Brighton Rock

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You're good, I'm bad. We're made for each other.

Brighton Rock Synopsis

Adapted from Graham Greene's brilliant 1939 novel, BRIGHTON ROCK charts the headlong fall of Pinkie, a razor-wielding disadvantaged teenager with a religious death wish.

At the heart of the story is Pinkie's relationship with Rose - an innocent young waitress who stumbles on evidence linking Pinkie and his gang to a revenge killing. After the murder, Pinkie seduces Rose, first in an effort to find out how much she knows and latterly to ensure she will not talk to the police. A love story between a murderer and a witness, can Pinkie trust Rose or should he kill her before she talks to the police? Can Rose trust Pinkie, or is she next in line?


Production images from Brighton Rock

News and Views

Brighton Rock: Rowan Joffe interview

Rowan Joffe explains the genesis of his new adaptation of Brighton Rock, from screenplay to the editing suite.

Brighton Rock: Rowan Joffe Writersroom interview

Rowan Joffe discusses his career with Kate Rowland from BBC Writersroom.

  • Credits
    • Starring:
      Sam Riley, Andrea Riseborough, Helen Mirren, John Hurt, Nonso Anonzie, Phil Davis, Andy Serkis
    • Director:
      Rowan Joffe
    • Producers:
      Paul Webster
    • Screenplay:
      Rowan Joffe
    • Executive Producers:
      Jenny Borgas, Will Clarke, Olivier Courson, Ron Halpern, Jamie Laurenson
    • Distributor
    • Sales Agent:
    • Credits summary:
      Studio Canal Features, Optimum Releasing, BBC Films and UK Film Council present a Kudos Pictures production.
    • Certificate:
    • Running time:
      110 mins 51 secs
  • Release Dates
    • In Cinemas
      February 4th 2011
    • Out on DVD
      December 27th 2011
    • Released
      February 4th 2011

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