Glorious 39

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This little war makes everything uncertain.

Glorious 39 Synopsis

GLORIOUS 39 is a tense psychological thriller, from acclaimed director Stephen Poliakoff, about a young woman who uncovers dark secrets about Britain's relationship with Nazi Germany in the lead up to the Second World War.

In present day London a young man explores his family history, asking searching questions of his elderly cousins (Christopher Lee and Corin Redgrave). But as he asks more and more about a woman called Anne - are his motives as simple as they seem?

In the gorgeous summer of 1939, Anne (Romola Garai) seems to live a gilded life - a budding young actress, she's the adopted daughter of Tory grandee Alexander (Bill Nighy) and head-over-heels in love with Foreign Office official Lawrence (Charlie Cox). She discovers some innocent-seeming recordings of meetings - but as she begins to understand quite what her discoveries mean, a tangled web of dark secrets begins to unfurl. People who have come into contact with the recordings are threatened and even die. The innocent certainties on which her life has been based dramatically unravel and amidst a growing sense of menace and betrayal, she has to confront the bitter choice she will be forced to make.

News and Views

Glorious 39: interview

Interviews from the red carpet premiere of Glorious 39, including director Stephen Poliakoff and stars David Tennant and Romola Garai.

Glorious 39: set report

BBC Films visits the set of Stephen Poliakoff's World War Two drama.

  • Credits
    • Starring:
      Romola Garai, Bill Nighy, Julie Christie, Eddie Redmayne, Juno Temple, Hugh Bonneville, David Tennant, Jeremy Northam, Christopher Lee
    • Director:
      Stephen Poliakoff
    • Producers:
      Barney Reisz, Martin Pope
    • Screenplay:
      Stephen Poliakoff
    • Executive Producers:
      Sara Geater, Lorraine Heggessey, Jane Wright, James Atherton, Andy Ordonez, Sheryl Crown, Laurie Hayward
    • Distributor
      Momentum Pictures
    • Sales Agent:
      The Works International
    • Credits summary:
      BBC Films, UK Film Council, Screen East Content Investment Fund and Quickfire Films in association with Momentum Pictures present a Talkback Thames production in association with Magic Light Pictures a Stephen Poliakoff film.
    • Certificate:
    • Running time:
      128 mins 50 secs
  • Release Dates
    • In Cinemas
      November 20th 2009
    • Out on DVD
      March 29th 2010
    • Released
      November 20th 2009

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