You Instead

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No connection, nothing compared to what I have with your girlfriend.

You Instead Synopsis

Adam and Morello have a big problem.

It's not that Adam is the heart-throb lead-singer in a famous electro-pop band OR that his girlfriend is a spoiled stroppy supermodel. His problem is Morello's problem.

Morello's problem isn't that she's lead singer in a struggling post-punk riot girl band OR that she's dating a banker.

No, her problem is that she has to perform the biggest gig of her life at a music festival while hand-cuffed to the kind of person she totally despises - Adam.

So begins an out-there odd-ball romantic comedy filled with lust, mud, betrayal, booze, portaloos and a hundred thousand people partying to the greatest music in the world - none of whom seems to have the key - not to the meaning of life - but to the handcuffs.

Production images from You Instead

  • Credits
    • Starring:
      Luke Treadaway, Natalia Tena, Mathew Baynton, Ruta Gedmintas, Gilly Gilchrist, Alastair Mackenzie, Gavin Mitchell
    • Director:
      David Mackenzie
    • Producers:
      Gillian Berrie
    • Screenplay:
      Thomas Leveritt
    • Executive Producers:
      Jamie Laurenson, Christine Langan, Robbie Allen, Carole Sheridan, Phil Hunt, Compton Ross, Geoff Ellis, Malte Grunert, David Mackenzie
    • Distributor
    • Sales Agent:
      Bankside Films
    • Credits summary:
      BBC Films Presents in association with Head Gear Films/ Metrol Technology and Creative Scotland A Sigma Films Production. A David Mackenzie Film.
    • Certificate:
    • Running time:
      80 mins 10 secs
  • Release Dates
    • In Cinemas
      September 16th 2011
    • Out on DVD
      December 23rd 2012
    • Released
      September 16th 2011

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