Have your say

The Trust makes decisions about the future of the BBC in the best interests of the licence fee payer. As part of this, we regularly hold open consultations on subjects we are considering. These are usually related to a BBC service, although they can also be on other matters such policy statements about how the BBC operates. These consultations normally take the form of a questionnaire which allows us to ask the public specific questions before we take a decision. All submissions will be taken into account.

Tomorrow's BBC

Every ten years there is a review which considers what the BBC should do, which helps shape what it does in the future. At the BBC Trust, our role is to represent licence fee payers, and we want to ensure that your views are taken into account by the Government as it considers what the BBC of the future should look like.

This is an opportunity for you to join the debate and to help shape the BBC. We want to make sure that you have your say about the BBC now and how this might impact on Tomorrow’s BBC.

Changes to BBC services - second consultation on proposed changes to BBC Three, BBC One, BBC iPlayer and CBBC

This is our second public consultation on proposals from BBC management to close BBC Three as a broadcast channel and reinvent it online; launch a BBC One +1 channel; evolve BBC iPlayer; and extend the hours of CBBC.

We published our provisional conclusions in June 2015 and gave provisional approval to the plans for BBC Three, BBC iPlayer and CBBC, but provisionally rejected the proposal for BBC One +1. We also proposed a number of conditions to our approval of the plans for BBC Three and BBC iPlayer, which took account of the views we received during our first public consultation.

BBC Local Radio and local news and current affairs in England

The purpose of this consultation is to review BBC Local Radio and BBC local and news and current affairs in England. It covers: BBC Local Radio in England; BBC regional news and current affairs in England on TV; and BBC local news online. The consultation is open until 28 Sep 2015.

Fair trading policy

The Trust has begun a public consultation asking for the views of industry and other interested parties as part of a review of its fair trading policy. The review considers whether any changes or clarifications need to be made to the Trust’s existing fair trading policy or to the competitive impact code on cross promotion, which relates to how the BBC promotes its own programming across its services. The consultation is open until 9 October 2015.