Art Walks: Liverpool


Penelope, The Pillar of Friendship

L-R: Penelope, The Pillar of Friendship

Step 6 - Wolstenholme Square

Take the first right into Colquitt Street followed by the first left into Parr Street. Walk along Parr Street and you will eventually reach Wolstenholme Square, although you will be able to see the huge sculpture that sits in the square long before you get there. Cuban sculptor Jorge Pardo's monumental Penelope (2004) with its brightly coloured tentacles is one of the largest sculptures in the city. It transforms the landscape, like a surreal sci-fi nightmare, and makes you think about the space in a different way. This changing of space through the use of bold colour and simple shapes was pioneered by Matisse, particularly with the cut-outs which he produced near the end of his life.

Carry on down Gradwell Street and turn left onto Hanover Street. Cross over to the John Lewis department store where you will find The Pillar Of Friendship. This was constructed in 2007 by 300 blacksmiths from around the world, who worked together to forge the 15 metal sections, each exploring the theme of 'friendship'. The metal work designs combine abstract shapes in vibrant colours, simplified figures and flattened planes - the legacy of two of our Modern Masters: Matisse and Picasso.

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  • Time: 3 hours
  • Start: Superlambanana, Tithebarn Street
  • Finish: Tate Gallery, Albert Dock
  • Distance: 2.75 miles
Tithebarn Street to Albert Dock - Printable guide (PDF)

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