E. Compliance and Oversight

E1 – Trust oversight of the BBC

This protocol explains how the Trust oversees the way in which the Executive Board manages the BBC's day-to-day operational affairs. It is concerned with oversight of business processes and compliance with regulatory and legal requirements (rather than the performance of BBC services).

E2 – Investigations

This protocol explains the BBC Trust's powers to obtain information from the BBC and to investigate specific activities and actions of the BBC Executive Board.

E3 – Complaints framework

This protocol sets out the BBC's complaints framework. It consists of the overarching framework, and associated procedures for handling complaints in respect of various areas of the BBC's operations. These procedures are:

  1. Editorial complaints and appeals procedures
  2. Fair trading complaints and appeals procedures
  3. Television Licensing complaints and appeals procedures
  4. General complaints and appeals procedures
  5. Complaints about the application of allocation criteria to party political broadcasts, party election broadcasts and referendum campaign broadcasts
  6. Complaints about Handling and complaints about the Trust, Trustees or Trust Unit.


E3 – Complaints framework procedures

E4 – Freedom of Information Act – Section 36 decisions

This protocol explains the process the BBC will follow when considering whether it will apply Section 36 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

E5 – Legal proceedings and signing authority

This protocol explains the responsibilities and procedures for signing deeds and other documents on behalf of the BBC. It also explains the authority to institute or defend proceedings on behalf of the BBC and to protect the BBC’s intellectual property.