Public consultation on BBC Trust governance of BBC World Service, via an operating licence

Date: 25.06.2013     Last updated: 08.09.2016 at 12.20


From 1 April 2014, the BBC World Service will be directly funded from the licence fee, alongside the BBC’s UK output. The BBC Trust will have responsibility for governing the World Service and will do so in a similar way to the approach we take for the BBC’s UK public services. The Agreement we have with the UK Government provides that the Trust will establish an Operating Licence which will complement the Service licences we have in place for each of the UK public services.

The Trust has developed a draft operating licence for BBC World Service and is inviting responses to this consultation from stakeholder organisations, industry bodies and other interested parties, including members of the public.

Scope of this public consultation

The World Service operating licence will be the primary governing mechanism for the World Service. It will set out the remit, objectives and budget for the service and explain how the World Service will contribute to delivering the BBC’s public purposes. It will also set out the framework by which the Trust will assess performance each year.

We have issued a draft operating licence (PDF file, 90KB).

The purpose of this consultation is to gather views on two matters:

  1. whether the operating licence adequately describes the characteristics and other features of the BBC World Service as it is currently provided; and
  2. whether the content of the operating licence is appropriate to allow the Trust to govern the BBC’s World Service.

At this stage, the Trust is not consulting on the validity of the stated remit, scope and contribution to the delivery of the public purposes for BBC World Service.  Once the governance framework is established, the Trust will begin to seek the public’s views on the definition and performance of the BBC World Service as part of its five yearly programme of service reviews.

How to respond

This consultation closed on 20 September 2013.