Code 46

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    Code 46 Synopsis

    A love story set in Shanghai, the day after tomorrow. William (Tim Robbins) is sent there for 24 hours to investigate a fraud at the Sphinx insurance company. Having taken an empathy virus he is able to read suspects' minds.

    Maria (Samantha Morton) is an employee of Sphinx where she creates 'papelles', a form of insurance cover and passport rolled into one. Without papelles people are consigned to live in sub-cultures, unable to travel outside their own zones.

    William's enquiries soon reveal that Maria is the person who has been selling fake papelles. He knows that it is his duty to hand Maria over to the authorities. However, forces greater than the both of them are at work and William finds himself unable to turn her in. Instead, he falls deeply in love with her - a move that will change his life forever...



    Tim Robbins, Samantha Morton, Om Puri


    Michael Winterbottom


    Andrew Eaton


    Frank Cottrell Boyce

    Executive Producers:

    David M. Thompson, Robert Jones

    Sales agent:

    The Works


    Verve Pictures

    Credits summary:

    The Film Council and BBC Films present in association with United Artists A Revolution Films Production A Michael Winterbottom Film



    Running time:

    93 mins

    Release Dates


    17 September 2004

    Out on DVD

    27 December 2004

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