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Category: Committees

We do much of our work in small committees that report to the full Trust. This page outlines what each committee does and which Trustees sit on each committee.

Complaints and Appeals Board (CAB)

The Complaints and Appeals Board hears appeals on all matters other than editorial standards on behalf of the Trust.

The committee members are: Richard Ayre (chair), Bill Matthews (deputy), and other Trustees as required for expertise.

Editorial Standards Committee (ESC)

The Editorial Standards Committee sets the editorial and content standards for the BBC, and oversees the editorial complaints process.

The committee members are: Alison Hastings (chair), Richard Ayre, David Liddiment, Sonita Alleyne, Bill Matthews and Nick Prettejohn.

Services Committee

The Services Committee ensures that the BBC's public services, together with its distribution and commercial activities, are delivered in line with the licences and frameworks set by the Trust. This includes oversight of Trust reviews and regulatory matters.

The committee members are: Suzanna Taverne (chair), Diane Coyle, David Liddiment, Alison Hastings, Lord Williams and Aideen McGinley.

Value for Money Committee

The Value for Money Committee oversees the budget, financial approvals and value for money processes at the Trust.

The committee members are: Nick Prettejohn (Chair), Diane Coyle, Elan Closs Stephens, Suzanna Taverne and Sonita Alleyne

Trust Management Group

The Trust also has a Trust Management Group, which approves Trust Unit staff remuneration and severance payments over £75,000, and oversees Trustee expenses, conflicts of interest and hospitality and the Trust Code of Practice. The members of the Trust Management Group are Diane Coyle, Nick Prettejohn, Aideen McGinley, Elan Closs Stephens and Lord Williams.

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