The Hawk

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    The Hawk Synopsis

    Not so very far from the neat suburban home housewife Annie (Helen Mirren) shares with her husband Stephen (George Costigan) and two young children, a series of savage sexual murders are being investigated by the police. The killer is only known to them as 'The Hawk' - so called because he puts out the eyes of his victims.

    Annie begins to feel that Stephen may be the Hawk but is tormented by indecision and dread. Her own mental history clouds the issue. Is her mind playing tricks, or is she married to a murderer?




    Helen Mirren, George Costigan, Rosemary Leach


    David Hayman


    Ann Wingate, Eileen Quinn


    Peter Ransley

    Executive Producers:

    Eric Fellner, Larry Kirstein, Mark Shivas, Kent Walwin

    Sales agent:

    BBC Films


    Feature Film Company



    Running time:

    86 mins 44 secs

    Release Dates

    In cinemas

    3 December 1993

    Out on DVD

    10 March 2003

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