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Ejector Seat Car

Ejector Seat Car

When top gun fighter pilots get into trouble, they deploy the ejector seat. Why don't cars have something similar? This car does. If it rams into a wall, it automatically ejects the driver's seat high into the air.

Instructions below

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This kit requires the use of a sharp object, always be careful when using sharp objects!

Download kit and extra parts to make your kit look great! PrintOff these instructions and get making!
  1. Cut the head off the toothpaste tube

    1 Cut the head off the toothpaste tube.

  2. Make four slots in the tube.

    2 Make four slots in the tube as shown.

  3. 3 Check your ruler fits neatly down the middle of the tube – it should move freely. Cut notches in one end as shown.

  4. Put the ruler in the tube so the notch lines up with the bottom

    4 Put the ruler in the tube so the notch lines up with the bottom. Cut it off so that a centimetre or two sticks out the top.

  5. Use one half of the ruler to mark out a hole in the other half.

    5 Use one half of the ruler to mark out a hole in the other half. It needs to be big enough to go through without catching. Cut the hole neatly.

  6. Test-fit the launcher parts

    6 Test-fit the launcher parts as shown. The catch should hold the slide in place. If you push the catch though, the slide should shoot out. Aim it away from yourself (and others) as it can go pretty fast!

  7. Mark and cut a hole in the middle of the dishGlue the tube in the dish

    7 Mark and cut a hole in the middle of the dish as shown. Hot-glue the tube in it, leaving the lip sticking out underneath.

  8. Fitting an elastic band to the tube

    8 Straighten a paper clip and bend it around the tube. Tighten until it fits well. Loop the elastic band in place with a half-twist. Fit the paper clip over it and hot-glue into place.

  9. Cut a slot in the front of the car

    9 Hold the catch ruler in place inside the tub. Mark and cut a slot for it on the front of the car so it can slide easily.

  10. Fitting the axles

    10 Mark and cut holes for the car's axles. Thread the straws and hot-glue into place. Put the lid on the takeaway tub.

  11. Make and fit the wheels

    11 Draw wheels on the polystyrene pizza base. Cut them out and fit them to the kebab skewer axles.

  12. Make and fit the polystyrene bumper

    12 Carve a polystyrene bumper and hot-glue it to the front of the catch ruler.

  13. Make and fit the seat

    13 Carve a polystyrene seat. To make it stiffer, push a kebab skewer between the two parts before gluing. Leave some of the skewer sticking out too, and fix it to the top of the slide ruler.

  14. Repeat for all the other screw posts

    14 That’s it!

Let's play!

  • Pull the elastic band gently so it's easy to latch onto the chair.

  • Slot the chair into the launch tube. Press it down carefully holding the stiff plastic tube.

  • Lock the seat in place with the bumper/catch.

  • Why not put a toy character in the chair?

  • Run the car into a wall and watch the chair rocket into the air!

Click here to play some more…

Try these cracking experiments...

  • How fast does your car need to go to trigger the ejectomatic seat?
  • Does the seat travel straight up or continue forwards towards the wall?
  • Can you prove your answer by crashing into something low rather than a wall?
  • Would this pose a danger if it were a real-life device?
  • How could you stop the seat from crashing into the wall after a collision?
  • Could you aim the tube differently?
  • How could you bring the seat safely back down to earth?
  • Try building a parachute that deploys automatically too. Bin-bags are good! Give it a go!
1.5 hours

Parental supervision required


Things you'll need to make this

  • Toothpaste pump tube

    Ensure this is empty.

  • Takeaway dish with lid

    This needs to be one of the plastic dishes, not foil.

  • Shatterproof ruler

    This should be 30cm in length.

  • Polystyrene foam

    This should be thick expanded foam, the stiff type you get in packaging.

  • Polystyrene pizza base

  • Two drinking straws

  • Three kebab skewers

  • Elastic band

    You'll need just the right size, so find a selection!

  • Small paper clip

Download instructions

You'll also need these tools too:

  • Compass for drawing circles
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Sharp craft knife


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