Delivering Quality First - supporting evidence

These pages present our evidence in support of our final conclusions on Delivering Quality First, published in May 2012.

Interim findings

In January 2012 we set out our interim findings, focusing in particular on the overall shape of the savings and the specific areas where we asked the Executive to make changes to the plans.

Efficiency proposals

Public consultation

 Audience Councils 

Industry roundtables

Organisation responses 

Several organisations responded requesting that their submission remain confidential.

Significance tests

The Trust is required to undertake a Public Value Test (PVT) where a proposal constitutes a significant change to the BBC's UK Public Services.

In deciding whether a proposal is significant, we look at the impact on users and others (with advice from Ofcom), financial implications, novelty and duration of the proposed change. The significance tests we have undertaken as part of Delivering Quality First are below.

Nations statements

We asked the Executive to set out what the BBC intends to offer audiences in each Nation of the UK as part of Delivering Quality First. The statements prepared by the Executive will be published today on the About the BBC website.

Equality Impact Assessment

Review costs

In line with our commitment to openness and transparency, we publish the costs of all of our major reviews. The cost of this review was around £310,000. This figure includes the costs of all expenditure additional to Trust Unit staff time and includes independent advice on the Executive's efficiency programme, significance tests and consultation analysis.