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My Summer Of Love

Released on DVD 27 June 2005

BBC Films Catalogue - My Summer Of Love

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Project Nim

Released on DVD 9 January 2012

A poignant feature-documentary from the Oscar winning team behind Man on Wire.


Released on DVD 6 May 2013

A wickedly comic film where the human spirit remains undimmed even as the brightest stars start to fade.


Released on DVD 1 September 2003

Multi-award winning drama from writer/director Lynne Ramsay. Starring Tommy Flanagan, Mandy Matthews, William Eadie.

Red Dust

Released on DVD 12 January 2009

A compelling drama from director Tom Hooper about the secrets of the past and the healing of a wounded country.

Red Road

Released on DVD 28 August 2007

Andrea Arnold's take on Lars von Trier's Advance Party experimental concept; a twisted tale of romance and regret.


Released on DVD 20 November 2000

The deeply moving story of a disillusioned psychiatrist faced with patching up shell-shocked WW1 casualties.

Revolutionary Road

Released on DVD 29 June 2009

Sam Mendes' award-winning study of suburban intrigue, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

Released on DVD 17 July 2012

An extraordinary, beguiling tale of fly-fishing and political spinning, of unexpected heroism and late-blooming love


Released on DVD 20 August 2001

George is in danger of losing his chip shop because of his betting debts.


Released on DVD 22 March 2010

When a container washes ashore the residents of a sleepy cul-de-sac are plunged into violence, terror and paranoia. A single mother must overcome all the odds to save her daughter.

Saving Mr. Banks

Released on DVD 24 March 2014

How Disney's classic 'Mary Poppins' made it to the big screen, and the testy relationship that nearly derailed it.


Released on DVD 21 November 2006

Woody Allen's second London shot film is a comedy featuring a murder mystery and the journalistic 'scoop' of a lifetime

121-132 of 171 films

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