Trust asks BBC Executive to provide more information to help its assessment of Canvas proposal

Date: 04.06.2009     Last updated: 22.04.2015 at 17.24
Category: Television

The BBC Trust has announced the next stage in its assessment of Project Canvas, the BBC's proposals to form a joint venture partnership to help enable the delivery of internet protocol television.

Diane Coyle, BBC Trustee said:

"As part of our assessment process we have just completed a comprehensive consultation of the industry. A common theme that emerged was that more information was needed from the BBC Executive about the Canvas proposal. So in the interests of making a robust and independent decision we have asked the Executive to look at the issues that stakeholders have raised and report back to us. The Trust's processes are designed to give us enough flexibility to reach a final conclusion, whilst maintaining a rigorous assessment of the proposals."

The Trust has now completed a seven week consultation on the BBC's proposal. As part of the consultation the Trust received over 800 submissions from individuals and stakeholders, as well as meeting with over 60 stakeholders. The Trust has considered all of this information carefully. The consultation found widespread support for the delivery of IPTV into the home via broadband. A large number of stakeholders also recognised that the BBC could potentially help both coordinate and accelerate this process. However the Trust has come to the view that in order to give stakeholders a more complete source of information on the proposal it would ask the BBC Executive to provide further information on a number of issues that stakeholders have raised. When provided this information will be published and the Trust will subsequently conduct its second period of consultation.

Other documents

The Trust will today publish all the consultation responses it has received, apart from those respondees who have asked for confidentiality. The Trust publishes these without offering comment at this stage of the process on any of the responses.

Timetable and next steps

The Trust is now requesting from the Executive information on areas including, but not limited to:

  • The choice of technical standards for canvas
  • The way in which the BBC will work with industry bodies
  • Control of the electronic programme guide
  • Governance arrangements for the joint venture
  • The use of editorial controls

The Trust will now delay its second consultation until after the Executive has returned with new information and this information has been shared with stakeholders. The Trust will publish its revised timetable as soon as possible.