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27 November 2014

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Friday 2005 reviews

Bloc Party at Reading 2005 (C) Alex Flahive
Bloc Party at Reading 2005

Review: Bloc Party

By Matt Dyson
Did you see Bloc Party headline the Radio 1/NME stage on Sunday? Read the review and then tell us what you thought of the set via the Have Your Say box below.

Iron Maiden and Bloc Party at different ends of a field are like the polar extremes. You could set a compass to it. Head south for the burning metal or stay north for the thoughtful detachment. And then there's that strange occurrence when the compass starts to spin.

So while the Maiden in 2005 sound conservative, Bloc Party are the ones unmooring the tent with the fifty delay pedals and the drums that stop and start like blood pumping through a cholesterol-coated vein.

Christ, there's even the maniac clambering up the pole in an attempt to high dive the crowd surfers. Kele brings things to halt in disbelief. And yes, Kele and Bloc Party are essentially sensible, well read and possibly overly serious young men.

And no, you probably wouldn't want to invite them to a party.

They are, however, the most energetic, spontaneous climbing inducing band this side of Reading Festival.

last updated: 30/08/05
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joel london!
bloc party live were amazing!!!! All the songs were well done and not distorted at all i think i made a good desicion to see them instead of maiden, as for the climber i think that they were forced to stop for him so we cannot really blame kele for stoping it. i saw kele after and when radio one guy wanted to interview him he siad no and walked off i think that was probably coz of that guy on the pillar. oh well all in all the review is wrong! the gig was good and the end was really good

I'd seen Bloc Party live from Glast and wasn't that impressed but compared to Iron maiden (just not a fan) i decided to risk a few of their songs and was astounded, their performance was simply magic and i bought their album a couple of days later. i even helped bottle the man down from the pole so that they'd keep playing. so pleased i went, topped off a wicked weekend!

I have to agree with Emma. I thought the album was very good, until I saw them live. Well done to Kele and the lads for a truly amazing set. They managed to inject more energy into their already-energetic songs. The atmosphere was amazing too. It's always great to see thousands of people singing in unison to great music. Emma, now that you're no longer a festival virgin I suggest that you do your bestest (no such word but I like it) to get to Glasto 07 (no Glasto in 06). It makes Reading Festival look like a Sixth Form party in someone's back garden.... although Reading is always better for bands.

I managed to get 5 rows from the front, not knowing exactly how close I was until I saw the security guys giving out water! I'd been told that Bloc Party were pretty much the same live as they are on record, but that was complete rubbish. They were so amazing live, much better than on record. The crowd was singing along to every word and just going crazy for them. Brilliant set and a brilliant way to end the first festival I went to!

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