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The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
"Humans are considered to be primitive, the third smartest species on Earth,"
Slartibartfast and Arthur Dent
Episode Guide

If you cannot remember what happened in each episode, cheat with the BBC 7 episode guide
Recording Hitchhikers

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Queerer Than We Can Suppose

News of the first DNA Memorial Lecture
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Hitchhikers Episode Guide

Fit the First
Arthur Dent discovers his house is to be bulldozed to make way for a bypass. Later he finds that Earth is to be destroyed as well. He escapes on a Vogon spaceship with his friend Ford Prefect.

Fit the Second
Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect are thrown off the Vogon space ship by the captain, having been subjected to hearing Vogon poetry. Once again they are rescued, this time by Zaphod Beeblebrox, on the ship The Heart of Gold. Also on board are Marvin, the permanently depressed robot, and the only other survivor of the human race, Trillian. As Zaphod had stolen the ship the cops are after them.

Fit the Third
The Heart of Gold enters orbit around Magrathea, a near-mythical dead planet once famed for its construction of custom-designed planets. Zaphod insists on landing, despite the automatic defenses. After a vicious attack, they fire the infinite probability drive and land safely. But all is not well - Slartibartfast is alive and kicking.

Fit the Fourth
The planet is not dead. Engineers are at work making a new Earth to replace the one that was destroyed five minutes too early. The Earth was built by incredibly advanced beings we know as mice as an organic computer for calculating The Question to meaning of life. They want Arthur as a short cut to find out the meaning directly from his brain. The police arrive to get back the stolen space ship.

Fit the Fifth
A timely explosion on Magrathea fires the crew millions of years forward in time. They arrive in Milliways, the Restaurant at the Edge of the Universe. Marvin is there, having remained on the planet until Milliways was built. Zaphod steals another spaceship.

Fit the Sixth
Zaphod's stolen ship is the personal cruiser of the admiral of a Haggunenon battle fleet. The crew are organic and evolve constantly. Soon the ship is hazardous to our hapless travellers as the crew evolve in a hostile manner. Ford and Arthur escape back millions of years and arrive on a Golgafrincham Space Ark, full of froxen middle men. The ship crashes into a primitive planet.

Fit the Seventh
Arthur and Ford are marooned on Orfintlewoodle (Earth). Zaphod also escapes from the stolen spaceship and makes his way to Ursa Minor Beta, to the offices of the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. Marvin appears and they are once more in peril when Frogstar fighters begin to bomb the offices. Later the building is removed from the planet and taken to the Frogstar itself.

Fit the Eighth
Zaphod is taken to the Frogstar, the most evil world in the galaxy. His punishment is to enter the Total Perspective Vortex. Meanwhile Ford flags down a passing spaceship, however it crashes when landing and a volcanic eruption ensues. The two hitchhikers become trapped in a cave. At the last moment they are rescued by Zaphod in the Heart of Gold, he having survived the almost always fatal Total Perspective Vortex.

Fit the Ninth
The hitchhikers find that a Vogon fleet has been following them. The Vogons appear to be waiting for something before blowing them up. This is fortuitous since the Heart of Gold's computer has been programmed by Arthur to solve the problem of why he should ask for real tea instead of synthesized tea. The ship is therefore defenceless.

Fit the Tenth
Once again, the Infinite Improbability Drive allows the Heart of Gold to escape. The ship ends up in a cave 15 miles above the planet Brontitall. Arthur falls out of the cave onto the back of a bird. This bird lives on a statue of Arthur himself. He discovers the archeaologists, the Lintillas.

Fit the Eleventh
Ford and Arthur explore their new planet and find a spacecraft park full of abandoned spaceships. One appears to be in reasonable condition. Lintilla has excavated found a complete layer of shoes below the surface of the planet.

Fit the Twelfth
Disaster! Our hapless hitchhikers, Lintilla, and her clones are attacked by Brontitall Foot Warriors. Chaos ensues when the Lintillas meet Allitnil and his clones. Ford and Zaphod attempt to take over the working space ship only to find that there is a crew on board. They are whisked away from Brontitall and find themselves in from of the man who is running the Universe. He tells them that it was Zaphod who arranged the demolition of the Earth in order to put in the space bypass. Arthur is not pleased.

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