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Adil Ray
Adil Ray at Glastonbury

Adil Ray took his nightly radio show to the fest for the first time, on Friday 24th June, with Dipps Bhamrah co-presenting from the studio.

The Friday night show (10pm-12.30am) focused on the increasing presence of British Asian sounds in particular the Br-Asian One Night Stand event in the Lost Vagueness area. Adil will also hooked up with desi-rockers Swami who performed on the Roots stage on Friday night.

Check out the photo gallery from Glastonbury.

Don't miss the show all of this week to hear the highlights of the best performances from the Drifts stage including Pathaan, Nasha Experience feat Badmarsh, Shiva Soundsystem, Kissmet, Sonik Gurus and many more.

    Adil Ray at Glastonbury

    What do you think of Asian artists performing at the Glastonbury festival?

    Disclaimer: The BBC will put up as many of your comments as possible but we cannot guarantee that all e-mails will be published. The BBC reserves the right to edit comments that are published.

    Read what others have said..

    Gina, Hants
    I think it's great - it's about time Asian beats got the recognition they deserve! however I don't agree with Simon from Leeds - why should there be a separate Asian stage? The music fits in nicely at the roots stage, and it'd be great to keep increasing the number of Asian performers at festivals.

    Anne, Sheffield
    Really enjoyed the Br-Asian night event, especially Pentagram. It's been my first day back at work and I've been looking them up on the internet - does anyone know how to get hold of their CDs in the UK?

    Fu, London
    I'd never listened to much Asian music before cause I thought it was all Sitars and Tablas, but after passing through the Lost Vaguness and by chance seeing the Sonik Gurus (easily the best band all weekend) I have been converted. Man they were awesome! Hip hop and dance hall mixed with funky bad beats. Seeing the fute player do a beat box while still playing a kunf fu style flute loop was the highlight of my entire festival. Who the hell are these boys???!!!!!

    bhav, london
    i wasnt relly keen on going into the mud but i must say it was a brill experiance. definatly somthing to do before your 40!! ha ha. i caught swami and panjabi hit squad on fri and thought they were amazing and really showcased asian talent!! cant wait to go again in 2 years

    Charan, Birmingham
    I saw Kissmet play and I remembered them from last year. they were brilliant again. They're taking things to a different place and so far, they are definitely something different. Different is good.

    rajdeep, walsall
    loved em its good to see a different outlook to glastonbury instead of the same thing every year.

    Bal, London
    Asian artists can offer something totally different that Glastonbury doesn't have and they should definitely be there!!!

    mrluvaluva, birmingham
    Glasto was wicked and Swami rocked it! best performance of any band i saw there, and i saw a lot. they were tight! They have set the precedent in my opinion for asian artists to perform there.

    JassyB Coventry
    Proud that Asians are on the scene at Glastonbury, only problem, don't seem to be televised!!!!!!! Would love to see them!

    Kay, London
    Whats there to think..? Their musical performers right just like any of the other artists there so why do we have to make it into an 'Asian' thing. Its not about being 'Asian' any more but rahter having universal appeal.

    Ali of Earth
    "Glastonbury!" .. it's very pronounciation inspires people. I agree with the idea. Our performing artists should perform at performing artists festival.

    zabna ,berkshire
    it would be amazing those crowds will cheer up i am looking forward to that!

    sara, london
    i think UK asian music is sometimes too smooth for its own good..glastonburys good to give it a bit of roughing up. asian dub foundation stole the show in 2000..a proper glastonbury band...if there is such a thing? lets get abida parveen down for 2007!

    I dont think there is enough asian artists at glasto. Why havent we got our own stage? Do the festival organiser not apprecitate and respect our culture? To me,it seems like asian music inst getting a big enough contestant

    mike breakspoll
    Im gutted i cant see Chef Ft Pete samplers & Mando from MASS. They have live tablas and allsort of weird and wonderful percussion, a cool gritty hip hop vibe laced with breakbeat and indian influences. Wicked live show and a great bband to look out for!

    Rajinder - Hounslow(london)
    Brilliant, as an asian i would not realy go to glastonbory as its seen as a white music Indi ferstival(in my opinion)-I didnt even know asian music would be performed - i would have tried to go, now i know i can tell my friends.its also excellent for all music lovers and brilliant asian music is being integtated into the uk music scene

    J. Ali
    I have heard some of these artists on Adils show, and they have a lot of good sounds in my opinion. Furthermore I guess it will reflect the multi-cultural mix of our country.

    Sadie .............. USA
    It's about bloody time !

    BOB Handsworth
    Its all GOOD-STUFF its about time Asian Musik gets the awarness it deserves...

    ZUNAID- Newcastle
    LET IT RIP! just like PMC done it the rest can too just need to make sure they got good beats nd amazing lyrics like the Ms Scandalous!!! Asian Artists go nd Fire it Up Desi Style at Glastonbury!!

    B, NW London
    All for it! Good luck to them. Music is about all genres, races and cultures. If they can perform well, they deserve the stage!

    Archita - London
    It's making asian music accessible to a wider audience. And obviously aids publicity.

    Jags, Leicester
    I think it's great because Asian artists have just as much to offer, as rock/pop and indie bands (some times even better!). The fusion and variety of music genres, cultures and personalities will make Glastonbury, more accessible to fans of all music. The way it should be. A positive step for Glastonbury

    Rich Davis, Bournemouth
    I suppose they'll be calling it Glastoncurry next !

    Min Mann, Birmingham
    I think asain music has come along way and its nice to see that we are brining all music together i hope there are more events like this. As its all about music?

    Matt Houghton - Charmingster
    I think it is wonderful to see that Asian music is starting to break through to such events as Glastonbury and my children are now looking to attend such a wonderful festival as it has a broader market.

    Jo - Home
    Really looking forward to hearing all of it. Wish I was there

    Fox, Ahmed, London
    I think its excellent, its a start of a new revolution, hope many asian bands/singers follow on.

    Rav, Birmingham
    I think if they are good enough and willing to play in front of these crowds, then good luck to them. I mean, it's just like a Mela isn't it?

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