, however, all too typical of virtually all the station's presenting. The BBC manage to have more appropriate regional names such as 2CR and Solent which are not county specific and which appropriately describe their coverage. It is time for an inclusive approach to be taken. No more "Berkshire best garden" or "Brain of Berkshire", or indeed Berkshire anything. It is not too difficult to refer to "the area" if you cannot come up with any better description of your total audience. Stop the Berkshire and "Royal County" jingoism, for that is what it has become, and show a little more consideration for a large part of your audience.

Steve Lee
What a masterstroke - the recruitment of Steve Madden! His early morning show is an object lesson in presenting to all DJ's & the cjoice of music is superb. In all Bravo to whoever made this appointment.

hi my son who is 9 and registered blind went to martins heron car park today to catch a train to waterloo,as he had an appointment at great ormond street. Unfortunately my husband couldn't park because the disabled spaces were used by people who haven,t got badges.The reason being that people can no longer park in Tescos car park without incurring a £40 fine. The result was my child and husband had to come home and walk to Martins Heron, which is a good couple of miles away( not easy if you are visually impaired child) They missed their train and was late for the appointment. So thanks to Tesco, and there half empty car park.They are not at all bothered I have complained to tesco car parks they couldn't care less......And for those thoughtless people who park in disabled bays without a badge you really need to have a bit more thought about your actions.

did you know cancer research uk is sending out appeals containing full bank details by post.

I`ve sometimes heard you reading the news bulletins on Radio 2 at the weekends (obviously when you`re not broadcasting on Radio Berkshire). How exactly does this work ? Are you to do this as part of your contract or are you covering for staff shortages or moving on to "better things" ?

andy leonard of thatcham
I am a disable person, and have trouble trying to use my wheelchair because of cars on the foot-paths,why are these drivers so selfish, I was of the impression there for people to use. Where are the traffic wardens the council brag about,they must have a very big teapot,as they could be earning a fortune for the council ticketing these cars. regards, Andy.

Terry Margetts
Hi Andrew, You were on about safety and things like knives, guns & cars etc. Your 12 year old correspondant has hit the button right on the's not the object's the idiot that has it or controls it. It is the people thast need to be banned if anything does.

listen every morning on way to work in farnham from reading, a slow journey upto blackwater where i lose the station, suddenly speed up as tune into another BBC radio station(southern counties) not so good, keep up the good work Andrew -Thanks for making my journey so much more enjoyable in the mornings....

carol crowthorne
i listened to sue this afternoon and am wondering why she is talking with big gaps between her words. she doesnt do this when on andrews show i found to my surprise that i did not want to listen. please advise her andrew.

Annie Watson
Sir.Listen every day-great show!My grandson Anthony and his band To The Barricades are headlining Club Velocity at Plugnplay (35 Milford Road Reading) this Saturday night.Can you tell the county???Doors at 8pm and only five pounds. Thanks

Andrew, I am a fire fighter in london and would like to reply to the person who claime that we were over paid and under worked. Not only do we attend a vast number and variety of calls all of which require a very high level of training but we also do a lot of community fire safety where interaction with the public takes up time. This involves getting out into the community speaking to the public and assisting with their safety. We also have test and service our equipment so that it is in a fit condition to serve the public! As you can see we are a public service that is ther for the public 24/7 and 365 days a year. How much woul he like to be paid to do all of this? P.s I would like to say how much I love my wife and as we agreed not to do Valentines cards and pesseies this year I bought her a card, champagne and chocolates. Paul

Does it wind anyone else up? Andy the weatherman's giggles in the morning, to have just been woken by the radio at 6.15 and have him giggling all the time drives me potty. Hubby says I need to switch to 3 counties to escape it!! It a joy to wake and hear its one of the ladies doing the weather in a morning.

I've had me heelys since October last year, I have never fallen over and i have never crashed and I have not broken my ankles. I dont see why people see them as so dangerous because you can easily stop by putting the front of your feet down! The reason that people are hurting themselves is because they are trying to do tricks that they cant do and are going too fast in busy areas. I do think that people should be warned that they should not try to go as fast but I dont think its fair to ban them when peoples parents have bought them for thier children. As long as people are sensible (which the majority of people who own heelys are) they will not crash, its only a small amount of people that are crashing and people are judging that with everyone!

Marion M,aidenhead
I could never stand any sort of sport , hearing on the radio or seeing it on telly , but since listening to the Reading captain and his wife on your probramme each week , I cant help but checking to see how Reading are doing and got excited when I found out they had beaten Aston Villa , do you think there is hope for me yet ?

david wheeler
hi andrew,just like to say that i am getting fed up hearing about this global warming this plannet is cleaner now than ever, if you look back to the industrial revelution when every factory burnt loads of coal and more recently the smog isnt it a fact that this plannet has a history of freezing in the ice age and gettin hot again ? and the other thing is blaming the motorist and treating them as a meal ticket so they can get more money out of us.take the cars of the road and put the pollution in the air by flying more aercraft. yours david.

Why are so mayy schools closed today? Willink school pupils are wandering around the village at a loose end. Where do the teachers live? My daughter has driven from Mortimer to work in Newbury leaving earlier than usual. Good thing doctors and nurses dont give up when the snow falls.


Dave Murray
For goodness sake stop The Generation Game at about 8.30am, it's the biggest 'turn-off' on Radio Berkshire. As for pandering to the lad who cried last week time he faced up to reality– cry don't get!

Tony from Woodley
Global warming!! bring it on!! Then I would use even less gas on my central heating, the trouble is, it's still costing me more. But maybe the additional VAT on my Gas Bill is needed to finance the wars in Iraq and Afganistan. Come to think of it, maybe thats where the Green Tax on Flights is going.

Steve, Finchampstead
Morning Andrew On the Generation Game this morning I think Henry misheard you and spelt 'foam', not 'phone', so really he did answer all of his questions correctly

carol crowthorne
what jobs do muslims do that allow them off every friday. when and where do the women pray and how come there are always loads of muslim men hanging around the streets when ever there is a news storey who is keeping them? why doesnt the government make them work instead of picking on everyone else.

Good morning Adrew - Just received a rather "fishy" letter from someone in South Africa wanting me to help them invest their son's 8million dollars. Wondering whether anybody else has received such a letter. I will send you a copy in the post. Should I pass this on to some authority for investigation?

I am an immigrant that 2 years later am still waiting for my letter for an appointment for my TB screening. How many other people are there who have immigrated but are not screened?

Linda from Bracknell
What are commuters that use the Martins Heron station but dont work 9-5 supposed to do for parking. Tesco Martins Heron want to charge 70pounds if you park in their carpark for more than 3 hours. there is no bus service to Martins Heron station and the council are putting yellow lines around the roads in the area. As I have 2 children under 5 cycling is not an option. Do any of your listners have any suggestions?

Alan Bardos
Andrew.I listened to The Session earlier today.Can i just say the singer they had in the studio-Ben Marwood was a revelation and on the evidence of the two songs he sang a huge talent.Great song.BBC Berkshire keep up the great work.

Maria Webb
Hi andrew following the conversation we had about Farepak we got 17p per £1 we paid so we all lost hundreds and they are being taken to court so I doubt if we will get any more.

Bruce Strickland
Hi Andrew I would like to bring to your notice our 10 year old gradaughter and partners achievements in Ballroom dancing. She lives in Spencerswood and they are the current All England Juvenile Ballroom Champions. They also lead the All-England Juvenile Dance Association ranking tables. Her name is Lorna Arnold and her partner is Miles Chapman (from Dorking). Last October they appeared with others in Strictly Come Dancing and in November on Blue Peter where the BBC turned the majority of the program into a childrens edition of Strictly Come Dancing. Its a gret pity that this country does not recognise talent and give support as other countries do. Lorna and Miles now represent England as part of the English dance team but the majoritynof the cost has to be born by the parents. In april they are representing England at Blackpool and the ticket entry alone for the family of four is in excess of £200.

Didn't have time to ring this morning,I think George Cloney etc are sexy men, but I also think Steve Coppell should be on the list. He lovely with a dry sense of humour, my type of man.

Carole from Hurley
I think ultimately it is the parents responsibility to ensure their children get a healthy and varied diet. I have three young girls and they are always hungry! They tend to have a piece of cake or something when they first get home from school and then perhaps a biscuit then they have to wait for their tea - after tea, yoghurt or fruit. We try to go for walks at the week-end and encourage our children to take part in activities such as netball and tennis. There is NO excuse for a poor diet there is so much written about healthy eating in magazines, papers and so many programmes on the tv that you simply cannot ignore it. It's all down to common sense at the end of the day.

Why isn't Maggies daughter Rose back at Uni after the Christmas break as are all the other Students I know. She would not then have left the car lights on.

When are cyclists going to realise that the law about lights applies to them also. There are so many cyclists around wokingham district who do not have lights on their bikes and do not wear reflective clothing. Also, sometimes even when the day is bright, car drivers cannot always see the cyclist due to so much light OR on dark miserable days! I also ride a bike by the way!

Johan from Bracknell
Re: TB screening: Andrew, I arrived in the UK from South Africa some 18 months ago and my wife and I were both X-rayed on Heathrow airport as a screening for TB. At the time I felt it was very humiliating. However, in the light of today's news of someone contracting TB at a local school, I can completely understand why screening for immigrants is so necessary.

Rex Hilson
Did you know, it is very difficult to find your contact telephone number on the website? I know you give it out on the radio, but as I am driving alone and in the dark, I cannot write it down or programme it into my mobile. Hence this email. You asked for stories about yesterday 18th Jan. I got a call from my wife yesterday afternoon saying that a tree had blown down in Manor Lane, Old Basing where we live. It had taken the overhead telephone lines down and blocked the bottom of the lane, so people could not get their cars in or out. We were OK because it was lower down the lane than our house, but the tree was across our 86 year old neighbour’s wall and she was somewhat trapped in. I arrived home at about 5:30 pm and got the chain-saw out. My wife and I spent the next 2 hours clearing the tree, a large pine, from the road. The reason I am writing this is to express my disappointment in the lack of community spirit I witnessed last night. About 6 of the people living at the bottom end of the lane passed by, none of them offered to help, and most of them didn’t even bother to say hello. The exception was Sam a nearly 3 year old who was very enthusiastic and was a great help dragging away branches as big as himself, so a big thank you to Sam. So what has happened to the old fashioned “what can I do, how can I help?”. Are we becoming so selfish and insular, and seeing everything as someone else’s problem? I miss some of the old ways.

Jean Teall from Finchampstead
Arborfield Garrison - Perfect place for a new South Wokingham secondary school. Mid way between Finchampstead, and Emmbrook and the Ryeish Green kids could go there too. It's already got playing fields, workshops and classrooms. Really enjoy the programme. Glad I work at home on Thursdays as my route to work via Sindlesham sounds horrible! Regards Mrs Jean Teall Reply email is

Can I recommend a superb music act which is coming to South Hill Park, Bracknell this Sunday 21st at 3pm? Their name is PLUCK and they are an Edinburgh Fringe award-winning string trio, combining classical music with side-splitting comedy. I saw them a few months ago and I implore everybody to brighten a grey Sunday afternoon in January and have a good laugh. You won't be disappointed, it's suitable for all ages and it will be wonderful to see the theatre full. It breaks my heart to see great acts playing to deserted auditoriums, so please come along.

Whilst I think that what is happening in the Big Brother house is appalling, there is no doubt that it raises the profile of racism & bullying to an extent where we are all talking about it. I've used it for positive and have been having great conversations with my son about bullying/racism/different cultures. I may not have had these conversations if it wasn't for what was going on in Big Brother. Yes its terrible, but lets use it for positive and talk to our kids/friends/neighbours about eradicating it and accepting people for who they are.

Simon C.
Re stealing bandwidth on a neighbour's wireless connection: The real danger is that someone who does this can download anything they like, and if they're downloading illegal materials, it will be traced to the owner of the line, and there is no way to find out who actually did the downloading. So to anyone who has left your wireless connection unlocked, you are leaving yourself open to potentially very serious trouble.

Paula Brown -Maidenhead
Hi Andrew and Susie Just to let you know my first poetry book DELIGHTS OF THE MIND is now available from Waterstones as well as my web page hope you give me a plug for my book . By the way I sent the Queen a copy of my book because I am very proud of my poems with photos as illustrations and I thought she would enjoy reading them. She has replied and said via her Lady in Waitng quote "Her Majesty has been so touched by the wonderful response to her birthday and was interested to see your first book of poems" I'm very thrilled to think the Queen took an interest in my first poetry book .Many thanks Andrew and Susie

Annie Watson
Morning Mr Peach. I listen every day and i love your show!Any chance you can tell your listeners that my grandson and his band The Vice are playing a gig this Saturday (Jan 20th) at a venue called Plugnplay on Milford Road,Reading?Its part of the Club Velocity 'Our Tips of 2007' night. Daniel,my grandson plays drums for The Vice and they won the demo panel on THE SESSION last year-October I think.Also playing are Blardy Blars/Kicks/Stephen Long doors 8pm £5 on the door.All the bands are from Berkshire-i think it will be a great night. Thanks for your time.Say 'hi' to Suze for me and tell her good luck with the baby. Thanks.

Tony ware
Ref: Buses to savercenter not good form Tilehurst 1 bus per hour on route 18 why cant reading buses run the 17 bus route to saver center

Hi Andrew, Love your programme. Yesterday you were talking about Dyslexia. Old Joke. Did you hear about the dyslexic agnostic insomniac who lay awake all night wondering if there was a dog?

Lesley from Beedon
You were talking about Dyslexia this morning and someone asked if there is a test available for Adults. I missed the answer as I got to work - would it be possible to put any contact details and web link onto the BBC Berks site? I have heard of the DORE website (where there is a free online test), but I don't know if They are a private organisation or one you can recommend. I strongly believe a large number of adults are affected by this and any help or advice would benefit them greatly.

Helen Butlin
Andrew, I was listening to your program whilst on my way to work this morning and your comments on aromatherapy. I use oils on my children and it stops them coughing at night and nothing else seems to work so that's good enough evidence for me. I use other oils as well and all my family love using them.

Malcolm Tent - Agree with Ged Donohoe
Ged is spot on with regard to the number of station identification jingles that are played on Radio Berkshire. They are an absolute pain in the whatsit. And as previously mentioned in this blog, they even manage to squeeze them into the news bulletin, completely spoiling the flow. And it's actually got worse since then so a big round of applause to the radio producers for being so totally prattish. I used to listen to most of the Peach show but find the peripheral 'noise' (the jingles, the news, the weather, the roads every verse end and then coming up to the hour let's do them all and then repeat within 30 seconds) so annoying that I switch to Radio 2 about 8am and generally leave it there.

Why? when you are talking about your wife, do you call Mrs P? Call her by her christian name. I always get irritated when you refer to her as Mrs P!

Jackie Willson of Thatcham
We had our first ever Christmas Carol Service at work yesterday with members of staff playing, praying and singing. It was really refreshing to remember the real meaning of Christmas in this materialistic age. Although I am not particularly religious. I was wondering if the BBC Radio Berkshire Staff would do something next year headed up by the lovely Suzanne! You would have plenty of time to practice, Andrew. You could start by singing lullabys to Isaac! If you send him to sleep think what you could do for the County's insomniacs!

Hello Andrew & Sue, I'd like to know if someone's birthday is on christmas eve like me,what do they feel & how do they usually have their both celebration?U know what i mean?!sometimes i feel like a having a meal out with my husband but how?! everyone's home on christmas eve! Happy Christmas to you all in Radio Berks. Elli from Woodley

Suze was very scathing about Leona's success in X Factor and the new single on the show the other morning. Sour grapes I wonder ? Just think of where her appearance on Pop Idol got here as a previous unknown ?

des goddard
andrew, my blog is parent,s that let older children stand up in supermarket trolley.s and i have to put my food where they have left goodness knows what

Ged Donohoe
The most annoying thing regards BBC Radio Berkshire, is the constant Gingle telling you that you are listning to BBC Radio Bershire. During my travel to work at 7-10 am I have lost count of the number of times that I am informed that I am listening to,BBC Radio Berkshire. Have a good listen Andrew and count how many "BBC Radio Berkshires" can be cramed into 40 minutes which is my journey time

thankyou for talking about bereavement at this time of the year, i lost my mum and dad within two months of each other two years ago and this time of year is difficult. Give your self time it helps

Hi Andrew, just wondered if you could help me out with some info about south Reading leisure centre. It's been closed for SOOOO long and I am worried that as I am a mere Reading tax payer, not a student of the Mjaski academy my access to the new facilities may be restricted. I work in whiltley and used the pool regularly before and after work,and often found myself leaving late at night, after dark. I wondered if there was any improvements planned for the car park area as the large groups of young men around the centre were often intimidating. I am sure this isnt the most eloquent blog you'll get today but I hope it makes sense. I am keen to hear any info you have about our new facility! many thanks Catherine

Hate to be bah humbug. BUT! I am tired of making Christmas special. Whatever 'special' means. Spending too much money, gettin stressed, worrying if they'll have enuf. Dearie me, wot a scrooge. Love the show. Listen everymornin on way to work. So that's either 1 hour if roads goos. At worst 3 hours. Heather

Hello Andrew. You may remember that I emailed you back in the summer about my son & his girlfriend being stopped by a pc in Reading as she was allegedly exceeding the 40mph speed limit. She apologised, he then turned to my son and accused him of not wearing a seat belt. Upon seeing that he did have it on he then said he musthave just put it on when seeing the police car behind, and the video would prove it. After numerous unnecessary correspondence going back & forth, this matter was taken to court. My son, who plead not guilty attended court at 9.45am and was called at 1pm. The pc was called in first and after ten minutes my son was called in and told that the video had been viewed and due to inconclusive evidence the case was dismissed. What a load of ......! That pc sat there all morning doing nothing and got paid for it. What a waste of money and time all round. No wonder the police are in such a financial state. I have worked in the courts and know this sort of situation is not uncommon.

Michaela, Bracknell
Why is it that double glazing companies can do what ever they want? We used Quality Direct a couple of years ago and are still stuck with the problems. When I call them they are rude to me and not much interested in solving the problems they left us with. I hear this is the same for most of these companies. Any idea why?

Lesley Brough
Morning Andrew, perhaps Suzanne could manage to get Joe Wise to have our club details in the Bracknell News, We are the Bracknell and District Dollshouse Club who meet at Coopers Hill Bracknell on the last Thursday of the month at 7.30pm. Our secretary has trid several times by letter and using the form in the newspaper with no luck. Can Suze use her magic wand and make it happen. We are a friendly group who would like some new members with an interest in dollshouses and miniatures. Thank you for reading this. Lesley

Val Armstrong
What is the point of saving for your old age when all the government do is tax it all?


Andrew - looking for an unusual gift this Christmas or something for the person who has everything - what about deworming 50 children for 6 months so they get the full value from the limited food they eat- an alternative gift from Feed the Children available on their website or on ebay at feedthechildrenuk.

Hi, i have two comments firstly fantastic shop keep up the good work. secondary why is it many people who talk about the single parent familys do they always say absent dads and not mothers even using parent would be better. this isnt just in relation to the failed csa. i had to prove via solicitors i had legal custody before i was able to claim benefits yet if i had been female this would not have been the case......

Regarding the hal-al meat issue, presumably the word "multicultural" means "non-indiginous" or "not English". True multi culturism would include the English culture, and non hal-al meat should be available as well. It seems nowadays that "multiculturism" excludes the English.

Jackie - Reading
It was interesting that Frank Browne stated on the radio that when a schools roll falls, and has an overcapacity of in excess of 25%, "the council is required to look at all the options" for the future of the school. Frank has obviously not been listening to a word we say! Ryeish Green leadership, staff, and parents welcome discussions on the future options, what we object to is the fact that the only option WDC has considered is closure! The consultation document is actually entitled "consultation on the proposed closure of Ryeish Green School" Work with us Frank to find an alternative to closure. What about a vocational college? What about extended schools? lets consider education provision for 0-19 not just 11-19.

Sue George
Update for you all, following on from Monday's show. Graeme Murty has said yes to Emily's invitation and will be opening the Beedon School Christmas Fair on Thursday 7th Dec at 6pm. The power of local radio. Thanks Andrew and team and of course heaps of thanks to Graeme for saying yes...such a nice guy.. hope to see some of you there.

For the record, and as I think was stated, George Clooney's pet was a pot-bellied pig, which is a domestic pet, not a food source. Although related to the hog, the pot-bellied pig is a breed all its own, similar to a dog in trainability, mannerisms and behaviour. This topic side by side with the Halal topic and your stance on animal rights was bizarrely contradictory; you wouldn't eat a pot-bellied pig any sooner than you'd eat a guinea pig.

Ande George
Thanks to Radio Berkshire for giving my daughter Emily George aitime today to inform our local community about the mistake on the date and time of the Beedon Primary School Christmas Fayre. It will be held on Thursday 7th December at 6.00pm. Features: Carol Singing, Various stalls, Prize Auction of some fantastic gifts donated by local businesses and refreshments. It's all in aid of raising money to refurbish our school kitchen so we can give our children better meals. Thanks again for your support, come along and have some at one of West Berkshire's smallest Primary schools. We may even have Graham and Karen Murty to open proceedings! Thanks Ande George

Paula Maidenhead
Hi Andrew, sorry you didn't have time for my date blog on Friday. I was going to up stage Noel Edmunds and ask Joe Wyse for a date .Obviously there would have been a reason for that. I was going to ask him to feature me and my new poetry book Delights of the Mind in his newspaper ,Bracknell News, as I am a local new poet and need all the press exposure possible for my new book.

Debbie - Newbury
Speaking of Noel Edmonds reminded me of an incident some years back when I took a phone call for a taxi from Newbury racecourse. I took the details, (the name Edmonds never rang a bell at this point) and off I went. Of course when I arrived the the pick up point all became clear - but I wouldn't get out of the car just in case it was one of the stunts for his Noel's House Party show. He came over and spoke to me and said "No - you're OK - it's me this time". He chucked his helicopter keys to the security man on the gate and said "move it if you need to"!!. He then piled into the car with his wife and daughter and off we all went to Bedford. He had been on his way here when poor weather conditions turned him back at Theale. He was a lovely man,no airs or graces, and they all chatted quite happily all the way to Bedford. The ironic part was that soon after we passed through Theale the weather cleared and visibility was fine from Maidenhead area onwards. Just one of the celebs I have had in the back of MY cab!!!

Ken (wokingham)
Morning Andrew. I am amazed at the number of idiots that drive in bad weather with just side lights, especially on the M4. Car makers should do away with the switch that allows just sidelights when driving. The switch should turn on the sidelights and headlights. You only need sidelights if parked and turning the ignition off kills the headlights on most makes anyway. Why are DAB radios so environmentally unfriendly? They use 12 times more power than a conventional AM /FM radio. Ken probably on the M4 now.

i ADOPTED MY SON 36 YEARS AGO , HE IS THE MOST WONDERFUL SON ANY ONE COULD WISH FOR , HE DOESNT LIVE NEAR BUT HE ALWAYS TEXING ME TO SAY LOVE YOU MUM , I went on to give borth to a daughter , my love for her is no different than for my son , I have been very lucky

Andrew, Firstly sorry for saying I enjoyed your show but you were a bit smug. I said that about 2 months ago. Since that I've been listening more and I don't think you're smug anymore. See what havin babies does for you. You nicer now. Anyway, I was listening this morning. I heard you say that Maggie P was single. I was wondering how she feels about that. I'm a single mother of two girls. I work full time and try to fill their days with things they enjoy. Horse riding and other social stuff. I enjoy the life we have and wondered how Maggie manages. Sometimes I miss special male company and intimacy. But it is a jungle out there. Honest. ANy feedback, I'll be listening.

Georgie Icke
cyclists who ride bikes with no lighs on espeically down roads with no street lights if they want to die can they do it another way as I do not want to be the one who might hit them.

Gordon at Poplar House, Langley
Dear Mr Peach (& team), This 'blog' is to thank you for again featuring a short piece on air with regard to the significantly over-run so-called 'improvement works' at Poplar & Broom Houses in Langley, otherwise dubbed 'Faulty Towers' by our local press. At time of writing (24/11/06) works are one year beyond the original completion date & a new date has been set as 18/12/06 for final completion (perhaps the real Santa as featured on your show this morning will underwrite this for us!). Based on Slough Borough Council's performance to date, I hope you will excuse my scepticism as to the likelihood of this completion date being fully & properly achieved. There has been an absolute failure by very highly paid senior executive public officials at Slough Borough Council to properly plan,execute & monitor this major works project at our two tower blocks, which has cost many millions of pounds of public monies. Having created their own incompetent crisis & a living nightmare for residents, the CEO for Slough Council, Cheryl Coppell authorised the spending of a further £1 Million of tax payers monies to throw at sorting out the absolute shambles created by the incompetence of senior executives in the name of the elected Council members. I suggest that the executives are akin to a runaway train with public monies & rather than answerable let alon accountable to The Council (i.e. elected councillors) seemingly behave autonomously, giving the appearance of the proverbial tail wagging the dog! Yet again the completion date for this project has over-run and has caused compounded stress & anxiety to residents who have effectively been living on a building site for over 2 years and more. These residents include those with significant individual needs, the elderly and infirm & it is reprehensible that Slough Council has failed in a clear & obvious duty of care towards tenants & leaseholders alike. We need an independent public enquiry (& not an in-house town hall whitewash) immediately into what has gone on here. Our experiences have even featured in a report by The Audit Commission & whilst not wholly responsible for the outcome, form part of a critique which resulted in Slough Borough Council (under the new guise of People 1st - an Arms-Length-Management-Organisation) yet again failing to secure a much needed £45 Million of central government funding to improve local housing stock in Slough. This is all the more disgraceful given that Slough Council (with People 1st have spent upwards & beyond £1/2 Million, bringing in more executive staff & employees from Hounslow Homes, linked to Hounslow Council to improve the Housing Department, only to again fail to secure the necessary funds. The only certainty in all of the experiences to date is that Slough Borough Council repeatedly fail to deliver, are seemingly unfit for purpose & waste copious amounts of public monies due to incompetance, whilst at the same time pleading poverty to central government & holding out their hands for more. It's an absolute disgrace & I'm only too grateful that your public service broadcasting brings the truth into the wider public domain. Thanks again. Gordon (Poplar Hse)

the lady looking for green baubles, go down to hobbycraft in Reading & get some plain baubles(paper or polystyrene),some glue,glitter,paint or spray paint & make her own. Much more fun than buying them.

Bob-a-Job/Ambulances If the Scouts are still doing Bob-a-Job, a project is: get a can of spray paint & some stencils and offer to paint house numbers on roadside kerbs. I am sure the ambulance service would appreciate it. At,say £1 a time, it would also be a significant charity raiser.

Mrs H
Hi Andrew, I read your article in the thatcham and newbury chronicle this week with personal interest re. drivers using mobile phones. If only they knew - manybe more would care. For example - a number of years ago I worked in Marlow. Driving on the M4 - I stopped at the usual traffic jam at Jn10. Without warning a driver slammed into the back of me - shunted me into the vehicle in front (wrote his car), wrote mine off, put me in a collar for 7 1/2 weeks and a 9 months of physio, I was pregnant but miscarried due to the accident and still have to have intermittent chiropractor appointments - and had to change my job as I could no longer manage the daily commute. And the reason - he didn't notice the traffic had stopped as he was on his mobile. This was before legislation - and all the driver got was £250 fine and 5 points on his licence. All for the sake of making that "really important call". I am of course now recovered and only feel slightly nervous when passing Jn10, but still wonder - what if? What if he had now the injury and hurt he would cause - would he still have made that call? What if - people don't get the message - this could happen to someone else? I still get angry when I see people using their phones whilst driving. For Goodness sake - IT IS NOT WORTH IT. I have a blue tooth headset - but still ignore my phone when driving, and only use it when REALLY necessary. The message HAS to get out.Don't Drive and Dial!!!!!!

Billy in Seattle
Thank you again for the call Mr. Peach, was a pleasure speaking with you from across the pond. I'll be listening whenever I'm at the drawing board! (For a peek at some of the art you and BCC Radio Berkshire has been the soundtrack for feel free to visit!) Best wishes and continued success to you and the staff.

Paula Brown Maidenehad
Hi Andrew it's me again. What's on my mind today with Christmas around the corner are all our men and women in the Forces at war in the world and I have written a poem about them that I thought you would like to read. This is it. The Forces. If I could wish the world to be, Just like the land and sky and sea. How pleasant it would be and more, Instead,we could do without the war. Our young men and women in the forces went, Wherever they were needed,sent. Without a murmer or a sigh, Off to war and up into the sky. In the heat of foreign lands, Out they went and there to stand, Amongst the evil of peoples' ways, Trying to keep the peace and the enemy at bay. If it were not for our brave women and men, The world would become an awful den. The people of the world would not be free, God bless the Forces,from you and from me. Hope you like it.

Responsible dog owners pick up after their dogs to make the world a cleaner place to live - and there is a substantial fine for fouling many roads - so WHY aren't horse riders forced to do the same? I am sick of having to scrape horse muck from my wheel arches when I travel on country roads - not only do horse riders ride 2 abreast taking up more than the width of a car, but they pay no road tax and allow their animals to foul without any responsibility whatever!

Rod Warner
Hi Andrew ( and Susi ) Can you get the BBC to improve the Berks coverage to the south and west of Bracknell ie Yately , Camberly and South Bracknell and to blot out BBC London which over-rides raio Berks - bit ironic seeing that I can pick it at Swindon and Southampton - but not at the M3 junction 3- so all the great road reports go into fresh air !. Regards Rod

Graham Forest Park
Not sure if you got an answer to your question about the leaves changing colour. Here is the answer from my mom in South Africa who is a research scientist working for the National Biodiversity Institute. "In response to your question the autumn colours are due to the large quantities of colourless flavonoids which are converted into anthocyanins (red) and carotenoids (yellow) as the chlorophyll breaks down when the temperatures decrease and winter approaches. The colour of the anthocyanins depends on the acidity of the cell sap and I am sure that the different colours will also be controlled by the DNA i.e. whether anthocyanins or carotenoids are produced." As to whether there are more yellow leaves than usual - maybe it's because they've stayed on the tree longer than normal?

On the news on mondays show there was a report on the travellers who have pitched up in a field next to the Theale bypass. A representitive for the travelling community said how, if they could, they would pay council tax, but the council wouldn't allow it as this would mran accepting responsibility for them. I drove by the site yesterday and was appalled by the amount of rubbish all over the field. Might I suggest to the "travelling community" that if they are so keen to pay council tax then perhaps they might want to use some of the money that the council won't accept to pay for a skip to put all the rubbish in and have it collected when they leave!

Every Child Matters: Change for Children sets out the national framework for local change programmes to build services around the needs of children and young people so that we maximise opportunity and minimise risk. Schools located at the heart of the community are well placed to take up the challenge of making Every Child Matters a reality for children, young people and communities. Why then does Wokingham District Council think that closing a school in the most deprived rural area of the district is consistant with government policy? Rather than spending money on new doctors surgeries would it not be best to invest in existing infrastructure and deliver local services to local people? If Ryeish Green closes - where next Embrook, Holt? Look at a map - without Ryeish Green there are no secondary education facilities in the whole of west wokingham. Ryeish Green is a rural school - make it the flag ship of the extended schools program by investing now rather than closing.

Paula Brown Maidenhead
Andrew Thanks for the mention on your blog programme and hope you like my poem My Hot Water Bottle which is on my new web page.Being new to the web scene I had to alter the page to

A very efficient way to inmediately reduce polution is to provide free (or almost free) well planned public transport. It *is* doable. The money saved from road maintenance would already cover a substantial part of the budget. Roberto ------- PS:(thanks Andrew, you are doing a great job)

Heard you on radio two last week doing the news have you left us. Your still not back we are into week three have you gone for good!!!!

Paula Brown Maidenhead
Andrew ,why is poetry seen as rather stuffy. Books I have looked at have not got any illustrations at all.May I introduce you to my first poetry book called Delights of the Mind which I have published ,with my own photos to illustrate the poems.I am retired now so this is my big adventure.You can look at my new web site for a preview of a sample poem called My Hot Water Bottle .What is it people say,never too old to try something different and that includes using a computer and setting up a web site.

Ned O'Brien
A33, The speed limit on the A33 from the ring road R/B in Basingstoke down to the red man R/B has been changed from 50 down to 30. I have lived in the area for almost ten years and in all my time I have not seen a single accident in on that part of the A33. What REALLY burns me is the fact that the limit changes back to 50 not yards from the place where the police sit with their camera car. . Call me suspicious but I get the impression that the police in the area must be missing their targets. The road's not dangerous, there are no blind corners. So what is their reason for doing this?? I'd love to hear it!

Marc Evans
I was listening to Graeme Murty yesterday morning and was really cheered by his views on the behaviour of footballers. His comments that the problems of simulation and herranging referees starts at a young age and comes from over competitive parents and exposure to such behaviour from the very top players week in/week out on tv and in the grounds is absolutely correct. I coach and referee under 10s teams near Portsmouth and have been growing more despondent as every week I find myself watching 9 year olds falling over on the training ground under a fair (and usually soft) tackle and then pretending they have just taken an elbow in the face. Only last Sunday I had to call a halt to an U10s league game and advise all 14 players on the pitch that this was a game of football and that they were to cease the gymnastics immediately. Our club rules advise coaches to advocate a sense of fair play and not to win at all costs; sadly at 9 years old these kids have a keen sense of gamesmanship and will do anything to win. I still find it hard to swallow that as a ref I am spoken to in the way I am, not just the words chosen but the contempt that comes behind those words. I grew up playing rugby and only became involved in football coaching and refereeing because my son plays. He and I are season ticket holders at Reading and he, also a Chelsea supporter, was genuinely embarrassed by the antics of his other heroes at the Madejski the other week. I am pleased to note that Reading does not have a penchant for simulation, I can't recall seeing one of our players going down that easily but we do still surround the ref (note the Sidwell / Joe Cole incident). My question is, if a Premiership Club Captain (Graeme) feels the way he does, can he do anything within his club to ensure that not only do his players not dive but that they also walk away from incidents and only discuss an issue with the ref when called over by him. We could find ourselves in Europe just as Ipswich did under the fair play rules if we stood apart from the other 19 Premier League teams. The argument that football has much to learn from rugby is very valid (at least in terms of respect to the ref and not feigning injury. That said I do not wish to see rugby pass across its ability to descend to mayhem with on pitch exchanges of punches, something that rugby MUST itself eradicate. In the meantime I will keep on at my charges to play the game with a sense of decency and hope that by the time any of them get to play at a senior level the game has changed enough for them not to be so different from everyone else...somehow I am not sure that either I will succeed or that the game will change unless the FA and referees enforce the rules they have to the letter.

david wheeler
I get anoyed with these politicians talking about conjestion charges they want us to buy our cars pay the taxes and leave them at home they look on the motorist as a meal ticket,if they put the money into the repairs of the roads it would'nt be so bad.yours david

Any parents who have concerns over Ryeish Green School, (I as a parent of two daughters there) would like YOU to come and visit the school and see what a great school it is with your own eyes. Don't be fooled by Frank Browne and all the negative rubbish you hear about the school (I heard the same before I visited the school). Wokingham want to close the school so they can sell the land - they have 20 millions reasons why !!!! If your in ANY doubt, why not ask Frank Browne the 1 question he WILL NOT answer so far ........ Have you contacted the parents that did not send their children to Ryeish Green as to why ? He would hear the same thing over and over again (like I have heard from parents I spoke with) - "I would love to send my child to Ryeish Green, but the threat of closure puts me off". A little positive PR from Wokingham could change this around .... but they elect to go to Consultation instead.

Nick from Sandhurst
I'd just like to congratulate Readings Traffic Controller for yesterdays manouevers. The trick with the lights on J11 at 5pm was a real winner. Combined with the IDR roadworks it meant the largest number of cars were trapped in Reading for some time too. If only their was an evening Football match at the same time. Now there's a thought for you

What's up Frank, too much heat in the kitchen? Why did Frank Browne cancel a meeting with the federation of wokingham headteachers. Fear about too much negative coment around the current consultation process for Ryeish Green? Maybe the other head teachers have realised that their schools can not cope with even more pupil numbers.

Debbie Anderson
Can you help? over the last 5-6 years i have been the victim of neighbourhood harrassment and vandelism in our area. My daughter has been the victim of bullying by the kids in our the cost where she had to stop going to school. she was told by our doctor at the time she was suffereing with depression (14yrs old) I requested a transfer from our property with Soverign Housing... but 3yrs on we are still here!! Anyway after 8mths being off school I and unable to find a placement I threatend the local Education Welfare Dept that i had gotten in touch with our MP as they had not found her a replacement school... wow within a week we found one. i am please to say she is doing well now at this school. However the vandleism & harrassement still continues. Then last Thursday night our house got splattered by youths with a paint ball gun. I rang the police, got a crime number. On friday went to sovereign housing to report this and to demand we get moved because i am at the end of my tether.. our housing manager was on vacation so I had to wait till yesterday to further my compaint. They did promise she would ring me ...but no...I had to ring them and when i got through she wasnt familiar with my complaint. i eventually got her to come and assess the damage yesterday pm... she took details of ALL the damage (of which i have photos logs of events dates & names)she asked if the people who caused the paint damage were sovereign tennants...No i replied. So her answer was "we cannot do anything if they are not Sovereign tennants"!!! she did however advise me to invest in a cctv system!! I am a sinle parent paying full rent & council tax i do not receive benefits so I told her i would not be paying anymore rent until something is done. I also found out that they do not keep a log in my file of all the events of vandleism etc that has happened over the last 5 yrs. They cancelled my application for transfer (apparently in error) but I have kept all the emails over the years between my self & soversign of which i offered her copies but she didnt take me up. i know you are a busy man but please can you help or advise me on what I can do. I have cancelled my direct debit to sovereign in protest... but have put the money into another account & will pay when I feel satisfied with the outcome. All I want to do is move to the area near my daughters school & be happy Many thanks for even reading this Regards Debbie

Peter from Wargrave
Please get rid of the message board on Postings such as 'Cock and Ball' are a disgrace and do not reflect our village in a good light

Having looked up the dictionary definitions for fruits and vegetables - here goes: A vegetable is any part of a plant used for food. A fruit is the seed part of a plant, together with its envelope, used for food. Thus marrows, tomatoes, pumpkins etc. are fruit. Potatoes are not because they do not have their seed enclosed within an edible envelope. All fruits are vegetables, but vegetables are not necessarily fruits.

Hi Andrew Has Nicki Whiteman had her baba yet? I was away in Weymouth last week and I am dying to know! Thanks

Susan (mother of James)
hi i was wondering why you didnt ring james back yesterday for his liverpool v reading match thoughts? we were all listening via mobile phones held to car radios as we travelled to work!! Cant listen at the moment as im at work.

Nick from Sandhurst
Real winner from Reading traffic control last night on J11. I waited 60 minutes to get from Green Park to M4. Well Done keep those traffic lights from working properly and I am sure you'll win the country award soon.

Nick from Sandhurst
I think I understand the traffic competition in Reading. I reckon that all the traffic controllers are competing to see how much traffic their town generates. So they devise ways to secure it within the town centre. Reading have for years used the unsynchronised traffic lights to make sure all cars stay for as long as possibly in case of a sudden count, and the applause must go out to the roadworks on the A33 followed by various lane closures on the IDR and Bus Lane only tricks. Well done Reading Traffic controller soon you'll have all the cars stationary in reading. I bet the one-way IDR proves to be an ingeneous winner for you.

Gary Charsley
I have been following your stories on east european immigrants, pole dancing and dangers of medication. So my question is "would a pole on a pole on a pill be impaired"?

In the 2001 strategic review of secondary schools it states "there is a need to review some of the designated areas in the district in response to the changing demographic profile and parental choice. There is also the need to work with adjacent LEAs to consider the impact of applications from out of district, non-designated area pupils and, in the case of Ryeish Green School, to consider its longer term viability in its present location should the applications from Reading decline" If WDC knew this in 2001 why are they not considering a review of the designated areas until 2008? If Frank Browne and his predecessors had acted on there own intelligence/report then maybe situation at Ryeish Green could have been avoided.

Just heard Claire from Ghana. Very impressive. How do I sponsor her for the marathon?

Simon Dustin
Andrew,I think I have to write and state that i feel that THE SESSION on BBC Berkshire (Sundays 7 to 8pm) is one of the best shows on the station.Its very now,very educational and a wonderful way to waste an hour on a Sunday evening.Last Sunday a band,called Paperlung played live and they were quite stunning. I am now a fan and I am planning on seeing them live this FRiday at the Rising Sun Arts CEntre in Silver Street,Reading. I would not have discovered this band-if it was not for THE SESSION. BBC Radio Berkshire-please keep up the excellent work.

bernard from cippenham
Hi Andrew I Have solved your problem as to which song you and susanna are going to sing for BBC children in need as susanna has worked on the land And you have a voice like a farm animal Its got to be A Combine Harvester by the Wurzels With little Isaac on the drums

Ryeish green needs to be closed due to the falling numbers - wokingham has too many schools in the north of the county. Lower early should be incorporated in to the maiden erlegh designated area and use wokingham schools for wokingham children.

I think that fireworks should be banned except for organised displays. I have two dogs both of which really suffer this time of year due to mindless youths letting off fireworks. Surely they deserve a peaceful life as well?

R. Berks News-Malcolm Tent
I seem to have developed a poor attention span so I'm delighted that the Radio Berkshire news readers tell me what's coming up in the news bulletin, two minutes into a news bulletin that can last a whole five minutes. It really focusses my mind to be told what's coming up and makes me concentrate on what's been said rather than staring vacantly out of the window while occasionally dribbling. You can imagine the shiver of pleasure I feel now that a jingle is played as well, reminding me that I'm listening to a professional local radio station, not some second rate jokers. Never mind that the jingle is either so loud that I jump out of my skin or so quiet that I think my radio has died, or that it totally destroys the flow of the news bulletin. The fact is it tells me I'm listening to the news on Radio Berkshire, which of course I would otherwise have forgotten owing to my aforementioned problem. So to all you whingers who are complaining that the Radio Berkshire news has been dumbed are're wrong, you're wrong, you're wrong. They are wrong, aren't they? Hmm, now that I think about it.........

Watch out for those Meteor Showers this Friday The date to see the maximum number of 'shooting stars' is on 20-21 October, when, with good skies, you may see up to 30 meteors per hour. The peak itself has been calculated as 8am on the 21st, so the later after midnight you leave it the better.

i can go to a petrol station wearing a full veil and be served but my husband could go in with his crash helmet on visor up and he would be asked to take it off, and my son could go to lakeside shopping centre essex with his sweatshirt hood up and be asked to take it off who is being treated unfairly?

bernard from cippenham
Hi Andrew Great show When are you going to play my special record Susanne;s No 1 SANTA BABY I Love it GO ON GO ON PLEASE

Phil from Woodley
I agree with your last caller about the way Chelsea played on saturday. The tragic accidents have overshadowed the lack of sportsmanship by the Champions. With some of the most talented players in the world they shouldn't need to resort to barracking the referree, acts of simulation and time wasting. Even the coaching staff wouldn't give us our ball back! Reading won the Championship last season by playing flowing, attractive football whilst having one of the best disciplinary records in the Country. From yesterday's performance, it looks like good and fair play have nothing to do with winning in the Premiership. Anyone who knows Reading knows that they are amongst the fairest teams in the country - Coppell sees to that. I thought it was a sign of the man that for all the simulation, ref taunting and 'sportsmanship' yesterday, Coppell had the grace to shake all of the Chelsea players by the hand as they came off. A sign of the sportsman that he is, of the ethic he has instilled into Reading and something that the Chelsea playing and coaching staff could learn from.

Royals Fan
I am digusted at Jose Mourinho's and Chelsea's gamesmanship. I was at the match sitting near the corner flag in the North Stand - there was definately no intention by Hunt to injure Cech. Mourinho is just trying to distract everyone from how ordinary Reading made Chelsea look.The press have not reported this at all!! Reading were fantastic on Saturday and Stephen Hunt was my man of the match. Chelsea were awful - they were diving all over the place and in my view the FA should have an enquiry into their gamesmanship.They are spoiling the game of football. I came home amazed at how the referee could be fooled by Chelsea's cheating - That was the only way they could be Reading!

Ron & Sue smith from Newbury
We are disgusted with Marks & Spencers policy regarding their travel insurance. As pensioners my wife and i are obviously not classed as being too old to spend our money in their stores for the last 50 years.We think the company are being total hypocrites, when we recently tried to purchase travel insurance with them we we refused on the basis of being too old.I feel we are being discriminated against and would be interested on your views about this matter

How refreshing to listen to Frank Brown talking about Ryeish Green school this morning. He may be a politician but he does at least SOUND like he cares. More than can be said for the leader of R.B.C. who seems to speak only for himself and R.B.C. councillors.

Changes to Rubbish collections In Reading There has been a total lack of communication between Reading DC and the community regarding the changes to rubbish collection and recycling , living in the RG30 area we had Friday collections , the last one being 29th Sep. On returning from work on the Thursday the 5th October a leaflet had been pushed through the door with a calendar giving new date for refuge collection as now being Thursdays. The fist collection being 5th Oct, therefore I had missed the rubbish collection for that week, the next one is due 12th Oct which is 3 weeks from my last collection. I have checked with other neighbours in the road and they also did not know about the changes as they had only received these leaflets on 5th October as well and I can only assume all the other roads in the area must be in the same situation. Speaking to some one at work that lives in the Tilehurst area the same has happen there so I can only assume this is a Reading wide problem.

paul lawrence
andrew just a thought on the school debate-- 2 attempts to close emmbrook school {1st attempt no where near as intence as second} now a second attempt to close ryesh green what happens if this fails will frank just trail round all the schools in the district untill he gets the answer he wants

Helen Thompson
Why does Wokingham Council not change the catchment area for the pupils living in the Ryeish Green area to Maiden Earleigh - that is the closest school. Why send them all the way to Woodley (Bulmershe School)? They will actually drive past Maiden Earleigh to get to Bulmershe.

Martin Horne
Hi Andrew, I listened with interest to your piece on giving offenders opportunities to contribute to the community and must commend the organisation for whom the lady representative was interviewed. I remember with much affection having helped to organise the work on the accessible garden of Liebenrood Road. If another such project is ever planned in the future. I should like to be first in the queue to help run it! I well remember a group of young offenders putting a huge amount of effort into the development of the accessible garden and hope that they gained the pride in their work and self esteem to progress in a positive manner in the world. My very best wishes to your lady wife. Martin Horne

Rod Warner
Hi Andrew - Here is my Blog: We should take a leaf out of the French's book and buy British ( if you can find anything made in Britain anymore ), they still have a car industry , shipbuilding and many other manufacturers - be prepared to pay a little more providing it has the quality otherwise how can we complain when all our jobs go to the far east along with the imcomes . Regards Rod

Michaela from Warfield
We are in the fortnightly been collection circle and I like it. Whn people complain, they are only concerned with their own convenience. It is not about our comfort, but about the environment. So instead of complaining we need to find solutions. One of the most efficient things to do is leave every possible wrapping behind in the super market. They have to pay for the removal of their rubbish. If we all leave the wrappings there and it will pile up for them, they will soon ask their suppliers to safe on wrappings! Same with drycleaner clothe hangers etc.

Ann from Burnham
Hi Andrew Some advice for susanna For a long and happy marrage Always treat your husband like a dog Keep him well groomed Keep him well fed Give him plenty of exercise -And never let him out at night

Heather from Reading
Regarding gas and whether to leave it on all the time over winter. Last year I kept the heating on at an average of 15C. Bill for Dec and Feb totaled £118.79. The year before I turned the heating on and off via a timer. Costs for the same period £138.06.

Mike from Windsor
Andrew With regard to the comments of Jack Straw: These comments were made by a BRITISH politition, working within BRITAIN and within a BRITISH culture. This was not an issue of culture or faith it was an issue of politeness. In our society and within our culture, it is expected that, when having a person to person conversation with someone, one will not try to disguise themselves or their intent or motives by hiding their face. There are shopping centres that ban the wearing of "hoodies", which are currently part of youth culture. There are many shops and offices which request motorcyclists to remove crash helmets when entering their premises. So, JAck Straw's requests are perfectly reasonable, within British society and culture, and should be respected. I wonder if any of the muslim callers this morning would respect british people's right to practice their culture in say Saudi Arabia or Iran, that is to say, would they support our right to visist the Black Stone dressed in just shorts and sandals or a bikini and see-through sarong. After all, that is how many Brits would dress in a hot country! When we travel to, or live in a country which is foreign to our culture and beliefs, we should respect that country's culture and beliefs, whether or not we agree with them. Likewise, people of different cultures and faiths, travelling or migrating to Britain, should respect our culture and beliefs, for as long as they are our guests. If they cannot respect our culture or adhere to our beliefs, there are many other countries in the world for them to viosit or migrate to.

E .N
wearing the niqab is a personal choice and Jack straw is ignorant to ask women who choose to wear it to remove it!The veil is misunderstood and does not represent oppression, but instead represents the womans choice to keep herself private.Its not always cultural as i have family members that wear it and they do it by choice. These are women who were born here.They are not forced to wear it.This is a country that says it allows freedom of choice but again a top member of parliament has shown its opposition to islam and has fuelled more encouragement for people to be prejudice against muslim s. This government seems determind to control what type of muslim they will allow to live here. Why should any-one compromise their beliefs because of ignorance?

Dave Nicholson
Embarassing moments? Quote from Prattling Peach "There are too many to choose from, but it's probably presenting part of my show from the payphone at Tescos in Newbury. I was following the radio car to an outside broadcast from a listener's house and lost it half way along on the M4. The other people waiting to use the phone thought I was a nutter." Surely it was when he described a bona fide Windsor General Election candidate as a " nutter" and refused to apoligise.

Pat Tidy
I recycle as much of my waste as I can, however Bracknell FBC will only take certain types of recycling in their collections, I have to put yoghurt pots and the like into the ordinary waste because they will not take them, even though they clearly have the recycling symbol,BFBC say it is because they do not have the facilities to recycle all types of plastic. I have just returned from France where you can get bags/bins for ALL recycling, you just put everything with the recycling symbol on in the one bin (with the exception of glass which has always been recycled separately). Why can't we do that here, even if it is then sorted and some of it put into landfill because we cannot yet recycle it, it would mean that we are all used to recycling everything that we possibly can. As for pay for the weight of your rubbish, that would be a joke- we would all have to keep our bins locked up to stop other people from putting rubbish in our bins. Can you envisage it, 6am in the morning of bin collection when the bins are all out-people would be scurrying about putting their waste into other peoples bins to avoid paying the charge! Great show, which is very informative, thanks

Travel News?
There is a Virgin hot-air balloon over Wokingham - is this a replacement for the trains? Cheers, Jon

Jill Ridgeon
Hi Andrew My daughter Sally has just started a 'Costume Construction' (for stage and screen) course at Swiss Cottage in London and is having the best time ever. Student accomodation is extremely variable - but what horrifies me is how much they have to pay for it! The majority of them are paying over £100 per week. That's not so funny when you're in a hovel! That's anything from £3,500 to £5,000 per year. Any wonder they end up with a massive debt! Great show, many thanks. Best Wishes Jill

Elizabeth Marks
I can not believe High Wycombe Hospital I have just returned at 10pm after having taken my aunt to hospital by ambulance at 1.30pm she was still on a hospital trolley awaiting to be admitted to a ward when I left at 9pm surely this is not normal. although i have had simalar experiences berfore .thanks i just wanted to vent at something

Andrew..... I live in Basingstoke and listen to you on BBC Radio Berkshire. All links to Hampshire on the BBC website seem to lead to Southampton and the South Coast. Basingstoke seems to ignored by the BBC except as an addon to Berkshire. But not mentioned by name very much. Why not include North Hampsire In the official title then we in Basingstoke and Tadley will not feel like wer'e invisible. Even if you type Basingstoke into BBC weather you get the weather for Andover??? I know its not your fault but you do seem to have ears of them that have the power. Love the show, keep up the good work Mike (listening on DAB as we cannot get BBC SCR on DAB)

bernard from cippenham
Hi Andrew Great show Have the buckinghamshire council gone mad If you travel on the A 4 Bath road past sainsburys Taplow you will see a sign welcome to Burnham Village and another coming the other way past taplow station Burnham Village is one mile north from these signs What is going on Bernard from Cippenham

Mr Daily Mail
Hey people.Listening to the start of THE SESSION.It is sounding crazy...crazy I tell you!!! What went wrong?????

Simon Cowell
Morning,darlings.Dont know if you saw the Mirror on Saturday?Well,you Sooze was featured-a feature on where are they know ref Pop Idol/X Factor.The breakfast show got a mention-but sadly not the genuis that is Andrew Peach.Mr Courtney was described as a 'rocker'!! You have to laugh-he hardly rrrrroooooocccckkkksss. Showbiz,hey!?

I think Susanne Courtney sounds really nice. Andrew picks on her a bit. Altho I listen every morning on my drive to work, I think he sounds a bit smug sometimes, The guy who does the travel is really chummy and chatty. I've called a few times about the travel. Good show. Got me hooked.

Could you please send me details of the driving courses for under 17s. Many thanks

Ryeish Green School
Hi - I was on your program this morning (Marcus). Could you tell the listeners that there is an Open Evening tonight between 4:30pm and 7:45pm. All parents are welcome to meet the Action Group at the school and air their concerns. Thanks Marcus

Shirley of Mortimer
Re Kennet Valley 75oo homes plan Dont think if you live in Mortimer that you wont be affted by this.Once Burghfield Road is downgraded to a residential road you will be forced to use Junction 11 or 12 of the M4 .Traffic chaos as well as at least 20 years of heavy construction traffic. Dont be complacent and leaVE it to others. Write with your objections to West Berks Council Planning at Council Offices, Market Street, Newbury RG14 5LD straight away or regret it. Only objections received by 20 October will be considered.

a radio station in berkshire gives tickets to man utd fans ! a bit risky ? yes last game was in 2001 ( went with friend to watch Walsall ) can you imagine manchester radio giving reading fans tickets for Old trafford ? Maybe should have asked question about a Reading player ? P.S. got season ticket so didnt need to win one copy - safety officer Rfc Reading evening post Reading Chronicle BBC London

Tom Perrett
Good to see you are still going strong. Do I sometimes hear you reading the news?

wendy Counsell
I was surprised by your photo,you look nothing like I imagined. Very inteligent and high class. When I moved to Henley I was dismayed to find yours was the only local radio station I could get,now I enjoy listening to you.

Ursula - Wokingham
It is absolutely right that people who come to this country should integrate with the community, learn the language and swear allegiance to the Queen in English. But this works both ways. How many TV programs have we seen where the British emmigrate to another country, buy property and set up a business without being able to speak the local language? Amazing isn't it? The reality is that desperate or determined people do not always have language learning at the top of their agenda.

We holidayed in spain last year and took a trip over to Gibraltar. We parked our car on wasteland along with hundreds of others. We got back to our car at 9.50 p.m. ro find that we had a ticket slapped to our windscreen at 9.40 p.m.. We drove back to Mijas where we were staying and went to the nearest police station to pay the fine. We couldn't - we had to go back to the area where the ticket was issued!!! So, the day we were due to fly back to England my husband drives 100 miles to La Linea in order to pay the fine. The policeman who attended us couldn't speak English and seemed to be rather bemused that we had actually made the effort to drive all those miles in order to pay the fine. What should we have done? My husband was slightly concerned that if we had not paid the fine, we might have been arrested at the airport!!

henley traffic, not sure what it was like this morning but yesterday I spent over an hour in the queue along the Wargrave Road, at the time I should have been in Oxford I hadn't even reached Henley. Tellingly there was no queue along the Fair Mile so the bridge lights were obviously favouring traffic coming out of Henley.

ian jackson
traffic lights at road works on the B3400 in overton that have been in place for six months with no work being done

wow...just saw something that ive never seen before ....... a african woman walked past carrying a large cardbord box........Balenced on her HEAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carole Dibley
I ended up taking my daughter to a & e recently when she was suffering terrible pain with an ear ache. I had given her all the calpol and other medicines that I could. I rang the surgery where, because it was a Saturday, I was given another number to ring, which of course, I did immediately. After not having heard anything after two hours, with my daughter now crying in pain, being physically sick and looking really distressed, I decided to take her to A & E. I would like to say that within 5 mins of arriving she was seen and certainly within 15 minutes she was on a bed, with an antibiotic line in her arm with suspected meningitus! She had a slight rash on her face which, I am told, was typical of the virus and they had to treat her as if she had it before they could rule out that she didn't - purley because the illness strikes so quickly and they have to be sure. In the end, thankfully it turned out to be nothing more than a really bad inner ear infection and we went home (the next day I might add) with some antibiotics. My point being, I think if your little baby is distressed, I would be in no doubt if he were mine, to take him to A & E and insist that he be seen and looked after.

Please suggest to Andrew to ring NHS Helpline on 0845 4647 for baby Isaac. They should answer immediately and were extremely helpful to my mother, even offering to send an ambulance for her!

Karen Fakes
I teach at Whotelands Parlk school in Thatcham. On Thurs we will be joining a national sing day to celebreate World Peace day when lots of schools over the UK will sing a song- No wars will stop us singing. The children in Year 5 will lead an assembly at 10.00.
This is not a blog. Andrew, I had the same problems with my first baby Hannah and constipation, from 7 weeks. She ended up bleeding from the back passage, and the doctor gave us lactolose liquid (a sugar based med), and lignocane gel to put on her bottom, to numb the pain. You will need to give him water as this helps the lactulose to work. It takes a couple of days but does the job. We had to continue using this until she was about 3. Very best of luck, and ignore the silly woman from this am who said you need to calm down, you sound like a perfect parent. Regards Zoe

Andrew, don't worry about baby Isaac's tummy, being breastfeed it will happen when it happens, believe me, our daughter's are now 22 and 20, and the nursing sisters at the clinic (sorry I am from Zimbabwe) and the Doctor said do not worry - so DO NOT WORRY - but then this is now the 21st centrury and things are different

ive had enough of these people saying we r against islam if they interacted more in the english socitiy and spoke the language of there so called new home people might give them a chance (maybe????)

Teresa Hamilton
Andrew - with all this trouble at the football with parking, traffic jams and vandalism why don't people do what my Son and his friends have been doing and cycle. We live in Woodley and it takes them 30 minutes - the Madjeski isn't exactly the other end of the world for a lot of the fans. P.S. I have a friend in Bangkok - he has emailed me to say that he slept through the coup and the only thing he has noticed is that today has been declared a holiday!!

Is Mrs Peach on any vitamin supplements as this may cause a problem? And has she tried eating prunes, which will get passed through the breastmilk into baby Isaac?

Lesley from Reading
I think the banana protector sounds a brilliant idea! My husband takes a banana to work every day, forgets to eat it, and brings it home, by which time iy is bruised and battered. Any one for banana bread?

Whoops! Apparently you called Liane as she was on the school run. My apologies and once again thanks for the tickets to the Newbury Show. Cheers.

Peachey, you promised to call Liane (who won the Family ticket to Newbury Show for her lamb impression) at 7:50 this morning to ask how she got on. She was up with the sparrows and waited, and waited and waited and probably got to school late. Shame on you. That being said we had a super time as a family on Saturday and were thoroughly worn out by the end of it. We'll have to spend more time there next year as we didn't see it all. Thanks very much for the tickets and have a nice day yourself. Say 'Hi' to Suzanne who looks a bit of a peach herself.

Malcolm Tent - Stalker
Stalker, as if to prove your point, along comes little Percy Peach. Possibly a pupil of Karen Fakes.

Just a very, very late congratulation on Isaac!


Percy Peach
Sissor Sisters Rule!

Molly & Alan Denton
If your club or residential home would like the Denton Dancers to come along to entertain them we would be delighted to do so. We have been dancing and having singalongs for senior citizens for many years, also we run a dance and social evening at the Scout Hall, Kentwood Hill/Armour Hill, Tilehurst every other Saturday evening. If you are having a birthday or anniversary party and would like us to play the music of the 40s,50s,60s please give us a ring. Over 19 years we have given over £22,000 to different charities. For further details ring 0118 9453057

I have just taken a few minites break to read through the blog. The quality of spelling, typing, grammar and punctuation is terrible. If this is due to todays educational standards I can see why there are so many pupils achieving A level passes? Maybe you need to add a spelling checker on this blog site !!

Michael Bassett
The problem is that the a33 is built the wrong side of the Stadium and all the local traffic has to cross the a33 to get to the football

Laura - Oliver's mum
Hello I was 36 weeks pregnant with Oliver, living on the Upper East Side of New York. When the first plane hit we were in the OBGYN's - we came out and there was obviously some sort of commotion. Dan went to work in midtown and I went home - switched on the tv and saw what had happened. I couldn't get hold of Dan on the phone to tell him to get home - because once you realised it was a terrorist attack I just wanted him to get home - but my thoughts were of bombs on trains - (from memories of IRA in London) so I didn't want him to take the subway. Thankfully the Instant Messenger was working so we could contact our friends to let them know we were fine. I remember the smoke, the smell and the silence - no planes - no cars blowing their horns. And NY is normally a very noisy place. I remember the queues to give blood over the next few days - but there were no survivors, I remember the anthrax scare and not wanting to open my post and people wearing face masks. I remember feeling scared because a week later I'd had Oliver - my maternal instincts kicked in and I just wanted to keep him safe.

As you are aware this weekend i am doing a pyjama parade around palmer park and would just like to say to everyone please pray for good weather and hope everyone will join us in our walk to raise money for children with cancer many thanks penny

Dawn Kelley
I am really cross... My son has just started at senior school and has come home with endless books to cover in "sticky backed plastic". Thats not the problem! He has been told to get pictures from the internet to stick on the front of his Religious Education book of everything to do with Islam! If this is done and covered in Sticky backed plastic he will be awarded commendations. The reason I am cross is that A R.E book should have pictures of all religions.Is this politically correct going too far! I am tempted to put a picture of Jesus and a bible right in the middle! Got that off my chest the showx

V al
Re the plan for 7500 homes at Kennet Valley Park. This will have a huge impact on the people of Burghfield and Burghfield Common. Not only will we have to endure many years of heavy construction traffic and then at least 15000 extra cars using the roads; we will also lose our closest and shortest route into town as Burghfield Road will be designated a "residential road" and part of the estate. If residents do not write and express their views to the planners in Newbury asap, if it goes to the government for a decision it will be too late. Please give this some publicity. Thank you

andrew, i feel very sorry for isaac. wellplace zoo at ipsden off the woodcote road is closing on sunday due to the owners, hazel and pips retirement. i am sure that all parents have taken their young children to the zoo at some time.all the best to pip and hazel. andrew you will just h ave to tell isaac what a wonerfull treat he has mist.

Welcome Back Andrew - we missed you. When we spoke a couple of weeks ago, about the arrival of Autumn and September days, it occurrred to me afterwards that I should have mentioned the highlight of Autumn - HARVEST and blackberries. Think of it Andrew - blackberry and apple crumble, blackberry and almond tart, blackberry muffins - is your mouth watering yet? You wait until Isaac comes home from school and says "Mum - I'm a scarecrow in the Harvest festival play" OK. W'll go out at the weekend and buy some material to make you an outfit - "No - that's too late - the concert is TOMORROW ........................"

Marian Donovan
Hi Missed u for a long time as i am now living in Spain and have only just got on internet How is missus have u got the baby yet? is suzanne ok Let me know updates im desperate to know email back urgently Marian cliff lover extraordinary

Malcolm Tent - Pelican Crossings - don't you just
Pelican Crossings...Aargh. Am I the only person sick to death of waiting at Pelican Crossings when there's not a soul on the damn things? The Council keeps banging on about improving traffic flow so how about changing Pelican for Puffin which have sensors to override the red light when no one is on the crossing. Much cheaper than the IDR plan :-) In fact that's such a good idea that I'm going to award myself a gold star!! Have a gold star Malcolm. Thank you Malcolm, don't mind if I do.

Joan & Fred of Warfield
Joan runs a Tea Dance every Monday afternoon at the King Edwards Hall North Ascot. On average we get about 40 people of which 2/3rds are women. What's wrong with the male seniors of the area. Don't stagnate, come along and enjoy the fun and commeraderie fo a £1.00 entrance fee with dancing of most kinds, and a cake and tea/coffee/orange squash.

Sue Wisdom
Hoping to raise £1400 for a sunshelter for the outside play area of Little Acorns PreSchool in Twyford (a Registered Charity). Are there any ex-parents or children of Little Acorns who would like to help us out? Every little helps and gratefully received.

PREMIUM BONDS - I don't want to disillusion you. We 've had premium bonds for twnety years and won the odd £50. Yes, when you first have them you check avidly each month to see whether you've won -- the people who win the big prizes are those who've invested £30,000 - the maximum!! You'll have to have them a long time for the big win - if ever.......

Go on tell me - I'm still in suspense - what did I miss in the queue the other morning - will you do it again

Andrew, Information about namesday. Catholics in Europe have traditionally been named after a saint. On the aniversary of the death of the respective saint, the person will celebrate namesday to honour that saint. There is plenty information on several website under saints. Incidentally, St. Andrew is on 28th November.

Zoe England
Please wish our daughter, Amelia Jane a Happy 3rd Birthday. She is having a Disney Princess party on Saturday, hope she enjoys it. With love from Mummy, Daddy and little Sister Sophie xxx It is her birthday tomorrow, 22nd Aug. Many thanks.


Jayne from reading
Something has been bugging me for months now. Listening to you whilst driving to work one morning, you asked your listeners if they could guess what it was you spilt in the kitchen. You said it was probably the worse thing to spill. Can you tell me what it was please? Your show is brilliant to losten to in the morning, it helps eleviate the static moments I encounter whilst travelling between junc 12 & 10 most mornings on my way to work.

Today is the start of Reading Fringe (a week long of 'arts' events in Reading/London upto Reading Festival) Reading at the moment is stupidly healthy culturally would be nice if more people in the local media took a real,real interest!!Please get involved.

Debbie - Newbury
Don't you just love the inventiveness of children during the school holidays! Earlier this week I answered a knock at my door to find 4 youngsters. One holding a plastic chinese takeaway box full of compost, bits of green and whatever! "Would you like to buy some baby African Land Snails?" (All very polite and obviously honing some promising sales-person skills), Me (just a little shocked, and not exactly a lover of snails - preferring to be rid of them in the garden rather than encouraging them)"No thank you - I have plenty of my own in the garden". "Oh you don't keep them in the garden". At this point I have just become aware of the "here's one I prepared earlier" at the back of the merry band - little girl holding a snail as big as my fist - NO I DON'T THINK SO! I think even the hedgehogs would run a mile rather than deal with something that size, and just what sort of damage would that do to your lettuces & cabbages - I will stick to my pet cats & dog - far more cuddly, but 10 out of 10 to them for trying. They departed apologising for troubling me - but really it made my day. Andrew - you have all this to look forward to in years to come!

I smiled this morning when you talked about DAB radio. My husband gave me one for Christmas a lovely Pink/mauve one. However, the drawback with DAB radio is that it sometimes loses the airwaves, and often at crucial moments. e.g. when I was listening on Monday to your listeners queue-ing I was intrigued and guess what it blanked out at the very end of the show, so I still do not know what they were queueing for. Go on tell me what did I miss .....

Do we really need 20 MPH speed limits past schools when the children are not there ? I recently drove past The Avenue school in Reading on a Sunday and Willowbank school in Woodley at 11 PM on a Saturday, not a single child in site but both have permanent 20 mile per hour speed limits ! WHY ?

Nadia from London
You were talking about why islam is the fastest growing religion in the uk - btw does atheism count as a religion?! Curiousity is a major factor, people are more curious about this religion constantly mentioned in the media. I think also people are not naive and generally they're not gonna judge a religion based on their followers like the extremists and not on their teachings - and rightly so! I think the more the media slams Islam the more people will become drawn to find out more about it.

good luck to reading on saturday!!!!

California-based International Medical Corps, or IMC, which has been giving medical help in Lebanon, said that a "disproportionately high" number of children were victims during the month-long conflict, particularly in Lebanon. I say - When are grown ups going to take responsibility for the safety of their children? And put conflict aside? It's about time the grown ups grow up and allow their children to live in peace, put away the barriers and show how it can be done. As opposed to how not to do it.

Malcolm Tent - Agree with Mike Kirton
Mike, one of the worrying things about foreign vehicles is that the authorities are passing the book on which authority is actually responsible for checking their legal status so no one has a clue. Brilliant, isn't it?

Some time ago you made a awful lot of noise about the distruction of the protected trees on the battle hospital site, Is this just another case of money talks and the responsible companies have just bought some more cheap land, Surly the only fair and just action would be to make them replace the trees in excactly the same places

mike kirton
your conversations about Eastern europeans working over here about taxes etc what about there cars are they legal are they insured do they pay fines do they get caught in speed cameras with foreign plates where do the fines get sent to europe? if they hit my cars are they insured

Philip Davison
Graeme Murty great guest on your show & captain of Reading is coming to open our Big Charity fun day on Bank holiday monday 2 to 6 pm. Live jazz band, fete stalls and lots of family fun Were hoping to raise lots of money for Cancer reseach UK & The British heart foundation. So could you Please give us a mention VENUE: The Sun in the Wood Ashmore Green , Newbury

I notice that you have been very quiet about the trees that were cut down at the battle hospital site, What is happening? or is this just another case of big buisiness buying cheep land, Surley they should be forced to replace the trees in their exsisting positions

Geraldine Stewart SCP Action Group
Hi Andrew Wokingham Football are currently at Hellenic Stage 6 (F) and the FA ruling for this stage is as follows:- Boundary of Ground The ground must be enclosed by a permanent boundary, which will prevent spectators from viewing the game from outside the ground. There is no mimimum safe capacity at this level but a club should be mindful that the mimimum requirement for Grade E (the next step up) is 1000. For step D the capacity rises to 1500, so by the time they reach The Ryman League then you are looking at a spectator capacity of 2000 with the potential to rise to 3000. This is taken from the FA Grading Category, so how can Paul Turrell say that he will restrict the clubs - he has to comply with the FA Ruling. What he didn't mention is that Finchampstead Club is also looking to groundshare!! It's not what you start off with Andrew, it's a question of what you end up with! Geraldine Stewart Save Cantley Park Action Group

Do you know anything about the running brawl around Chatham street in the early hours of the 8th of August

Daniel in Reading Age 8
My blog for the day is that I have just come back from holiday where my Nanna paid for me to fly in a world war two plane. It was great fun until we crash landed but my Nanna did enjoy being rescued by the firebrigade. My blog is that no-one at school will believe me!!!

Debbie - Newbury
I woke this morning to the sound of Andy doing the road report and referring to a the inside lane - maybe it was because I had only just woken up, but I initially couldn't decide which lane he was referring to as the "inside lane". Logically, it could be ANY of the 3 lanes. Historically, we probably know the inside lane to be the slow lane, but then it could be the middle lane, because it is inside the other two. Equally, it could be the fast lane because it is on the inside of the whole motorway. The conclusion - I should make sure I don't wake up in the middle (would that be the inside?) of road reports, and make sure my brain is entirely in gear before doing so.


Sheila (from Woodley)
Fridays BLOG. I must be one of the only listeners unhappy to hear that Radio Berkshire will again be broadcasting the Premiership matches, due to the screeming voice of Joel Hufford, so ok I dont have to listen, and I dont, but when matches are being advertised at any time of the day all of a sudden his loud voice comes screeming over the radio.I have to turn the radio OFF for a few minutes. End of blog. Sheila

Brian Tearle (from Woodley)
Firstly, Congratulations on your successful negotiations with Reading Football Club to broadcast their Premiership matches. I reach 65 years young on 11th August (8 days before the start of the new football season) I applied for a concessionery season ticket in June, only to be told by the club that the cut off date was 1st August. I wrote to the Chief Executive to appeal against the decision to be told after a wait of three weeks that the club could not make an a exception in my case. This means that I have a full season ticket, but take my seat as a concession! It also means that I can enjoy all away games as a concession! I am also a member of STAR who do not make such rules. Listening to the Chairman (who I believe also shares my birth year)on Radio Berkshire celebrating his negotiating skills I feel mine have failed miserably.

LISTS - andrew - do the chore first, write it down and then cross it off, do another chore and wrtie it down and cross ito ff. then at the end of the day you can see that you have actioned all the chores on your list !!!!

Debbie - Newbury
Has the status of Ragwort changed? You would certainly think this is THE flower to be growing this year. The road between Robin Hood Roundabout and the Junction 13/M4 roundabout is lined with fields of this delightful yellow weed!! Have the farmers who own these fields given up trying to get rid of it - probably - West Berks Council never seem to be bothered about removing it from the road sides - and now it has spread far and wide. There is a field FULL of it oposite the Vodafone site.

Don'tgive my name to this comment, but Turnpike is awful, you don't go in there unless you can defend yourself. Also baby peach he needs tolearn to get him self of the sleep, without being rocked or cuddled or he will alway rely on someone put him to bed and waiting for him to go to sleep, he needs to learn to do that himself, you willhave brilliant nights if you acheive this, and once he goes upstair for a bath the trick is not to bring him back down, he will then learn bath time and bed means sleeptime.

david wheeler
hi andrew thanks for a great show. this is for you blog article. i'me fed up having to water my plants with a can when thames water waste all that water through leeks, every year they say it will be better next year

Sincere congratulations to you and colleen on the safe arrival of baby Isaac. I missed you while you were away and look forward to being kept upto date with Isaacs progress. Zoe in Tilehurst XX

Alexandra Ellis
Glad your back, but can you do the 6:00am show the person get so many things wrong and has a boring voice. Nearly switched back to 210. I raise after the 6:30 News, but latley its 6:32 and its so short sometime not sure its been on.

Nicola in Maidenhead
Hi Andrew. Many, many congratulations on the birth of Isaac - great name! Glad he and his over-protective parents are doing well!! :o) I was saddened to read Doris' blog below, how hurtful, she's the one who needs to get a life - ppl can have their own opinions but they don't have to be nasty to you!! Nicola in Maidenhead xx

Hi Andrew congratulations sounds like you are ok as a dad already all that worrying and paranoa it gets more relaxed by the 3rd baby i was much more casual letting the other 2 carry him around and everything but you never lose that amazed at everything they do feeling enjoy it Andrew someone said that to me and its so true time just flies by and they realy keep you on your toes but make sure you notice as you go. that corny cat stevens song is v true.godd luck

tom lovick
hi andrew, congrats on the new born. just wanted to say thanks for phoneing my brother on the wednesday of henley reggatta, my dad was crying when he hered him on the radio. and as you say not all posh people are horribale!!! tom lovick

Welcome back and welcome to baby Isaac and congatulations to both parents. Hope all three are well.

Carl Whistler
I am disgusted to learn that Radio Berkshire is to lose live coverage rights to Reading games. Instead the rights have been awarded to 107. What a terrible decision. As a Reading Season ticket holder I have for many years relied upon Radio Berkshire's coverage for the odd game missed. It has been fantastic coverage. 107's past coverage was no where near as good. Shame on you RFC.

Pras Durafe, Swindon
Hi Andrew, When will you be back? My travel to London is bit boring without you. Regards Pras

Malcolm Tent - Anyone for Overcrowded Housing
Anyone else have an overcrowded house (OH) in their road? Here in deepest Southcote our pet OH is a three bed semi with 10 people living in it. Along with the 6 cars and the overflowing bins we also get treated to 120 beats per minute bass banging out at all times of the day and night. You might naively think that Reading Council would do something about it but Planning and Environmental Health think it's all absolutely super and lovely...rose tinted glasses are mandatory at the Council :-) Planning doesn't think that a private home becoming a lodging house has had a change of use and Environmental Health doesn't consider a semi with 10 people in it to be for another up top! So if you are unfortunate enough to get an OH in your road prepare yourself for the nuisance and irritation but no help or support from our beloved Council. You will, of course, have my deepest sympathy.

Just adding my congratulations to you both on the birth of baby Isaac.

Tessa from Windsor
Congratulations on the safe delivery of your son.You will wonder how you were ever without him!Lovely times ahead.Remember my advice...just follow your instincts and don't be confused by books!!Hope to see a photo of the little chap very soon.Mornings are not the same to wake up to without you.

hi andrew , keep talking about your new arrival , we need to here a bit more good news and less bad news , as thats all hear on the national news. can i just add my blog , whats the point of having a moble phone law while driving when theres no police to catch them.

bernard from slough

Shelagh & Jack cowlam
Congratulation Andrew to you and Mrs P on the birth of Baby Isaac. May you all have many happy years together.xxxx

Julie (Just Dogs)
To Andrew and Colieen and baby Isaac. Your lives have gone full circle, into your lives come your new arrival, enjoy the pleasures he gives you they are speacial and for a lifetime of memories. Well done to youj both.


congratulations to you and mrs p. on the birth of little baby peach all the best to both of you.


Norman Stezaker
Address/Tele No. of the PYO Which Maggi Visited This week near Slough

Congratulations on the birth of baby peach, The lady who was expecting the same time as Mrs P. Judith has she had her baby yet.

congratulations to you both and welcome to the little one. Has he got a name yet? Alexander (Alex) Peach sounds very important and successful don't you think?

Congratulations on the birth of your son, whew that must have been the hottest night ever, well done Mrs Peach. Have you thought of baby massage for your little one, I highly recommend it.

greta hayter
Hi Andrew Have missed a few shows and you have not been on the radio the last couple of mornings - wondering if the baby has arrived or are you on holiday. JUST SEEN MESSAGES NOW FROM OTHERS. YIPEE AND CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR DEAR BABE. ALL THE BEST TO YOUR WIFE, HOPE ALL IS WELL WITH EVERYONE. YOU MUST BE PROUD. DONT FORGET TO BUY EARPLUGS!! Regarding the football - what a disappointment to all of us even those not so "football" crazy. I was returning from the IOW after visiting my son and family and I knew just from the way people were that we had lost. Arrived back at Theale - no singing in the streets, no flags flying - oh dear. My other son who has been living out in Melbourne with is family for nearly two years now - still an avid football man (specially Chelsea) stayed up with friends till the early hours of the morning to watch the game. His disappointment sounded in his voice he had felt sure we would get to the semi final. Lots of British Families still supporting us. Still it wasnt to be and we just have to stay in there and keep fighting away. Just be proud to be British. Thanks again for a great radio show every day. Greta

Andrew, congratulations on the little one. Hope mum and child are doing well.

Steve Barrett
Andrew Many congratulations on the new addition to your family,hope Mrs peach is doing well.

dianne hopkin
Please can you help. My daughter and her friend are interested in going to the reading festival in august. The tickets are £60 each for people over 12. Plus the adult. How can we afford this. Have you any competions on the radio to win tickets. Its their first concert. I dont want to dissapoint them. I do not think that they shoul have to pay adult prices.

After hearing the broadcast from Hampton Court flower sho.... my blog is that over 12 weeks ago we ordered water butts from Thames Water,( and or their supplier - Blackwell!) and we are still waiting!!!! With no definite date for deliver and 30 minutes waiting on the phoneline for info. As a keen gardener I want conserve every drop of rain that falls out of the (rather blue) skies. Is anyone else waiting for Water butts from Thames Water???

Christine Lee
There are 108 flats that are going up in Reading 11 story and 14 there are only 6 parking spaces. I can not understand why its so high and to have no parking spaces as most people that can afford those flats will have cars so where are all these people gong to park? Plus its going to over look so many other flat near by and there will be no privicey at all I think the council must be mad

Matt from henley
Hi peachy I think your really funny and i listen to your show every morning on my journey to school

Hilary Goldson
Andrew, I'm puzzled by your statement that your parents' wedding anniversary is on the day that England played the World Cup final in 1966. The final was July 30th, and not the 2nd as you stated this morning. Your parents were obviously so caught up with their wedding that the football became a blur!

David of Woodley
Andrew, What for God's sake is happening to Reading? Please help save the town from destruction, only your programme can get the peoples views to the 'powers that be'. Traffic lights at the roundabout on the A33 at Rose Kiln Lane - madness. More and more high rise buildings - madness. The blogs below ask if Dennis Fitzpatrick is reffering to the Kings Point development. I think he is reacting to the plans for the area opposite the station.Either way all of these buildings should not have been/ or to be allowed. Likewise, add to these the Chatham Street development and Friar street (almost completed) giant of a building. In other parts of the country high rise has become low rise, what are the planners of Reading thinking ? - we all know it's that City status ! Lets be just a nice town in which to live, work and play. Andrew please get the people responsible on the programme and encourage people of Berkshire to voice opinion on these awful developments.

hi andrew great show its not good enough to say its for charity when they take 10 pounds a time for not wareing a neck tie at royal ascot no one seems to know which charity they donate to is it the london run burnham/slough or thameshospice care or rspca they must collect hundreds of pounds over the five days of royal ascot you will have to send maggie phliben to ascot to investgate

Just to confirm, the new eye sore for the Reading skyline is Kings Point which is going to be 11 to 14 storeys high housing 108 residents. There are so many new residential developments going up so why do we need a New York style development to house 108 people. As anybody who lives in Reading knows, parking has always been a problem so where are these 108 residents going to park? We all agree that Kings Point needs to be redeveloped but why are the developers allowed to build so high? Is this the future for the Reading skyline? Why is there not an appeal process?

Mat Stephen
I agree with David Fitzpatrick below. Planning permission has been given to replace the eye sore that is Kings Point with an eye sore twice as big. A new tower block is now planned, the ilk which is the hallmark of Eastern Europe and the likes of which are now being pulled down by other cities. The council probably think it’s a lovely building – but then so did the people who approved Kings Point which will only be half as offensive in comparison. I wanted to attend the planning meeting but was given only 6 days notice to attend - well it was just not enough for any reasonable person to engineer time off work. And what if I had been on holiday! - smacks of corruption if you ask me – they made sure it was as hard as possible for me to attend. The council didn't even have the decency to write to me to let me know the planning had been approved so I could start an appeal - given that I had delivered a carefully crafted objection. There's no parking for the residence - so they'll just fill up the surrounding streets with their cars and those of their visitors - its crazy!! With 108 new flats to go up - where are the recreation facilities for the children - we'll just have them hanging around on the street corners. I could go on and on about this out of place scar on the townscape – but is there no one else out there who feels the same? – are there others who feel they’ve been ignored?

Dennis are you talking about the Kings Point development? It seems to be a case whereby the developers and town council don't give a damm about what buildings go up. I believe the development is going to tower above the whole area. Why do we need it? Steve

Terry Cox
When is a water stopcock not a stopcock, answer, when its on a Thames water meter. I went away and duly turned off the water at the water meter in the road. It would not turn on when I returned and I had to get the engineers out to operate the stopcock, they have a special tool, and they said that the stopcock was not for general use as only they could operate it properly, via a special tool. People are only supposed to turn their water off at their domestic stopcock inside the house. They said the water board would pay for any leakage beween the meter and the house, and if you believe that.....


bernard from burnham
hi andrew thanks to susanne for reading my e mail on tuesday morning regarding royal ascot my friends had to pay 10 pounds each to charity because they had no ties you said you had no idea which charity the money went to maby you should ask lord henry kelly or lady maggie philben who were sipping champaign on the roof garden above the grandstand they bring class to royal ascot p.s. susanne has a lovely voice she should be on the stage

Can we pleasehave a stop to your sexual sensationalism theme. Not so long ago you pushed and pused a lady to descibe the Anne Summers window display. Clearly she was reluctant and it was not necessary. now today you are well out of order on the content of men's magazines. Defending yourself by saying it has to be discussed on your programme. No it does not have to be. This is a family show as demonstrated by the 8.30 rubbish.

dennis fitzpatrick
On your radio show you have said you would like to hear about anything that really affects our lives in Reading. Well planning position has been granted to build a 11/14 storey building in the centre of Reading and people have not been given the chance to have their say. I cannot believe the town council planning committee allowed this to go through. Some of us have not been given the chance to have our say especially those of us that live in the surrounding area. The bulding will dwarf all the surrounding residential buildings and there will be a reduction in sunlight to some of the residential flats. The new build is going to be an eyesore on the readling skyline. Any advice on how to stop this going ahead would be gratefully received. Many thanks Dennis Fitzpatrick

hi andrew i was at royal ascot on friday on our way in two of our friends did not ware a tie they were told to buy one from next door they had to pay 10 pounds each which went to charity which charity we dont know could you find out otherwise we had a great time

Dave in Slough
Windor Eye names Eyesor Window on the Palace

Having waited all this time for the RFC fixtures list to enable me to arrange our winter holidays/weekends away etc as my husband is a season ticket holder,I was furious when the list showed that all games had a 3pm kick-off when it was obvious this would not happen. Within a few hours the list was altered and i suppose when a game is going to be shown on SKY there will be more , even last minute changes!!!!!!

Carole from Hurley
I would like to comment on the lady complaining about the Ann Summers shop window - I too have young children but they have never made comments about such window displays - if they did, I would simply say that it was a fancy dress shop - if they then said they wanted to go inside I would say that it was for adults only and children weren't allowed in, simple as that. I think, the lady making the complaint has the problem.

Catherine, Newbury
If saving water was really top of the agenda then Thames Water would use some of their immense profits to fund a free service for repairing overflows and leaky taps and provide grants for people to install new dual-flush cisterns etc. Not only are we funding their profits but we're also suffering a shortage of water due to their failure to invest - brilliant!

Michaela, Warfield
Your news presenter lady said this morning that the Queen opened the Racecourse in Ascot yesterday following a 200 million pound facelift.... Please make it clear that the facelift was for the racecourse, not the queen.....

QM Kathleen - Red Hat Society - "GARTER GIRLS"
Order of the Garter - I hope next year the Garter Girls from the Royal Windsor & Maidenhead, Slough Red Hat Society Chapter, get an invite next year - Andrew, do you think it was an oversight we were not on the list of attendees this year? :) I trust whoever made up the list of attendees include us next year! THERE IS A SHORTAGE OF RED HATS! If anyone has any ladies Red Hats in good condition please do let me know! email - That's me off my 'Royal' soap box for the time being. QM Kathleen

ted of beaconsfield
re fox/rubbish dear andrew, its about 3ft high normally round with a lid and it can be had at any b&q or likewise for about £15 try one like the rest of berkshire. good luck.

Carol Lewin
Why do juveniles who commit crimes get anonimity. Just because they are under 18 does not mean they don't know right from wrong and some of the crimes are dreadful. I think we should be told who they are and where they are from.

Does your presenters realise that not all the workforce in berkshire do not work in a office.all traffic reports yesterday afternoon related to people leaving the OFFICE early to get home for the world cup.I work in a factory and its a hard days graft but all we every here about is the office or Mrs P's BABY.

Anne in Reading
Subject: Fw: [Hormone Hostage] The Hormone Hostage knows that there are days in the month when all a man has to do is open his mouth and he takes his very life into his own hands! This is a handy guide that should be as common as a driver's license in the wallet of every husband, boyfriend, or significant other!! DANGEROUS: What's for dinner? SAFER: Can I help you with dinner? SAFEST: Where would you like to go for dinner? ULTRASAFE: Here, have some chocolate. DANGEROUS: Are you wearing that? SAFER: Gee, you look good in brown. SAFEST: WOW! Look at you! ULTRASAFE: Here, have some chocolate. DANGEROUS: What are you so worked up about? SAFER: What did I do wrong? SAFEST: Here's fifty Quid. ULTRASAFE: Here, have some chocolate. DANGEROUS: Should you be eating that? SAFER: You know, there are a lot of apples left. SAFEST: Can I get you a glass of wine with that? ULTRASAFE: Here, have some chocolate. DANGEROUS: What did you do all day? SAFER: I hope you didn't overdo it today. SAFEST: I've always loved you in that robe! ULTRASAFE: Here, have some more chocolate. 13 Things PMS Stands For: 1. Pass My Shotgun 2. Psychotic Mood Shift 3. Perpetual Munching Spree 4. Puffy Mid-Section 5. People Make me Sick 6. Provide Me with Sweets 7. Pardon My Sobbing 8. Pimples May Surface 9. Pass My Sweatpants 10. Pissy Mood Syndrome 11. Plainly; Men Suck 12. Pack My Stuff........And my favourite one... 13. Potential Murder Suspect Pass this onto all of your hormonal friends and those who might need a good laugh! Or men who need a warning! And remember: Money talks...but chocolate sings. Another thing to giggle about... My husband, not happy with my mood swings, bought me a mood ring the other day so he would be able to monitor my moods. When I'm in a good mood, it turns green. When I'm in a bad mood, it leaves a big red mark on his forehead. Maybe next time he'll buy me diamonds. Here have some chocolate.

I listen yesterday about the judgement against a man accussed of murder, and who recognised his crime etc... getting only 5 years. A large % of criminals do only 5 years of a life sentence. When you think that Jeffrey Archer got 4 years for perjury......... What a laugh!The justice system needs to be changed, it's an insult to the victims.

ted marcus
yesterday you was talking about recycling, in this country we seem to be just playing at it. if you go to germany recycling is a way of life even the waste bins in the streets and at stations are divided in three compartments for glass plastic and paper. i think it will take a long while for people to automatically recycle. also all the best on the birth of the baby and i guarantee at some time during the procedure you will hear the statement don`t think you are ever coming near me again

Malcolm Tent - Foreign Cars
Do you ever wonder whether all the foreign cars that have appeared on our roads are taxed, tested and insured? I did wonder, so I made some enquires. The answer is quite worrying. Both DVLA and the Police say that the other is responsible for checking that foreign vehicles permanently in the UK are registered for use here. This means that neither government agency knows whether these cars are taxed, tested, insured, where they are kept or even if the driver is licenced. So watch out for them when you drive because if they run into you it won't be just your car that gets hit, your insurance is likely to be as well.

margaret from Wargrave
I live in Wargrave, which is a picturesque Berkshire village. On Saturday night, one of the high street pubs had a kareoke night and another one (that is only about 100 yards away) had a live group with amplified music. At the latter, the drinkers decided to have a sing-along with the band at about 10.30pm until the event stopped. This was more reminissent to being on the terraces at the Madjeski. The noise in the high street from both events was bedlem. Why do the local residents tolerate this?

Michael vW
Hi, They have a better system in the Netherlands for collecting household and recyclable waste. They have just one wheelie bin but with a divider so that half is for household waste and the other for vegetable, fruit and garden waste. This means the collection is still weekly (so no bad smells in the summer) and you only need space for just one bin!

Tony from Woodley
I missed your blog today on the Draft Housing Policy in Berkshire, (523 house per year for 20 years), and wondered if you had discussed how difficult is was to complete the "Draft South East Plan Comments Form" sent to housholders by Wokingham District Council. On the reverse of this form there is a box for Policy Number, and each topic you comment on needs to be on a separate form with it's own specific Policy Number. So for example comments about Housing Density are Policy No: H1, commnets on Traffic Policy No: CC5, comments on water shortage Policy No: NRM2, and so on, each requiring a separate form. In other words they have made it as difficult as possible to comment on this proposal. Plus WDC told me comments without Policy Numbers could be ignored.

Paul Gale
Hi Andrew ! Your in trouble. Somebody phoned Talk Sport Radio and told Alan Brazil about you telling Berkshire to wear opposition shirts !!

Marianne Gessey
Good morning! 9 months ago today my little girl Grace Elizabeth was born and we found out she had Down's Syndrome. We were plunged into the (at first) daunting world of Special Needs. But 9 months on nothing is daunting - just wonderful and I would like to let all your listeners know that this week is Down’s Syndrome Association Awareness Week. Check out Have a great day!

sara, Caversham
I don't have a problem with the household refuse being collected once a fortnight. I grew up up in Herefordshire where the bins have only ever been collected fortnightly. BUT, my concern is what will happen over bank holidays? Last Christmas day was our bin day, we had to wait 3 weeks for the household waste to be collected and 4 weeks for the recycling. Our recyling bin is always full every fortnight, but our household bin is usually less than half full, so changing the collection to fortnightly isn't going to increase the ammount we recycle in my household!

Phil (the australian)
Hi Andrew Good news about the English cricket team, manageing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

Rie Owaku
Dear Andrew Welcome back to the radio! I miss you very much in the last week. Could you refresh yourself? Rie

Hi Andrew, Re the Re-cycling in Bracknell. My partner lives in the East Midlands and they have had the fortnightly sytem for a year now. It is ok if you do recycle a lot of your packaging, the problem is that if you miss one collections, the household waste hangs around for a month! If you have any sort of fish in the bin it is horrible.

Doug Gordon
Diabetes, Andrew,I agree with your listener who feels he has been discreiminated against pureley on the grounds of being Diabetic. I am Diabetic as a result of medication for another problem and must have my driving licence reviewed every three years, yet I believe Diabetics are less of a risk behind the wheel than some obese, chain smoking, beer swilling, fast food junkie truck drivers I've seen! PS Great show. Doug Gordon -Andover

Pras Durafe, Swindon, Wiltshire
Andrew, Where are you ? I missed you last week. Regards. Pras

Simon Ridgeon
Re: Flying St.Georges Flags. Being an Englishman I'm delighted to see so many flags being flown but ask the question "Where were they on 23rd April??" Are they just 'Football' flags and they don't realy support 'England' in the true sense. Can I suggest that after the football they store all their flags and break them out again on St.Georges Day next year!

Is it possible for you to go through an entire show without mentioning your baby. It's boring and no one wants to know!!! Strangely enough babies are being born everyday of the week, you are not special!! Get a life.

Liz Beard
What is Ian Fergusons problem, how dare he dictate what someone does in their own time, I thought this was a free country, perhaps he should put it into prosective, lets demand that in his own time he gives up his beer or wine...or do his wife a favour...demand he gives up sex

Steve Bourton
Regarding the smoking ban - If these employees are paid by their employer during their break, surely the employer is entitled to enforce a non-smoking policy. I don't think I would want to pay someone to spend their time smoking either!

Yes, I agree with Helen. The baby talk is a little much. And having said that ever since Andrew won his 'award' he seems to think that means we're all interested in every minute detail of his life.... including what landed on his kitchen floor one time. I like the show but have to admit that Suzanne plays a big part in grounding him. He also has no clue how to talk to children and it is quite embarassing sometimes.

Hi Andrew about time you updated you blog. I can't listen to it so i am waiting you, to update it

the comment that Helen made is ridiculous. I personally love hearing Andrew get so excited about the birth of his first child. keep up the good work, Andrew! --Becky from America

Pras Durafe
Hi Andrew, I am a great fan of you. I live in Swindon and work in Uxbridge. I travel to work everyday. Your morning show is great and making this boring journey a very entertaining one. As soon as I am sitting in my car, I am tunned to BBC Berkshire and waiting for Andrew Peach's show at 7. Your program Birthday shout with Suzanne is very funny. I admire your knowledge about different celebrities. Keep it up. Regards. Pras

I'm so pleased that Sarah said how bored she was with Andrew's baby talk on today's show. Even Leslie phoned in on Nikki's programme to say how Andrew never misses an opportunity to talk about it. I agree, boring, boring, boring! Since most of us have had children Andrew really needs to understand that he's not unique and it's really not very interesting to know every detail and every discussion that takes place about every baby topic imaginable. Phil Kennedy nearly bored us silly with his talk about his girly-wirly. You've really got to get to grips with the fact that other people's children, on the whole, are not nearly as lovely as our own, but we can't all go on about it! Andrew's excuse that he's his first isn't any excuse at all. I've stopped listening to your programme because of 'the baby' and couldn't believe when I tuned in this morning you were still discussing it! Get a life.

Do the people who want us to drive sensibly past their house extend the same courtesy to all other houses? or is it a one way process?

Debbie - Newbury
I somewhat dislike shopping in one particular supermarket in Newbury, mainly because they only ever have one checkout open. I do grit my teeth and brave it occasionally, as some of their things are worth the agro. Last time I braved it, I bought some of their toothpaste for sensitive teeth (less the £1, so worth a try) - they also had some for "more mature teeth". Being in both of these categories, I thought I would give them a try, especially as the price was good. "Sensitive" toothpaste was fine, did the job, and I was pleased with it. On to the next for "more mature" teeth - well - I have to question just what they meant by this statement. How can I put this? What would be the LAST colour you would use for toothpaste? We are all used to blue, green & red stripes, and even just plain white, but this one - imaghine my shock as I squeezed it out on to the brush - a delicate shade of cream with nicotine coloured stripes. So is this designed for the more mature teeth, or is it designed to give the appearance of more mature teeth? I just can't imagine a worse colour to make toothpaste, well, apart from black maybe!! Not sure I will bother with that one again.

Bob Brazell
Listened to your ANDREW PEACH programme this morning at 7.45 when you asked for other Banana songs. Not sure if this one was mentioned : - How about NA NA NA NA (KISS HIM GOODBYE) BY A GROUP CALLED STEAM AND RELEASED IN 1969 ?

Sue Ogden
Hi Andrew. Your listeners may be interested in my blog, especially as they may be thinking of buying a swimsuit for their hols. One supermarket has adopted some mad EU directive saying that exchanges/refunds on swimwear will no longer be made. I checked with another one, their policy is that providing the protective strip is intact, they will refund/exchange. I've written to them. Does it matter where you try on a garment? At some point it's going to touch a bit of the anatomy for goodness sake, if it don't fit, it don't fit! Whatever next, no refunds/exchanges on flip flops, because you may have athletes foot! And what about the implication for headwear - nits!

John Corne
Andrew, You have had Thames Water on several times to talk about the lack of water. You should get the met office on to say how different the rainfall actually is. Or look at their website... has rainfall going back to 1853 and the past few years doesnt look too abnormal!

Catherine Harrington
Regarding the lady who said i should have delayed having kids, i am in mid thirties & partner 40, we are not asking for hand-outs we pay our council tax & our rent, i always worked up until having our 1st child who wasn't planned when i was 30, we wanted another one shortly after as i want to get back to work asap when they are both at school rather than having a longer career break as i believe in staying at home with children rather than someone else bringing them up.

We don't want London's rubbish! Let them build a waste-to-energy station and make something out of nothing!

Great show. I think Andy's show wouldn't be the same without Suzanne though... It's really the Andy and Suzanne show..

Mike Kinlock
Disabled Parking Since I became disabled and entitled to have a blue badge I became more aware of the help that is given to the disabled and the abuse that is taken by selfish drivers using designated parking places. I try to park regularly in Woodley Town Centre where an area is designated for disabled parking only. You can try to park here and you will find often 50% of the spaces being used by non blue badge holders. Because of this I took up the matter with my MP Rob Wilson and he has been so helpful. I suggested to him that a find should be imposed on those illegally parked and a notice exhibited indicating this. He took the matter with Department of Transport and they confirmed that the law existed where a fine up to £1000 can be levied on all illegal parkers. He is now taking the matter further to have this included in the official sign that is placed indicating blue badge parking places. At present the law does not allow for this. Wokingham DC has erected a sign asking that, misuse of the parking spaces by non blue badge holders, be reported by telephone so that action can be taken. The biggest problem I have found is that the enforcement of the law is by the police and when do you see any of these? Mike Kinlock

Julie (Thtatcham)
Yes Andrew I thought soos was very helpful to Jim, and at the time I wondered if you would be listerning. Knowing full well you would be saying something to her today, perhaps she did it to get a response from you, (Teasing you)

Anne @ Reading
Talking about parent and toddler parking:- a few years ago my eldest son Daniel was walking past the parent and toddler parking with me and my other son. He shouted out at the top of his voice " Mummy that man that man over there has parked in the Mummies bay without a baby!!! Phone the police!!" We had the pointing aswell just to make it perfectly clear who he was talking about. I wished for a hole to swallow me up but was also very pleased


Greta Hayter
Hi Andrew Been meaning to get in touch and congratulate you re the baby. Its lovely to hear you talk about it - you are so happy and excited - and I really laughed this morning when you told us about all the furniture etc you had bought. I have been in touch with you and Nicky Whiteman but not of late but am still an avid listener to your programme - its got better and better as time has gone on and so enjoyable, interesting and full of fun. I love Suzie - she is really fun and you both enjoyed working together. Think she is very beautiful too. So glad to hear of Nicki's pregnancy too. You have started something now! I am an olden really, working still at Dreweatt Neate - I started here when I was just over 50 - I am now 69 this September.!! I retired and then they asked me back so still doing the same job. You were talking about babies and home births this morning but when I arrived at work was caught up in things, as you are, and its now that I have got a short break so thought I would email you. I have four children, of course all grown up now, but I had three home births and the last one in Sandleford Hospital. The home births were of my own choosing - but just wanted to comment on the first one. I lived in London - Forest Hill - at the time in a very old maisonette. We didnt have central heating - it was coal fires and electric fire. Anyway when Gayle decided to come a day earlier than predicted, I thought it was because I had eaten a cooking apple the day before and that was why I had stomach pains! Midwife and my Mum were there, but it was February and very cold and we had loads of snow on the ground. So at the imminent time of birth around 8.30 that evehing, the electric fire was switched on with both bars working. This was just too much for the system and everything went out - complete darkness. So my first child was born with my mum holding a torch so the midwife could see what she was doing and candles burning. What a night that was! Well thought I would let you know that, bit late in the day now though. Sometimes when I am on my own at work listen to your show but otherwise look forward to weekends and travelling to and from work. thanks for such great listening. I often laugh in the car at something that is said - expect other drivers think there is something wrong with me! All the very best to you all Greta

Kate From Newbury
My Blog: WHAT'S the point of having bus stops when the bus drives straight past you? You then go down to the bus station to complain then get asked the most STUPIDIST question which is as follows. Were you ACTUALLY waiting AT THE BUS STOP? Because he may not have seen you - well if he didnt see me ask this question What the "HELL" is he doing DRIVING a bus then??

Hi Andrew. Never heard you mention the Sony Awards that took place this year. Strange, as last year you never stopped. Secondly, that listener increase you mentioned a few times, ever heard of quality rather than quantity. BBC Local Radio is the best around the country don't let Berkshire become like the commercial stations. Don't worry we still love you, but best to be reprimanded now and again. Oh yes one more, according to a recent Sunday Express artical, the Breakfast programme presenter is a certain Ms Philbin. We know it's you, but what time she has you always seem to cut her off just as she gets going. Give this up and coming lady a chance, please.

Rose Basingstoke
Hi Andrew tellIan Wright to shut up about his boy, we all think our kids are the best, his time will come.

paula of maidenhead
hi Andrew ,my blogg for the day. Tell Sven to forget about Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen for the World Cup, Bring on the READING Strikers instead, to take their place.

Iam very upset about that paper's remarks about Polish people as I always find them so hard working and kind and quietly spoken. Some have to leave their families in Poland and they also suffered worse than us in the second world War- these so called journalists want sacking! I bet they have never met a polish person! You never hear polish people protesting or causing trouble in England like some other races!

Vanessa Simmons
Dear Andrew my husband was a devoted Reading supporter for many years, he stood by that team through the many bad seasons and bad managers and all the disappionting play-offs,our house is full of Reading memorabilia.Two years ago he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He had a 7 1/2 hour operation in july 2004 but it could not all be removed. Kevin was determined to get his strength back before the start of the season in july. He managed to go to all the matches that season even though he went through 6 weeks of R.T. during October and November and lost the sight in his left eye.In May 2005 kevin noticed the sight in his right eye was failing and the dreaded tumour had come back, during August kevin was totally blind, but he still went to the matches with our son Daniel guilding him. Because he could not see the match he would listen to it on radio Berkshire he just wanted to feel the atmosphere of the stadium. kevin started chemotherapy in the September and he went to his last match on 19th November. When Kevin realized he wouldn't be going to another match he asked me to go in his place with our son. Kevin died on 24th December, Christmas will never be the same for my family. In the new year I did go to football with my son in Kevin's place as he wished me to do. It now comes the time to renew the season ticket and guess what? I can not change the name on Kevin's ticket to mine,I will not be able to sit with my son. Iwould pay any extra fee to keep Kevin's seat. John Madejski has always asked the fans to be loyal to the club, perhaps it is time to show some loyalty to its fans and the families that follow the team. Please could you try to help, if not thank you for taking the time to read this. Wishing you and your wife all the best on the forthcoming birth of your child. Vanessa.

The obvious solution to your drop sided cot v. convertible bed - when the baby arrives use the cot that Jules gave you. Decide if you like it or not and then decide which would suit you better

Vanessa in Bramley
Andrew, I missed Graeme Murty on saturday saying what his favourite toy was when he was a boy. Please can you help? Thank you muchly.

Catherine Haines
Two weeks ago our GP referred my daughter to the speech therapists. Yesterday we received a letter saying that the waiting list is about 28 (yes 28!!) weeks. This on the day that they announce how well the NHS is serving its patients. Too ironic for words...

Anne in Reading
My blog for today is why do children always have to play up at the same time. I have three children 8,6 and 2, normally well behaved. This morning oh my goodness! I was searching for the 666 tattooed on their necks! I am now sitting with a cup of tea in peace because two are at school and one at nursery and I'm missing them!Anyway will have to start housework soon

Marian Donovan
Hi Andrew and Suzanne Just to say we are off to Spain to live for a while we leave Wed night to Bilbao then drive to Alicante Hope we can keep up to date with you all need to know how you get on with baby Hope all goes well Bye for now

John in Newbury
Hello Andrew. We are local breeders of Pekin Bantam chickens. We have been advertising chicks for sale for the past 4 weeks. During the first three weeks before the swan with H5N1 was confirmed in Scotland, we only had 2 enquiries about chicks. Within the past week since bird flu was confirmed, we have had 11 enquiries for chicks. I feel that the public may be over reacting a little bit about eating chickens or eggs. We've all seen and heard how battery hens are kept in appauling conditions. Non Free Range hens used for egg production are kept in similar conditions, in doors where no wild birds can get in. So there is no threat of bird flu providing the breeder/producer dips his boots before entering. My birds are free range. Although i have already made arrangements for bird flu. Until DEFRA says "put your birds in doors," they will remain as they are. Thanks John

Joan Martin
My daughter was born in Dellwood in 1946.I was told she was tongue tide (because she was not feeding properly)I took her to my Doctor who just snipped under her tongue and there were no after effects, She was only a few weeks old at the time

Andrew I just want to tell you about what happend to my son last night. He and his girlfriend were driving along the A33 in Reading, she was driving, when they got stopped by a police car. The officer said do you realise you were speading in a 40 mile limit. She apologised and the officer then turned to my son and said you are not wearing a seat belt. When he saw he was wearing one he told my son that he had put it on when he saw their car and that he had it on camera. He was then given a ticket for a £30 penalty. Why should he pay this fine when he is the innocent party, but either way he loses out because he will have to take a day off work to go to court. What a waste of police time.

Matthew - Reading
In response to your Grand National sweepstake, am I in the minority that think this race is crule to animals? The fact is that over 30 horses have died in this race in the last 15 years or so. Whoever had Tyneandtyneagain in the sweepstake, this horse died on Saturday afternoon.

Debbie - Newbury
I am an avid Archers fan - and if memory serves me well, I believe you are too - are you trying to emulate Tony Archer with the glasses saga? I have a few rolls of tape I can lend you to get into the part properly!

Debbie - Newbury
My entry for today's BLOG. I seem to be disappearing under a mountain of chargers and transformers. I am sure they are taking over the house one way or another. I have boxes full, and every drawer I open seems to have a few in it. I have a charger for each and every mobile phone that I and every member of my family have ever owned, (and that is a considerable number) - most of which are from the same manufacturer, and the chargers are all the same anyway! I also have a charger for each and every bluetooth headset. Again, considerable amounts, and mostly the same. Add to this 2 docking stations for the cordless phones, several more chargers for rechargeable torches, sat nav, ipods, laptop, screw drivers, drills, lawn mower, shaver, electric toothbrush etc. etc. As well as all these, we have transformers to run things like shredders, phones, printers, ....I could go on but I am getting tangled up in the mess of wires and chargers under the desk. As most people replace their phone on an annual basis, and lots of people like me stay with the same make - why can't we have a new phone WITHOUT yet another charger. It would be a start. We have had wine lakes and butter mountains, now I have my own private charger mountain!! And can I ever find the one I want?

My query for the day....Why, when we're supposed to be saving the environment, are you not allowed to walk into the "Civic Amenity Site" with waste to be recycled?

Helen Butlin
Dear Andrew I see the travellers are back on the Henley Road again, as I came home this evening (Wednesday) from work. I see that there is also a pile of rubbish accummulated already. I hope we are not going to have the same situation as a few weeks ago and the taxpayer yet again is going to have to pay to clear up their mess!! Regards Mrs Angry from Sonning Common

I notice that the poll tax that I have to pay to Thames Valley Police through my council tax has gone up by 5% this year. As the government has told the Police that they no longer have to protect me from the lowlife, why should I pay more for their services ?

Richard Tegg
Re Wind turbines. Andrew, you heard the farmer in Lamourne say the hills around him always had wind, so why was the big turbine in Reading put in the bottom of a Valley? The best place for wind generation is off shore. Richard Tegg, Geography Department, School of Human & Environmental Sciences, University of Reading, Whiteknights, READING RG6 6AB

Hi Andrew, how does one get on the blog bit? I am not dumb, but can't for the life of me navigate my way to the email blogging bit! Cheers

george potten
i was listening to the football on saturday it was fantastic but i have two questions if you could ask for me, graham has been very good to me as i am in a wheelchair and love to come when i can get a ticket to see them with my carer, do his teme mates feel that it is not important that graham has not scored he has provered to be a fantastic captain a leader that has jelled a great team into a winning team it takes hundreds of people to put this club together each week and i think they should wind him up over scoring mind you graham is a great fried of my son and he as gone to australia now and i think graham and karen are going to see them. wish them my best and tell the team thanks for all your kindness

Eddi from Thatcham
BLOG: Rubberneckers - I stopped to help at an accident the other day. As cars passed i noticed how the occupants would stare at what was happening. When i had the chance i would wave at them, they soon looked away embarrassed!!!!!!!!!!!

If they didn't build so many houses in this area, we wouldn't have the water shortage problem. I think they should consider this with all planning applications, regardless of whether they are residential or business. I think they need to either deepen the existing reservoirs or build more, or stop building houses and offices down here and start re-generating towns in other parts of the UK.

Have the general public considered that the pension public sector workers get - or are hoping for - is compensation for years of working at much lower wages compared to staff in the private sector (in equivalent jobs)? In some cases, the government have tried to pay their own staff at less than the national minimum wage.

dennis from Woodley
welldone the Royals Billiant.Radio Berkshire give yourself a big pat on the back. Tim and Joel are superb with their coverage of all the games.Andrew and suzie welldone its a great show. Once again Radio Berkshire you've been superb.

My blog is about the Council debating Bracknell budget challenges. Quote "some important changes were made to the Bracknell budget proposals put forward in December, including reviewing the reduction to the music service provided by the Berkshire Young Musicians' Trust and deferring the proposed reduction to the Young People in Sport programme to allow time for alternative funding sources to be sought." So our children won't be able to afford BYMT music (it that because Terry is not fighting for them now) and Bracknell Forest won't be sending any of our youngsters to the 2012 Olympics then?! I'm sure they can find ways of managing their budgets with out taking it away from it's future, our children.

Lynn (Maidenhead)\
Hi is my blog...Why do the bin men when they have emptied your dustbin put it back in front of your driveway so you can't drive in, every week I have to park up, move the bin a couple of feet to the side, then get back in my car and drive up my driveway....they do it to everyone down my road. So please if any bin men read this - please, please don't do it.

Just a quick note to say I went to the opticians recently who told me because my left eye was almost perfect vision if I lost sight in my right eye I would still be legally allowed to drive!!! Bizarre in my mind

Joy from Marlow
I drive my elderly parents around and my father is registered blind. I therefore keep his disabled badge in my car. I never abuse this privelege when I am on my own, but could easily due to the fact that you have to show the side with the expiry date and not the photograph. I often find young people parked in the disabled bays which infuriates me and I believe they are using the badge like I could. Why don't they put the photo on both sides? I'm sure it would help. At Christmas it's impossible to park in a disabled bay.

Nigel Vaughan
Andrew Reading does not need to invent its own ID card, there has been a nationally recognised ID card for the under 21s for many years it is the Citizen Card “The CitizenCard ID scheme is operated by the non-profit company CitizenCard Limited” My son has used his when asked for proof of age on Reading Busses, he was tall for his age! My daughter has used hers so she could buy a video; she is short for her age. It is recognised by all retailers; you will see it advertised as acceptable ID at your newsagent, all forms of transport including the budget airlines! So will Reading transport save our money and just put more buses on the road! Nigel

Why is it that Reading Borough Council can make us pay our council tax over 10 months but our poor pensioners cannot get their pensions paid over 10 months!! As far as I know they provide the services over 12 months so should we not be able to pay over that term aswell?? Also I am sick of people always blaming parents for childrens behaviour. I try to bring my children up to be respectful and care for the environment etc. This morning there was a traffic warden in our street putting a ticket on a car and dropped the bit they take off to enable it to stick on the floor in full view of my three children. When I mentioned this to him, I got a mouhtfull for my trouble. Thankfully he had a helmet on so my children couldn't understand what was said!!! Believe me it wasn't complimentary. This is the third time in two weeks we have seen Traffic wardens do this and it bugs me.

les neate
Could you wish Fred Neate a happy birthday. He will be 65 on the 14th, from his brother les, sister-in-law janet, and family. Fred is groundsman at reading football club.

Nice to think your parents are thinking of moving down to the Thames Valley. We moved from Solihull 30 years ago and the price difference then was far greater than it is now but it was worth the move. Would not move back again. I came from Knowle and John came from Hampton in Arden. Hope they find some where soon as it will be great to be near the new addition. 3 of our grandchildren live in Wroughton (Swindon) and the other three up in Leegomery near Telford and do not see nearly enough of them. Best wishes look after Mrs P

Val Oakley
I started to listen to BBC Berks a few weeks ago on the journey into work and it's great, except........................ That you keep interrupting everyone with the news and travel etc! Better planning please.

Mick from Bracknell
Andrew speeding is not the only motoring offence that is committed on our roads from day today.What about the offence of "Careless or inconsiderate driving". It's an offence that carries a maximum fine of £2,500, 3 to 9 penalty points and disqualification is Discretionary. An offence, I might add being commited by all drivers, even the ones driving within our speed limits. To me it's seems that because there is not the technology to catch them in the act there is little chance of them being punished for it so, careless and inconsiderate will continue to rule are roads.

My children received an alarming letter from our dental surgery today. The dental surgery have refused to sign the new NHS contract which comes into effect 01 April and therefore all patients must sign a standing order and take out a private care plan with the dentist. I'm not sure that my childrens bank accounts have a standing order facility! Can you find out whats happening with NHS Dental Contracts? Will we shortly see all other dental surgeries do the same or is this just an income protection scheme for this business. I feel very strongly that this may have a detrimental effect on oral health in the Winnersh area.

Speeding I've got 6 points for momentary lapses. I'm a professional driver but was daydreaming on both occasions. Each time I was 7mph over the limit. Fair cop - in fact I'm lucky not to have been done for driving without due care & atttention. It's made me much more careful about speed limits now - job done!

steve of Eton college
i have had my full bike licence for 12 years plus now and i have never been stopped or had points and i think car drivers should ride motorcycles to the perils other road users face!! thanks great show

You were talking about Tescos' planned development within the Oxford Road area, and the fact that they are reneging upon their initial agreements with both the council and the local community .... I think when tesco built their "Mega Store" in Plymouth the local council had to move a road, and a bridge; which Tesco promised to meet 75% of the cost. However, when the bill was presented and tesco asked to honour their agreement they refused, and lost the court case then promptly appealed, and won ... leaving Plymouth council to cover the costs. Reading Borough council should suspend all planning permission until Tesco have agreed to honour their initial agreement. It's time to show that the councils can stand-up to enterprise. Arthur

Lyn from Wokingham
Just want to blow off steam. I had the misfortune recently of needing to go to Royal Berks hospital for a scan in the, super duper recently paraded in front of HM the Queen no less, xray department. Just wanted to say that it's a pity the department doesn't have a super duper staff attitude to go with the equipment. I was treated as just another body - go here, go there, drink that, sit around for two hours, now goodbye...go home, maybe we'll let you know sometime what we discovered. All in all a very uncomfortable and distressing experience which patients do not need - after all nobody chooses to spend the morning in the x-ray department unless they have something wrong with them. People who are feeling unwell and maybe anxious about the procedure as well as probably feeling a bit scared about what the results will be surely deserve a little more care from the caring professions.

Christine Stacey
I would just like to say a big thank you for your program the other morning concerning the A329. I contacted Andre Mackay local MP about having crash barriers put in place along this part of the road, but nothing ever came of it! I have seen major accidents, and event several fatalities, along this stetch of the road, as I have been travelling to Winnersh from Bracknell for several years. A lot of the accidents I had the misfortune to witness have been cars careering across the road into oncoming traffic! and if crash barriers had been there lives could have been saved"! how many more accidents and people being killed are needed to make whoever owns this part of the road sit up and do something about it!!

Steve Bourton
I would like to nominate the quiet road for today as Finchampstead Road - it's great, as long as you don't want to go to Tesco.

David Provins
While on the matter of WDC and it's roads. The chap you interviewed seemed keen to talk about expense on the A4. Could he comment on the new speed signs (those that light up and say 'Slow down') The one at Sonning is in a 50 mile zone. However even if you are below 50 it still warns you to slow down. Also it seems if you speed down the centre lane you avoid being picked up. Likewise the west bound sign. This is Ok as it is in a 40 mile zone but if you speed down the centre lane ready to go right at the roundabout (to sonning)you miss being cault by the sign. I am all for the signs but they do seem to miss the point and be a waste of our money.

David Provins
Andrew A329M In your interview with WDC on this subject I have not heard mention the reason why the A3290 is not under the Highways Auth. It was WDC that took it from them in order to provide the Bus Lane for the Park and Ride. Why has this not been mentioned by them !

peter crook
that walk is just wonderful have you seen some of our photos on

My blog is cars and garages. Modern estates, most houses have a garage, some households have two cars, do they use the garage for at least one! A lot of estates have Closes, dead ends, parked cars everywhere, no emergency vehicle could get through. I wouldn't object to double yellow lines down my Close. USE YOUR GARAGES for cars not freezers and storage boxes.

Deodrants - one of your callers mentioned natural crystal deodrants - check the ingrediuents most contain aluminium! Whereas deodorising sprays that do not claim to be anti perspirants appear to exclude alauminium. It would be interesting to hear more about this from the lady at the Univ of Reading.

Sandy Reid , (male, retired soldier) Basingstok
Hi Andrew and of course Susanne, thanks for the 'nit note'. now to the serious bit. I know this is non of your making, wonder if you will read this out. BBC TV 24 hour news, 1800 hrs Tue 28th Feb. Headlines, in this order, "today police found white van used in million pound plus robbery, and two soldiers gave thier lives and one wounded in bomb incident in Iraq". Nice to see BBC gets things in perspective and of course in right order, exactly how much is a soldiers life worth. Sandy, soldier for 34 years.

Paul Glaister
We listen to you every morning and sometimes groan when you're on your hooby horse! Anyway, I don't get too incensed by anything, really, except speed humps! We live off Beech Lane which has had the worst kind of speed bumps installed a number of years ago. The problem was the dip at the bottom of the road where children cross for school and cars did tend to speed. There is now a pelican crossing, but the largest gap (by far) is between humps is precisely on the downward slopes to the dangerous part! What was always needed was a speed camera at that location and a few examples set. What has happened to me (and I stick to the speed limit of 20 mph) is that the suspension (brushes, or something) go on our car because of the enormous strain put on them, and repair bills are astronomical. You really need a 4x4 to cope. The person who campaigned to have them put in (on the grounds that she wanted fewer cars passing her house, as did many who live on Beech Lane, and hence supported her) has very few to go over to get onto a humpless road. The rest of us, who live off Beech Lane typically have to go over most of them, and were never consulted! Of course, Company car owners still speed, as well as some police cars who use this regularly because of the Police HQ at the end of Beech Lane. My main point, however, is that those who drive round the humps in Elm Lane (which runs parallel to Beech Lane, and before their installation becae an alternative to Beecha Lane) do so to avoid damage to their cars, not to save time - it doesn't. The Beech Lane humps do not afford this luxury. I hope you can air at least some of these points on tomorrow's programme.

Beverly - Sonning
I agree with the e mail about the advertising boards on the A33/M4 roundabout. They are everywere, not only there. Sirely, they are illegal, given that they are sited in such a way as to obstruct views of traffic. Also, the one on the M4 at Junction 11 had blown over (or been pushed) and could have caused an accident. Surely they are just accidents waiting to happen? The adveritsing signs attached to lamp posts are illegal, why not these mobile monstrosities?

Lindsey Sharp, Peter & Luke
Greame Murty question... I would like to comment on the lads after the match who all except one are so nice and polite to do autographs and have photos taken, even have a chat with the fans especially the kids, its really great and everyone appreciate its, but Leroy Lita is the most ignorrant one and what annoys me, are the fans not the ones who pays his wages. The other day he was quite rude to me and my boy. Also my kids have made up a brilliant song that i think the fans should sing.. it goes to the tune of mary poppins SUPERREADINGRFC SUPERREADINGRFC the best team in the land. SUPERREADINGRFC can no one understand, we can take the arsenal, the chelsae and west ham. SUPERREADINGRFC the best team in the land. Umdiddle diddle um diddle i.....

for the blogg re. personalised no.plates my daughter saw a posh sports convertable and the number plate said WA5 HIS.

Just to confuse the situation more in reference to the A Team question.......the original 'Face' was in fact Tim Dunigan who appeared in the pilot, who was replaced by Dirk Benedict onwards. Anorak off!

cass smith
why doesn't Super Peach organise water via our canals from the North ???? CAS

Ann from Basingsoke
Hi Andrew,Can I be the blogger for Basingstoke please? Cheers, Grumpy old woman.

Sandy Reid , (male) Basingstoke
Hi andrew and team. ref blog, 0930 AM, recently had our grandaughter (and a few hundred friends) to stay, had to de-nit her hair. investigated control of, schools no longer have control system, all down to parents, fair enough. her parents treat her hair every week but, goes to school monday, within a couple of days they are back, dont know when 'Nitty Nora' the nurse disapeared to probably got something to do with upsetting children, parents or something. have seen parents in chemist in tears over childrens trying to get 'the' answer. think its time goverment took bull by horns and re-introduced controls at school, 'got nits go, your Ill, come back when clear. surely the majority should not suffer for the minority. grandaughters whole family had to have treatment, all six of them. I feel better now got that of my chest, but still think we need to go back to the old controls or come up with something new. Cheers Sandy

I want to endorse what was said on the blog yesterday morning about unlit bicycles. They are suicides waiting to happen. They are completely unaware of how invisible they are to drivers, even on lighted roads. On unlit roads it doesn't bear thinking about. I am a driving instructor, and I spend to much time pointing out unlit cyclists to new drivers who say "Bike? Where? Oh yes! Your eyesight must be much better than mine - how did you see that?" Andrew, how about a campaign to wake people up to the need for proper lights (not those flashing things that are so hard to locate in space) and reflective clothing? It wouldn't go amiss to persuade more pedestrians to go reflective as well. If it's too late this year as the evenings are getting lighter, how about planning one for the autumn? How about a Radio Berkshire reflective arm band or belt? I listen to your show when ever I can, and I've often thought of suggesting this - I think it might be your sort of thing - but I've never got round to saying it.

ted marcus
blog there is some pressure to put seat belts in trains i hate to say it but it is a waste of time. some time ago after a series of coach accidents seat belts were fitted. i can assure you that it is very rare for them to be used also just look in the back seat of most cars and you will almost never see seat belts used and that includes children not strapped in and the most horifying thing is see is children on somebodys lap in the front seat with the belt around both the child and the passenger. heavy braking and that child is crushed

Hi Andrew, I have just recently started listening to your show in the mornings and I have not really listened to the radio since John Peel was on or enjoyed listening to a radio presenter this much since John's shows. It is refreshing to hear a presenter that will openly challenge anything in a professional and courteous way. Keep up the good work.

Ken Wokingham
I beleive that satnav systems in cars are illegal. It is an offence to site a television screen in such a position in a vehicle where the driver can view it. You cannot use a screen connected to a camera mounted at the back of a vehicle to aid reversing. You cannot have gamescreens mounted in site of a driver they have to be fitted to the front seatbacks. Surely then the satnav is a screen that could distract a driver and therefore it is an offence to site them in view of the driver.

Elizabeth Marks
Hi Andrew its me again your blogger.I am glad that Mrs P agrees with me that there is a shortfall in the market in nice cards for Husband and wifes Lets hope that she appreciates you home made effort of today. Happy Crafting. Elizabeth

Jez from Newbury
Does Graham remember the slogan on the T-shirts they wore on the first game of the season (go hard or go home ?), and did you feel embarrassed.

Deborah Judd
Andrew you were talking about if you got good radio and tv signal or coverage in the area... It seems from the Bagshot Road at Coral Reef heading towards Guildford to Merrist Wood College you loose all signal on all 3 band waves for Radio Berkshire.. When in Guildford I can only pick you up on the lower band... This is very annoying since the traffic reports are most useful for this journey once a week for me... Please can you try and sort it for me and other listeners...

Maggie Daly
Hi Andrew! Delighted to hear the news of your forthcoming arrival. You and Mrs "P" must be so very delighted! Love your shows! Listen every day but,please, Andrew, stop the bad language - it really doesn't suit you! Luv you loads, Maggie Daly

Karen Fakes
Have you recieved lots of comments regarding local private dentisits now charhing for children?!!!!!!! We listen to your show every morning during breakfast. I would like to hear others comments or is it just me that is distgusted by this. Being a school techer with 2 school aged children I tried to book a check up for the half term and to discuss further the added cost that would be involved- The dentist is away on holiday!

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