Shooting Dogs

No-one's safety can be guaranteed now. If you do not come, you will die. It's very simple.

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    Shooting Dogs Synopsis

    April 6th 1994: a bloody genocide in central Africa gets under way.

    In just one hundred spring days, a million Rwandan Tutsis were massacred by their fellow Hutu countrymen and a small African country was turned into a charnel house. The barbarity was beyond imagination. But not beyond prevention. The UN was there, watching. Watching but not acting.

    And at the heart of it all a British priest and his young acolyte were forced to confront the depths of their faith, the limits of their courage and, ultimately, to make a choice. To remain with their people or to run away.



    John Hurt, Hugh Dancy, Dominique Horwitz, Claire-Hope Ashitey


    Michael Caton-Jones


    David Belton, Pippa Cross, Jens Meurer


    David Wolstencroft

    Executive Producers:

    David M. Thompson, Paul Trijbits, Ruth Caleb, Karsten Stoeter, Richard Alwyn



    Running time:

    115 mins

    Release Dates


    31 March 2006

    Out on DVD

    31 July 2006

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