Broadcasting House

The Trust sets the overall strategic direction for the BBC, approves its strategy and budget and assesses its performance

When the Trust reviewed the BBC’s strategy in 2009 it concluded that, as a public service, the BBC needed to distinguish itself from the rest of the market and hold the trust of the people who pay for it. The Trust’s set four strategic objectives for the BBC for the remainder of the current Charter period which runs until 2016:

• Increase the distinctiveness and quality of its output – all programmes should aim to have a recognisable, distinct BBC quality

• Improve the value for money it provides to licence fee payers – increased efficiency along with increased investment in high-quality output

• Set new standards of openness and transparency – so that the public and the market both understand how the BBC spends its money, how it is performing and what it plans to do next

• Do more to serve all audiences – getting the BBC’s services to the whole population; ensuring there is something for everyone; representing the whole of the UK in its output

Executive pay

Review of pay and remuneration.

Executive pay


Setting new standards in openness and transparency


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