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  • Pound signs

    The rent you pay will make you weep in Friday's 3 from Three

    HOW much is the rent?

    £64,000. Yep, that's the amount of money you'll pay in your life if you start renting this year. New numbers also suggest a first-time buyer getting a flat or house this year will have spent £52,900 by the time they move in.

    The Association of Residential Letting Agents based its maths on the average first-time buyer being 31 and people moving out of their family home at 18.

    How will the ceasefire in Syria work?

    World powers have agreed they will push for an end to hostilities in Syria to begin in a week's time after talks in Munich, Germany. But the halt doesn't apply to the battle against jihadist groups Islamic State (IS) and al-Nusra Front.

    US Secretary of State John Kerry admits the ceasefire plan is "ambitious". More than 250,000 people have been killed in almost five years of fighting in Syria.

    Did you feel the ripples in space and time?

    Scientists are claiming a stunning discovery in their quest to fully understand gravity. And it would definitely make Einstein use the high-five emoji.

    They've observed the warping of space-time generated by the collision of two black holes more than a billion light-years from Earth. This means we can now sing "let's do the time warp again" with a small degree of scientific accuracy.

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  • Want to catch up with Cuckoo before series 3?

    Cuckoo series 3 is almost here! But what do you do if you don't have time to watch every episode on iPlayer (which you can do by clicking here) and you really want to know what you're getting into?

    Well, watch this quick recap of Series 1 and 2 and be as prepared as you'll ever be for the return of Cuckoo on February 16th.

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  • Endless love: the animal world's most monogamous mates - via Mental Floss

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  • The Gossip: Top Gear line-up revealed and Madonna's latest cape mishap

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    The new Top Gear line-up
  • Yazidi female army

    An army of sex slaves are rising up to fight ISIS

    The 'Force of the Sun Ladies', a group of former Yazidi sex slaves, have formed a military brigade to take back Mosul in Iraq from ISIS and "bring our women home."

    These women witnessed their families being murdered on Mount Sinjar in Iraq in 2014 and were raped and sold into sexual slavery. The girls were rescued by Kurdish Peshmurga forces in December 2014, and according to Fox News have now joined those forces in their fight against ISIS.

    The UN estimate there are a further 3,500 people held captive in Iraq, the majority most of whom are Yazidi women and girls.

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  • How to Die: Simon Binner and the complex issue of assisted dying - now available via BBC iPlayer

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    Simon Binner
  • Auschwitz death camp

    When the past catches up with you in Thursday's 3 from Three

    Can you forget what you did when you were young?

    Not if you're a 94-year-old former Nazi SS guard. Reinhold Hanning admits he worked at the Auschwitz death camp. He's now going on trial in Germany over the murder of at least 170,000 people. Prosecutors claim he met Jewish prisoners as they arrived at the camp in occupied Poland and may have escorted some to the gas chambers. He denies involvement in mass murder.

    Can I have an abortion in Northern Ireland yet?

    Not yet, no. Proposals to relax Northern Ireland's strict abortion laws have been rejected. Stormont Assembly members voted by a majority of 59 to 40 against changing rules to allow terminations in cases of fatal foetal abnormality and sexual crime. So, unlike other parts of the UK, abortions remain illegal in NI except where the life or mental health of the mother is in danger.

    How much is too much for a Liverpool fan?

    £77 is too much. Liverpool's owners have scrapped plans for £77 tickets for home games. They've apologised for the "distress caused" by last week's price rise for the new main stand. Thousands of fans left 77 minutes (see what they did there?) into Saturday's draw with Sunderland at Anfield in protest.

  • What celebrities could give up for Lent

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    Trump photoshopped in a pancake
  • Anyone for a snappy meal?

    If you saw a dangerous reptile at the side of the road, you’d leave it well alone, right? Well, a man from Florida had other ideas.

    Joshua Jones picked up a 3 and a half foot alligator, put it in the back of his truck, drove to his nearest fast food restaurant and threw it through the payment window. His mum says it was just a prank, but staff and police didn’t find it very funny.

    Joshua is now facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon - the alligator - without intent to kill.

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  • Rise of the fat cats: overfeeding owners are endangering their pets - via The Mirror

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    An overweight cat
  • The Gossip: Britmoji and 'no thanks' at the Oscars

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    Justin Bieber with an emoji head
  • Sweet DeJesus: US cheerleader wins internet with hip hop routine - via Newsbeat

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    Sophia DeJesus
  • DMX

    Keep breathing please with Wednesday's 3 from Three

    Is DMX ok?

    We think so but it's not great news that he was found in a car park with no pulse. DMX, who sometimes calls himself Dark Man X, was revived and taken to hospital.

    His lawyer later confirmed he had stopped breathing but that he didn't know why. Ja Rule and Swizz Beats have tweeted their support for the rapper, who apparently suffers from asthma. The 45-year-old has appeared on songs with the likes of Jay Z and Eminem.

    Um, did Trump win something?

    Yup. He won the Republican nomination in the New Hampshire primary in what's already shaping up to be an epic US presidential race. Trump said "we are going to make America so great again" in his speech. Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton to get the nod for the Democrats.

    This was the second state to choose delegates in the long nomination battle following last week's Iowa caucuses, won by Mr Cruz for the Republicans and Clinton for the Democrats.

    T.L.O.P... what?

    Kanye West’s new album. It was called So Help Me God. Then Swish. Then Waves. Then back to So Help Me God. The good news...with the album due out in less than 48 hours it finally has a name: T.L.O.P. That's right, he's dished out a weird acronym and wants us to guess.

    "That's the new album anybody who can figure out the title gets tickets to Season 3 and free Yeezys" he tweeted.

    Our favourite guesses so far:

    The Life Obama Promised - deep

    Trump Likes Oversauced Pasta - timely

    The Love Of Pizza - we hope it's this one :)

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  • Men and motors - football's flashiest cars

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    A car under a display sheet
  • The hidden faces of the housing crisis

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    Girl in guardian scheme
  • People Just Do Nothing

    Dass right: Kurupt FM is back on iPlayer

    Ooze ready? Brentford's finest take it right back to day one in the first series of People Just Do Nothing, available on iPlayer now. Instant classic.

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  • Professor Green uncovers hidden homelessness for BBC Three

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    Professor Green
  • James Acaster has found a pancake day hack!

    Dunno 'bout you, but we could go for some shroving...

    Anywho, this is just a little aperitif taken from James Acaster's set in shiny new stand up show, 'Live From the BBC'.

    Some of the other joke-mongers on display include Nish Kumar, Alex Adelman, Sofie Hagen, Felicity Ward and Dane Baptiste.

    Live From the BBC arrives on Three on Wednesday 17 February

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  • Who do you call when you can't call the police?

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    Some members of the Huey P Newton Gun Club
  • Thanks a latte: women welcomed again at Saudi Starbucks - via CNN

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    Starbucks sign in Saudi Arabia
  • The Gossip: Oscar's goodie bags are... weird

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    Giant Oscar