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13 November 2014

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Reading Festival features

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Reading Festival mud

Reading: take chairs and lots of beer.

Reading Festival Tips!

Are you a festival stalwart? Well here is your chance to share your amazing advice on how to survive the Reading festival weekend. A festival virgin? Well read the tips below to make sure you're in the know.

Whether it's avoiding certain foods to ensure minimum use of those smelly toilets, or whether it's bringing your own booze for a cheaper weekend - everyone who's been to a festival has at least one handy tip to share with all those who've never been before.

So, come on you festival stalwarts, give us your advice!

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created: 25/06/2005

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If you really want to be at the front of the main stage for a certain band that plays at, lets say 5 pm, what time should you go into the main stage at?

avoid cold chicken in food places!my friend got food poisoning

depending on what campsite you use and what festival it is. usually its not at all far away from th campsite.But you may want to camp in a different arear so it can be more of a walk. i surgest looking at a site map and selecting an area to camp in. make sure your not too near toilets as they will make you gag. haha .

showers are gross and qued for 3 hours last time!so if your just goijn for the one night or 2 take dry shampoo and cleansing wipes its camping after all u cant afford to be fussy girls x


Don't buy or sell through Viagogo, I've had a really bad experience of them. No help and do not seem listen.

Laura J
Bring a load of bin bags with you. They're ace in the trough-like loos which are usually covered in all sorts of nasty stuff. Put the bag part way down the hole then open it right up so it covers the whole toilet bench area. Now you can sit down without worrying about sitting in anyone else's mess! Then, when you're done, just stand up and the bag drops down! This also stops anyone seeing a reflection of your bum on the other side of the loo! So much better than squatting over the seat.

How far is the car park from the actual campsite, is it a real trek?

Im underage is there anyway i can get drink into V festival?

If your under 18 do they id when you go in? and if your under 18 do they take yoour alcohol?

toilet roll!!

Take all the important stuff with you, mobile, money in one of those bum bag things. else youll go back to the tent and think 'Someones nicked everything'. :D GREEN CAMPSITE is manic, our first time we went in it and it was fun, but if you're not a rowdy sort of person you're better off the other end. TOILET ROLL AND WET WIPES will be your sacred items and buy a little timetable thing of the bands because thatll be your bible.

Work out when the toilets in the arena are cleaned. Its normally just as the arena opens everyday, and they are practically empty at that time so you can just walk in. :)

With the toilets thingon the Thursday use the toilets outside the arena for the last time if you can. Friday, Saturday and Sunday use the ones inside the arena. Theyre cleaner portaloos as opposed to holes in the ground. You may want to make sure you have your own loo roll as people do steal the loo roll provided for s**** and giggles [literally].

Take lots of beer, take suncream, boots/wellies, more beer, money and a set of warm clothes, you'd be suprised at how cold it gets at night. As for toilets, come on boys and girls we all know they are gonna stink and be repulsive, but its better than soiling yourself, so stop crying over the fact there discusting. It's not gonna kill ya.

Rach the Fest Virgin
Thats a point, im 17 (look about 12 mind you) theyre not going to ID me for alcohol are they(What im bringing from home that is)? Surely just a time waster, anyway it'll be right at the bottom of my bag

take bog rollthe toilets et proper nasty and after thursday orning thel be nun left so take your own

At the end of the day, ive always found that heavy warm clothes are a bit of a waste. one thing if they get wet they weigh u down to the point of depression, and secondly they weigh down ur bag to the point where ull come home with back spasms. So my advide is just to bring shorts and t shirts, its very rare you're get cold in a hot sweaty crowd on in the campsite wasted surronded by a million fires.

take cheap lager to swap at the beer amnesty

Can you camp without a ticket? does the ticket get checked before going into the campsite?thanks

One of the worst parts of a festival is walking to find a camping spot, mainly because you have to carry so much, so you need to keep the ammount of stuff in your bag to a minimum. Something that is very heavy are your clothes, i usually wear shorts and shirt underneath trousers and a hoody with just waterproofs in my bag. Big load from your bag!

Bring 2 towels. First one if it rains you'll want to dry off at night or you'll get hypothermia and the second is if it's hot then just soak the towel and drape it over you / put it under a t-shirt. This keeps you nice and cool.Second thing, bring a war sleeping bag - it's cold in cheap sleeping bags so it's worth risking a decent one.Third, bring a camping chair, especially those with carry handles - absolutely invaluable as anyone who has been will vouch for. These can also have messages written on them for further enjoyment.

Right people tip number one...... if you want any kip at all take earplugs my mate did and she was out for the count. Also lots and lots of wet wipes, suncream. Oh and while your waiting for the main gates to open shove ya wellies on once you get in the mud hits you trust me its not nice!!

Take baby wipeslast year i went to reading and got through with my friend at least 5 packs of baby wipes,they come in so handybecuase for one the toilets arent the nicest and there is mud everytwhere and also they double as make up wipes and when u eat and when u spill beer all down you haha and they are good to clean off in the heat and cool down too!!!!i no i sound crazy but its def worth takin them

Righto boyo's... don't forget to bring a bucket. Don't ask me what for, you'll know. And you'll thank me when the time comes for you to use it.


Tony S (Reading)
Buy a flat in the local vicinity so that you can walk home at the end of the day, get a hot shower and sleep in a clean bed

bring beer and everything else in cardbox boxes. good seats, good fire fuel.

Blag what you can, last year i ended up with a back stage pass for free =)

Francesca C.
IMMODIUM PLUS &A BAG THATS EASY TO CARRY. on your back. for hourssorted

Take plenty of beer as it is like over £20 for a crate but ya have to drink before and after you go into the arena Leeds is an amazing festival and i advise you all to look out for superman!!!!!

Linda (Sweden)
A good tip is.... SUNCREAM!! An if your hot and maby burned... sit in the shadows for a while with a wet scarf on you head or were ever you´re burnd and have a cold one!

Question!i am taking my booze and want to no if it is safe to leave in the tent or will i have to carry it? help me!!!

Use the man wash. Can be embarasing but by friday evening you won't care pluss free T-shirt !

dont bother with sun cream just wear a batman suit!!kept me nice andcovered yet was breathable. cant walk 20 metres without someone coming up to you! however tends to get you crowd surfed alot and is quite revealing.

Hot, sweaty, wearing wellies.... well i found an amazin way to stay outta the sun. All you need is an afghan scarf and your wellies: place said wellies one either side of your head then drap scarf over the top trust me it helped.... alot!

You don't need guideropes on your tent, just DO NOT put them out.SUNCREAM. I got horrifically burnt over the weekend.Also, make sure you don't carry a bag around with you.. I got incredibly annoyed when I couldn't get in the pits, as I was too scared I'd drop my bag :( Jeans!

Hey, im underage, if i bring alcohol or buy alcohol whilst im there.. next year that is.. will they id me?

if you put up a flag your doing yourself and everyone else a favour (props to the legends in badger village)if your grounds soft it's easy, find a cheap fishing rod (£1 store is good for that) or spare tent pole, jam it in the ground and hoist your flag

i like very much reading town and river

i went to reaidng and my biggest tips would be:go singledon't expect to be able to weeDrink lotschat to evryoneand have the best time of your life!because i did!

Avoid sitting on bonfires... i learnt the hard way

If you have a empty box from beer keep it - you can use it as a toilet when you need a dump and can't face the khazis

Lily, Caversham
If you want NICE FREE LOOS, FREE FOOD, PHONE CHARGERS or local knowledge come and see Caversham Baptist Church opposite Waitrose. We will be open Thurs 6-9pm, Fri 10.30a.m- 12.30pm, Sat 10am - 3pm, Sun 10am - 3pm.

Trying to get to the site by thurs lunch, is this early enough to get a decent camping spot? Also, looking for clarification on the searches/sniffer dogs on entry?!

Stevo - I was in that parade! Bin steel drums are amazing. Glad we shared such an ace memory! Cannot wait until this year, see you all on the weekend! Woop woop.

Edd Wright Dynamite
Here's some pitching tips! It is common sense but here goes.Try to avoid pitching your tent near1: A Hedgerow - because people will use it as a toilet and theres NOTHING you can do to stop them. 2: Anywhere upto and including 30ft of a toilet - they seriously stink 3: Next to a walkway - people will tread on, trip over, fall into and be sick on your tent plus when trucks drive past and the headlights are shining through your tent you **** yourself. Why am i saying all this? I'm giving away my best tips i don't want everyone taking good pitches! Ignore everything i said! Ha ha haHere's my final tip.No one likes to poo in one of those portaloos so me and my boys do this: Take a poo just before you leave the house on thursday. Then about halfway through the festival (either sat or sun morning before the bands start - i know i know getting up! its a pain but worth it!!) and take a stroll into town. This way you can get two things done. You can purchase supplies from the supermarket but more importantly you can walk into a pub and take a nice relaxing ****.SEE YOU THERE! READING ROCKS!

DON'T WORRY. You dont need to bring anything. Just go out and buy in the local shops. (made this mistake at glasto - and there weren't even any shops but i would prefer to pay more to end the physical torture).I reckon £60 and you're sorted for drink and food for the duration of the festival. And probably a couple of packs of 'grettes. Chill out.

Don't put up the guy ropes on your tent. They're not necessary, and your tent is a lot more likely to get wrecked if you have use them. Guy ropes, darkness, drunk people and lots of tent packed together do not mix well.

Don't do drugs

Is it still ok to arrive Thursday?Also, don't poo in plastic it kills the world! Use newspaper & throw it into a bush.

this year the best field to camp in is WHITE FIELD but that is the family camping place so otherwise go to purple as it is nearly as good

I live in Reading. I am going to a festival 400 miles away this weekend. Make what you like of that.

ive been to reading once with my dad who i didnt know very well and we just went for the saturday in 2004that was so weirdthis is my first year for the full weekend with all my friendsand we're all from Jersey, channel islands.

all you need is lots of mates and lollys for when u need something to eat and ur very drunk

Peteicus The Reading General
Having been to reading a fair few times I knows its easy to get caught up in the excitment.. I am giddy now with 3 days to go!my advice is as follows1. Wet wipes.. if you cant shower theses are awesome and cheap too!2. beers. Warm or cold, they get you drunk, you can earn em by collecting rubbish and you can make friends using alot of beer3. Condoms - If that reading cuttie is putting out - Don't be a fool, wrap your tool.. reading memories and herpes dont mix4. an open mind.. speak to everyone you can, see alot of music, experience everything.. no one will judge you..5. spare cash and a zippable pocket.. it sucks to lose stuff so zip it upHave fun y'all who are going maybe you will see me!x

Field advice please!?
which is the best field to camp in?

bu a funnel and take a medium length of hose, dig a hole by your teny, bridge the bottom with sticka and rocks, put end of hose in and fill with mud, put other end into tent and place funnel on the end, heypresto,a toilet!!! take a small bottle of dettol to pour down after.

steph, reading5284
does ny1 know if you can buy weekend tickets for reading '07' when you get there?????

i am 12 how do u suppose i feel while goingilove all the bands that are goingbut i can't stress this very muchsunglasses will stop people from knowing you haven't had any sleep

Work hard, Play Hard
You can get 10p for every cup u hand back in. and if u gigve in ure used gas canister, you can get a chance at free weekend tickets for next year. Also don't burn your tents, its bad for the environment. Leave them if u want, they go to a good cause. oh yeah....and alcohol.

How much money wili i need for weekend?

3 things i couldnt have survived without last year:1. wellies - keep your tootsies safe :)2. babywipes - portable shower!3. looroll, and lots of it! - to wipe, line the toilet seat, wipe up sick, etc.

can someone please tell me about all the different camping fields?x

Andrew Barron
Stay in a nice hotel

Big Al
Just wondering, do you get checked for ID if you are taking alcohol into the campsite or if buying it inside the arena?

Never ever padlock your tent up, it just calls out to people "theres some really expensive stuff in my tent".Take a fair bit of money with you, lots of alcohol and just make friends with everyone and anyone and you'll have a great time!

Grape Nuts
my top tips in the form of a list. malibu. ribena that is in fact sloe gin. baby wipes. bin bags. SAFETY PINS - EXTRAORDINARILY USEFUL. mills and boon novels. blankets made into ponchos. fancy dress. butterfly cakes. toilet roll. take a random photo (get loads of people to pose together - best photo you will ever take. fact. my last one has a naked man in it). reading - you'll love it.

girls! u mite b prepared to rough it a little but those loos are horrific!! especially in the mornin when ur stil a little fragile from the night before! top tip - take an empty fabric sorftener bottle - itsa perfect portaloo! they have a wide bottle neck so easy to aim into. just remember to make sure no1 can see u and that u empty it away from ur camp!

Mark Jones
3rd reading experience this year, its ace. whatever you do, do not try and attempt to jump across the stream. i did and fell in only to discover that the local camp site use it as a loo. not nice. bring wet wipes, i cannot stress that enough. see you all there. x


Beth Fanny
sooo excited about reading 2007! for those who haven't camped before don't be scared! the fields are muddy and the toilets smell but when you get there you won't care about any of this! reading festival weekend is the most amazing experience. forget about the real world around you. this weekends all about having a laugh with your mates, dressing like a nutter, rolling around in the mud and listening to some awesome music

Another black bin bag trick....Use it to poo into. This can be then thrown into the nearest bush at your own convieniance. Not the best enviromentally sound piece of advice ever but it's that or the porta loos.

Don't pinch the trolleys from supermarkets. Local residents still have to do their shopping! Show a bit of courtesy please.

i gurantee that you will have the best time of your life! basically when you arrive make sure that you pitch your tent up first thing! dont listen to your mates and get drunk when you get there...cos when you get back to your camp at 6 in the morning with no tent up and close to passing out..your gonna regret it!!

A hat, haiwian shirt, wipes, beer, snicky snacky snoo's, toothbrush, chewing gum, toilet roll, a peg (for nose), water, alka selzers (hangovers) paracetamol, pro plus (keep yourself wired for the whole weekend, you sleep for a week after though) sunglasses, glow sticks, if your going with your friends try and where summat distinctive our choice is hawaiin shirts for the day and glow sticks by night as you can find each other a lot easier, a lot of people will be there. ALso at reading you can travel light and get all you need from the shops in reading. After the weather, wellies a necessity! In 2005 my mate brought his tent rolled it out and realised he forgot the poles, causing much amusement, he then had to buy a pretty dodgy looking one at woolworths. so remember your poles! Poncho is handy.

Jason Mahoyage
it's my first time going but im only going for the sunday, and i was just wondering if anyone could help me with some info please =]if ya got

Martin Eightiesdisco
If you are turning up early on the wednesday or thursday or are one of the staff or media types onsite with nothing to do, why not check out the Reading Fringe Festival, see for details.

Been to reading festival since i was 15 and i'm now 21 and i'm going again! Don't worry Festival virgins - you will have THE best time of your lives! The older you get the stranger it is though, the change in music seen from indie/ punk rock to emo/ new indie is bad enough but then you realise your out of the crazy 'this is the first time i've got REALLY drunk' crew!Anyways, it's all great! Camping wise, if you want a crazy ride, go for the front of green or yellow and if you want a bit less manic but still a whole lot of fun, camp between green and brown or yellow and orange. Camping at the back, in orange or brown is for people who really do want it quiet but to be honest, it's too far to the arena when youn realise you actually do wanna see some bands.Girls - key item is a bikini. Wear it as underwear, if it's hot wear it, wear it in the showers, if it rains wear it with a bin bag! So diverse!Also, take WELLIES! They are essential - if it looks like there is even going to be a spot of rain - take them! Also take long socks, leggins or tights to avioid wellie burn around your calves!Take booze! It's expensive there! Take food too! Classics are the pot noodle, crisps, bread, chocolate. Also, i advise taking red bull drink or pro plus tablets as noone sleeps!If your a girl that likes her home comforts... Take a bigger than average tent, 4 or 6 man for 2 people. Take a pillow in an old pillow case, take a roll mat, sleeping bag etc. Make up your bed first thing. Take battery powered straightners. Bikini, travel towel, shampoo etc and take a shower daily! Make up remover wipes and make up for putting it back on!Exchange your ticket for a wristband AS SOON AS YOU GET THERE! Do not wait just coz there is a queue, we Brits love a queue! You will no doubt loose your ticket or get it nicked if you dont do this.And finally, have blast! See the best bands, make new friends, pull a random, wear whatever you want, get as drunk as you like... and collapse in a heap in your room at home Monday lunchtime after the best long weekend of your life!

Matthew "Stumpy" Jones
Apart from clothes, make sure you take two things with you - WET WIPES and a roll of BLACK BAGS. Wet wipes, for a good clean of face, hands and pretty much everywhere else. Black bags, to sit on, rubbish, where as a poncho for rain, put on ure heads temporary waterpoof shoes, the use of black bags are endless.. Have a good festival peeps!

always take a cheap tent and a bucket, pitch it close to your tent and have an en suite tent.

Go to the wine stall, much easier dancing around with a bottle than a big cup.

Bridie - do you still have those tickets!? email me olivia.skailes@virgin.neti will buy all of them, or 2, or 1...

theres only 2 of us sharing one tent, we want to make a camp fire how can we stop people camping infront of us?

If you live in Reading, spend the whole weekend at the campsite - its much more fun and less effort than trekking home every day!For everyone else, chill out and enjoy it all. Camp in green camp for the closeness to the arena and go on drunken crusades into yellow and brown once the music has finished.Of course the most important thing is to watch out for Team Adequate - we are the people in the pink shirts. If you want a crazy weekend camp near us!

McMaster GeeGee
make friends from camps around, and fire watch people (they get beer coopons),arena toilets are the only ones for poo's,airport wheels are ace for creats of beer from the trucks outside,chairs are ace as the ground is crap,endless supply of marshmellows and advitise it, you can sell them and make friends,and finaly bring french rum and have a drinking compotition till one of your friends play fights with another then falls and sits in the fire then spends sun day till 4ish in the 1st aid tent and arrives back at camp still drunk. it will be the best ever and you will not ever forget it.have fun, McMaster GeeGee

First off, the toilets in the camp areas are never THAT bad. Don't get me wrong they aint nice, but probably the biggest barrier is you own imaginaion. Take some wet wipes, wipe the seat and then relax... However they do stink so consider carefully where you pitch your tent. Many a time have i grinned as I hear someone on the thursday pitch there tent saying 'wow i can't believe there are so many spaces near the loos' come sunday most of them have the vacant look of people who can no longer imagine smelling anyhting pleasant ever again. Also the sunday night tends to be almost frighteningly anarchic, so watch who you cam next to - it's all funa and games till someone gets lit on fire. Keep you valuables on you at all times and don't bring anything more expensive than a mobile phone similarly, when you go to sleep make sure all valubales are INSIDE THE TENT. Bring a change of shoes and socks-especially if you flat footed like me- or your soles could becoming pained from being stuffed in the same shape for so long.Oh yeah have fun.

dry shampoo. For those of us who can't sacrifice clean hair.

Dr.Martin; officially 11:30, can run on or finish earlier depending on lineup changes!

Its my 1st time this year at Reading - 1st time at any type of festival. I booked it on a whim with some friends and im slightly worried now what to expect - i am a girl that likes her home comforts - been camping before - in a motorhome with a flushing toilet not this under canvas lark! Its not the music im going for its the huge experience that i should have had years ago when i was in my late teens not late 20s but never had the nerve to go! so rock on Reading 2007 and lets have 4 days of non stop fun - perhaps then i can grow old gracefully :P

dr martin
does any one know what time the main stage generaly stops ...?

im 15 will be 16 when i go so im quite young ANY ADVICE for me????

baby wipes trust! u really wont get a chance for a shower so the get the next best thing!

suncream, water, alcohol, crisps, a warm hoodie and FRIENDS!

specialized security
been workin reaing 4 over 10 year my advise 4 all is just g n enjoy ther is cat teams n spcialized security teams constantly working with bekshire constabulary n meanfidler 2 try n ensure the saftey of al fest goers make this year a god safe one as we intend 2 oh n pleeze pleeze leave out the troly,s n matches aint a god idea either its beter 2 pay a litle more for fire lighters n def more safer so enjoy safley n if in doughbt ask the security there there 2 help event hough were fae glasgow

its just me and my friend going and we're only just 18...pretty scared...any advice..also we're coming all the way from Belfast

6th Hour Heroes
If you want to get to the front quick, either shout; "Ive got craps" or "Mummy mummy, where are you?" everyone will part Moses styly!

6th Hour Heroes
Only do a poo in the arena toilets, can't stress that enough.

helen yeah
take a torch and remember everyone smells just the same as you do

They don't usually search on entry, although there are often police dogs at the gates on the first day, although I'm not sure if they are sniffer dogs...The police very rarely make busts....As for the person selling tickets, do the right thing and sell them at face value to someone who really wants them! We need to stop all this touting, as it's not only ripping off thousands of people, but it's hardly in the festival spirit!

I've been to a couple of very tame festivals before, nothing big like Reading-I can't wait. There's a great site with loads of tips on it: I've seen loads of people giving really practical advice here-don't follow it! Get drunk, muddy, exhausted and wake up in someone else's tent. Come on, how often does that happen? It's all about the experience.

Ready for reading this year 2007, we got VIP lucky enough, but now listening to you lot go on about dont camp behind the main arena im a little worried, as were are behind main arena VIP... oh well sure it will be a blast

Are there many drugs there? Do the Police make lots of busts?

take a chair, you start to miss them by saturday when you've sat on grass or stood for the last two days.Dont go to waitrose the prices are ridiculous.Go halves on a tesco value duvet and pillows with the person your sharing a tent with, they make all the difference.

just wondering?
do they search at entry?

Bring your own bog roll!

2007!!!!! cnt wait
when abouts do u put ur tent up??? and how do u no wt campsyt u r in??? i cnt wait!

i'm a festival virgin too. i have 3 tickets for sale and am wondering when/where is best to sell them?

i was wondering if i can sleep in my car? i have a one day ticket for saturday, does anyone know when you have to vacate the car park?

Always buy a tent that stands out, because my cousin last year thought he was going to be the only person with a UK tent, when we arrived the only tents there was the UK tents the amount of times he opened the wrong tent! also there is no need to take so much equipment anf food, jus buy it there its a mission carrying it all otherwise trust me

camping near a tree (not right next to it but a few tents along) is ideal! the toilets are disgusting after a day so a tree is perfect for midnight loo trips! haha

i lost about £60 i do not no how, just look after your money. this did not stop me from having the best weekend of my life !!

this year was my first time an it was awesome. lucy expect a lot of alcohol and happy random new people to talk to, try to keep your money safe.. probs' best not left in the tent.. oh, and bring wellies.. just in case. p.s. crazy as crazy can be.. e.g on my weekend; drug busts, rubber pirateships , balloon fights & starting a 100 people+ parade on sunday night singing like alcohol injuiced crazies using the the big green barrels as drums.. oh and mud fights (friendly) hahahah.. youll love every second of it!! have fun x

i have never been to reading befor and am scared of what to expect. can u teel me exactly what to expect and what the best and craziest things to do there are??? thanks

Don't fear the crowd! Get your barging and proding method perfected to get to the frount and middle or find somone big and scary looking who the crowed part for automaticly and follow in their wake. Join in with crowds and crazy groups of singing dancing night time nutters youll have much more fun than sleeping or shakeing with fear in your tent. Be as part of the festival don't fight it

People say to leave on Sunday night, but i say don't, it's the best night people are a little crazy but it's really not scary or threatening just loud. Come for the music but don't forget the atmosphere!

Unless you are one of the idiots who like to smash and burn things and generally put people in danger on the last night, i recommend leaving Sunday night for your own safety.

i say just have fun loose yourself, dance new moves with bands you never thort you would dance or even listen too! do stuff out the ordinary like take baby wipes too wipe your ass with coz you dont want that itchy peanut feeling that burns your ass to hell!

whatever you do... watch out for the river. do not fall in it or think you can jump over it in the dark while pissed. i made that mistake and its f****** disgusting.

make friends with the people in the tents around you and remember to get their numbers at the end of it, so you can find them again the next year! and if the people around you have a campfire, invade it, seriously the dont mind!

ed the readin fez head
always b prepeared like d scouts how r cool people not alll nerdy alway hhav d right amount of beer and bring a rain coat and dnt pee on security or go 2 cavesham i is filled with chavs

in the evenings, stand on the main walkways and see how many new people you can make friends with...i managed about 60 in 15 mins! (also helps if uve had a bit to drink)

G Spot Wilson
Heading to the Oracle for the dump but can't be arsed with the inevitable queue? Go to House Of Fraser opposite...there are bogs in there hidden in the restaraunt that are always deserted! Ignore these people who say camp as far from the arena as possible...when you're tired, sweaty and drunk you really don't want a mammoth treck to your tent!

Eddie Jarvis
(A way to make MONEY!) take sooo much beer that you cant even handle so you can sell it at around 4 AM when everyone is asking for a beer youll make a small fortune.

Eddie Jarvis
Invite random people to your campfire at night, they always give new advice and lots of crazy talk that keeps you entertained all the way through the early hours of the moring (about 5 oclock AM!!) and also crowd surf!!!! its the best thing since sliced bread!! WOO!

go and get pizza hut buffet about 15mins walk from the festival. 5.49 all you can eat pizza and pasta and salad. and nice clean toilets and sinks.

miss zinc incubator jones
camp near the arena, and use the toilets last thing at night and first thing in the morning. it also means it's not a trek to head back for a cheaper lunch (super noodles for 28p or arena noodles for £4?). get a trolley and camping stools. you can escort beer from outside that isn't carling. and when it rains you'll be mighty glad you bought the stools. so will your friends. scrounge as much as you can, and try to spot the nicest looking security guard. do something different.

If your going at the front of the main stage, wear a spikey top to stop others from pushing in front of you!!

it was my first year this year and ive got a few things i learnt: dont wear a skirt!! can jump around more and get shoulder carrys off of people if u dnt av 1 on! take bog roll with you as there is neva enough and when you need to 'go' give yourself alot of time as there is normally big queues.

Nicolas Cage
Always remember to be kind to your neighboring campers, you don't know when you'll need their help...

Buy cheap own brand beer from iceland, and exchange it for beer tokens at the carling warm beer exchange! ice cold carling for 20p a can?!? bargain

george 123
Look at the weather, if its not looking too good take down your tent.....its better to take down adry tent in dry conditions than to take down a wet tent in wet conditions

jason, ten year vet 1991-2000
Take your own wood, enter and leave through the back way under the railway bridge, pitch your tent in the smallest field as there is always a fence very near-by to take a slash and always have Sunday lunch in a pub in the suburbs (the toilets are always clean)

upset mom
Just had a call from my son who is at Reading, some nasty piece of .... has stolen his belongings, money, keys, trousers ... what can I say, those who haven't had anything stolen, yet, make sure you can hide them well if you can.

dont take anything you are not prepared to loose and take your own bog roll

Get a wristband before you go in, covers the little bit of paper they put on your wrist, seriously, priceless, then you aren't checking your arm every day!

Take a good old snorkel parka with you. It will keep you dry, it makes an effective sleeping bag at night and when it just gets too muddy to wear you can rip out that orange lining to use as loo paper!

If u need the loo wait till nightfall....

The D
The answer is.....ALCOHOL!!!

For the love of god never be without a packet of wet wipes and immodium plus, when festy belly hits you aint got time to waste!! a couple of immodium at the first sign of rumbles and then one each morning and hopefully you wont poo for a week!

Take ear plugs cos you always get some numpty who likes to bang on the steel bins till 8am. Take your own wet wipes/loo roll and take decent footwear (i bought some leather steel toe capped boots from the Leeds festival 2 years ago for £15 - best thing i did.

Most important thing take a toilet roll. And dont get annoyed by the chanting during the night join in it's what it's all about. Try and camp near people who look like a good laugh and make some new friends.

don't shag a stranger on the sunday night. chances are they haven't washed for a few days

I have been going to Reading festival for over 30 years, and it makes me laugh seeing people ask for advice - JUST GO and enjoy yourself, remember there is no shortcut to experience so add the Reading experience (good or bad) to your life list. Enjoy

Tight jeans, homemade printed vest, leather jacket, big sunglasses and pumps! u gotta look cool!

If you live in Reading, yuou're much better off going home for the night instead of camping!

Get your 'toilet visit' out of the way for the day (I think we know what I'm talking about) and go around 6am. You can take your home comforts with you (wipes/nose pegs/hand washes/toilet rolls etc.) with you because you're not in the main'll feel like a king/queen! The other benefits are: no queues guaranteed, they're not all hot from the sun so the smell isn't as rank and you're free for the rest of the day to concentrate on getting bladdered...

bring some Lynx along. Then, when you're about to go to the toilets, spray the end of your shirt with it. Then hold it to your nose and leg it in there. You should make it through.

Davey Boy
Instead of holding in your poo until you're bursting and then having to drop it in the nastiet porter loo ever, keep and eye out for nice looking not so busy ones (you will find at least a couple) and do the deed there and then. Also keep an eye out for the pizza stall that offers "free salad" take your piece of pizza off the plate and litterally cover it with the free salad. Means you stock up on the old vitamin C and they can hardly complain, i mean the price you'll pay for one slice would buy you 3 whole pizzas and 10 bags of salad back in the real world

loopy lou
easy. take some talcum powder. If your feet are consantaly damp it gives the feeling that its dry. Plus if you pull your feet smell fab and fresh!

If you have to buy of a ticket tout on ebay make sure they have a good record and teir profile isn't set to private... my GF and her friend payed a total of £400 for both tickets and are still waiting to recieve them now! (this being the day before we are going to leave)... :D my tout sent me mine 4 days ago... :( it cost £200

when going to the toilets stick some vics vapour rub up ya nose!! honestly it does help - oh and dont forget wet wipes

Daily Mail reader

If you have long hair, tie it up or some ittitating kids behind you in a crowd might try to burn it/cut it off.

phil longshaw
get up realy early and walk into reading town centre as all the pubs open for breakfast then you can use their toilets and washing facilities(and have real tea in a china cup) its cheaper than on site too!

jimbo,for munch just take a mess tin with lots of
for munch just take a mess tin with lots of noodles,or just go to the salvation army,there tomato soups r awesome,u even get bread for a mere 25p!!

dont take a whole toilet roll, spend the few months before using half of a toilet roll and keeping the other half to fit in your pocket for a more ladylike walk to the toilets...

DJ Dreadnought
If you bump into someone who looks a bit suspect then they usually are! If you take your lady friend back to the tent last thing at night, DON'T leave your torch on, you'll end up providing an impromptu shadowplay for the benefit of the other campers..

Any thiefs are so going to know where to look after reading this forum!! hehe

Bring wellies-seriously, they were a godsend! Trainers just sink into the mud and get waterlogged too easily. Keep your valuables with you at all times, do not leave them in your tent.Bring loo roll and wet wipes, and lots of socks! Also, bring lots of layers to wear at night-it is really cold at night! In the evenings, walk around the campsites and talk to random strangers-there are always drunken parties going on which are so much fun! Keep an open mind and just let go-that way you will have the best weekend of your life!

If you aren't sharing a tent with mates, buy a 3 man one for yourself-you will appreciate that little bit of extra luxury when it's raining or later at night. There's nothing worse than crawling out of a one man tent hungover, smelly and wet!

I know it's the Carling weekend and that, but beer really isn't the best festival drink: it's low in alcohol content, gets warm easily and when it gets warm it's pretty much undrinkable. Oh, and it makes you need to pee a lot. Best sticking to spirits and wine, or try the legal high stalls! Last time I did that I started watching Morrisey. I don't even like Morrisey - crazy!

Dru, SonOfNicholas,
take a roll of bin liners, cut out large square of plastic, cut smaller round hole in middle, wayhay instant clean toilet seat. be kind and leave it for the next user!

Bring Twister! It's the perfect festival game.

Girls! Take a plastic tupperware box so you can fill it with water from the nearby taps, and a travel bottle of showergel then you can wash your face, hands and (if you get lucky...otherwise there really is no point) shave your legs and pits in the privacy of your tent...don't bother trying it with moisturiser unless shaving rash is a good look for you. Have fun!

put your wallet,money,belongings that are REALLY VALUABLE UNDERNEATH YOR TENT! no one will look there.

egg man
dont eat egg there

you can wee and poo in pringle tins!! very useful

Put you wallet and other expensive stuff at the bottom of your sleeping bag when you go to sleep at night... The theives wont get your hard earn cash while you dream of The Eagles Of Death Metal!

Babushka and Janis
we have only one time been to reading festival becuase we come from Russia but we can announce, there is no party time like english party. it is unhappy that this year we cannot join in the party but we will guide you on our past life at reading. howevermore last year was party time with lots of sing-song and parafin fires kept our hearts warm. we mistake as we are next to the porta-loo's which on friday shmelled of lemony fresh but by sunday smelled a little whiffy like cows in russia. so we guild you to camp far from this schmelly area. we also found too many tents but we soon be-friended our neighbors who really enjoying the russian culture. chips and burger for breakfast, lunch and dinner but this is the reading way to absorb alcohol. in russia we absorb whole bottle of vodka and we still walk pleasently but reading festival gentlemen are not so well-equipped. one day we awoke to find a used nappie hanging on our tent, these is one crazy thing, so for tip, use pampers instead of portaloo, it is quick and entertaining. but do dispose on other russians tents, much sincere love russian solutes to the gentelmen of reading, last tip of today: take it all off bayby, babushka and janis ps. stay clean, nobody likes flies!

Rhys' Pieces
lots of talk about camping without a ticket/ bribing the stewards.... don't be offended if they say no to a bribe, it could cost them there job, so be nice to them! and don't lug beer on the train, on the walk to the site every shop has an artic parked outside with cheap crates of lager for a good price, easier to get it there so you don't have to carry it so far. and don't forget carling are swapping warm cans of any brand for cold carlings.... so don't bother bringing the fridge, but a cool box can be useful... stops your sun cream going all runny as well !

go to the toilet before leaving the main arena at night. and try not to go until morning. the main arena toilets flush. and are therefore cleaner.

James C
If you dont want somebody stealing your fold out camping chair, take a bike chain and set up camp near a tree. Nobodies having that away!

Tread gently on anyone who looks at you sideways. Don't have lots of long lie-ins. Wear sturdy socks, and shoes. Never eat food that comes in a bucket. If you don’t know how to meditate at least try to spend some time every day just sitting. Play a musical instrument and sing untill the sun comes up. Sleep with somebody you like – but not in your own tent. Never turn down an opportunity to shout ‘**** them all’ at the top of your voice. Avoid bigots of all description. Don’t wear tight underwear. Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that, who cares? He’s a mile away and you’ve got his shoes. Clean your teeth and keep the company of people who will tell you when there’s sumit on them. Pretend to hate The Enemy—it makes them feel useful. Avoid people who say they know the answer. Keep the company of people who are trying to understand the question. Don’t pat animals with sneaky eyes. If you haven’t heard a good rumour by 11 am, start one.Salute everybody. Above all, go to Reading Festival at least once in your life. Listen to the music and have a beer. When you feel the atmosphere lift all the weight from your shoulders, you’ll know what I mean when I say: It’s good to be alive.

Pitch ur tent away from the main path and near or in line with something recognisable i e a post or gazibo this way u can remeber ur root back to ur tent at night a lot easier especially after youve had quite a few. when you arrive if its been raining at all in the morning or night before put on your wellies even if it doesnt look muddy because it will be! and remember enjoy and embrace everything and everyone! yes ur are going to smell what do you expect?? but so does everyone else so u dont notice it!

cooking is a romanic one but not for festivals.. seriously, you wont be bothered. bring cereal bars and teabags. suncream is a total must, and something to cover up with on the second day when your burnt, coz it really hurts. IF YOU CAN FIND THEM, USE THE BLUE PORTSLOOS! they have techni-loo written on the front. they flush and have a sink, but thats not all, they also smell of lemon not, err, otherstuff. but always go to the loo in too's. one of you will need to hold everything/guard the door. heres to a good 06

make a good pitch quite away from the stages, the morning walk is nothing and u need sleep, spesh 2 enjoy the next day. always have a fire and beer at night and make sure u get 2 know the ppl next 2 u. moist toilet roll is a godsend [andrex we praise you] and pot noodle and cereal bars ftW!

Cases of ale could pose a problem to the old biceps on the way to the fest... I havn't experienced it yet to recommend this but the new powdered vodka which is available on the internet now might be worth a try.Take firelighters and bags!

Foxy London
Bring some smelly oil, the ones in the small bottles from the body shop will do, I find lavender is best. Just put some under your nose before entering the toilets and all you smell will be the lavender. People will assume you are taking poppers but it can be a good ice breaker and talking point for those long queues.

joel london!
dont forget if you want a good spot for you and your firends find place big enough for everyones tents with a space in the middle, camp not too far from the loos and water as well as main roads, the thing with them is that although people will be there at the night and thats where you will want to be camp about 20 m away from the road otherwise on sunday nite people might want to burn your tent, but please dont let my last comment about burning scare you, seriously though they do burn tents! once you have a nice spotmark it out and tell people to camp not it that space!

Martin Eightiesdisco
If you are coming down on the Wednesday or the Thursday, why not pop into town and check out the Fringe Festival ? It is the second year it is run, and last year was brilliant. Google readingfringefestival to find out all about it.

Id like to say to Steve down the bottom...yes it is possible to camp over without a weekend ticket, ive done it. You can just walk through into the camping area with a load of people, plus if you get into difficulty the stewards are generally more than happy to take bribes.

Waterproof trousers, jacket and shoes. Wetwipes - alcohol

Get there early on the thursday, especially if your driving, traffic is mental. Dont fall asleep with your leg in the fire. When your friend says he is gonna take a p*** in a bottle in the middle of the crowd, move away! Eat little, drink a lot of beer and take advantage of how close the festival is to reading city centre, toilets and food! Don't expect to get back early on the monday. Reading station will be chocker.

If you are up for facing the loos at their smelliest point take some gum and nice smelling face/hand wipes. Chew the gum when your away from the loos and then step in the loo backwards with the wipe over your nose and mouth. You can taste the smell too :-S Then as soon as your out ditch the gum and use the wipe for your hands. Good luck

Having done my first in 1989 I have seen as much as I thought I could. Advice is to travel as light as possible and only take enough booze to last the late evenings/early mornings. The rest of the time you will or should be in the arena where it is tricky to take booze in to. Take lots of light energy bars and empty bottles to fill up with water and down Pro-Plus. Don't forget the toothpaste also. Can't emphasise enough to make friends with the people that camp round you - they become your eyes and ears when you are not around. Don't camp next to anyone under the legal smoking age at least - obnoxious, loud, cannot handle drink and generally piss you off. Put up some kind of flag to identify your tent - or find a 'land mark' so you can stagger back in the evenings. Best thing is to camp next to someone elses flag. Don't bother with sleeping bags - just take cheap blankets that can double as rugs or extra clothes when cold. Keep your eyes open - there are too many sneaky thieves waiting to take advantage. Don't take valuables then you won't loose them. Don't sleep with certain girls from Hull who scream too much. Tent walls are very thin.


kraig ball
take beeer

Lizzie + Smith
Orange 7 is all nice and tucked away, close enough to the main arena, close to the kick ass yellow camp toilets. car park right next to it if you need a sheltered, yet public, pee. flu pills work a treat for your hangover, gets rid of a stuffy nose, stomach ache, headache and any bruises ... day nurse was my weapon of choice. do not camp right next to a hedge, you'll be bombed by the campers on the other side and swamped by sick and pee etc... two person tents do not fit two people. poo into a binbag in a tent-porch if you're lucky enough to have one. clean yourself vigourously with baby wipes, showers are a total waste of time. party on, copme see us this year. orange seven!!! we'll have some kind of flag.. something peculiar.

Hey this will be my first time a reading. My friends want to know if it possible to camp with out a ticket . i think they plan to buy a saturday ticket if there r for sale on the day.

george peploe
2006 line up is wikid and u cna et single tickets and its says no camping but u jsut go any way and campo they aint tht botherd security r achuly pretty cool

Always bring wellies

bring loads of sox but not to much of any other clothes cuz you dont change that often

dont take stuff your not planing to take home so then you can burn it on monday moring save carrying it home. also dnt sleep on sunday night for startes you cant and also thats when ever one gose crazy. p.s go mc donles in the moring big breakfeast and a nice loo

Buy Converse in the january sales. you can wear tham now and by reading they'll be worn in enough and comfy. the reason why you have to by converce is there indistructable and will survive 3 days of moshing. then when you get home chuck em in da washing machine. P.S. High Tops are best, ankle support.

Camp in the green site. It's quiet and 'boring' but it also means you can get a good nights sleep, if you want fun then walk over to the other sites. Also, eat as little as possible so you don't need to poo.

Craig - Newbury
Wear Camo trousers! These are the best trouser to wear. if it gets hot, just cut the legs off, and u have camo shorts. They dont soak up excessive water and you can tie them at the bottom and tuck them into your BOOTS(another thing to wear) Next year i will be taking: Tent (£10ish - woolworths) Crate of cerical bars (was too 'tired' to cook last year) Sleeping Bag Old Fone And of course......BEER

Amy Newlands
top tips!:Bring Chairs! or some kinda mat to sit on (the ground gets cold after a while), also girls braid your hair before you go that way you wont have to wash it and get your bucket stolen by a bloke in a dressing gown, if someone falls over in the pit pick them up. beers good, but bring some sweet,girly drinks) got the craving for something sweet half way through the weekend and ended up drinking mixers (not nice) bring, a CD player for the campsite, drunken dancing with strangers is always good fun, and a flag so you can find your tent again, see ya at Reading next year guys n girls!

Ali from Cardiff
Woooo! I was a festival virgin til Reading this year...not only that but I went completely one my own (scary!) so I had to very quickly learn the ropes...1) Always take strong shoes...and make sure they're done up! I almost lost my boots in the MCR gig. 2) Love thy neighbour, he's just as crazy as you. Seriously, make friends Thursday night in the dance tent or wandering around the site, and you're set for the weekend. Make sure you take care of everyone and they'll look after you, someone falls in a pit, pick them up. Someone's spazzing out, uh...pour water on them. 3) Beer. And more beer. You never have enough beer! 4) Don't even worry about tent security, just carry anything you don't want nicked on you if you're that worried. Or don't bring it. The only near miss I had was when I caught someone about to pee on mine :s which brings me to 5) Bog roll...assume there won't be any, so bring lots. And 6) Have fun! Don't be afraid to jump in and sing along with other drunks, talk to random people, dance along to someone's stereo, or play with trolleys and bin-drums! Everyone is crazy, drunk and probably whacked out of their gourds on somthing stronger anyway. No one will think you odd, in fact they'll probably love you!

i hope they use more of thos metal group toilet things they had in the yellow site next year, ok so its slightly wrong seeing other peoples urine on the way down but your further away from the smell. also, wake up your day with an aftershock black, burns down your throat but keeps you up for the rest of the day :)

Lula, London
Make friends with as many people as possible, this way if your tent gets ruined, your wallet gets nicked and your hungry, or your too pissed to remember were your own tent is then you will always be with someone whos tent you can sleep in that nite and whos food you can eat or borrow money off. Or the best idea is to drive up in a fat van and sleep in that. That way you can lock it and you wont get wet and noone will interupt your presouse sleep,coz belive me by Friday nite you will need it!

When you recieve your band in return for the ticket ask for it to be out on your left hand. trust me! you do a lot more with your right hand then left hand!!! putting the band on your left hand will protect it more!

don't padlock your tent. avoid the festival breakfast fry-ups at the travel-inn - long queue & £5 for not v much food. cross the bridge into caversham for the huuuge wetherspoons £2.50 fry-up instead. don't wear trainers; wellies, or boots if the weather's good. more comfy, drier & more hardwearing. camp one field away from the main arena, not in the fields right next to it. avoid green camp, it's dark and boring. yellow is the site of choice. bring as big a tent as you can reasonably carry; makes everything more comfortable. bring many pairs of socks & a good jumper.

OK. whichever one of you cheeky beggars knicked my tent whilst i was wondering around, i want it back. Thats cost £35!!!

Alice Noyce
TAKE YOUR STUFF IN A RUCKSACK OR GET A TROLLEY! You will be dead if you take a carry case...i did it... never again!

Bring a scarf! Helps the cold nights pass nicely, and doubles up as a makeshift device to make the god-awful smell in the toilets slightly better!

Martin Eightiesdisco
Don't just turn up and hope for tickets this year. They are all gone.

Helen, Reading
If you need wellies, go to Jacksons next to library! £9.95 :)

mega mark in bedford
choose between the 12 pints of lager or the bottle of jack daniels. trust me - both would be a mistake. bring on edgebaston. no sleep till guildford.

Theres no chance you would get a room in a hotel in Reading this late - you have to book a year in advance! And anyway - camping is brilliant. Sit by your tent with your mates and get leathered all morning before the bands you want to see come on. If you're driving take as much beer etc as you can carry. Also, car parking should be back to normal this year because as far as I know the site hasn't flooded yet so no messing about on crappy boat taxis! Have a good one everybody!! You could also take a load of immodium tablets to save you going to the toilet all weekend but I wouldn't recommend it. Mate of mine expoloded on the sunday once....

Try to take stuff you don't mind binning, then who cares if it gets nicked or ruined. Only wear shorts, they dry much better, jeans weigh half a ton wet. Take lots of imodium and apologise in advance to anyone who shares your loo at home cos come tuesday you are going to pebbledash everything!

Best toilets on site: Near the main stage, first thing in the morning. Check running times for the main stage. This can change and you don't want to miss your favourite band. Nothing on? Stomp around the smaller tents, you never know what hidden gem you'll discover. I've been going to Reading for 8 years and have accidentally seen some spectacular up n coming bands this way (QOTSA, Hell is for Heroes, Biffy Clyro). Bring money, tickets and a tent and you can't go wrong. Town centre is near enough to grab anything you've forgotten. Respect your fellow campers and respect the Reading site. Peace, love and metal to you all xxx

in the morning, before the bands start, its a good idea t go into town and use the john lewis toilets, they are always empty and there always clean, makes the rest of the day peachy.

If it looks like it might rain, buy your wellies before hand. If you wait till your there sellers will rip you of cronic!!!!!

rebecca, east london
dont padlock your tent - they are incredibly easy to cut. or burn for that matter. if you are worried about valubles at night wrap them in socks, put them in the bottom of your sleeping bag and sleep with your head facing the door. better than that - dont go to bed. and take beer, babywipes and binbags. if you have beer - the rest will look after itself. trust me - this reading is my sixth one. have an amazing time.

Hi! Make sure you don't see any bands!! because if you do your tent and all your belongings will get stolen! Just have a nice weekend sitting in your tent watching over your belongings! Well thats what you'll be doing if you listen to the others advice. Take what u wanna take and if it all goes wrong it adds to the experience and something to have a laugh about when you get home!!!! Have a goodun!!!

Edd from Bromley
1) Save empty coke bottles (or any other bottles for that matter). Then if during the night you need a slash, fill up the bottle and dispose the following morning. Handy for the lazy man who can't be arsed to walk to the lavs at 3am. You could even buy cheap funnels from the pound shop if your aim is bad! 2) Gaffa tape is a must have! It has so many uses! 3) I found 3 packs of 300 matches for a £1. I know they're likely to be crappy, but at least if you used the whole box at once, it's cheaper than firelighters. 4) You can never have enough socks and pants. 5) Bin Bags! Use as a rain mac if it rains. Use them to cover your feet and legs if its muddy. Oh, and you can keep rubbish in them too.

Don't padlock your tent. If you do, put up a sign outside saying "There's things to steal in me!", and bear in mind that it's just as easy to slash it. Spread your stuff around the tent, who cares about the mess - unless a theif sees something they want they won't take it, and if you've all made a pile of your phones and wallets then they'll be gone. That said, theivery at Reading isn't that common, and when you're packing you should basically be thinking this is the last time you'll see something - you'll probably set most of it on fire or leave it cos you won't want to take it back. SEE AS MANY BANDS AS POSSIBLE. I couldn't believe how many people didn't do this last year - that's what the fest is for. Don't like the band that's on? Why boo and enrage those who do when you can go and find another band, one you've never heard of before but could love for the rest of your life? If there's really nothing on that takes your fancy, have a look at the markets. Don't announce "this sucks!", decide to get very drunk or sit in your tent - you're wasting the £100 you paid to be there if you do.


Hoops from Reading
Try to make best mates with the locals (Like me!)I always take my own bog roll and some wet wipes. We will be the ones who aren't covered in mud easy to spot! Best not to talk to anyone over 50 cause they hate the festival and think we are all a bunch of smellies who wreck the place and complain about the traffic! Plus if you really lucky and bump into me I am one of the peeps who will cook you a brekkie!! See we are nice people in Reading!! See ya there!

My advice for female festival virgins is don't bother queing for the ladies loos, just use the mens, or as I did last year, squatting between the portacabin loos works pretty well. Don't expect to see anything that resembles toilet roll unless you've bought your own and its in a freezer bag. If the worst comes to the worst, buy the cheapest train ticket you can get (single to Twyford or Reading West should do it) and use the station toilets (they don't let people use the toilets unless you can provide a valid train ticket for the day in question), or if you can manage the trek, the Oracle has lovely toilets. Another must is that hand gel that doesn't require water but kills 99% of germs (like they use in hospitals). Any chemist should sell it, its great for keeping hand hygiene to a maximum, especially if you're unlucky enough to be caught out with the monthlys if you know what I mean. Quite often there is no running water in the portacabins so getting a handwash is something of a luxury over the festival weekend!

bob mcbob
everyones friendly: if your going by yourself, find a group of random people to hang around with, cos its a lot safer

1) Take beer 2) Take more beer... by saturday, you're going to need it. 3) (if goin for the weekend) take 4 sets of clothes, 1 for each day and 1 for clean travelling if you live outside the Reading area. 4) Don't pitch your tent anywhere remotely near a toilet or a hedge. It will smell. And bad it will smell. If you happen to end up in this position, drink more beer... takes the pain of the smell away 5) Bring even more beer.

Freeze small water bottles -they double up as ice packs to keep your beer cool & you can drink them when they've melted.

Find someone who is clearly not covered in mud (or something far worse) by the end of Thursday night. This is your new best friend. If they are *that* clean, then they will usually be locals who have access to a proper loo, running water, shower, loo roll, soap, etc. All of this less than 2 miles away. Pay them a handsome amount and they might let you use their facilities. And if you pay them enough... They might even do you a fry up on their proper cooking apparatus. Yes, I live in Reading!

I hate portable toilets they always smell.

Lindsay Cobbett
If you don't fancy using portable toilets, there's a new range of innovative personal care products: TravelJohn Urinals & Solid Waste Kits. It's for people who have limited access to public conveniences and require a more hygienic way of disposing of their personal waste. The urinals are already listed in major supermarkets, in independent pharmacies, chemists and with direct internet stockists. This year they are also being sold in-house at most major UK festivals and we've already had feedback from users at Homelands, Download & Glastonbury who have thought they are fantastic.

Kit, Plymouth
1) Padlock your tent up (EVEN WHEN SLEEPING - many people including me last year had their wallets and mobile phones stolen while they were asleep) 2) Don't get too intoxicated, I believe you paid to see the bands, not to see yourself and friends do what you could do on any other weekend. 3) Don't queue up at McDonalds thinking that they have a sink to wash your face in. It's one of those silly automatic washers. 4) The portable showers for the Men, don't have many working doors so if you're self-conscious and don't like the idea of weirdos feasting their eyes on your wotsits, then don't queue up. 5) Take a small, cheap stove and many tins, the food is expensive and who wants rat-burgers anyway? 6) Contrary to many comments, take more than just one set of clothes, this will mean you can change into a nice fresh outfit once one is ruined - (it will get ruined through wet and muddyness) 7) Don't eat the syrup waffles, the syrup drips off the waffle onto your trousers and makes it look like you have been caught short. (I suppose it's a way of fitting in) 8) Try not to eat much Fibre, or if you do, wait until you get into the arena to go to the toliet, the toilets have toilet roll (a neccesity anyway) and are not just a plastic hole leading to a cesspit. 9) Forget about going back to work on Tuesday 10) One month prior to the festival, stand each day for 6 hours - increasing the amount each day by 10 minutes. This will build up your legs and feet and stop tiredness ready for the festival.

Alay, Reading
I've lived in Reading all my life, there's a big mess around festival time. Book into a hotel, try Donnington Hotel, London Road and just get a taxi from there. Avoid the camps!

Louise, Reading
i would definately take some black bags! also....the ponchos they sell on-site leak after an hour and u end up getting wetter than everyone else so wear a swimming costume and some shorts with black bags up ur legs if need be! its well worth it! highly recommended and if ur a proper festival goer u wouldnt 2 fingers about rain and mud and do as u please! ;0) enjoy!

Naomi, Reading
It might sound silly, but always check that you've zipped your tent up properly, especially with all the rain we're gonna get. There's nothing worse than trying to sleep in a soaking sleeping bag...

Carly, Norwich
you go for the experience so you expect the grime and sweat however to make it a bit bearable bring lots of warm clothes and the biggest tent you can it gives it that little luxury

Martin, Reading
Don't waste your time queuing up for the boat from the car park - it's at most 15 mins walk, which is far better than an hour wait to get on the boat!

dont forget to bring rubber ducks! they come in handy wen on ur own ! (some one to talk to)

sounds impossible... but its best if you try to find an alternative to jeans for the weekend as they are heavy and uncomfy when wet, take forever to dry and tend to soak up mud too!

1) Boooooozzzeeee! drink shots, JD, spirits etc when possible, saves having to go bog all the time. 2) Bring seats for late night/ early morning intoxication gatherings. 3) footwear! Make sure to bring wellies/old trainers 4) face wipes...bit of hygiene won't go a helps with the ladies 5) Go in to town to take a dump, bring lots of toilet paper 6) Pitch up away from the main arena, your tent will be a doormat! 7) Sensible clothes for moshing... change of underwear, no jewellery or valuables 8) Banners, inflatable dolls etc to get you on TV 9) Mates! essential to the best weekend of the year 10) Line your stomach, pizza, bread, sausage rolls...

harrow! my advice to all you is to poo before you go!

it might be a good plan to visit some kind of novelty shop before you get to the site, or use the stalls on the picadilly row. then u can hav a proper festival complete with cowboys an' injuns.

Firstly, don't book a hotel! Reading festival is all about the experience! Take your wellies, and look after them! Mine were swiped from outside my tent last year along with half a crate of beer! Boys, toilets are a long walk. The blue bins provided make awesome toilets (blurinals!), just make sure the girls aren't around becasue they seem to have a problem with it (?!). There's a lot of great shops around Caversham, and the Tesco petrol station is great for supplies (and cheap of course). All the festival goers tend to wreck the booze selection, so there's quite often deals on split multipacks which are really cheap! A lot of stuff you pack isn't going to make it home again, so bear this in mind when packing. Tesco are selling the same fold up chairs as there were last year for £3.47! They're really comfy and for that price you may as well burn it at the end and buy a new one next year. Basically, get drunk, get muddy, have fun!

breathe regularly. Don't put your head in fires. Avoid getting eaten by badgers. Watch Steve Irwin for further advice about protecting yourself from crocs and never take advice from Lemar, he's not good with advice.

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