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Bang on Flickr

Dr Yan's mobile science quiz

Test your knowledge when you're out and about with Dr Yan's science quizzes.

Roadshow 2010

Bang Goes the Theory roadshow map

Bang LIVE is back and kicking off the year in London at the Big Bang Fair.

How long's a piece of string?

Jem, Dallas and Liz wrap string around a globe

Imagine a piece of string wrapped around the Earth's equator - that's about 40,000km. How much MORE string would you need for it to sit 15cm above the ground, all the way around?

  • A. 1 metre
  • B. 1 kilometre
  • C. 1,000 kilometres
See the correct answer

Science speak

If you are not completely confused by quantum mechanics, you do not understand it.

- John Wheeler, theoretical physicist (1911-2008)

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