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28 October 2014

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Friday 2005 reviews

Artic Monkeys
Arctic Monkeys - (C) Mark West

Review: Arctic Monkeys

By Matt Dyson
Arctic Monkeys have been hotly tipped to be a must-see band at this year's Reading Festival. Read the review and then tell us what you thought via the Have Your Say box below.

This is one of those infamous gigs. The stuff of festival folklore. Something to tell the grandchildren. For a lot of people it will be a tale of standing ten feet outside the tent desperately trying to ram their way into the hub to see the most hyped band of the year. We’re not talking record company hype but good old fashioned word of mouth.

Everyone who hears The Artic Monkeys becomes a dedicated messenger on a quest for more people to jump on the bandwagon. And what a wagon it is.

They are everything that will make you realise that you have done nothing with your miserable lives. Ah yes, to be young and talented.

But don’t worry the tunes will cheer you up. Lyrically sharp, danceable and damn near genius sing- alongs with the energy of a factory of coiled springs.

There are fake tales of San Francisco, talk of scummy men and a certain romance, all delivered with wry lines and a ripping guitar to keep you pogo-ing while you laugh.

So come on , let’s hear you chant. ‘Monkeys, Monkeys. Monkeys…’

last updated: 30/08/05
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yeah, it's kind of 'A-R-C-tic monkeys'. Yeah, I was chanting I LOVE YOU ALEX at the showbox gig

i think that the artic monkeys are great so i'm chanting "Monkeys, Monkeys, Monkeys".

Alex Turner is amazing in sooooo many ways. so is the band:)God Bless them:

arctic monkeys rule n hu ever spells it artic without a C needs to get a life

they are SO GOOD that god! hoy id like them to come to argentinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa iLOOOVE THEM, GREAT BAND

luv alex turner es hot!!! cant wait 4 next album 2 cum out xXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

i like monkeys

Cheeky Munkey
The Arctic Monkeys are bigger than JESUS!!!!!!!!!! alex turner is a genius, the tunes are MEGA, and alex applause on your lyrics. arctic monkeys are what everyone's been waiting for n they were'nt disapointed.
Brilliant - good head banging stuff!! Always gets me livened up at a live gig in Jersey.

Arctic monkeys r great can't wait 2 c them. all there songs r individual and u can actually hear wot ther sayin! hope they last! :)

im from sheffield and know alex turners nanan so shame on you!!! hahaha! o by the way if you read alex turner AND jamie cook I LUV U!!!!

met them .. HA!

i'm an american (don't kill me) and i just have to say that they are SO. GODDAMN. GOOD. such talent gives inspiration to us all, actuall, because the songs aren't hard at all to play, and i can't imagine them being hard to write go 'keys! Ben

the one
first album and im def not disapointed!!! monkeys rock!!

More Artic Donkeys.

not since mozzer n marr put pen to paper have i enjoyed the lyrical style and fresh sound that is the monkeys!nice one .

Little brother
My big brother thinks the Artic Monkeys are great.

your mum
yeah the artic monkeys are good but kasabian are much better like it or not!!

moon unit
It should perhaps be pointed out that they're not very good.

gordon park
these guys are destined for the top whether they make it or not, i love them. parky from scotland

rachel an emma
i think that the artic monkeys are great there ledgands and i love them there totaly awsome and there there the bomb we love u xxxxxxxxx

biggest spooners in the world
we love spoons oh and the arctic monkeys!i look better on the dance floor than any one else an i will have alex and jamie in a me sandwich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll 'ave it! love jay an silent bob aka tons of fun an da bee!

owen baker
my dad used to teach them drama at skool. I went to see them at the ledmill! they were GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO SEE THEM!!!!!

john newman
At long last a decent band with good tunes the right image and the world at there feet.There here to rescue us from the x factor and all the other pop nonsense (MORETON MONKEY FANS)

MUN-KEEE`S... first heard about them from a m8 last april, he sent me a couple of tracks and i fell in love.. even made a big space on my "Oasis" wall for my first gig poster.. as alex says himself "dont believe the hype" seen em twice now, i even swapped a cribs ticket and a bloc party ticket for it.. well worth it! andy in bradford

steve and ollie
we love arctic monkeys

I heard about them in NME and have loved them ever since, there gigs are amazing and my brothers even been lucky enough to meet Alex Turner as we live in Sheffield. This time next year everyone will know the Arctic Monkey!

I was introduced to the Arctic Monkeys by my brother about 4 months ago and haven't listened to anything since

I've been following the Arctic Monkeys since they were first played on by Zane Low in November and have since been a devote fan, doing my best to spread the word and assist their ascent to world domination! Thank God they are getting recognised - long live Monkey Mania!

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