Good Synopsis

Using one man's moral decline to express the fate of an entire nation, GOOD is a devastating drama set in Germany in the 1930's. Starring Oscar-nominee Viggo Mortensen in a dazzling change-of-pace performance, the story centres around John Halder, an enlightened intellectual who gets swept up by the momentum of Hitler's rise to power.

Though basically a good human being, Halder has a number of personal and professional problems that are suddenly solved when he agrees to do a small service for a powerful political figure. Though no single action of Halder's is particularly harmful in and of itself, the accumulated effect of rendering a number of such services in exchange for a number of increasingly compromising rewards, takes its toll.

One day, this seemingly "good" man, wakes up to discover that, like countless other German citizens, he has become a Nazi.

Based on the acclaimed play by CP Taylor.

News and Views

  • Good: interview

    Good: interview

    Jason Isaacs and Jodie Whittaker chat to BBC Films about working with Viggo Mortensen on the film about a good doctor in Nazi Germany.



Viggo Mortensen, Jason Isaacs, Jodie Whittaker, Steven Mackintosh, Mark Strong, Gemma Jones


Vicente Amorim


Miriam Segal


John Wrathall (from the play by CP Taylor)

Executive Producers:

Simon Fawcett, Peter Hampden, Brian O'Shea


Lionsgate UK

Credits summary:

Aramid Entertainment presents a Good Films Production, in co-production with Miromar Entertainment and Laurin Entertainment in association with Lipsync Productions LLP, Mixer Productions Brazil, 120db Films and BBC Films.



Running time:

95 mins 42 secs

Release Dates


17 May 2009

In cinemas

17 May 2009

Out on DVD

31 August 2009

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