Council submissions to BBC Trust consultations and other reports in 2009

Arts Report

In 2007/08 the Audience Council hosted a series of discussion events about BBC arts coverage with stakeholders and members of the general audience. It prepared a report for the BBC Trust which suggested areas where arts coverage could be improved.

Radio 2 and 6 Music

The Trust conducted a review of Radio 2 and 6 Music looking at the performance of the stations - including usage, quality, distinctiveness and value for money. The review included a public consultation.

Free-to-air listed events

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport [DCMS] launched a review of the list of sports events which should remain free-to-air. The review included a public consultation.

Council considered the DCMS consultation from the perspective of audiences in Northern Ireland and offered advice to the BBC Trust.

The BBC made two submissions to the DCMS review - July 2009 and March 2010.

The BBC's submissions