Last Resort

This city, it's like... it's like punishment for me, it's like punishment for some mistakes in my life.

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    Last Resort Synopsis

    Tanya, young and naive, leaves Moscow with her street-wise 10-year-old son Artiom to meet her English fiance. But after he fails to turn up at the airport, Tanya and her son find themselves virtually imprisoned in a dead-end seaside resort where all refugees are forced to live. Desperate to escape a nightmarish world of misfits and no-hopers, Tanya forges an unusual alliance with amusement arcade manager Alfie, which soon develops into something more. But is he just another man who will let her down, or will Tanya and Artiom finally escape?



    Dina Korzun, Paddy Considine, Artiom Strelnikov, Lindsey Honey


    Pawel Pawlikowski


    Ruth Caleb


    Pawel Pawlikowski

    Executive Producers:

    David M Thompson, Alex Holmes

    Sales agent:

    The Works


    Artificial Eye

    Credits summary:

    A BBC Films/BBC Documentaries production.



    Running time:

    76 mins 45 secs

    Release Dates


    16 March 2001

    In cinemas

    16 March 2001

    Out on DVD

    30 July 2001

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