Review of services for younger audiences

The Trust reviewed the BBC services specifically targeted at young people - BBC Three, Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra, and looked at how well the BBC serves younger audiences across all of its TV, radio, and online services.

This included other content for younger audiences, such as BBC Switch and the formal learning provision like BBC Bitesize. For the purpose of the review younger audiences were defined as 13-34 year olds.

Together with the final review, supporting evidence and the BBC Executive's submission to the review can be accessed below.

In line with our duties on transparency and openness, we have made the minimum necessary redactions of confidential and commercially sensitive material in the documents we have released. In line with the Trust's commitment to openness and transparency, we publish the costs of all of our major reviews. The cost of this review was £49,569.70 excluding VAT. This figure includes the costs of all expenditure additional to Trust Unit staff time, such as audience research and the public consultation.

Public consultation

BBC Executive submission

Submissions from organisations

Equality impact assessment