Your voice

Listening to audiences

A key part of the Audience Council’s role involves engaging directly with audiences to understand what they want from the BBC and identify any particular issues or concerns. The Council engages directly with audiences across Scotland through a programme of audience meetings, and regularly consults other sources of audience data and comment. The advice submitted to the Trust in recent months on various services and strategies can be seen below.

The Councils Annual Reviews can be found here.

Getting in touch with the Council

A key function of the Audience Council is to engage with and listen to licence payers, and relay their views to the Trust. The value of our work depends on feedback from licence payers.

We want to hear your views on different aspects of the BBC’s work and issues which you think the Council might address on behalf of licence-fee payers across Scotland.

There are several ways you can make your voice heard. If you wish to attend a public meeting organised by the Council, send us your details here.

You can also contact the Audience Council with your views and comments by emailing us.