True North

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So are you up for a wee business venture?

True North Synopsis

A heavily-indebted Scottish trawler calls into port - the ship’s mate intent on filling the coffers by smuggling cigarettes. Only there are no cigarettes; this time there is only twenty Chinese would-be immigrants…

Fearing the loss of their livelihood, the men are driven to do desperate things. But the cost of human trafficking upsets the scales and there is always a price to pay. In TRUE NORTH two worlds collide with tragic consequences.

Production images from True North

  • Credits
    • Starring:
      Peter Mullan, Gary Lewis, Martin Compston, Steven Robertson, Angel Li
    • Director:
      Steve Hudson
    • Producers:
      David Collins, Eddie Dick, Sonja Ewers, Benjamina Mirnik
    • Screenplay:
      Steve Hudson
    • Executive Producers:
      Helmut Breuer, Claire Chapman, Jamie Laurenson, David M. Thompson
    • Distributor
    • Sales Agent:
      Bankside Films
    • Credits summary:
      BBC Films, Filmstiftung NRW and FFA present with the assistance of Eurimages Council of Europe, Bord Scannán na hÉireann / Irish Film Board, Scottish Screen, ZDF in co-operation with ARTE, Pictorion Pictures an Ariel Films, Samson Films and Makar
    • Certificate:
    • Running time:
      95 mins 55 secs
  • Release Dates
    • In Cinemas
      September 14th 2007
    • Out on DVD
      October 23rd 2007
    • Released
      September 14th 2007

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