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Desk lamp mobile

Desk lamp mobile

The desk lamp mobile hangs above a normal desk lamp and magically spins by itself. Well... not exactly.

Here’s the science bit: Warmth from the lightbulb heats the surrounding air. This hot air rises and creates a current which turns the mobile. Fancy.

Instructions below

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This kit requires the use of a sharp and hot object, always be careful!

Download kit Instructions and extra parts to make your kit look great! PrintPrint these instructions and get making!
  1. Print the parts sheet

    Check you have all the required items listed in the ingredients box above.

    1Print the parts sheet

    Print the parts sheet onto normal printer paper.

  2. Decorate the design

    2Decorate the design however you like!

    Decorate the design however you like! Sparkles are cool. But make sure you let any paint etc dry.

  3. Cut out the spiral pattern

    3Carefully cut out the spiral pattern

  4. Pierce a hole in the centre

    4Pierce a small hole at the centre of the pattern

    Pierce a small hole at the centre of the pattern where indicated (you can use a sharp pencil for this bit).

  5. Thread the cotton through

    5Thread the cotton through

    Thread the cotton through the hole and knot it a few times.

  6. 6Pin or blu tac the cotton to the ceiling

    Pin or blu tac the cotton to the ceiling so the mobile hangs over the lamp. It should not be too close or too far away. Aim for about 20 - 40cm.

  7. 7Give it a few minutes

    Give it a few minutes to warm up and start spinning!

  8. Enjoy the show!

    8Enjoy the show!

    Enjoy the show!

30 minutes

Parental supervision required


Things you'll need to make this

  • Cotton thread

  • Drawing pin or blu tac

  • Printed parts sheet

  • Decorations

    Crayons, paints or other decorating materials

Download instructions

You just need a pair of scissors for this one!


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