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The Trust makes decisions about the future of the BBC in the best interests of the licence fee payer. As part of this, we regularly hold open consultations on subjects we are considering. These are usually related to a BBC service, although they can also be on other matters such policy statements about how the BBC operates. These consultations normally take the form of a questionnaire which allows us to ask the public specific questions before we take a decision. All submissions will be taken into account.

Open consultations


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How to respond

Proposed allocation criteria for Party Election Broadcasts 2016

This consultation seeks views on draft criteria for allocating Party Election Broadcasts.

7 Jan 2016

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BBC nations' radio, BBC Alba and news and current affairs on TV and online in the devolved nations

This consultation looks at BBC radio, TV, online and current affairs programming in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

17 Jan 2016

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Draft guidelines for elections around the UK in 2016

We are interested in receiving any comments related to the proposed guidelines and associated appendices for elections around the UK in 2016.

15 Jan 2016

Respond by email

Draft guidelines for the coverage of a referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union

We are inviting your views on the draft guidelines so that the Trust can take these into account when considering whether they should approve the guidelines in their present form.

15 Jan 2016

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Recently closed consultations

BBC Studios and the future of the BBC's production arrangements

This consultation, which ran from 16 September to 20 November 2015, asked for views from interested parties on BBC proposals to transform the majority of the BBC's in-house production unit into BBC Studios, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BBC Group.

Draft amendments to the allocation criteria for party political broadcasts

This consultation, which ran from 15 October to 19 November 2015, sought views on a number of proposed changes by the BBC Executive to the allocation criteria for party political broadcasts.

Tomorrow's BBC - Creating an open, more distinctive BBC

This consultation, which ran from 10 September to 5 November 2015, asked for views on a series of proposals presented by BBC management which it believes will make the Corporation more open and distinctive.

Fair trading policy

This consultation ran from 30 July to 9 October 2015 and asked for the views of industry and other interested parties as part of a Trust review of its fair trading policy.

Proposed changes to BBC Three and other TV and online services

Following publication of provisional conclusions in June 2015, the Trust ran a second consultation from 12 August to 30 September 2015 on the BBC Executive’s proposals to close BBC Three as a broadcast channel and reinvent it online; launch a +1 channel for BBC One; evolve BBC iPlayer; and extend the hours of CBBC.

BBC Local Radio and local news and current affairs in England

This consultation ran from 6 July to 28 September 2015 and looked at BBC local radio in England, together with local and regional news and current affairs output.

Tomorrow's BBC - Your say

This consultation ran from 22 July to 18 September 2015, asking a series of questions from audiences about their opinions on the BBC, such as its range of services and the quality of what it provides. 

Draft distribution framework for BBC services and content

Between 28 April and 26 June 2015, the Trust sought views from interested parties on a draft distribution framework for BBC services and content which brings together in one place the Trust’s requirements relating both to linear (broadcast) and on-demand content.