Complaints about the application of allocation criteria to party political broadcasts, party election broadcasts and referendum campaign broadcasts

How to complain

The BBC Executive make decisions about allocation of party political broadcasts. If you wish to complain about an allocation decision you shoudl do so in the first instance to the BBC Executive through the BBC Complaints website.

How to appeal

If you are unhappy with your response from the BBC Executive you can appeal to the Trust. You can find how to appeal in the full complaints and appeals procedure here:

Complaints framework - Procedure no. 5: Party Political Broadcast, Party Election Broadcast and Referendum Campaign Broadcast complaints and appeals procedures

Fframwaith cwynion y BBC - Gweithdrefn rhif 5: Gweithdrefnau cwynion ac apeliadau Darllediadau Gwleidyddol Pleidiau, Darllediadau Etholiadol Pleidiau a Darllediadau Ymgyrchoedd Refferendwm

Consultation on Party Election Broadcast complaints process

In 2009, the BBC Trust ran a consultation on a proposed new Party Election Broadcasts (i.e. Party Political Broadcasts which take place during an election period) complaints process, covering Party Political Broadcasts and Referendum Campaign Broadcasts. The document below summarises the consultation responses and the Trust's consideration of these.

Summary of responses, (PDF file, 36KB)

In March 2012 the Trust published the timeframe in which any complaint about the allocation of PEBs needs to be received and dealt with by the BBC.

PEB complaints timeframe, (PDF file, 36KB)