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    1. Bricks!

      Documentary celebrating Carl Andre's artwork that became a cause celebre in 1976.

      60 Mins

      Available for 24 days

    2. BBC Four Collections

      Delve into the archives


      From game shows to the space race and Gothic literature, enjoy some BBC classics from across the decades.

    1. All Aboard! The Country Bus

      A bus journey in real time through the iconic landscape of the Yorkshire Dales.

      120 Mins

      Available until Wed 10pm

    2. Bicycle Thieves

      Film following an Italian worker's desperate efforts to recover his stolen bicycle.

      110 Mins

      Available for 29 days

    1. Storyville

      2013-2014: 29. Russia's Toughest Prison: The Condemned

      Documentary about a maximum security prison exclusively for murderers in Russia.

      80 Mins

      Available for 26 days

    2. Who's Afraid of Conceptual Art?

      Dr James Fox embarks on an open-minded guide to conceptual art for the perplexed.

      60 Mins

      Available for 23 days

    1. King Alfred and the Anglo Saxons

      1. Alfred of Wessex

      King Alfred the Great fights a desperate guerrilla war in the marshes of Somerset.

      60 Mins

      Available for 25 days

    2. World War Two: 1942 and Hitler's Soft Underbelly

      David Reynolds asks why Britain spent much of the war fighting in north Africa and Italy.

      90 Mins

      Available for 24 days

    1. London: The Modern Babylon

      Legendary director Julien Temple's time-travelling voyage to the heart of his hometown.

      125 Mins

      Available for 28 days

    2. The Sorcerers

      Sinister tale. A professor creates a mind-capturing device and ensnares a bored young man.

      85 Mins

      Available for 28 days

    1. All Together Now: The Great Orchestra Challenge

      Episode 4

      Box Set

      It is the grand final. One orchestra wins the chance to perform at Proms in the Park.

      60 Mins

      Available for 27 days

    2. Rome: A History of the Eternal City

      1. City of the Sacred

      Simon Sebag Montefiore investigates how the Romans worshipped and sacrificed to the gods.

      60 Mins

      Available for 25 days

    1. The Beginning and End of the Universe

      1. The Beginning

      Jim Al-Khalili takes us back in time to tackle the question of how the universe began.

      60 Mins

      Available for 9 days

    2. Johnny Cash: The Man, His World, His Music

      A rare chance to see the 1969 classic film that captures the Man in Black at his peak.

      60 Mins

      Available for 28 days

    1. Ian Hislop's Scouting for Boys

      Ian Hislop uncovers the story behind the book which launched the Scout movement.

      60 Mins

      Available for 25 days

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