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It was the others that did it, not me! I always liked you.

Tormented Synopsis

TORMENTED is a high school horror movie that smells like teen spirit...with a hint of rotting flesh!

Justine Fielding is the gorgeous head girl of her plush suburban grammar school. All seems perfect when in-crowd hunk Alexis asks her out on a date. Except Alexis and his circle of friends aren't quite as hip as they seem. Underneath the cliqué's too cool for school veneer lurks a pack of vicious peer-pressure tormentors who tease anyone they consider losers.

Their main target is Darren Mullett. They bullied him to death. But death is not going to stop Darren - he takes murderous revenge on his former classmates in increasingly brutal, bloody and imaginative ways.

Production images from Tormented

  • Credits
    • Starring:
      Alex Pettyfer, Tuppence Middleton, April Pearson, Dimitri Leonidas, Calvin Dean
    • Director:
      Jon Wright
    • Producers:
      Tracy Brimm, Arvind Ethan David, Kate Myers, Trevor Forrest
    • Screenplay:
      Stephen Prentice
    • Executive Producers:
      Neil Nightingale, David M Thompson, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein
    • Distributor
    • Sales Agent:
      Pathé Pictures International
    • Credits summary:
      Slingshot Studios presents, in association with BBC and Screen West Midlands, a Forward Films/Slingshot production.
    • Certificate:
    • Running time:
      91 mins 12 secs
  • Release Dates
    • In Cinemas
      May 22nd 2009
    • Out on DVD
      October 28th 2009
    • Released
      May 22nd 2009

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