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Summer Sounds
Summer Sounds

Thank you for all your Summer Sounds 05 comments. Read the best below!

    M-RES, Blackburn
    Blackburn's Mela was a'ight, but Hyndburn's Mela kicked it's ass for vibes n sounds. True Mela in every sense of da word, nuff bredren hangin together (asian, black, white) - representing everyone. Music from punk ska kids Ded Mole Crickit, techno boys Semihere, rap freestylin n fusion from PDQ and Dhamak, indie guitars and a lot of yellow from Funnel, Carribean sound from Soca Survivors, Silinder Pardesi getting the crowd movin - funny to see all those white guys bhangra dancin! Trenchtown Experience gave us some chilled Bob Marley tunes and the Zeus wrapped it all up. The weather was nearly as hot as the music and the whole place was buzzin. Trust one of the smaller Melas to show us the way forward. Kickin!

    Nadia Ahmed, Burton,16
    I went to the Eid Mela in Bham. I have to say it was one mad mela, lots of people, young and old, got to say "asian network" kills it. It gave me a great experience for what i want my career to be - a Radio Presenter. Asian Network radio station, got to say thank you for the mela, i loved it.

    Nafees, Sheffield
    1 word. AWESOME Brilliant day out for me and my friends and everyone there. I saw Juggy D. He put on a brilliant performance and id love to see him again. Nuff Respect. 1 Love. Peace n God Bless.

    Sophie, Bradford
    Bradford mela was BUZZIN!!!!!! evry1 woz on a high. BUT d best act had 2 b Metz ~n~ Trix. I was feelin it. Jibreel was gud evn tho it was his 1st tym. i felt sorry 4 him tho coz it started chukin it dwn durin his set bt we backd him up all d way n we all carried on dncin!!! I got ma clothes messed in d mud bt it was well worth it! LUKIN 4WAD 2 NXT YRS!

    Barking mela was wicked! Wud av been beta if Drilla was there next to me! ARRRRR hes nyc!

    Alisha, Walthamstow
    I just wanna thank every one who organised the mela's because it was brilliant. I really enjoyed my self n all my mates did as well. Thanks!

    In Luton, we gt a Mela cummin... on 10th September!

    I went to the east london mela it was heavy.....really good. There were loadsa people and it was wikd. Metz nd Trix and Raghav were 2 good. Cant wait till next year, gonna be off the hook.

    Wen dey gonna show da mela on tv Manchester? It was heavvvvvy!

    Asha, East London
    I was at the East London mela and I had no idea that there are so many Asians in East London where I live - I better start making new friends..... I have to say that the singer Ajay was fantastic - best live performance. I'm looking forward to buying his album.

    Nick P, Brighton & Hove
    I absolutely loved it. I travelled up on the train from Brighton to be there, and it was the first time I had ever been to a Mela. The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time. Thanks so much for making it possible :)

    Nida, London
    Went 2 the Slough mela n Jazzy waz wickd but Raghav shud hav bin there. It wasnt as gd as last year but it was still quite arite. I also went 2 the london mela on sun n it waz really gd. I saw Juggy d n Raghav wich waz wickd n although it waz rainin real bad, I saw the funi side n jus dancd away 2 raghav's angel eyes.

    zara (slough)
    Dat mela was off d hook, it was amazin, iv been to soooo many meli!! Ive been to glasgow, huddz, slough and swindon im goin to edinburgh on 2nd & 3rd ov sept aswell i cnt w8!! All d meli hav been wikid!!

    Kiren, Slough
    Slough mela was wicked this year, Kami k was good, Metz and Trix were too hot and left the crowd chanting for 1 more. Apache Indian was a more than worthy replacement to Raghav- chak de and dil lutiya were wicked- and Jazzy B rocked the party to end on a high. Even though Raghav wasn't there me and the girls couldn't get enough.

    Rups, Slough, 14
    I think slough mela was wicked but to be honest the only good acts which got the crowd goin were Metz and Trix, Apache Indian and the best of course JAZZY B he jus made you wanna dance!

    Sejal Luffbro
    Slough mela was wkd! I am glad Raghav wasnt there Apache Indian was much beta Jazzy b was sik da best!!! Metz n Trix, Miss Scandalous n Panjabi Hit Squad were sik ass well!!! tc people!! Oh ye Bobby was lukin fine!!!

    L Geerththanan - London
    Gunnesbury Park came alive on the 14th August, a lot of traffic around that area at 12pm, and it was a Sunday, which was unusual, but there was a reason behind all this, it was the London Mela. Arrived around 1.30ish, and bwoy was it already game on, being a 17year old, my attention was straight with the London Flavas stage, where Catch 22 and Deadly Hunter were rocking the stage. Pretty much I hung around the London Flavas all day, coz it was the best stage for young people. Even though it poured down cats and dogs a couple of times, the crowd's atmosphere did not change. Ac and Des-c had the crowd boping to their beats, but bwoy the crowd went propa mad during the acts that followed..Swami..Taala..Punjabi hit Squad..Juggy D..Raghav..and during Nihal lil Dj session. And it was even better for me and my fellow mate because we got front row viewing. One Love. G

    Sadia, Slough
    Yeah it was jokez bein der. De performances were all live bt as for the Rishi Rich Project n Jay Sean nt cummin it wasnt de same. Hope nxt mela i go dey r. Jazzy B rocked de show e always knows how to.
    Anita, London
    I went to the Slough Mela and it was soo good!!! Especially Jazzy B of course but I was so annoyed that Raghav didn't come but still it was AMAZING.I thought it was such an experience especially because we got right to the front of the crowd and i had never experienced anything like it. I liked the newcommers and am definetly going to keep an eye out for their music. MC ria was AMAZING as well. I cant wait for the next one! Also got hugged by one of the guys from the Hypnotize crew which was amazing and shook hands with friend picked up 2 CDS AND a cap which was all good!..

    Slough mela was ok, would have been wickedddd if my baby Mehsopuria was there.......he makes bhangra rock!!!! mwahzzzz!! xx

    Maz - SLOUGH
    Not bad not bad. cd hav bin betta wz a bit disappointed but it wz gud i guess. Ray C did his best as did Bobby Friction but Rishi Rich Project shud hav been there n Raghav. Jazzy B waz wicked!!

    Zohib frm Woking
    Slough mela was bangin! Cant wait till next year man. Sabrina was off da hook any1 knw the sabrina website?

    Aalia- Manchester
    I thought the mela was really really good, I met Trix and got a kiss from him. How good is that, he is gorgeous!

    Manchester mela
    Desi 301 were off the hook alongside Northern Lights & Vip records!!!

    It was the BOMB at theMmanchester mela at Heaton Park as all my best singers were there, PUNJABI HIT SQUAD, LEGACY, METZ & TRIX, RAGHAV and many more. IT WAS A BUZZ.

    Wasim, Blackburn
    Was at the Manny mela, gotta say MC SLY was awesome! Khiza and DJ Ams introduced her and she just killed it!!

    We all went today 2 da Manch Mela. I was on fire! Manchetser was buzzin it was all appenin' and da performances were wikid! Fnxxx BBC ASAIN NETWORK

    Apna- Manchester
    Yoooooooooo- that Mela was heavvvvvvvy! Just got back now- Raghav was live! Saw him on the way out going to his car! The music was good- kebabs were hot (bit expensive lol)Wanna go to the london one now- cant get enough of the desi vibes!The dancing in the crowd was good too- i did a bit of break dancing but the body rockers were awesome! Bring on mela 2006

    Aysha, Sunderland
    The Mela in Sunderland was well cool but Raghav should ov been there and Jay Sean and it would of been even cooler but it was cool. Keep them coming!

    Neena Panesar, Birmingham
    I'm not really at the Manchester mela but i'm watching clips of it and it's really rocking.

    Mauritian_huni from Nottingham!
    LOL! The mela at Notts was really dull at 1st but it blew up later on and was soooo much fun and entertaining! Everyone was enjoying it! it's a shame we have sum really rude ppl who don't knoW how to respect people when they're on stage, but everything turned out kool in the end! :)it's gonna be even betta next year....WATCH!

    DJ N, PeTeRbOrOuGh
    P'boro mela iz HEAVY BOYS N GYALS only apart 4rom da FIGHTS. We got following ppl cumin check diz out! Artists: The Envy Soundclash featuring DIP, DSI, Panjabi Hit Squad/Ms Scandalous, Metz & Trix, Mc Ria, Sabrina, Surinder Rattan & Joga in a bit

    Sameena, Middlesbrough
    Our mela was wicked danced wiv plenty of ppl :P well mainly because Bobby Friction and Nihal were there makin the place wild man - jus gotta big up NIhal he was great he killed it...the only thing that spoilt it was Ms Scandalous and crew coz she didnt bother turnin up. Metz and Trix were very good and so was our local group CDP they gona be bigger than RDB...Peace xxx

    Hi..does anyone know what the line up is for Manchester Mela 2005?

    Sana, Bradford
    Spice entertainment ROCKED!!! they should rule the stage more often. Big shout out to Raj!!!!! and all.

    Hey....kidaaannn.... I had a wiked time yesterday at the asian lifesyle event.... The best performance was Juggy D with was awesome!!!! balle balle!!!!

    Bash, Blackburn
    On saturday khiza & amz,shin from dcs and gubi sandhu smashed it with da tunes. METZ N TRIX rocked da mela they were awesome - got the crowd going big up da dynamic duo, ata ullah khans absence was missed but his replacement Hunterz was top notch as usual da mans a legend. Overall it was a gud mela. Big up da oraganisers.

    Sanam, Bradford
    The mela was the best on Sunday. The Spice Entertainment Crew ROCKED!!! Big up to all Bradford Massive. But the mela 04 was the best it couldnt beat that as i met Shezad Roy!!!!!! I felt sorry for Jibreel it was his first time and it began to rain. He should get another opportunity nexy year.

    The artists at Huddersfield mela, Ms scandalous, pdm, sk1... not really worth goin even tho scandalous is aight but if Adil Ray goes down that would be good!

    Derby di kuri
    Well there aren't ever any melas here in Derby. There was a likkle concert last year when juggy and jay came and thats it. The Derby boys messed it up by throwin' bottles and now we have to go outta town to enjoy it - no wonder people dont wanna come to derby!

    Lisha, Birmigham
    Da mela waz fantastic! Raghav waz jus da best, hpoe to c him again. Apart from da fights everthin' else was smashin n rock solid. Cant wait for next yers mela.

    Kashif, Bradford
    The best part of the mela was the dashing rain. Najam shiraz, Faakhir and Juggy D provided cool entertainment but the best part was the audience who kept on dancing in the mud...really cool.

    Shez (The Great)
    I think the Birmingham mela was good. Though I came late but it was lively. We need shows like this to show our Asian culture and promote the big stream stars with no bottle throwing crowds.......Overall a good day for Brum :)

    Alina - Birmingham
    Da Eid mela in Birminghan woz wikid. Raghav woz gorgeous an i luvd Jazzy b, Sabrina woz rockin!

    manazar ( birmingham)
    Birmingham mela was heavy. I saw Raghav he was wiked. Thanks to BBC Asian Network and organisers.

    Nabil Akhtar in High Wycombe
    My favourite summer sound was when i met J-skillz in High Wycombe!

    Asmat, Bham
    I lurved da mela.... i've never really been into bollywood and bangra 2 b honest but i fink ive been converted! Da concert was grrr8. But im a li'l sore after da dancin lol :p

    Mezza, B'ham
    I have to say that the Birmingham Mela was tha best! Best I have ever seen. I really think the organiser should have got a louder applause- because she made it happen for the B'ham people. Raghav wicked! Fakhir wicked! Shout to everyone who didnt try smashing the place!!!!!!

    Saba from Brummy
    Birmingham mela was great! And the line-up was fab! Raghav was excellent and MC Sly was phenomenal!
    Zahir, Bham
    Yesterday was on fire, Panjabi Hit Squad were wicked. Did anybody see my mate go onstage and dance with Scandalous. She fit man. Anyway big up lz crew

    Khnz, Bham
    Wow dis yrz Bham mela was heavy! Brill all da way! Fakhir really smashd it at da end. Fnkx 2 da oragnisers!! Guarantee dat bham had the bst mela we had every1 frm all corners of the uk!

    Me, Birmingham
    Weather was awesome & Raghav was brill...altho some of the people in the crowd were.....d..o..d..g..y. smoking dodgy stuff at a family event is just not on guys!

    The bradford mela wasn't as good as it's been in previous years! Was looking forward to Juggy d but he cut it short because the boys had to spoil it once again! thanx guys!

    Ali, Brad(istan)ford
    Bigup Metz and Trix- they totally rocked Bradford Mela- in thunder and lightning- it was totally awesome and they even took time to sign a poster 4 my little sister. Never used to like them guys but they won me over in my home town. RESPECT!

    Bow! Bow! was a classic mela this year cuz....every year it rains on the mela...but this year the rain..waz..mega...I'd like to thank all of the mela people who did everything and ..the rest of the gang...same year!

    Mela was a little bit of a disapointment :( Juggy n Veronica were nowhere near their best, and the crowd gave them grief. Metz n Trix were very poor as well, RDB were quite good, live dholi (nee2) and singer (binder) killed it! hope its better next year!

    Kiran. Peterborough
    The mela is just so good but the only thing is that men have fights, which spoils the whole evening. But apart from that its fab!!

    Monz, Peterborough
    Mela in pborough 04 was wicked...RDB came as well as Juggy D, Veronica, Khiza, Taz n Raghav n others....hope this year will b better!

    Mela was gud but not wen it started rainin on sunday. It was pourin it 2 da max... x

    Zee, Bradford
    Bradford mela was wiked! The crowd wer buzzing da whole time! Metz and Trix rocked it! The guys wer well fit! Lovely weather except on Sunday evening! This is truly a family event! Enjoyed it alot! A gud family day out! Big up to all da BRADFORD MASSIVE who loved every minute of it!!!

    Reena, Peterborough
    Yeah the Peterborough 1 was alrite last year but its gonna be even better cause metz n trix, phs,Envy sound clash,Khiza and dj ams play this year so watch out!!

    Juggy D and Veronica ruled da Bradford Mela!

    Bal, Bradford
    Checked out the stationz tent. Met Jaggy Singh from Silver Street and got mslf a whistle! Good vibes goin down. Metz n Trix rocked!

    Nas_ Alumrock_B'ham
    Big up 2 d alum rock soilderz, Bradford mela was awrite nuffin special, seen better, cannon hill park mela should kill it wid all d b'ham boyz, n chill out on the kick off lads, its a family day out. peace up

    Aisha, Mannington
    Metz and Trix were brilliant at Bradford mela this year and they took time out to come and give us their autographs and posters.

    TAZ, Alum Rock
    Bradford Mela killed it. Great stars, great day out. Cor w8 2 c ma home town mela B'HAM at Cannon Hill Park. Hope therez less trouble this year too many fights. C u ther laterz!

    Bradford was well wicked - thanx to the organisers!

    Shahzad, Bradford
    Like Metz and Trix said BRADFORD IS KNOWN FOR DA MELA and omg is dat true or wat? Ooof it was amazing Juggy D was awesome and Veronica also but hats off to the dynamic duo METZ & TRIX dey stole da show. Brilliant day it was .... and da brad4rd crew were awesome and hope every1 comes back nxt year thank u!

    It was very good, shame about the weather as sameena says.

    Sameena, Bradford
    This yr was gud coz metz nd trix came. Shame about da weather. Saturday was the best!

    Amina Bahar, Bradford
    Bradford Mela was great as the weather was gud!

    Miss_Preshus, Manchester
    Im goin 2 Bham n Manny dis year. Missed it last year but heard dey were pretty good.

    Nitin, Leicester
    I loved last year's leicester mela - it was brill.

    Dia Rani, London
    Last year's Bradford Mela was brill. I loved it. I saw stereo nation, r.d.b, Raghev. Keep it up Bradford ppz n wanna giv a big thanx to al da people that organised the mela. A big thanx to all the singers and artists that came down to entertain us all. THANK U. Come back next year al ya!!

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