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28 October 2014

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Friday 2005 reviews


Review: Incubus

By Kaz Willmer
Incubus played the main stage on Sunday. Were you there? Read the review and then let us know what you thought of the set via the Have Your Say box below.

With their rich tapestry of musical talents, Incubus is a rare blend of geniality.
They’re a band that incorporates guitar, drums, bongos, decks and plenty of bass… but their main asset is Brandon Boyd. They’re definitely a main stage band - without a doubt.

I was personally off-putted by the hoards of screaming girls, and the camera angles on a topless Brandon didn’t help. But when he started whispering a prayer, even I was engrossed – it literally sent chills down my spine on a hot, sunny afternoon.

With the band’s energy and enthusiasm, deep lyrics and talented musicians, all interlinked with crazy hip hop, there’s a reason they return to Reading and that’s simply because they know their music.

With classic tracks such as Drive and Nice to Know You, interlinked with new tracks such as Make a Move, Incubus won the crowds over at another Reading festival. I could never see them as headliners, but there is no doubt they’ll be back to Reading – and there’s no doubt I’ll be there too.

last updated: 31/08/05
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Chris K. (Luke Skywalker ;))
Erm, you guys we didnt play Drive, or Make a Move, although maybe we should have! But we were extrememly unrehearsed through promotion of the album and dvd's, and the foundation, but we must thank you guys for a great review and reception. The English fans rule!!! - The Band

I love them and in my eyes the only bad thing theyve ever done is diamonds and coal. I was really upset when i found out theyr enot doing leed sthis year

I believe incubus had to postpone their tour! UNITIL OCTOBER!!! i was meant to see you in april guys!

i have never been as excited as when brandom began the chilling intro to lets go crazy, looking round i saw hundreds of puzzled faces but i was thirlled! best combo :] tho i was quite dissapointed with the bands overall performance, bit of a let down tbh lets hope they can make up for it in april :] xXx

for those of u who dont know incubus are coming back to the uk this year starting there uk tour in april..... i already have tickets yay!

Scott Browne
Crap! I am sorry but that has gotta be one of the worst performances ever! No excuses!

Nick Ivins

incubus are a fun and influencial band and deserve repsect from all, their music is very inspirational and anyone who listens to them will be truly hooked after the first few notes! Incubus would be great at headlining any festival, i cant believe reporters have been sayin they aren't a headlining band, if anything they put on an amazing show and deserve to be headliners. lauren

Colin Glasgow
Wasnt at the festival. However looking at what people have said the Bus rocked as per usual To many part time fans though that look for drive and other big songs from albums like Morning View. Id rather listen to songs like Glass redefine and Sink Beneath the Line! ROCK ON THE BUS

omg incubus are actually amazing, been worshipping the ground they walk on ever since 1999-2000. they r very good live and interact well with the fans and audience, cannot wait for the world tour next year in england. for all who dont know there single comes out the end of this month and their album light grenades comes out 28th november, really looking forward to hearing these oh so talented guys! lauren xxxx

Mike M.
A typical journalist review. Incubus is trying to step out of the shadow of their previous albums prior to A Crow Left of The Murder(2004), and it's people like Kaz Wilmer who continually put them back into it with reviews prasing classic tracks like Drive. And, 'I could never see them as headliners' is the most absurd statement I have ever read. One of the most talented and forefronted bands out there today.

THEY DIDNT PLAY DRIVE! lol but they were fantastic :)

Who cares if there is a cover or a prayer of which is not theirs, its Incubus thats done a grand job of entertaining in their style.

Dave K
Incubus didnt play drive or make a move at reading! But I have to say that they totally rocked! They put on such a good show. Nice to know you and nowhere fast were the main highlights for me! Also I have to say it was a shame they didnt play anything from Science and i found it a bit wierd that they ended with a cover (although what a good choice of cover it was, let's go crazy by prince!) rock on Incubus and hurry back to the UK!

No Drive or Make a Move at reading. It was incredible though. But that review by the bbc was done by someone who definitely wasn't at Reading.

incubus are the best they rock

I was really pleased with their performance, especially since they (v.unexpectedly) played Under My Umbrella and Priceless, 2 of my favourite songs of theirs but not singles or anything. Didn't play A Certain Shade Of Green or Make Yourself, but hey, they only had a 45 min set and couldn't do everything. Brilliant anyway

yeah they didn't play drive, which was really disappointing. Also where was 'Are You In'?? anyway the rest of the songs were brilliantly performed and i think everyone enjoyed 'wish you were here'. hopefully they'll be back next year!

I thought Incubus rocked; but the 'prayer' was actually a quote from purple rain by prince, and they didn't play drive. Just to let you know. Oh, and I think criticism of fans is a bit harsh for a music festival. If the girls didn't scream then it'd be wierd. And if brandon takes his top off they can hardly turn the cameras off can they?

They didnt play drive.

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