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28 October 2014

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Henna tattoos

Henna Painting

Henna tattoos are becoming increasingly popular in Western culture, but do you know how long it is going to last on your skin?
Check out the top ten facts of Henna painting and go tell your mates.

Henna painting is a distinctive part of the Asian culture, it is used in important occasions such as Asian weddings.

Henna has been used in the Asian culture for many years and is hugely popular amongst the Asian women.

Although Henna looks great on the skin, it also holds many interesting facts within itself...

Top Ten facts about Henna painting

The word Henna derives from the Urdu language but the Hindi word for it is Mehndi.

2. Henna is an ancient art of body decoration.

3. Depending on the skin type/colour Henna can last up to four weeks.

4. Henna is simply a green plant and its Botanical name is Lawsonia Inermis.

5. Some people actually use Henna on their hair as a dye.

6. Henna paste is created from dried powder derived from Laesonia Inermis, it's a small shrub that grows in hot climates such as Pakistan and India.

7. Henna is very traditional amongst Asian brides, as they put a lot of it on their hands and feet.

8. Henna is also used as a medication to soothe headaches and fevers.

9. Henna leaves and oils are used as deodorants and anti-perspirants.

10. Henna plant is considered a symbol of love, eternal youthfulness and long life.

Henna painting started off as a cultural tradition, but now people all over the country have started taking courses to find out more about it.

Look out for my Henna painting feature next week.
Henna tattoos
Henna tattoos
Henna tattoos

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