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28 October 2014

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Reading's Virgo is a young talented hip hop MC who not only wows the crowds with his live performances, but also hosts Beatfest at Po Na Na in Reading every second Wednesday of the month. Find out more about Virgo below.

Virgo is a rap artist that has been on a fantastic journey. Born to a Jamaican mother and a Bajan father he grew in strength and intelligence until he gained the name the Professor, aged 10 as a child prodigy in the Church, a youth preacher. 

Listen to a track by Virgo here:
audio LISTEN: Virgo - Blind >
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Through his intelligence, he won a scholarship worth £100,000 and was schooled with princes.  When he wasn't studying he cleaned offices to help his family.

Virgo at Come Together festival, Henley

Blessed with many gifts he learned to speak Russian, French and Japanese, and became a published poet. All the time he was rapping, just using his natural talent and passion for freestyle rhymes to get women and blag holidays.

Ever since he hi-jacked his first mic aged 14 at a Courtney Pine concert he has practised his skills as a live performer at each and every opportunity both up and down this country and abroad, rocking crowds in Austria, Germany and 10,000 feet above sea level in the French Alps. 

After dealing with personal issues in 2001, Virgo decided to take the world of hip hop on a ‘warts and all’ journey; a voyage that travels through every emotion not hiding a thing.  That was when he began writing rhymes.  Ever since then he has been collecting material for his first project.  This emotional trawl through the life of a potential mental case is now here.  Magic Eye presents Virgo's Secret Diary. 

last updated: 01/12/06
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Bennie B
luv this guy knew him at school when he used to rap round my house his stuff was good then but now... damn!!!! album??

jay z
need a number 4 u would like 2 meet up with u so we can talk the roc babe

ice cold
when's the Jonny album dropping, you still doing the Jonny dance

jonny virgo brings the lyrical trick shot every time! big up JV

Jonny Virgo Jonny Virgo Jonny Virgo YEAH

Narow P
Big up to Virgo he's a heavy MC and an intelligent poet. Keep listenin to it. Peace

Virgo is a quality MC representing the diversity of hip hop

Mighty Man
Virgo is constantly excelling. Heavy MC.

Virgo is wicked saw him at the Marquee in Leicester Square. Ripped a freestyle with wandan beat boxing, wicked!

Polina Iodis
I LIKE this guy ! Virgo makes really good music now ... I beleive in his HUGE future...he is the best :)

mr. punctus
wow, this guy is amazing, i hear the old stuff he's produced is simply glorious, if he´s evolved since the early part of the decade (he has) then he is the biggest sensation to come out of berkshire since Bidgie Reef & The Gas

wicked beats beautiful timing

I hope to see plenty more from from Virgo this year. His energy and passion for the music is a certainty for a long successful voyage

Rappin beautiful - tip top wisdoms in a wicked style. we need more of this brilliance. Respect to all-conquering Virgo!

maximum respect to virgo, freestyler extrodinaire who commands a mighty stage presence, knows how to work a crowd tobesure. RESPEC

should well be definatly making P's, should be live at wembley warming up for Jay Z's!!

dj elgee ( magik eye )
virgo is a wicked mc and im sure his name will be on a lot of peoples lips within the next couple of years . big up the man.

Always attackin a mic with relentless energy & fervour . Virgo is a lyrical force 2 be wrekoned with.

Ive been in the Hip Hop game for 23 years now & have seen many MC's come & go.This kids got style & finese and I'm sure he will still rhyming for years.We are living in a time when u have talentless rappers topping the charts & its sad to realise that a lot of M'C's from 15 years ago were more advanced than the backward state of affairs we are faced with now.Virgo's originality stands alone and people like hime continue to pick up where the ol guys left off & take things to another level.. Big Respect PRONE,, Dedbeat Weekender, SINstars, Subkrew, Battle Jam, As Is, Bounce FM London, The Breaks, 8th Wonder, Mr Bongo (93-95), The Bomb, Circuit Rock B.Boys (1983), D.R.S, T.C.B, All World Experts

L ydia Millar
I belive virgo is a fresh and raw talent that will expand through this hip hop voage. He's GOOD.

Nuff Respect! I'm feelin this guy! Watch this space! Big tings coming our way! x

Dj Mr.Safety
His mic's always on fire.. Always a pleasure running beats for a true hip-hop star

Magicians at work... hope you carry on wavin your magic mic! More money.... more magic..

His flow combines positive energy with conscious lyrics, he can sing as well as he can spit...& ladies, he is HOT too!! 2006 is gonna be the year of Virgo!

Mikey T
Big up to the vigolator you truly are a teacher, Gentlman and a scholar.One of the most conscious lyricists that i know for sure!!!

met this guy through awekid when i brighton. now i wasnt a big UK fan but loved the US stuff of the 90s, hiphop was kinda fading away for me. but then i chilled with this fella and heard him and lumes freestyling to us cutting, it was totally sick and it wasnt long befor i just sat my ass down and listened to them bouncing off eachother, telling a story in ryhme as it happened, i remember thinking that i felt quite lucky to be here enjoying this and i do believe i may have filmed it on my camera. i will have to check. anyway that was the day i got back into hiphop and i actually started to love the UK scene, all i needed was an inspiring, intelegent and entertaining chap like Virgo along with his partners in crime. Fauna Forever when i can escape london i will be up front in reading bobbin ma head to you. peace

yes yes yes! Virgz is da man man! Trust me! Seen him perform live..... SICK! Chilled with him too and had the pleasure of him spit on my beats too. An allround MC that aint afraid to speak his mind....few peeps should take a leaf!

H Oz
Gorgeous guy, his music appeals even to a rock fan like me. Very talented. Can't wait until he gets a CD together.

big ups the V man, making moves in 0Six...!

Clever Munkey of the The Disablists
One of the best freestyle smooth flowing rappers i have the pleasure to be buddies with, and his written stuff keeps your brain hard working. One ill cat, watch this space as i belive the best is yet to come. Keep it gangsta Mr V.

Big up the man. Take to take things to a new level I think

Monkey man
Sic live performer...

since the the big 3-6-0 was in effect Virgo been killing it under one name or another... sick bars everytime...

his flow is sick. i am from the u.s. and this cat is definitely the hottest i've heard in a minute! very unique style, nice flow.

One of the best freestylers I have ever seen live. Better than alot of the big dogs. His stage prescence is amazing. I have seen him doing tuff round Reading & London with Both 360 physicals and the fauna and he has got it under lock. I look forward to hearing his tracks.

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